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  1. The clubs stats have him at 194 ht and someone mentioned he’d put on 5kg so that would make him about 93kg - a reasonable size for a mobile forward or back.
  2. In his brief appearance against the ‘woods, Daniel (or “Page” as I like to call him) looked at home at the afl level. My question is, if May, Lever and Petty remain fit for the next 2 years, what do we do with Turner? I doubt we’d play another tall down back, and he’s too good to play VFL for that period of time - and if we did there is a good chance he’d be getting itchy feet to get a go somewhere else. Could he be trialled in the forward line perhaps? He has a good set of hands and he reads the play very well. It would give him the AFL game experience he would not likely get if we consider him solely as a backman. He can move back to the backline as and when required. Any thoughts?
  3. Had a dream last night where Fritta was announced as the Coleman medalist. If that’s the case, then today is likely to be the first of some big bags of goals for him over the remaining games.
  4. We’ve had great ruckmen for the last, what 30 years?, and we have been pretty [censored] in all that time - only last year did we win the premiership. I’d suggest that ruckmen are simply show bag fillers, and we can still win this easily even without our 2 best big men - because we have strength all over the ground and a midfield that don’t need silver service to perform. Go Dees (please don’t tell Max and LJ I called them show bag fillers).
  5. Flower was absolute poetry in motion. There is little poetry about Oliver, he is pure hip hop. If I had to choose between the two for my team, it would be no hesitation - Oliver.
  6. There is a rumour about to be released that Gus will announce his Re-signing with the MFC on the Gus and Gawny podcast either this week, next week or the week after. l’ve got no further info on Jacko, other than to restate that OD has said he is definitely going - so put your money on Jacko to stay.
  7. Great news. He can probably afford those public speaking lessons now. He’s going to need them.
  8. You waited for 75 pages to finally tell us this? What’s wrong with you man? We’ve already sold him off.
  9. If he decides to go, I would have thought that we won’t hear anything till after our season is complete. We will probably hear sooner if he decides to stay
  10. Given his form, it wouldn’t have been a certainty.
  11. I may have missed it, but has Majak explained why he is retiring now? Just seems odd to me. I know he is currently injured but you’d think he’d want to be part of a Casey premiership. I sincerely hope there are no other “health” issues involved. If there are, I hope we get behind him.
  12. Haha Even with that explanation I still have no idea what you said.
  13. This cannot be a coincidence. No one voluntarily goes to Mordialloc. The real story will soon come out: the St Kilda boys were not fighting amongst themselves, and Luke Jackson was there! You see, LJ thought it might be smart to have two suitor groups meet with him at a cafe to try and get the best deal possible - play one group off against the other. This upset the St Kilda boys and a scuffle broke out between them and the boys from WA. The smartest thing LJ did was to quietly sneak out of the cafe while the scuffle was going on. Luke was wearing an Eagles cap at the time, so nobody recognised him.
  14. If I was looking to meet with LJ and try and entice him, then it sure wouldn’t be in a public forum like a Mordialloc cafe!
  15. WCW, i have never been close with any of the previous brain teaser's - so probably not too hard if i can get it. Probably just luck on my part. This is how my brain works - looked at the names and immediately thought aha, famous cross dressers! But based on my past record of success, I thought I'd better have a back up option. So i looked up the first name (Hogg) and read that he had been delisted, went to another club, and won a premiership. Thought that might be a more likely choice than my first option, so I went with it. WCW, i find all these teasers impossible to solve, but just got lucky this time.
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