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  1. It should, but you might want to go on Friday instead of Saturday.
  2. Good win in the wet. 2023 might see a mini transition for our senior team with Bowey, Turner, Howes, JvR, Laurie pushing for promotion along with Bedford.
  3. Poster to weid. Playing a solid game in the wet.
  4. Great couple contested marks to Weid in the wet.
  5. Laurie with a monster goal in the wet.
  6. Turner solid repeat efforts in defence there
  7. Strong by weid. Shame it was touched.
  8. Goal to Joel Smith. Has been impressive forward
  9. Too unselfish weid. Would've liked him to just back himself with a kick for goal.
  10. Joel Smith starting well, one run down tackle and one lead up mark which he unfortunately missed. Looks threatening so far.
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