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  1. Love they guy but there's a lot of ifs, buts and maybes in that article. Will be crossing my fingers for him as we'll be flying as a team if we can keep him on the park this year.
  2. Gutted. If there wasn't already a special place in hell reserved for that charmless grub Maynard surely there is now.
  3. It’s only fair that Freo should be made to give us his brother.
  4. An annual Devils v Demons blockbuster over Dark Mofo weekend sounds pretty good to me.
  5. Richmond played much of the game as if there were four points up for grabs so in that respect it was good to get a serious hit out but for a quarter and a half we were bit of a rabble I thought.
  6. Ah, true! Although up until the first bounce it's pretty sane. Completely toxic thereafter.
  7. How nice it is to have a game day thread again. I'll be watching this one on Kayo.
  8. This must be the longest we've gone on this thread without someone saying we should move to Fisherman's Bend.
  9. You mean you don’t like the videos of players trying to roll a coin into a fork or stick a clothes peg on a singlet without getting caught? 🙄
  10. Yeah, I'm looking forward to it. It's always been my favourite away day destination on the football calendar. Not sure how you go about adding seats to a roofed stadium though?
  11. Hi again Ouch! Although Green Bay (Go Pack!) has a population of just 100,000 the state of Wisconsin, including the city of Milwaukee has almost 7 million inhabitants with a big expat population of loyal Cheeseheads living in other states that regularly fill opposition stadiums. Whilst Lambeau Field seats around 82,000 there are still almost 150,000 people on the season ticket waiting list. That said, with a greater Hobart catchment area of nearly 250,000 people it's probably not much of a stretch to get 10% of them to commit to a season ticket.
  12. A fair share of that increase would have arrived from places that haven't necessarily engaged with AFL football to date but it's still a good point you make.
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