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  1. My takeaway from the letter is that the terms unassisted, debt free and the achievement of excellence are all in inverted commas which suggests they're all open to interpretation.
  2. In what might be deemed a stroke of good fortune he is now seen as sufficiently flawed enough to be on Collingwood's radar.
  3. As long as he's not offering elocution lessons I can't see it doing any harm.
  4. Would be a shame if that turned out to be the case Gunna as it looks like a good fixture for us. As long as our international borders are secure in the short to medium term I think we'll be ok. They pretty much had the covid situation under control domestically until this issue with the airline crew driver contracting it. So much for NSW being the gold standard in covid prevention as they were also responsible for letting the german mother and daughter board a local flight to Melbourne undetected.
  5. Maybe I missed it but it doesn't look like there will be another one of those so called 'football frenzies', despite one being mooted. No sign of any teams having two or three game road trips either.
  6. Hi JD. You'd probably have to visit Moondog Brewery (the down to earth roll-a-door one in Abbotsford and not the circus that they've opened in Preston) to get one of those. They have a bottled passionfruit and coffee porter called Dunbar's Dream. Can't say I've tried it though. It just sounds wrong. Happy for you to be the guinea pig 😬
  7. LOL. There's usually a few quality dark ales there PD which is my reason for going there pre-game. They go well with the mussels and frites. You just need to get out before the place is swamped with kids birthday parties. 11.30 am - 1 pm is my sweet spot on a weekend. Then it's either off to the G or to find another drinking hole along the way there.
  8. At first glance it looks ok to me. Slightly annoyed we have to schlep it down to Geelong again but this will change when we become a really good side and some other poor schmuck has to take our place.
  9. Will mean an early start at Stomping Ground that day but should see the game end just in time for happy hour at The Tippler. Giddy up!
  10. The best part of having deleted all of my MFC supporters facebook accounts (with the exception of DL of course) is that I don't now have to scroll past the thousands of nuffies that like to post a photograph of the exact same membership pack that we all get every year. Simple pleasures.
  11. Pity that second game isn't at Arden St again. Leave work at lunch time, a short train ride to the ground then another short train ride home again. So civilised.
  12. Considering how quickly Abu Dhabi Private Equity FC have ditched their commitment to developing football in the northern suburbs I wouldn't be doing cartwheels down at Casey just yet. If they can't get the traction they want down there either then they are just as likely to up sticks again. They might leave behind a nice facility though for the locals when they do fly the coop.
  13. I'm finding it hard to contain my apathy.
  14. Although born a Capricorn I think he self identifies as a Libran.
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