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  1. He also converted a van with his brother and started a mobile food truck business called The Bearded Jaffle. Knocks them out for $14 each.
  2. I think he actually lives in Malvern now GtG. Still owns the pad in Blairgowrie though as a friend of mine lives on the same street.
  3. Bizarre. Lose our best player and talisman just after the first bounce. Horrible at the coalface. Horrible hitting targets inside 50. 11 point loss. I fear the worst for Maxy. I don't think it's a coincidence that his three closest mates at the club, Clarry, Trac and Gus were flat as a tack from that moment on.
  4. FFS. They still have enough power to play John Denver on an endless loop! Let's take the 40 point loss. Will only get worse if they re-start this one I think.
  5. I never really read the game day thread once the ball is bounced and now I know why. Poor Maxy. The boys must have sensed something because they've been playing as if they're shellshocked. I know we're not out of this game based on the scoreboard but it still has the potential to get very ugly if we don't improve quickly.
  6. I could happily watch Carlton be irrelevant for another 20 years Wodja.
  7. Back to back March premierships for the Blues. What a time to be alive!
  8. I thought that Fox were going to have their own commentators for CH7 games this year so we wouldn't have to listen to BT and Brayshaw?
  9. I've made a snap decision to want Carlton to lose because of that annoying drum when they get a goal.
  10. You must have a really good memory Chook. I can barely remember anything prior to 2021.
  11. Today's games have been a festival of dross. Can't imagine what it would be like having to watch this stuff week after week.
  12. Perhaps that's good. Builds up false expectations in their fan base before they meet the Melbourne buzzsaw.
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