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  1. On a lighter note maybe Choco wants to coach another flag and has planned to fix up Goody and Ooze. I would be watching out in tomorrow practice match for any of the emergencies hoping for a position to become vacant. An old footy coach from VFL days tells the story at Hawthorn, that you never went near Ian Bremner in finals especially if you played in his position. Or the year they beat North to become premiers. On the last Thursday before the granny Kennedy lined the players up in 2 lines, one on one contest with the ball thrown in between to see who came out on top. It was I believe brutal no holds barred. Kennedy's commando's and imagine being paired off with Leigh Mathews....scary
  2. As stated earlier the MFC allocation of 12,000 sold out in 4 hours. I am so happy that my barcode went to a family friend who lives in W.A and is a demon fan AND she got a ticket. According to the MFC email I was a category 3 member. Category 3 tickets are $350 with the category 1 being $450 wow any wonder they want to play in front of a crowd.
  3. Fort as an emergency wow they are already a big team. Surprised they didn't go for a running type.
  4. Interesting that is how the AFL.com site saw it as well. 2 hardened experienced bodies in. Smith has only played 21 games and Bowey is just starting. It will be interesting to see who gets the medical sub. Also noted in talkback yesterday that Jones not likely to be in finals plans and will fly home after Prelim depending on circumstances
  5. Re Hawkins the sling tackle resulted in the player being concussed and subbed out according to Ralph. That has to get a week.
  6. My rumour was that he had surgery today and is out for 4-6 weeks.
  7. Hard to believe that in a week where Tex walker is called out for racial abuse and the distress and hurt it causes that some troll would still think it is ok to racially abuse a player.. Absolutely disgusting.
  8. Can I point out that incidents are sent direct to the tribunal when they cannot be categorised under the gradings system.Misconduct has been used to report a variety of incidents. I suggest serious was used here because there is an elbow lying across someones neck. A recent direct to tribunal case got off involving a bump. This incident whilst I don't like it and it doesn't look good wasn't a strike, a trip, a kick or a bump to the head in play and therefore it is left to the tribunal to decide because the match review officer cannot define it.
  9. For those who have read the book "Red Fox" and the chapter on the sacking of Norm Smith, this is history repeating itself. Let me explain! I was so angry reading the story and how Smith was undermined by those around him. In the preceding chapters I discovered MFC were the family club, post training sausage sizzles, players loved the joint and I was trying to work out how this all changed and hawthorn somehow picked up the mantle of the family club. It was this lack of foresight, fall off in recruiting and aftermath of sacking and reinstalling an iconic coach that has left us in the void for the last 57 years. Ironically the club that took on the mantle of family club has just followed the MFC route and sacked their legendary coach. This has Kennet all over it and maybe it is the Hawks who can now lift the Curse of Norm Smith and replace it with the Clarkson Curse. As oft quoted George Santayana is credited with the aphorism, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” while British statesman Winston Churchill wrote, “Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” I think the curse has officially been handed over. Go Dees
  10. At this stage we fly to the Gold Coast fully packed for a week away as we head post match immediately to Perth for a weeks quarantine. It will be interesting especially as Gus & Gawny briefly mentioned who was the star in the hub last season and who might have struggled. I wonder how many we are allowed to take on the tour?
  11. I thought I read today that Weid was picked for the VFL and Jones would come back via the VFL. Melksham, VanDen Burg and Bowey were in contention. Suggests three changes. Bit of travelling to manage over the next 2 weeks with make quick trip to Qld and then straight to W.A. Rules are teams need to quarantine for the week before the game. Magpies have been in Perth all week as have the umpires. So we may flight out Saturday morning return that night to Melbourne to board a plane for Perth. Shades of a trip to Cairns last season
  12. Don't blame the umpires it starts higher up the food chain than that. We have always thought that they check the stats at half time and make an adjustment in the second half, but these days it is way more high tech. I have a friend who is a well qualified to chat with me about competency and how it is managed and assessed in the AFL umpiring workplace . We all know the umps are micked-up as we see when there is a goal review.With COVID and no crowds the off field game day advisor can watch the game and communicate in real time with all the officials to offer encouragement and point out areas that need to tighten up. What this means that whoever was overseeing Saturday night must have been relatively content with the adjudication as there was no adjustment or evening up of frees. The AFL under Hocking allow throwing of the ball as we know it , incorrect disposal and staging. How else can you explain that the practise continues when there is a system in place to address it in game?
  13. After reading all the ideas here I believe some cha age is needed. Little or no change in structure and style because we have had an unbelievably good run with no injuries. It is obvious from the posts that most suggested ins haven't had much if any time in the seniors so we don't know what they can bring. A sudden spate of injuries will leave us even more vulnerable, time to change it up a bit. Down back we are very stable but Hibberd and Rivers need a chop out and an alternative tried. Maybe Bowey for a back pocket Midfield is heavily reliant on Trac and Oliver for class, Viney is getting there provides grunt but isn't a penetrating kick. Gus, Langers, Brayshaw are ordinary kicks whoever gives them a chop out has to be better at this to warrant change Forward The reason for Spargo, ANB & Picket is to apply pressure and lock the ball in. Worked early on but now not so much. Thus strategy limits our class up forward. Fritta is classy but doesn't chase and tackle or do enough. Jacko isn't contributing up forward and his ground play in the midfield has fallen write off. Melk brings in the polish but not the defence. Don't think we can run with Spargo & ANB. Goody has stated post match he is happy and wont change much. I would rest Hibberd and Jackson and Spargo for Bowey Weid and Melksham or Jones. The latter while past his best brings effort and grunt.
  14. Agree quoting who they have out only proves they have greater depth than us.Could any of those outs played better than their replacements last night. Smith dominated his wing so Treloar not missed. Duryea and Dale on half back flanks could Wood have played better. Maybe Shcache wouldn't have got a game if they were available. Conversly as we have had no injuries and no VFL we are unsure who comes in and if our depth matches theirs. Hawthorn proved last week that without their so called good players as long as the replacement have a dip and play their role you can win I suspect the solution for us is to freshen the team up and rest a few and see who we have to step up if we get some injuries in the finals
  15. I agree with most of what has been written. The free kick difference was inexplicable but I was more annoyed with the ones they didn't pay. Especially the throws . Endeavour and tackling will only get you so far, as Hawthorn showed us up last week. I think the Dogs had a bit more class on the park and around the midfield. Bailey Smith on the wing dominated whoever he was on (Gus or Langers). Dale, Daniel and Duryea all deliver the ball better than we do as Salem and May are our best kicks out of defence. Hunter, Bont, Macrae & Libba bat deeper than our midfield guns in Trac and Oliver. Despite this we had the same scoring shots, identical disposals with even kicks and handballs, more contested football, the same number of tackles, kicked 2 out of bounds on the full and 1 that didn't make the distance. With 9 minutes to go we trailed by 4 points. They took their chances, English kicks a miracle goal from a stoppage that somehow makes it over the line. bailey Smith gets the ball on the flank and kicks one on the run from way out There wasn't much difference between these 2 teams. I think Keath getting injured assisted them as they replaced a tall with a small and gave them better balance. Schache did well at full back when the opportunity arose We aren't that bad! We lack some class in some areas but we are trying to build a team and culture that plays finals and is in the top 4 for the next 5 years.
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