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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. Good fit for Collingwood
  2. Nank and Hannebery were pushed out. Hannebery was finished physically.
  3. They rarely leave Sin City.
  4. Surely we can organise a side deal with Ashley and Martin or Advanced Hair.
  5. That's a myth. By which I mean it's very true.
  6. You can't teach a South Australian about class.Or a Kiwi about Style.Or a Russian about humour.
  7. Is the Lunatic Asylum at Parkville vacant? Might be appropriate.
  8. Robbos just an average bloke with alcoholic dementia,doing an average job,for an average paper and an average radio station and tv show with a below average IQ and hygeine regimen.I actually tip my hat to the poor c.nt.He's the highest achieving slob we've had in Australia since Sir Les Patterson and he isn't even a parody.
  9. The Tasmanian round will be a double header.
  10. This really is just a case of Pork Barrelling by the South Australian Government. But its a vast improvent on the Barrelling they've done in the Barossa Valley and Snowtown.
  11. Do they have ethically produced Carlton Draught on tap? That's all I want. I realised some time ago my alcohol consumption is never going to save the world.
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