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  1. I’d love him to start but Med Sub might be even better especially if he start late Q2 or later. Nobody will catch him
  2. I’m all for tempting fate. Somebody make one saying Five-peat! 2021-26
  3. The story isn't that sad. He's 33 and life goes on. We could have 3 more Generations of Jurrahs in the next 50 years at current replacement rates.
  4. When Tom Hafey coached the Tigers his game plan was to kick it to Royce Hart. When asked about his plan B he replied "Kick it to Royce Hart".
  5. The 3 best I've seen in Red and Blue or any other colours. Wayne Carey is the only addition I can think of.
  6. Hard times Goffy. I at least knew that you could a jump a cab at Mebourne Uni and never be arrested because you're on Federal Land.
  7. I'm mentally prepared for defeat. I'm absolutely resigned to the possibility of a loss. But I think we will win.
  8. he can say what he wants .Goodwin cannot. Hibberd's no walk up start. I'd only select him if Hunt was not fit. With an eye to the future.
  9. I tipped a Brownlow from him after his first few games. We will both be right eventually.
  10. Good God man. Please consider those of us trying to digest dinner.
  11. Nathan Jones you are a class act. Thank you for your service. You had a long and not necessarily great time on the field but you just took on more and more responsibility in order to get us to where we are. May they deliver you the grail and beg of you to join them in celebration.
  12. The two best teams will play off. We wouldnt want to sneak by any team. This will be a good GF.
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