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  1. I wouldn't take those numbers as gospel, pretty sure they were wearing this year's training kit so it was more a size fit than anything else.
  2. This is a strange response for mine. These kids have put their name on the radar as 17yr olds and still have a full year of growth and development from a physical and football perspective. Of course the list of "top 10" will chop and change over the course of next year. Cadman, Ginbey and Humphrey weren't on this list last year while Hayes and Lemmey were taken much later on draft night and Teal not taken at all. Still, 7 out of 10 of these listed players last year were taken in the first round and 5 in the top 10 itself. We have 3 x first rounders (1 future) and 2 x second round picks to play with which gives us the strongest draft hand we've had in years. Worth keeping track of the talent on offer in my view. Also the phrase "next year is next year" will be equally applied to the end of the 2023 season and I would put money on us attempting to trade up as high as we can with the draft capital we have.
  3. Eye on the future: 10 draft prospects to watch in 2023 - https://www.afl.com.au/news/864913 Couple highlight packages of some 2023 prospects. Harley Reid Eye on 2023: Potential No.1 pick set to light up draft year https://www.afl.com.au/video/868390 Zane Duursma Eye on 2023: Brother of Port gun a goal-scoring machine https://www.afl.com.au/video/868400 Nick Watson Eye on 2023: Goal-scoring 'Wizard' on the radar of recruiters https://www.afl.com.au/video/868394
  4. Also quite possible she is a demons supporter. Would make that moment all the more special.
  5. Based off this years final ladder position, this is what the draft order will be for season 2023 post this years trade and draft period. ROUND ONE 1. North Melbourne 2. West Coast Eagles 3. GWS Giants 4. Essendon 5. Adelaide 6. Hawthorn 7. Gold Coast Suns 8. North Melbourne 9. St Kilda 10. Carlton 11. Western Bulldogs 12. GWS Giants 13. Melbourne 14. Melbourne 15. Western Bulldogs 16. Collingwood 17. Sydney Swans 18. Geelong ROUND TWO 19. Adelaide 20. Fremantle 21. West Coast Eagles 22. Adelaide 23. Essendon 24. Gold Coast Suns 25. Sydney Swans 26. Gold Coast Suns 27. West Coast Eagles 28. St Kilda 29. Collingwood 30. Hawthorn 31. Richmond 32. Melbourne 33. Melbourne 34. Western Bulldogs 35. Port Adelaide 36. Sydney Swans 37. Brisbane Lions ROUND THREE 38. North Melbourne 39. Fremantle 40. West Coast Eagles 41. GWS Giants 42. Essendon 43. Gold Coast Suns 44. Sydney Swans 45. Gold Coast Suns 46. West Coast Eagles 47. St Kilda 48. Fremantle 49. Hawthorn 50. Richmond 51. Port Adelaide 52. North Melbourne 53. Brisbane Lions 54. Gold Coast Suns 55. Sydney Swans 56. Brisbane Lions ROUND FOUR 57. Fremantle 58. West Coast Eagles 59. GWS Giants 60. Carlton 61. Gold Coast 62. North Melbourne 63. Gold Coast Suns 64. Port Adelaide 65. Gold Coast Suns 66. Carlton 67. Western Bulldogs 68. Richmond 69. Brisbane Lions 70. Western Bulldogs 71. GWS Giants 72. Collingwood 73. Essendon 74. Western Bulldogs
  6. ESPN Chris Doerre continues to dislike our performance at the trade and now draft table. Melbourne Picks: 15, 38 Players drafted: Matthew Jefferson, Jed Adams Grade: E Rationale: Melbourne's first selection in Matthew Jefferson was a speculative one for the stage in the draft. Jefferson is an athletic and strong marking key forward who doesn't need a lot of the ball to hit the scoreboard heavily but will also need to start finding more of the football more often to become a consistent key forward. Adams was a surprise choice in the second round given his injury history though is an athletic defender who has played a competitive brand of football when available.
  7. Has he given us a D- or F yet in his ratings? Just checked, he gave us an E
  8. Cal Twomey didn't know who this guy is. Looking forward to a highlights package if one exists.
  9. An article linked us to him earlier and we're allegedly keen on a young ruck so wouldn't be surprised to see us pick him assuming he's available. Also on board with @Pennant St Dee and hope we look at Sam Gilbey as a medium defender. Not a real need for us but I really like Blake Drury as well while Jonti Shuback might add more depth to our wings if we go down that path.
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