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  1. He’d be one of them. His age and experience are irrelevant to our situation right now. We want a premiership and he’s shown the ability to be a match winner. We’ll need that in September. Same goes for Spargo, ANB, Tom McDonald amongst others. They’ve shown themselves to be capable of more. I just hope that they can show it later in the year.
  2. We can strangle teams and come away with wins simply by continuing to do that. But, It’s just one example but look at the 1st qtr last week. We pummelled Essendon but failed to capitalise up forward. We’ve not shown an ability to put teams away and I think media types wonder about our ability to manufacture a score in a hurry or reduce a deficit. I don’t care what they think but I do worry about some of the guys who were putting up career numbers early who have dropped away. Have they been figured out? Are they tired? Bad habits forming from lots of wins?
  3. Spoke with someone in the know as I had this problem. He confirmed there was an issue with people on PC’s. Smart devices were unaffected. After 4-5 minutes I switched to the phone.
  4. I should’ve added, my mate doesn’t expect any teams to bid on Taj at this stage. I just thought I’d mention that we like some of his intangibles and think he’s a great kid. 🤞🏽 he can get on our list for nothing and turn out like his old man.
  5. My understanding from chatting with a part time scout for another club is that he’s rated enough to be picked up later in the draft by us as we love his attitude, professionalism, competitiveness and hardness. His overall play/skill set is a bit vanilla and seen by other clubs as a limiting step in his potential. Seen as a HBF type. Sounds similar to his old man…. And blokes like Hibberd who had to ply his trade in the VFL as he was seen as not having the required skills and athletic profile to succeed.
  6. His highlight package shows that he can mark and kick at a high level. He’s played against men already in a pretty serious competition. I look at that photo and just wonder what an AFL training regime will do for his body. I see upside.
  7. 6 Petracca (4 qtr performance) 5 Oliver (best pure mid in the game) 4 Harmes (super work rate) 3 Gawn (at half time the Lions coaches would’ve been reasonably happy with Big O’s attempt in nullifying Max but he was obliterated in the 2nd half) 2 McDonald (2nd half dominance) 1 Pickett (the spark)
  8. He’s an A-Grader with B-Grade output at the moment. I think your point on his physicality is spot on. He’s a huge man but lacks a bit of presence at the moment. Could be injury or a little bit of indecision/lack of confidence. He’ll get back to his normal output soon I am sure.
  9. Our connection to the forward line is pretty bad still and also impacts our ability to maintain pressure once the ball hits the deck. Although I think our effort level was poor for 60% of the game which compounded our poor delivery. A few blokes won’t enjoy the loss review during the week.
  10. 6: Oliver 5: Petracca 4: Langdon 3: Lever 2: Harmes 1: Jackson???? In reality I don’t think we had this many good players tonight, hence the loss.
  11. I was shocked that he came in...
  12. Although that goal by Rivers makes me feel better.
  13. After watching my team in the NBA not value possession of the ball and losing this morning, I’m having a real hard time watch us lazily dispose of the ball....
  14. I meant just our coaches. I don’t think he’s impacted the games as much as a couple of other Dees. But your point is well made.
  15. I think that order is pretty good. Although I doubt the coaches would have Gawn that high. We as supporters love him but tend to give him votes even when he probably doesn’t deserve it. I think he’s carrying a niggle that stops him from asserting some physical presence at times. Was watching Jordan pretty closely and I found myself reflecting on Scotty Thompson when he played for us. Not to say that JJ has the ceiling of Scotty, but I feel very safe when he’s lurking around a clearance that he won’t let the ball exit too easily and hurt us. Much like Scotty used to do in his MFC days and Jnr McDonald after that.
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