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  1. Agree with all of the above. WE failed to lock the ball in our forward line which has been our strength. Pies cruised out the backline lowered their eyes and hit forward leading targets. Simple game plan
  2. La Dee I am so glad you mentioned this as I was invited to a book launch a few years ago of a biography about Harry Graham "The Little Dasher". It isn't an easy read as it is a sad story with a very unhappy ending for such a talented sportsman. The launch was held at the MCG library and there were a few MFC and Melbourne district club champions in attendance. The dinner later on was a school boy dream. The author Ron Cardwell his team along with special guests from the launch. Graeme (Beetle) Watson, Paul Sheehan, Peter Bedford and Keith Stackpole were fascinating to talk to. Wa
  3. In slow mo I don't think nk Sparrow connected with Rich's head but he threw his head back and staged for a free.In the third quarter when Tom cleanly out marked Rich he was indicating to the ump Tom held his arm. Brisbane are a slow ageing team that stall when the pace is on. Just like Geelong did to them last year and the same the year before in the finals. A lot of old blokes in that team
  4. Some great suggestions. I think depending on the length of the extension the AFL should make next weekend a bye round for everyone. Latest is the virus has a site in Anglesea and up north into southern NSW. I fear it will get worse before it improves which is what has been shown overseas in winter.
  5. HS has us taking Stengle and Riley Knight both Adelaide cast offs. Cannot see that happening
  6. THe 30 max limit will also affect us and training numbers.
  7. Every list has its deficiencies and ours is no exception. We currently have three long term injuries with Tomlinson being a big loss. There is an opportunity to add 2 backups in the mid season draft. We have Jones & Jetta who are both in the twilight of their careers, Jetta more so and I suspect he will struggle to retain his spot. We are relying on Picket, Jackson, Rivers and Jordan to play at a high level every week. For goodness sake they are in the first & second years. Their contribution is enormous and they are in front of a few seasoned other players. They will be inconsist
  8. I think this exactly what Melbourne are thinking and remember pre season the invited Kye Declase from Werribee to train with us. Most likely on Mark Williams advice and may still take him in the mid season draft.
  9. I note that Melk was off for the last part of the quarter getting his ankle strapped and he may not come up next week. How can anyone here ignore Fritch, he is currently a liability? He doesn't chase or tackle and of late isn't marking. Sadly Never is finding the pace too quick and the game has passed him by. So outs from those 3 Let's see who stands up tomorrow. I hope Salem was precautionary soreness and he returns. There is enough marking power up forward so Fritch can go to Casey and bring in Sparrow, at least he puts his body on the line and contributes. Not sure about Melk, hope Vi
  10. I hate losing by a point but if Goody thinks we will learn I would like to point out 1. We missed 2 set shots from Weid and TMac Adelaide nailed their shots and were very accurate. Again inaccurate kicking hurts us. 2 They got 2 goals from soft frees in front of goal and one from a deliberate out of bounds call. Easy for an umpire to call early in the game but totally gutless when you ignore one in the last minute 3 Fritch tries a dribble goal when he burned Trac who was next to him. Fritch is selfish 4 Early on the quick hands of the crows smalls, McKay and Laird broke ope
  11. When I read the book I was stunned at how it all developed and how MFC used to be the family club. All the stuff that Hawthorn started doing when they became a power. I still ask how did we get it so wrong. Of interest these days is if you were to ask Ronald Dale about his move to Carlton he has stated that in retrospect it was an error. I didn't like the role Jim Cardwell appeared to have played in all this, if what is said in the book is true Maybe now after all this years we are on the verge of something big. Roos said it would take 5 year and we are finally getting there, maybe Yze is
  12. This shows the value of developing our kids at VFL level and blooding them when ready. From the time Junior presented him with his jumper and the way he performed in his first game I knew we had a solid mid. Great result and great numbers in the midfield.
  13. Well said. I thought the umpiring was awful. It is apparent over all rounds that this weeks umpires directive is to NOT pay free kicks. They let so much go. I suspect number 7, Jeff Dalgleish, the man with the booming voice, was the senior umpire as he overrode or stepped in on a few non decisions. They refused to pay incorrect disposal all knight and throwing was allowed. The worst of the night, was when Papley ran into the protected area and was a metre behind our man how wasn't that paid. I would love to hear the review session with the umpires this week. My son was at the Kangas game
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