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  1. Ah yes you're probably right actually. Ignore me.
  2. Interesting tid bit from an article today on afl.com saying we were interested in Caldwell. I don't think I once heard us connected to him in the media which shows there's a lot going on in the background that never makes the news for whatever reason. I know a few of us on here were keen on the dees making a play for him. "While the Giants lifted their offer to four years to keep Caldwell, the Bombers also had competition for him in Melbourne, with St Kilda also interested." https://www.afl.com.au/news/549397/why-jye-chose-essendon-over-staying-a
  3. Probably already been said before but wouldn't surprise to see Petty given a go up forward.
  4. I haven't forgotten at all and I am not upset in the slightest with our selections as I recognise I have insignificant knowledge of U18 footy compared to our recruiting team. In 2019 we traded multiple picks including futures to secure pick 8 that would eventually be split for 10 and 28 ultimately landing us Kozzie and Rivers. However even after all that trading prior to the draft, we attempted multiple times to move up in the order. Our first attempt was to move up and try to nab a sliding Robertson, although we had little to no trade currency to be in the conversation for him, and the s
  5. I found this really interesting. Goody did not seem enthused at all, I'm guessing due to their size, and had to be reassured on their quality. Its good to know that the recruiters aren't easily over ridden though and their research and opinion are respected. Also compared to last year it seems we weren't interested in trading up for any players in particular, although perhaps they just didnt include the footage to keep that intel in house.
  6. Is Lord Nev a 45 year old Geologist?
  7. 1. Harmes - Was a damaging weapon with his ability to shut down the oppositions premier ball winners and hurt them the other way. Has the ability to hit the scoreboard and seems to be lost in the back half. Perhaps a return to a mid/forward role will be the catalyst required to return to form. 2. Wiedeman - The time is now for the weed to impose himself in the forward half and become a consistent threat. With Brown taking the number 1 mantle and defender, conditions are primed for him to cause headaches for opposition. 3. Brayshaw - We've all seen him at his best and want him to ret
  8. Not sure if this has been posted already but found extended highlights on youtube. May want to listen with the volume lowered unless you like high energy techno music.
  9. With all due respect dazzle I think you're being a bit disingenuous here. Firstly you know that we got two consecutive picks. Secondly Taylor said he will start in the back line, which is a common path for young players in their development. I suspect he'll be a winger/high half foward long term but if he makes a half back or even back pocket spot his own I won't be complaining. Many clubs have picked up non-key defenders in the first round of recent years.
  10. Thanks, just saw the article in the mfc site saying he was overlooked at the draft.
  11. Did we ever resolve whether he was eligible for this years draft, and was overlooked, or is next year his first run at it?
  12. Did read a few tid bits linking us with Angwin close to the draft. Would have been interesting to see who we would have taken between him and Rosman if he was still on the board. One thing I suspect we do well is follow select draft prospects in the following years and woo them over the long run. Langdon and Lever are two examples that come to mind. I wonder if there's a player in this draft we may see in red and blue a few years from now. GWS seem to be perpetually susceptible to raids and Angwin has a long list of quality midfielders ahead of him. Maybe one to keep an eye on.
  13. https://www.afl.com.au/news/533681/bids-bluffs-and-frantic-calls-inside-2020-s-first-round-draft-frenzy An interesting article about how the first round panned out behind the scenes with numerous deals in the works had stars aligned differently. In relation to the dees, we had an offer from the crows involving our 18 and 28 for their 22 and 23, leaving us with 19, 22, 23. However the article states the crows were intent on using that pick for Laurie. No other whispers in terms of potential deals we were involved in however it did mention the Giants interest in both Bowey and Lau
  14. So we shouldn't expect to see him until about age 30, where he will develop a cult following after displaying some freakish ability, before being brutally cut from the list? Guess after that we can re-draft him during the mid-season draft the following year to revive his career.
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