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  1. I saw an interview yesterday where Trac said we hadn't won a premiership since 1967, which made me think. Unlike our scarred supporter base these players aren't weighed down with the baggage of the past and for the most part their knowledge of the Melbourne Football Club dates back only to the time they were drafted and placed in the hands of our fantastic football department. They are young, hungry to win and know no fear.
  2. The day has finally arrived. Time to send these doggies off to Trash Island.
  3. "I'm back dominating the paint" & "Just call me Shaqasso" x 3 million times. Oh, I forgot. The game is on channel 7.
  4. Speak for yourself BBP. I want one from my boss's son's family who got the four barcodes I sent and will be sitting front row on the wing tomorrow.
  5. Jesus I'm so sick of these Shaquille O'Neal adverts they're playing ad nauseam on Fox.
  6. Fabulous. Thanks for the heads up Cass!
  7. I much prefer the '21 Weg edition to the Mark Knight one. I'll definitely get one I can frame but I'd prefer it didn't have the little Wegart logo that draws your eye to the bottom left corner. Those demons from our 1950's era look fantastic.
  8. Hi WJ. There was also a 7.1 quake in Los Angeles between the two Fosters Cup games we played at the end of the 1987 season. I was there for them both and the second one was due to be played at the Coliseum but was then moved back to Vancouver where we'd first played Sydney. We went on to win the World Championship beating North in the final. On a side note. My auntie & her family were living in Glendora at the time, just on the other side of the San Gabriel mountains from the epicentre of that quake and the shaking completely emptied their swimming pool.
  9. Hi there DD82. I went down to the bottle shop at the bottom end of Victoria St on Sunday to get some supplies for the game and all I saw was the one house on Gamon St with a lot of Melbourne flags and a gnome decked out in our team jumper sitting in the window of an architect firm further up Victoria St. As you say though, lots of Dogs colours everywhere. Certainly no bad natured looks or comments coming my way. If anything people were surprised to see someone in Dees colours.
  10. T minus 5 days boys & girls. At this point I don't know whether work is a distraction or a curse. I think I'd rather be out on the bike or swimming laps than chained to a desk for the next 3 days.
  11. How did Adelaide poll all those votes in round 22? That's got to be A. Gaff.
  12. If Clarry doesn't get up I'd like Bont to win as it's hard not to like him. I don't want Carlton winning anything. Ever.
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