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  1. It might be time to change the title of this thread to Rival Clubs Running Rings around Weideman.
  2. Hi Pates. The thing with Kardinia Park is that demand outstrips supply down there so they are guaranteed 40,000 full season ticket holders with reserved seats year after year. As a product it also helps that they pretty much know what they're going to get for their money. Anyone that doesn't renew falls to the back of the waiting list. The money is already banked whether the ground is empty or full on any given weekend. We however play in a cavernous coliseum that's double the size of our membership who are offered the footballing equivalent of a mystery flight every week.
  3. I'm clearly no expert but on the subject of Geelong making the decision to play without fans next week virtually the entire ground is made up of paid up members with reserved seats so having bums on them would make no difference in a financial sense. Of course they would lose out on things like catering and corporate activities planned for the game but that could be offset by additional advertising draped over those empty seats for prime time Friday night tv exposure.
  4. Gee whizz. We were poor all over the ground today. Dogga was great and Max lifted after half time but that was it. A shop store mannequin would be more value than Sam Weideman right now but I guess we shouldn't lose sight of the fact that he did have a great game in a final three years ago. I'd like to think that immersing myself in the European Championships for the next couple of weeks will be the distraction I need to get over this game but I'll be supporting Scotland so no reprieve there.
  5. And who said you don't learn anything on these threads. Thanks Gorgoroth.
  6. She's dipping into the state pork barrelling fund. Yankalilla Bowling Club will just have to wait a little longer for their upgrade.
  7. I'll be taking advantage of the single social buddy rule to have a fellow coterie member over for the game. The forecast is for light winds and sun so the plan is to drag the tv and one of the sofas onto the deck. Today's beer will be Mack Daddy from Moondog Brewery as we're now officially in winter.
  8. Wow. I have no idea what the first three of those things are but it all sounds impressive. Enjoy the day Josh.
  9. Right, time for my beauty sleep. Gonna be a big day tomorrow. Hasta mañana!
  10. Not a bad weekend of football. Even the rubbish games at least went to the wire. Gee Damien Hardwick is insufferable.
  11. Maybe the final straw was losing their home town full forward to our reserves team.
  12. True. There's more life in the average graveyard than Hobart on a Sunday. I can guarantee the crowd will be bigger at the New Sydney Hotel on Bathurst St when it opens at 4pm.
  13. Is this a covid reduced crowd at Blundstone or has Tasmania just officially given up on North ?
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