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  1. Lockett didn’t even play - he was out injured.
  2. Why would we move the all Australian full back away from that position?
  3. I'm a bit like demonstone, WCW. I've bathed in the afterglow for long enough. But it was so sweet that I want more. I'm now in that early expectation / excitement phase for that next one. Bit like sex really.
  4. If the works won't be finished till May, then the turf won't be doing much growing / establishing over the winter period. It will therefore likely to be at least the end of Spring before it will be ready IMO.
  5. I’d like to think that by round 6 Weid’s form at Casey will be such that he forces his way into the CHF role in the ones at TMac’s expense - and will stay there for the rest of the year.
  6. Haha still waiting Tim. Perhaps I should have asked Red if speaking B$ on this thread was a ban(ana)ble offence.
  7. I’ve always disliked Bradshaw the commentator. But his bang. Bang bang bang! comment I thought was a great bit of spontaneous commentary., until ... i was watching the Melb vs Geelong replay of their final round clash. Geelong has just kicked 4 goals in a row of which Hawkins kicked the last 3. Hamish McLachlan states that Hawkins had gone “bang, bang, bang” after Hawkins third. I’ve gone back to seriously disliking Bradshaw the commentator all over again.
  8. Hey Red, is speaking B$ on this thread also a banable offence? with absolute due respect, there has got to be more B$ per page in this thread than any other.
  9. I would have thought that with a name like that he’d be more a lover than a fighter BBO.
  10. I found it’s all relative Grr-owl. Expat salaries, from my experience in the ME, more than compensated for the high cost of communication services. Although the internet quality was rather poor from memory. I spent time in Bahrain, Qatar and UAE (Dubai) - about 7 years in total - but found the air conditioning supply costs in Qatar ( district cooling supply - where cold air is supplied to your building in a similar manor to water or power) to be the biggest rip off - far more so than internet charges. But you cannot live without aircon in the ME, so what can you do? While there certainly isn’t any real choice in service provider, and costs are high, expats generally get paid far more than they would back home - why else would you be there? So I really couldn’t complain.
  11. The barmy army are the only poms who have performed so far this ashes series.
  12. No. 2 Max Walker, because he was a test cricketer and played AFL (VFL) for Melbourne.
  13. Unsuccessfully at Castle Hill last night, and west Pennant Hills this morning.
  14. I got a call to say my mother was taken to hospital and most likely would not be allowed to fly as planned from Sunshine Coast to Sydney. So change of plans we would fly to her. Needing a Covid test to get into Qld we went to get a Covid test yesterday. Was in a queue from 6pm till 10pm closing time and didn’t make the end of the queue. Lined up again from 7am this morning and eventually got my test done at 9.30am. Got home to receive a message that the hospital was going to release her and allow her to fly after all. So 6.5 hours of queuing time I’ll never get back.
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