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  1. What excites me? After too many disappointing decades of watching the D’s play, only sex with my lovely wife still excites me.
  2. I have a gut feel that the next club to get Hogan will get a bargain.
  3. Luv your work Dr E. (Im assuming your prediction track record has improved greatly since your very first prediction back in 2014?)
  4. I really don’t believe that’s true one_demon, is it. One only needs to look back at your original posts and any responses to know the real truth. There were no “nasty comments” at all that I saw. Since I have been on here, I generally only find out about a new poster by the welcome they usually receive from others for their first post. I’m sorry if that didn’t happen for you.
  5. Thanks for that SWYL. Has got to be the greatest Plan B performance by any coach, ever. Barassi was a genius. i wonder what Goodwin would have done at half time if he were in Barassi’s shoes?
  6. This is where I’d be hopeless as a list manager. I know from what he showed this year that he is at or near the end, but he is such a quality person, and such a great influence and role model to our players, that I couldn’t let him go. id be offering him a role at the club to keep him. When you have a gem like Nev, you should never part with it.
  7. Haha - you were “ruddy annoyed” - I haven’t heard that saying since I last had tea and scones with the Queen.
  8. Melbourne has the better list. St Kilda has the better coach - which makes all the difference.
  9. The moment we trade Preuss, Max will do his wonky knee again. Don’t trade him!,,
  10. I think it’s also interesting to note that in the 10 years between 1955 and 1964, where we won 6 premierships, we only had two AA players selected - Barassi and Dixon. The old saying - a champion team, rather than a team of champions - would seem to have applied during our golden years. Which I think is really relevant to us today. We have probably 6 players that are AA quality - or there abouts - yet we are a pretty ordinary team. IMO our list is not the issue - it is the managing and coaching of that list that should be our biggest priority. This is the area that we have failed badly -
  11. So you are the one that leaked it to McClure!!!
  12. I’ve never heard this and find your statement that Tom said that incredibly hard to believe.
  13. Funny how a contract extension for Goodwin was based on our performance in 2018. Now he is claiming we overachieved! Bet he didn’t say that when negotiating this contract!
  14. Maybe a coaching role but definitely not a playing role IMO.
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