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  1. It's a shame but I don't think we had the salary cap space to seriously be in the conversation anyway. I expect we'll be fairly low key this trade period before some money frees up after T-mac and Brayshaws deal expires next year. Even then we'll have to keep some up our sleeve to satisfy Oliver on a long term deal.
  2. I assume they will, they apparently did that last weekend.
  3. VFL games are back on this weekend. Unfortunately for our boys the AFL bye means Casey will also have a bye. Shame for our fringe and young players that need some game conditioning and experience.
  4. I wonder if we need to give consideration to trade in, or perhaps draft, a young(ish) key position forward. Many on here are crying out for Weideman to be traded while Ben Brown and T-mac both have well known form and injury issues over the last couple years and nearing 30. Jackson isn't really a forward and our only other kpf option that I wouldn't mind seeing (although not this year) is Petty. Georgiades would be fantastic and I can see why Taylor was keen on him during his draft year. Unfortunately Port rarely lose players they want to keep and are also in finals contention so I c
  5. Would happily have him on the list and he would fit in beautifully, but reckon a first rounder is steep for a half back flanker that can torch it by foot occasionally. I would put a trade on par with the cost for Hibberd i.e. a 2nd round pick.
  6. 2 minute noodles smothered by craft singles with a refreshing lime green cordial made up in a 40/60 ratio.
  7. You know you're having a bad season when a draw increases your percentage by 3%.
  8. Thanks Jaded, now I'm picturing Jon Ralph giving us live tweets of the time of ruptured membranes and dilation progress.
  9. Next years draft I presume? Will have to be taken at 40+ for us to have first dibs.
  10. North simultaneously killing final aspirations for GWS and their shot at a priority pick. Perfect outcome.
  11. Damn, looks like I've missed it again.
  12. Does he have a beard though?
  13. Was going to buy one but it doesn't seem to be on sale anymore. 😔
  14. My memory might be just cherry picking the good but seems to be a great finisher in front of goals. Seems composed with a nice straight kick.
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