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  1. I find it highly amusing she has a "veil of secrecy" given she's performing the same show all around the world. People bring phones, they post on social media. She can insist on secrecy all she wants, but unless she's doing completely diffferent shows each night, it's pretty pointless.
  2. What time frame are there no functions? The Coterie Season Launch is advertised as being in the MCC Dining Room on 22 February.
  3. ....and yet no other international act performing at the MCG resulted in the Demon Shop being closed. In fact when Billy Joel performed there, his drummer was wearing a Melbourne Guernsey, which he'd bought when he came across the Demon Shop while setting up.
  4. I can't believe Adelaide wanted Petty or Clarry for him!
  5. Overall an incredibly negative article. Can't believe I wasted my time reading that drivel.
  6. Just got an email from Tam in the club that 4 inaugural Dees, being Lily Mithen, Paxy Paxman, Sarah Lampard and Lauren Pearce have all re-signed.
  7. Born into it. Dad was a massive Melbourne supporter, and all of Mum's family Hawthorn. We could pretty much choose who we wanted to barrack for when we were kids, my brother and I both chose Melbourne, my sister Hawthorn. I think I chose Melbourne for the following reasons: - I idolised my big brother, and I pretty much copied everything he did; - I was Daddy's little girl, and worshipped the ground he walked on; - Even as a kid, I figured Dad was more into footy than Mum was, and if I had much of a chance of going to the footy, I best choose his team; - I did waiver a little in the late 70s in later primary school years, mainly because kids in my class laughed when I said I barracked for Melbourne, but then I figured that because my primary school colours were brown and yellow, I had enough poo and wee in my life already. 2024 marks 39 years of being a Melbourne member. I'm pretty much dyed in the wool now.
  8. Who are you talking about there, Banno or Loz? If you're talking about Loz, she just came third in the Best and Fairest. If you're talking about Banno, she's 20.
  9. Gay wouldn't go for less than a first round pick, she's also a premiership player. She's requested a trade to Essendon, they have pick 13. Rather handy if we can get it.
  10. Umm, we got a first round pick for her, that's not too disappointing.
  11. Has anyone ever seen Harry and Jed together in the same room?
  12. I wonder if the nature of the facility means anyone would be punished for going there....
  13. they have to be footy department related questions. Bear in mind the AGM is the following week, good time to ask that question then. I'm sure plenty of members have an opinion about this!
  14. Harris has been carrying injuries all season. Banno I'm not sure.
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