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  1. Please don’t change your current betting system. It’s working for us.
  2. My reading is that Brown will have at least another week at Casey, and the Weid will be there until he bangs the door down.
  3. I hope you realise OD that the only reason we allowed you back into the state was because of the positive comments you made while you were in banana land. Please do not revert back to the old negative you or you might find yourself being deported.
  4. What could have been: David Schwarz Liam Jurrah Allen Jackovich Garry Lyon Harley Bennell
  5. If they are not going to release teams on a Thursday night, then it should be compulsory for Werridee to release his side on a Thursday night. Has he even submitted a team this week?
  6. Who translated this piece for you Pinball? They did a good job.
  7. is it the merlot again tonight your dworship?
  8. Not a fan of you trying to point score Dr D. And how can anyone say definitively after only 8 games whether he is or isn't a forward? But for the record, I don't think we have seen him played in what might be his ultimate position. It might take a couple of years but I think he will end up being a better version of Darcy Moore at CHB.
  9. Hey demonstone, an easier solution to this problem might be to get James to change the spelling of his surname.
  10. I think you mean "accept", not "except". And by the way, what a horribly nasty, mean post that was.
  11. There is talk that Saty read this article and immediately had a coronary.
  12. Is there any way they could both lose? - that would be my preferred result
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