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  1. I'm curious as to how we will approach player movement this offseason. We traded out of this years first round due to the compromised nature of it so I feel we will try to recruit players via trade and/or free agency. If we trade out both McDonalds as mooted, I can't imagine we will be keen on acquiring picks unless its used for players or possible investment in future picks. On the flip side to this, would Taylor and co feel confident in landing quality players at later picks given the reduced exposure may leave "round 1 quality" kids to slide? And if so, could that lead to small pick u
  2. Surprised that you've put Jordon in here mate, do you have some insight into this one? From memory you know him or his family and last I heard the club were happy with his progress. I would like to see him get at least another year to have a proper run at it in a somewhat "normal" season. That way he can actually get a chance to develop in a proper second tier system if he's not getting senior games.
  3. Ah ok, seems footywire's contract status cannot be trusted then.
  4. 23 year old victorian kid taken at pick 20 in the 2015 draft, plays predominantly as an outside midfielder at the Suns with good disposal by foot. Has played 52 games and had a breakout year where he played 21 games and averaged 25 touches a game and came 5th in the Suns bnf (not saying much I know). Is now out of contract and seemingly out of favour this year. Could be potential red flags there but worth the thought I reckon. Could come cheap in terms of trade price and may compliment Langdon on the other wing as an outside accumulator, also a lefty.
  5. Bloody well hope so, its the silly season already but if all the rumblings are to be believed (they shouldn't be) then in 2021 we are minus Viney, Brayshaw, Harmes and Sparrow. Barely a midfield left. Even if Brayshaw and Harmes requested a trade I would hope we would play hardball and hold them to their contracts unless something ridiculously overs came our way.
  6. Not doubting it but where's this info coming from? And what's the story about the players sooking in up in Cairns? Edit: having a second read it's looking more like tongue in cheek.
  7. I largely agree with this, I just hope we can be absolved of paying part of his contract which will enable us to be more aggressive at the trade table. If he unlocks a good deal for us or nets us a somewhat decent pick then I'm all for it.
  8. With his salary I'm not sure many clubs would be keen without us contributing a significant portion. We will also be lacking significantly in KPF depth if he goes. We only really have Weideman in that roll at the moment and he is still relatively young and in need of further development. We then have; Jackson - A hybrid ruck/forward with consensus view that he will more likely play as an extra mid more the Key Position. Mitch Brown - Ageing journey man that's scraped together some games because of McDonalds form and injury to Jackson. Maybe retained as insurance for another
  9. Just wanted to say I thought those Jumpers looked outstanding tonight. Good bit of nostalgia with that logo representing the Dee's of my childhood. Looking forward to my jumper arriving this week. We've put together some cracker jumpers recently including all the indigenous designs as well as the MFC insignia one. Think my new Covid lockdown hobby is to collect them all and frame them. Not sure my girlfriend will be happy when I put them up all over the house
  10. So he has, I tried to look it up on the AFL website but seems to be missing a few rounds. The whole site is a dogs breakfast and difficult to navigate.
  11. Out: Jetta, Hunt In: Hibberd (Lockhart if not fit), Harmes (to play solely as a mid-forward rotation) Can't see us putting Jackson in off a 6-week injury and no match fitness while Brown has pulled his weight and deserves to stay there for now. I love Jetta and how he has forged his career but sadly I think the game has gone past him now. He also feels incredibly injury prone at the moment, perhaps a testament to how hard and courageous he is. But I can't remember a game in recent memory where he hasn't been injured throughout a game and spent time in the hands of the trainers.
  12. Hope he gets it but Tom Green had 30 disposals with 20+ contested with the AFL site listing him as their best player. Rivers thoroughly deserves a nomination however I can see it going Green's way. Regardless, it's obvious that we've found a gun kid here. Has looked the part since his debut, even the commentators were big wraps for him. I'm going to one-up you Dazzle and say I've claimed him since before the draft. When it became certain that we would overlook Young I was hopeful we would pick him up. All from a couple profile reviews and two minute highlights tape mind you but I'll claim
  13. Mines still awaiting fulfillment, looking forward to it! I wonder how they plan on running the draft experience as well. Aren't they playing in this jumper as well this weekend? Edit: it appears on close examination my name isn't on the jumper either, disappointing. 2nd Edit: chance it could be on the back of the jumper.
  14. I'm not too keen on the idea of Jack leaving the club, but if we were to leave and we secured a pick between 8-10 for him, we could end up in a great position to trade for Papley. If that is the end result I think our team would be better for it.
  15. My gut feel was the mass changes last week was a result from the match committee finally realising that, in spite of the players being fitter than ever, they are still fatiguing off short turn-arounds and require rest. We then overcompensated by changing a third of the squad in the hope of fresh legs winning us the game and subsequently bring in VFL standard outside runners into a rainy, windy contested game. As for this week, I kind have given up caring what happens at the selection table. Just want to see some development and promising signs from our young players and hope Jordan gets a cha
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