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  1. Just finding the time to watch the replay of the game and have got up to where Maysie got hit. It looked completely accidental to me and I liked how Hawkins went over to see how he was and apologise. I remember a few years ago T-Mac was interviewed and he was asked about the hardest forwards he's had to play on as a defender. He mentioned Hawkins but said he found him to be a good guy, even said he apologised for stepping on Tommy's foot by accident in one game. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery.
  2. It's a miserable day out there but I've had a good feeling about this game all week. A Japanese breakfast at CIBI in Collingwood will kick start the day to be followed by meander down and around Smith St for a couple of autumnal ales on the way to the G. Should be a good one.
  3. A win like this could reinvigorate their season. Very disappointing.
  4. I'd prefer them to have a long slow painful death.
  5. I think we missed an opportunity to really touch up the saints.
  6. Looks like Footscray against Fitzroy at an old suburban ground.
  7. We're moving the ball really sluggishly and can't seem to get the ball inside 50. Not looking good for us at the moment.
  8. I think it's a Native American name P2J. I've heard of Brian Eno but not Brian Mono. Or did you mean Brian Lake ?
  9. Good plan DW. We've done 3 night stays before and included a day trip out to Bruny Island. Also visited MONA twice and are over it thb. Hobart itself is dead on a Sunday. Don't know anything about Maria Island but will have a look at it for a future trip.
  10. It's pretty common in football for a clause to be included that the player loaned out cannot play against them in a competitive game. We could've done the same thing with Frosty but insist he plays against us as part of any deal.
  11. I suspect that covid will prove to be the trojan horse the AFL use to do this long term BBP. It's already gone from a 6 week bracket down to just 2. It'll end up like the NFL with 'flex times' specifically for the armchair fan.
  12. Wha's like us ? Gey few an' they're a' deid !
  13. 18 teams, 34 games home and away. Whoever finishes on top wins the league and are crowned premiers. No finals and no bye. 7 games are played midweek and the grand final takes place on a Saturday afternoon on the last Saturday in September. Alternatively 20 teams, 38 games and no mickey mouse pre-season competition.
  14. Hi DJ. I booked them when the return flight was free (we were originally on a very late flight back on Sunday) but within a week Jetstar had cancelled the flight and placed us on the 4pm return. I was holding out in the hope that the game would be on the Saturday afternoon. Hoping they will change it FOC as it was them that changed it in the first place.
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