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  1. If the club insist on flogging Mickey Mouse memberships they should try selling them by the quarter in the last two home games. That should get them to 65K.
  2. Geez, they still love him over there. Could be a culture killer for us though. If we did pick him up I'd live with it if I knew we could afford to drop him after the preliminary final so he couldn't win a premiership medal.
  3. Perty is holding court here at The Lion hotel in North Adelaide for anyone that wants to quiz him on Dogga’s contract.
  4. I'm pretty sure a kid did the same with Chip Frawley. It was $5 in a card and they found it in his locker after he'd cleared off.
  5. There’s a large presence of human detritus in the vicinity of Marvel this evening. I mean, there’s always a lot but more than usual.
  6. My first thought on reading this earlier today was how the heck did the news get into the public domain so quickly. Do we have a rat feeding journos info or was Dogga just gormless enough to mention it in conversation to someone.
  7. Check the fine print. A mate of mine bought some discounted memberships the club were flogging last year and they had an auto renew clause for the following year at full season ticket prices that had to be opted out of. He didn't notice it and got stung.
  8. Ha! Fair point EO. I only have former Rangers players in my profile I think. FYI Andy Goram, our goalkeeper for many of those 9-in-a-row seasons has stage four throat cancer and is now in a hospice with just weeks to live. As a former keeper myself, given a choice between him and Peter Schmeichel as the best ever I'd pick the Flying Pig every day of the week.
  9. Haggis was my favourite player for obvious reasons. Born and raised in Glasgow before the family moved to Co. Kerry. Knowing him to be a Celtic supporter I was always sure to keep him updated on how Rangers march to 9 titles in a row was going whenever we crossed paths at the Junction Oval.
  10. Will all depend on whether he has any setbacks I guess but he's best 22 if fit & ready. Weeds can have a VFL premiership medal.
  11. LOL. No, I'm happy for anyone to jump on the bandwagon 58er. I'm just thinking whether there's any logical reason for buying one at this late stage but as daisycutter has pointed out there might still be an opportunity for some to get their hands on tickets for some of our early finals. More so if they happen to be against interstate sides you'd think.
  12. Why would anyone bother buying a membership with only 2 home games left and all coterie seats having been sold. We all know there's little chance of anyone with a GA membership getting access to finals tickets considering the measly allocation each competing club gets.
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