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  1. I don’t understand where this push is coming from. Has something changed since he was stripped of the medal? Has there been new evidence uncovered? If not then he is still a drug cheat and drug cheats don’t get awarded best and fairest awards. He shouldn’t even be allowed in the commentary box. I hear he’s good at pouring coffees, he should just go back to doing that - not that I’d buy one from him.
  2. Dp, I haven’t seen the FB master plan, but I’d suggest that if, as you say, there is no recreation precinct on the plan, then you must realise that getting land rezoned is a really difficult process and an extremely time consuming one. And given the governments demands for more housing, rather than less, probably an expensive and fruitless exercise. That’s what is attractive about Caulfield and, dare I say it, Goshs’s precinct - ie no rezoning required.
  3. I don’t think there is any reasonable person that could put hand-on-heart and say that the action was not a deliberate ploy to hurt Gus. He is a thug , deserved a long suspension and deserved to miss the grand final and that medal. That medal is now as tainted as Cripps’s Brownlow. However this thread is about Gus and I want to hear positives about how he is going both physically and mentally. I know that physically he is likely to be ok, but I worry about the lingering metal scars that act might have and how this will affect his play. I am however, really tired of posters bringing up and repeating the event over and over again. My thought is to let it rest and save the anger for our next game against the pies. None of us will forget this act that’s for sure.
  4. For the little time he has spent as a ruck in the ones, when he manages to win the tap, I have been pleasantly surprised just how many taps go to our advantage. I think if he were 6cm taller we’d be selling Gawny to the swans, and looking for a new key forward.
  5. Kicking looked really ordinary - so i guess he'd fit right on in at the Dees.
  6. Hey Jaded, couldn’t you find a better giff than this?That is one face I’d just love to belt.
  7. The KKK have always been a force of sorts.
  8. By your logic Picket, two steps back puts us at 2021, which wasn't a bad year. Therefore '24 a premiership year!
  9. I understand they are not related ET. (sorry D, I didn’t see your post)
  10. DL could send WCW to “interview” the newbies for an exclusive. (although probably not the smartest idea I’ve had).
  11. Surely the Club have learnt by now and have included WCW warnings as part of the new players induction. Kol either missed it, or he decided to just take his chances. Mind you, he wouldn't has stood a chance if WCW was stalking him. And by the way WCW, next time you do your makeup, please use a mirror.
  12. It’s too late for Kol now that he had been WCW’d (he’ll probably ask for a transfer now), but for the Club’s sake, please keep WCW away from the other newbies.
  13. Haha, no way we could miss them dp. If by some slim chance we end up at Fisherman’s Bend, we will all have you to thank.
  14. Good question - but not one that anyone of us on DL would be able to answer, which I'm sure you would know Hawk. I suggest the best place to raise that question is with the Club. Perhaps once you do, you might inform us of the response please.
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