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  1. Showers and 13 degrees forecast perhaps not a night for Big men. Cats will ruck Stanley and Blicavs and Hawkins in the forward line pushing everyone in the back
  2. They are a better side but the Crows bought something to the game the Cats don't! Pressure. In the first quarter, the pressure rating for both teams was over 200, which is insanely high. It didn't drop much till late in the game when the Crows couldn't maintain it. The Cats basically had a bye on the weekend with North losing 2 players in the first 10 minutes. With 3 on the bench and limited rotations, they were never going to be competitive.
  3. Spare me! This team ethos is built on everyone contributing and playing their role. Weird did his bit tonight so get off his back. He had to ruck more than anticipated because Mitch Brown is not now nor ever will be a ruckman. We didn't help ourselves by kicking long to where their big blokes were and I saw BBB fall over a lot in those packs. Some of Brown's marks weren't paid and the umpiring left a lot to be desired I thought we'd used his body well at ground level, was used as a link man and did what was asked of him.
  4. Off-topic a little but can I remind everyone we have 2 games in 6 days with interstate travel and a bus trip to the cattery. Perhaps his knee injury won't stand up to 2 games in quick succession. Which game would you prefer he played? Adelaide or Cats! Even max may be better off waiting as we have a long break post the Geelong game.
  5. Note Port have been going very nicely of late with Findlayson as their no 1 ruck. Makes a contest and gets a lot of ground ball.
  6. Great news and a demon for life. Well done Clarry
  7. Forget Luke, Clarry has just signed on for 7 years. Go Dees
  8. Tom Stewart did the same injury just prior to the finals, had the same operation and if the Cats made the grand final was a chance to play. The club decided not to do the full operation but like Stewart repaired the injury with screws or a plate giving TMac every chance to play again this season.
  9. From what I have seen of Casey, the very tall ruck, whose name I don't know, looks worthy of a go. He is thin but lanky and reminds me of Oscar McInerny. The other tall at Casey is more a key position player, but Corey Ellison can take a great grab.
  10. I think Ralph best summed it up and despite the tweets going everywhere, there was not one mention on sports radio, Goody's presser or anywhere. I suspect those in the know reckon it's bulltish. However, it can have a destabilising effect and make Jackson an easy target. FFS the media really needs to take a good hard look at itself. The feeding frenzy over May v Melksham, Bailey Smith, De Goey and the intense scrutiny and criticism and personal opinion. God I hope these boys don't read papers. I really do hope he stays on for another 2 years on a fair contract and then see how he develops. All speculation is on potential. He isn't on the same page as Max, Clarry and Trac when it comes to comparison
  11. Thanks the playing group knew but was surprised that it didn't get out. Was sworn to secrecy. I imagine they are pretty big pecs as well
  12. Ladies and gentlemen the point is none of this is directed at the football club and he clearly states this. He is having a fair crack at the media who have written lots about him, his departure and we all assumed Michael warners info came from Glen. This may not be the case and our old friend Tom Morris gets a mention. He categorically and emphatically denies leaking any board papers or private meetings and if it goes to court will be under oath. He is suing The Age and wanted Kate Roffey to retract statements she made, which she has decided not to, published by the Age. His beef is with the media and stories they are publishing, interesting that the HS would print them but again the writs are against the Age Again I will reiterate and quote Glen " In recent months I have given the relevant journalists and publishers the opportunity to resolve my concerns and to also provide undertakings to not engage in any further defamatory conduct. Such undertakings have not been forthcoming, and my serious concerns remain unresolved, so I believe I had no alternative but to commence legal proceedings. To be very clear the legal action is NOT against the Melbourne Football Club and the members who own the club. I spent eight years helping rebuild Melbourne and still hold considerable affection for the club, its members, players and sponsors. I loved my time there and I am immensely proud of what was achieved and look forward to the continued success." The context of his quote about culture about the standards he wanted to set at Melbourne, is not an indication that there was anything wrong. It is a very lengthy piece
  13. Upper body muscle problem, not allowed to say anymore not back in a hurry
  14. I heard a whisper that Majak is injured, upper body and likely to be out for a month. Cannot divulge source, as they are in the playing group and will. break a confidence. Surprised MFC haven't put him on the injury report. It appears any one tall on our list is I injured
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