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  1. Well Done DMMA. Did you notice a garden gnome near the bushes? Saty has been a bit quiet .Might have been stolen and put in someones garden.
  2. Sad but true. Wise words
  3. Rumoured to have run ACROSS the lake in record time. But I'm not expecting any miracles .
  4. My jokes aren't usually dirty. Crass and infantile,often crude and offensive ,but I leave dirty to others.
  5. You probably shouldn't get on your high horse and start berating other posters. I know you're now confused about the Patton issue because you were probably about to criticise his behaviour and now he's a victim of mental health/social media but really just try not to make it about yourself. Nobody is all good/all bad. One day you might adjust to that reality.
  6. This could just be another [censored]'n'bull story from the Hun. Could just be a false expose by them.
  7. Or as my Attorney always tells me .. ” Deny,Deny,Deny unless you’re caught absolutely choc-a-block in which case just sign the divorce and settle.”
  8. Trump, Charlie Sheen, Nick Kyrgios, Boris Johnson and My good self.
  9. I've just finished an orgy with entire training staff with some Frewnch/English backpackers. Got the sniffles.
  10. Trac Brownlow /Demon flag is paying 338-1. I will collect roughly 80k dressed as Dame Joan Sutherland from the Thomastown Tab and not get beaten up.
  11. You're confusing snowballer and Snow dropper with tea bagging.
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