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  1. Sorry but I disagree 58er. What most posters on here have done is condemned the act - ie what he did - and what he did on a number of occasions was despicable, and so this act(s) should be called out for what it is. This condemnation would be applied to anyone who did the same thing. Why he did it is a different matter. If he does have mental health issues then of course I hope he gets the treatment he needs. And anyone with mental health issues deserves our "understanding". But we should not be silent on this issue at all just because the mental health card has been raised. We
  2. In my opinion BDA, he deserves all the "blanket condemnation" he gets! He probably also needs professional help, but I'm sick of hearing "excuses" offered for anyone who thinks its acceptable to demean women - not to mention embarrassing his club, his family and least of all himself. Being an [censored] (as he must surely be given all the education all AFL players receive) does not excuse what he has allegedly done. I'd have no hesitation in sacking him if guilty.
  3. I think your description of Thorpie is pretty much spot on Biff. In the year prior to Sunbury, we had Thorpie play at our school dance. During a break between sets, I was prompted to ask Thorpie to play Somewhere over the Rainbow. I was told in no uncertain fashion that playing that song again would ruin his image (there were a few adjectives thrown in for good measure). Yet an inspired decision saw him play the song at Sunbury the following year, where it was a raging success. While I am not going to take credit for the songs revival - I probably could. Another Sunbury fav:
  4. Saw this the other day, and it brought back so many good old memories.
  5. Since shameless promotions seem to be ok, below is video of my son’s band. He’s the lead guitarist. PS - Werridee, just loved your idea of infecting this topic with another “best of” collection - brilliant!
  6. An assumption I would have thought dworship - and probably a pretty good one given they were the two grand final teams.
  7. How can anyone “hate” Tom McDonald? Either a poor choice of words, or you may need some help bro. You OK?
  8. Are we reading too much into this? All we know publicly is what Sam said - ie he rang JB and had a chat with him. Saying that Sam is being mentored by JB is a bit over the top at this stage I would have thought - and heaven knows where the “ear massage from Roos and Lyon contributed to (JB) getting a gig” came from. The fact that the video was essentially about back yard cricket, with a (MFC) worthy football statement thrown in as an aside, would seem to highlight what the media found as more news worthy. I rate Sam, and would welcome him seeking JB or Carey or Lyon as a mentor
  9. You seem to let yourself out an awful lot Vaggy. I have just one question. Who keeps letting you back in?😀
  10. If you listen to the podcast you’ll know as much as I do and then you can make up your own mind as to whether it’s real or not.
  11. Demonsone, Bartlett also explained that when they researched the major sporting clubs around the world to determine best practice, he said that a large number of these major clubs had both a city base and a second base outside of the city. This is the concept we have apparently adopted - a city base in the MCG precinct area and a second at Casey.
  12. It would appear that a significant number of posters on here for some reason don't believe a word of what Glen Bartlett has told us at the beginning of July about our new training facility. In his podcast he has clearly stated that: - our new training and administration facility will be in the MCG precinct area. - it will include a social club - the training oval will not be MCG size - due to space restrictions - we will have a second training facility at Casey (including MCG size oval, and a good sized indoor kicking area) - the initial phase (to analyze option sites
  13. Luci, I would assume that because the land is govt owned and they are providing a certain level of finance, that they would lead the project. It should make the project cut through govt red tape so much easier. Our club has stated that the phase 1 feasibility study was developed based on a set of criteria that we proposed for our project. We may not get everything our hearts desire, but as Phase 1 is complete, then the list of facilities to be provided has already been agreed to and approved. In some ways I find it comforting that the Govt is leading the development as it means the
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