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  1. These three boys should probably make the most of the open bar at the B&F tonight.
  2. It was just last week that Goodie said in a presser that we have to become more ruthless as a club. The outcome of this might be the earliest indication of that happening.
  3. Collingwood fans remind me of England fans. I'm friends with quite a few as individuals and it sometimes makes me think, geez, maybe I shouldn't be so negative about their team, they're really nice people. Then I see them as a collective unit at a game and know exactly why I should trust my instincts.
  4. So Collingwood are heading to Perth. Should we have a whip round for a get well soon card to Josh Kennedy and Jeremy McGovern ?
  5. Not sure Jaded but that might be the current starting point for a second breach by a club. I'm sure all of the facts will come out soon enough so we won't be in the dark for long.
  6. Two conflicting stories on this so far. Best to let things play out and let calmer heads prevail I think.
  7. Pity Freo couldn't have been this useless when we played them.
  8. Given his time again I'm sure he'd turn the other cheek.
  9. I don't see the dogs letting this one slip unfortunately. If they do make it I'll probably cheer them on as my adopted team during the finals.
  10. There was a small enclave of red & blue deep in doggies territory cheering the boys on too Eddie. I'm no fan of the guy but to be honest he's not that far off the mark with his quips about our inner east fan base and silvertail reputation. When not on jobkeeper I work in Armadale and every second car parked on the street there has the little demon jumper sticker on the back window or number plate. They can't all belong to servants and au pairs.
  11. This reminds me of a similar story that had a happy ending OX. In 2005 on the last day of the season Celtic just had to win at Motherwell to win the title. We (Rangers) were also playing away against Hibernian in the capital. Celtic were a goal up with just a few minutes to go and we were also a goal up in Edinburgh. Enter stage left a certain Scott McDonald. He not only scored an equaliser but also the winner, deep into injury time. The day is known as Helicopter Sunday as the chopper that was on it's way with the SPL trophy down to Lanarkshire had to change course mid flight and head e
  12. I woke up with a sinking feeling today. I feel like we'll still win but it won't be pretty and the dogs will get the job done tomorrow. I've since had my first strong coffee of the day and don't feel quite so bad.
  13. A friend of mine has a youtube channel called Schuey's BBQ if you're interested Josh. He was the brains behind a show called Dippers BBQ Wars that aired on channel 7 for one season. I've added a link below. Enjoy your 2 days off. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdb9JREn6dQ&t=61s
  14. Giants looking more like a misfiring trabi than a ferrari right now.
  15. I hope we utterly [censored] up Melbourne’s season. We're way ahead of you boys. I almost feel sorry for them if they make it, they’re 12 months ahead of us. On the road to obscurity ? I welcome the chance for Melbourne to kick Collingwood out of the 8. Eh ? You’d have to consider who he is playing on. Kosi ? Maybe Melky. I’d say yes. They know Melky plays for us now ?
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