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  1. Got to agree. He has really put the polish on this team with his run and clean ball use.Good mark too. The difference seems to be him.Clearly. Best winger since Stretch.
  2. Highly coachable and actually a beautiful kick.
  3. Poor umpirng when they pay such bad free kicks that they have to repeat it later for balance. Very trigger happy umps in the F50. Sack them,demote them,get them out of the game . on the bright side-Our best game in years.. The pressure applied was pure heat.
  4. 6.Petracca 5.Lever 4.Oliver 3.Gawn 2.Salem 1.Fritsch
  5. Who could we trade him for now?
  6. You might have to go against the grain.They'll probably say you lack polish.
  7. Thanks Dannyz. I'm not too fussed about his departure. Glad you could clear that up. I expect Ethan will give us a rundown of what he and Glenn plan to do for Perfs nitelife.
  8. Surely you can dovetail the two careers?
  9. Teams make errors dropping those low posession guys for scoring impact players. The low posession guys make the team score more sometimes. Anyway-PHOTOS.
  10. Lyon may be a bit annoying to but Andy Maher makes me want to smash my non-existent TV . He has a voice like a blowfly and an intellect to match. There is no doubting Lyons football ability either. He had zero weaknesses in his game and was one of the best players in an era that was probably the best in terms of skill level and champions. Ablett,Lockett,Lyon... Same breath.
  11. You're first sentence was spot on then the rest of it confirmed the first sentence.
  12. That's an astue observation. He's clearly fluked the 300 odd games we've given him so far and his selfishness shows out when he seeks glory all day long on the park . Not only that,the contracts he signed when we were wooden spooners nearly every year when could have gone to any other club show what an annoying glory hunter he is . To top it off ,the fact that Jones is in the best shape physically for ages means he should be dropped for Melksham who always plays for the jumper. We dont need Jones taking shots for goal (and getting them) just to show off and feed his own ego
  13. The most consistent and reliable player we've had in the last 20 years.
  14. I'm no fan of either the C. Church or Pell but the media and the prosecution clearly F.ed up the case. He was notoriously good at shifting priests like Risdale and Best around but his personal abuse was not proven , or proven properly and at the time the case looked flimsy and media driven. In my opinion his shifting of culprits and peretrators around the state was more damaging to more people than that which he was accused of in Melbourne . It was a poorly run and executed case against Pell which begs the bigger question of why such a case was allowed to be run when there was a
  15. The Shepherd for Hunt ,whilst good and very effective is just sometthing that should be happening evrywhere,every game,by every player. It's not soimething we should be celebrating but something we should just expect to happen. Takes very little skill and does a lot to win games.
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