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  1. Whether TMac shows what he has got depends on getting his body right. People forget he had turf toe , a debilitating injury. A serious cartilage tear that required surgery and a long recuperation and this year his ankle was not good. Clubs never tell the whole story and players carry a variety of injuries. He certainly looked overweight this year and his leg injuries limited him. Only time will tell if he come good but the message at MFC is that if he stays he will need to play down back if brown makes it to the club IMO. Ironically if he does go and we are light for tall backs Oscar may
  2. Smarter move than most think. He finished the season off on the bench with a headset coaching which apparently he did well. He may play games next season and I hope he gets to 300 but his wage as a playing coach comes of the player budget NOT the soft cap for coaches which has been slashed by 3 million. I suspect Burgoyne is in the same role at Hawthorn. A dual role for Jones next yearend even if he plays at Casey (if there is a second tier comp next year) his game knowledge and experience is not lost and we don't alienate him. I wish him well
  3. Worth noting Collingwood only willing to pay $200K of his contract for 1 year, not every year of his contract. Year 1 he is a bit cheaper for a club but year 2 and beyond you are looking at $800-900 K a year for 4 years. Any wonder no-one is blinking. He isn't that good for that sort of money. On the human side I think Collingwood's handling of this and the other players contracts has been extremely poor and note, not a peep out of Eddie, who has an opinion on everything. If the club has been so supportive they must have known about the plan for his wife to take up a contract up north. I
  4. My son tells me he heard on the radio that Freo are interested in Phillips and this is due to his good relationship with the coach Longmuir from his time at Collingwood.
  5. Sam MaClure was most uncomfortable when Watson got into him about Oliver. Lyon whacked him and he was backing of at a million miles and re Oliver. He must read Demonland because he said Oliver will be at Melbourne in 2021but they would want to have a good year, his discontent was real at the time.
  6. Very perceptive Old Dee, re vaccine the trial for the one Australia is backing officially finishes stage 3 in October 2022. The trial may allow high risk people and health workers to be part of the trial. We mere mortals are looking more to 2023. You are correct that winter is dynamite and Europe, the U.K and U.S are all struggling under the weight of numbers and people get re infected. The Northern states have managed things well here this season and the hubs actually worked and allowed a season to play to its conclusion. I also believe we will get more of the same next year but don't think p
  7. Hypothetical what happens if in the middle of the grand final there is the predicted thunderstorm and lightning. Precedent from before is the players come off and seek shelter till the storm passes and it is safe to proceed.
  8. That is because Viney and his wife were in S.A. and Max and Clarry were in South Melbourne.
  9. IT was the Gutnick years and I seem to remember, correct me ion I am wrong, that free came knocking and made a big offer. Joes ego kicked in and matched the deal which in retrospect was overs for a one off season. That Woey was willing to take a pay cut suggests he knew he was over priced but then we not only shipped him off we were still paying a large portion of his salary. Who was running the club then???
  10. In the course of the year it is easy to forget just how good a season Max was having before he hurt his knee. Tiernan is a tall lad isn't he
  11. Buried deep in a HUN article on draft targets is a single line about Clarko being unable to visit Pruess to entice hime to Hawthorn and how GWS won the race. Then this kicker, " The Demons are chasing something in the vicinity of a second-round pick for Preuss if they can’t make him part of a deal for Ben Brown." This in the last par but strongly suggests that MFC are keen on Brown! So put your creative hats on demonlanders, who goes from GWS to the Kangas so we get Brown and possible exchange of late picks?
  12. A slight correction if I may. The AFL site mentioned Carlton were asking about Clarry, Hunter & Ollie as part of the plan to get players in. Further into the discussion when pressed who the third in would be they said Carlton were lowering their aim for a player of a lower grading ie an A lister or B+ rather than an elite to fill that 3rd spot. Tis year they don't have the bargaining chips in draft pics and you only have to look at the outlandish request made by Essendon for Saad.
  13. Note it is a Sam McLure article and of late I hav this feeling his scoops are straight form managers looking to stimulate interest. I hope he hasn't become a mouthy piece for a manager looking for a better deal but could explain how a scoop could go off the boil and suddenly come to life again. Just look at Rama ringing every club trying to find a home and a long term contract for Ben Brown. This is a horrible time of year all around with deceit the second language of the AFL.
  14. Sorry Old Dee this is no ordinary bowls club but agree many blows clubs are struggling. It is no no surprise that this bowls club refused as they are huge. They have a massive bar and their function room is enormous with a stage. I have been to a 70th there and then another birthday on a Sunday with the Herberts playing and the place was packed. Bands regularly play there Sundays pre COVID and the club is an institution and used all year around. The footy club misjudged that one when they took on the bowls club. In addition it is very much suburbia and I doubt the residents would agree to a la
  15. Correct! His knee interrupted his pre season and started round 1 with little or no practice match play. He injured it again mid season and recently required surgery on it. He has already had one knee reco on that left knee at the age of 17 and ongoing issues. Due diligence certainly required
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