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  1. Big question is, why does Hawthorn deserve $15m from the government?
  2. The cash that Kennett himself jeopardised with his drunk tweets slamming the government. He himself cost the club $15m. And now he's passing the buck. Pure class..NOT
  3. Ooops, I misread, I thought it was Birrarung Marr. I've had a number of photos with both cups, so I'm not so much thinking about me. Casey is still going to be very difficult for many fans to get to by that time, though.
  4. Have you tried to get to Birrarung Marr from Dandenong by 4 pm when you finish work at school at 3.40?
  5. I was really hoping to, but alas that weekend I'm on the Indian Pacific, taking advantage of the fact it's school holidays and I'm ticking off a bucket list item without having to take time off work for it. Damn damn bugger bugger!!!
  6. It should be, it's the weekend NAIDOC Week starts.
  7. I'm talking more about merchandise for AFLW in general, but anyway.
  8. I think it's great. The club has developed great relationships in the area, particularly at Santa Teresa, and I love the fact that it has fostered a fantastic support base for the club, as well as doing great community good. I say keep it going!
  9. You contradicted yourself, and then said "I can't make it any clearer than that. You show objection to the 300 word statement, which is open to all candidates, and you object to open electioneering. So your point of view is clear as mud.
  10. So a candidate who is a multimillionaire with excessive resources can give themselves an unfair advantage to electioneer however way they like with things like billboards, full page ads in the paper, etc etc etc, even though they may be a [censored] candidate, over someone with minimal access to such resources, who couldn't possibly afford to compete to get the same level of exposure, but who could be a perfect candidate? Wouldn't that create the very result a lot of people are arguing against here? Way to promote the "rich boys club" DC. Besides, you can say a lot more in a 300 word statement than you can in an expensive full page colour ad in the Herald Sun.
  11. On a Monday? Before schools finish up? Seems an odd time to do it.
  12. And yet you knew about the ad in the Herald Sun. Clearly then it's not a secret, is it? Just wondering, did you take the opportunity this year to participate in any of the members forums and put in your input for the constitutional changes? Did you raise this point? You can't say given the plentiful opportunities the club had this year allowing members to provide feedback that you were denied any opportunity to do so. Just wondering if you did.
  13. Members are sent with a notification of the AGM a booklet with candidate statements. That gives all candidates, incumbent or not, the same equal opportunity to communicate to members who they are and what they stand for. The reason for the "no electioneering" is to prevent candidates with access to greater resources than others giving themselves an unfair advantage, and to prevent some of the ****stirring we're currently seeing with the Hawthorn election at the moment.
  14. Ah, yes, I have ordered from there! Just waiting on my order :)
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