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  1. We have lost another soldier on the weekend with yea another ACL. Sorry for poor Aaronbut does this mean there is now a 4 th vacancy due to a long term in jury?
  2. This is a worthy of not as Bob Murphy on radio today was applying the American college system to AFL teams. The college system has a player at college for 3 years before he becomes a pro.. They get 3 years to mature and support locally the thought that the draft age is too young. Bob looked at several lists and when players had their so called breakout year and it is often that 4th year. Names such as Franklin, Riewoldt (Nick) all announced themselves in their 4th year. In 2021 the team with the most upside was Brisbane with several players entering their 4th year. Spargo, Lockhart & Frits
  3. I imagine I should have put this in the BB knee surgery but it is appropriate here when explaining the time frame mentioned. I am not an orthopaedic surgeon, but after multiple meniscectomies on both knees I have some insight into the options. There isn’t much cartilage in either of my knees and there is a reluctance to take cartilage out unless absolutely necessary because long term you are looking at requiring a knee replacement. 3 options on offer are 1. Arthroscopic repair. They’ll insert an arthroscope to get a good look at the tear. Then they’ll place small devices that lo
  4. Yes widely reported and initial thought is that we will take our 4 draft picks to the big dance and use them.
  5. This list may explain Collingwoods salary dump. https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/afl-2020-afl-free-agents-2021-list-of-free-agents-trade-news-targets-restricted-zach-merrett-josh-kelly-carlton-patrick-cripps/news-story/6f3eb3386a97f5cac1700cb20a3726ad I was surprised at the names and can see there are a few targets like Josh Kelly, Cripps, Merret, Matt Crouch, Vlastin and Bontempelli who are restricted free agents as opposed to a standard out of contract player. I know a lot has been made of Olivers discontent but the stories coming out about other players from all clubs shows h
  6. Not a rumour but a thought based on the spin I heard from Buckley this morning. They are clearing the deck to look after their existing players but also looking at next year and thereafter at RFA's and out of contract players and going hard. We have 2 that fit that bill, the question is would you trust the Pies to honour that contract? expect other clubs to come really hard at our players next year if they haven't signed extensions
  7. And with reference to Lucifers hero, that was stated on the Tim & Gary show by Maclure that Essendon feigned interest in McDonald to force Gold Coast into a deal. A better strategy is to carry his wage next season and depending on his performance he is more likely a better trade target at the end of 2021.
  8. Austens dad walks his dog at the same park as I do and we identify each other with our MFC masks. Dad reckons Austen was enjoying hub life and as the season progressed the club were very happy with his progress and development. However he is still developing and it would help if he was not the lone ruckman in the 2nds. I can see the value in a seasoned ruckman to work with Austen and manage his workloads. I really like the idea in another post of Phillips coming from Essendon to fill this role.
  9. Agree Lucy and I am immediately reminded of something similar at Geelong years ago with Bomber Thompson. He was so close to getting the sack and post review had a different group around hime and greater support. It remains to be seen if Goody has it in hime to change but it certainly worked for the Cats. Pert did say yesterday that one on one with the players Goody is very good. He baulked and rambled when asked about the other side of coaching. What this hints at to me is the club as a whole from coaches to players don't yet have the unified buy in that Richmond have. They have a system whic
  10. Except that MFC have offered Mitch a contract for 2 years. The dogs upped the ante by offering 3 so it isn't obvious that we planned to send hime to the draft. On the other hand Oscar was not offered a contract and may well end up in the pre season draft.
  11. The $ 900K a year is misleading. Several journo's have pointed out he is owed money by the club for previous seasons which inflates his wage. In order to assist the club and manage its bulging cap he has heavily backhended his contract. My read on this is the money they are offering to pay of the $ 900K is money owed not the base cost of his contract which may be more manageable which is why they don't want to part pay his contract for its length just the first year. I suspect some dodgy accounting So a player accommodates a club and adjusts his contract and when the money is owed they
  12. A forward midfield and back coach plus the senior coach and I suspect Jones contributing in there somewhere. AS stated earlier $3 million is a lot to chop out of any program. They will all have to take on a bit more responsibility as will every other clubs coaching staff. I suspect the review wasn't just about individual coaches performance but how the club can manage with less resources so lets give Pert and his crew a chance to show what they can do.
  13. Phillips was highly regarded by Longmuir in his time at Collingwood. Would not surprise if the Dockers were interested and why there hasn't been much dialogue.
  14. Whether TMac shows what he has got depends on getting his body right. People forget he had turf toe , a debilitating injury. A serious cartilage tear that required surgery and a long recuperation and this year his ankle was not good. Clubs never tell the whole story and players carry a variety of injuries. He certainly looked overweight this year and his leg injuries limited him. Only time will tell if he come good but the message at MFC is that if he stays he will need to play down back if brown makes it to the club IMO. Ironically if he does go and we are light for tall backs Oscar may
  15. Smarter move than most think. He finished the season off on the bench with a headset coaching which apparently he did well. He may play games next season and I hope he gets to 300 but his wage as a playing coach comes of the player budget NOT the soft cap for coaches which has been slashed by 3 million. I suspect Burgoyne is in the same role at Hawthorn. A dual role for Jones next yearend even if he plays at Casey (if there is a second tier comp next year) his game knowledge and experience is not lost and we don't alienate him. I wish him well
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