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  1. Takes the first mark in this highlights video. An impressive take.
  2. Thanks for all your work Kev. Enjoy your time overseas. Did you notice if Salem appeared hindered by anything? He finished the game on the bench in a tracksuit so perhaps has a niggle of sorts.
  3. I like it. Hope we're looking at Moyle as well.
  4. Only saw roughly 3 quarters but would have AMW, Laurie, Jefferson, Tholstrup and Billings amongst the best of the dees players. Adams is growing in confidence in defence with his marking ability. Sestan doing nice things linking up across the half forward line and Ben trying to wind back the clock in the last quarter.
  5. 4th spot, back in premiership contention baby
  6. Entertaining footy. Laurie, AMW, Tholstrup all excellent. Billings using it well, K Brown had some impressive early touches. Jefferson showing that he's capable at ground level and not just reliant on his marking. Sestan got more involved as the quarter wore on and looks dangerous inside 50.
  7. Usually don't like cheering for Hawthorn but get it done please.
  8. Do they have replays available for these games? Didn't get a chance to watch it unfortunately.
  9. When and where do teams get announced for Casey these days? I only ever see the team listed here quite late on Friday night.
  10. Surprised Hunter is in the selection mix. Hasn't done much at Casey since returning from injury. Perhaps a Billings replacement?
  11. I agree with nearly all of this, just don't think Laurie has been given a fair chance. He has only played three games this year with two of those starting as sub, one of which he came on for half a quarter and kicked two goals from 5 disposals. His only starting game was the opening round where we went with a small forward line with him, Spargo, ANB, Pickett and Chandler. That was never going to work. He was subbed off after two and bit quarters with 54min ground time resulting in 8 disposals. Billings came on and picked up 2 disposals in 50minutes and retained his spot in the side. 6 of his 8 games he has either been sub or subbed off. Hes also never had more than 2 games in a row. That's hardly getting a good crack at it. Not saying he will make it long term, or even deserves to come in this week. But would be nice to see him force his way into the team and get a sustained crack at it. We signed him for 2 years earlier this season so obviously see something in him. Up to him to now to show he belongs.
  12. Fair enough, didn't realise it was just a clash of heads, saw the raised elbow at the end and presumed that's what's done the damage. Good example of not presuming things off grainy footage.
  13. Still frames can be deceiving, Parker deviated into his path with Smith only having a split second to react. This should have been a regulation hip and shoulder to the body and its play on without catastrophic injuries. What I don't get is how Parker could stuff up the "shepard" so badly. He's lower to the ground and from your pictures his elbow is around the level of the opponents waist. Quite a feet to raise your elbow so much to fracture his jaw/cheekbone and eyesocket from that starting position.
  14. Bowey in doubt with a rolled ankle
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