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  1. I like him and thinks he’s improved but I’m not sold on his long term prospects. I suspect if he is to succeed, at least early on, he’ll be a system player. Chase, tackle and link midfield to forward. I think he lacks X-Factor and doesn’t seem to be a natural goal kicker but if he continues to improve his decision making and forward pressure there’s a spot for him to go for.
  2. I love Rosman’s hair. Looks like a young Duke Spalding. Bedford and D.Smith look the most interesting to me so far.
  3. It was a board member who said it. With a huge smile on their face I might add. I don’t think he’s seen as someone who oversteps the mark. I think he brings such a different view point and is so strong willed that he creates discussions that some aren’t used to. Which I think is a great thing. I must admit to not really liking his hire initially but little bits of information like that have turned me around.
  4. Was mentioned on Saturday that he has challenged the coaches constantly causing a level of discomfort that is seen as a massive positive within the footy dept. After the rumours of the assistant coaches acting as a bunch of ‘yes men’ to Goodwin in the bubble, this is an excellent development for the head coach and players alike.
  5. I think he’s an effective centre bounce player but he’s not clean. Have a look at his play on the weekend and last year. Double grabbing, dropping marks, fumbling out to congestion, missing targets... If he can learn to stay wide and find space he can be a useful winger as his link play is a strength. He’ll also get the opportunity to win contested possession in one on ones. I’m hopeful he can do it. Seems to be a terrific bloke.
  6. I agree at this stage as we’ve not developed replacements. But ANB would want to start making better decisions and hitting more targets wearing red and blue.
  7. I’m on the fence, leaning on the side of he won’t make it but happy to be proven wrong. In 2018 he rightly kept Garlett out of the side due to his pressure and smart decision making. He hasn’t really built on that footing since though and ultimately I think his role should be filled by someone who is willing to pressure but also have more impact the other way and who exhibits more forward craft. Something that Spargo lacks as he looks like a mid to me. From speaking to people at the club I think they’re looking at Laurie and Chandler to be that type in the medium term. In saying
  8. Vice President spoke on his behalf. Glenn has been in Perth for personal reasons for about 2 weeks. He decided to stay and support the AFLW team this weekend. I’ve been lucky enough to talk about many things with Glenn over the past 5 years or so and he’s a very good man. Smart, articulate and knows where he can bring value to the MFC. He doesn’t meddle in the footy dept and believes his value is around governance and corporate strategy. It’s fair to say he’s found some political factions and community groups more difficult to deal with than he first thought. Otherwise we’d have a
  9. May and Lever should get 5.5 each. They’re a duo that works off each other like few others. 4 T McDonald. Proved me wrong. Albeit for a week. 3 Oliver. Our stoppage work is below par when he isn’t involved. 2 Petracca. First half was impressive before a knock to his knee. 1 Langdon. His run is vital to us. Somebody earlier mentioned Gawn and his struggles rolling forward. He lacks and forward craft when he’s required to play anywhere other than deep. He mistakingly lead and moved to areas which meant he was creating congestion for our smaller forwards. In the 2nd half
  10. I’m ok with us getting the blow torch. We should. Maybe it would make the club ask themselves why people didn’t turn up? That’s the biggest issue. Why didn’t they? It’s completely in the clubs hands. The playing group need to perform and the club on a broader level needs to engage better. This idea that people turn up regardless is rubbish.
  11. I was at the Presidents Function and spoke to about 20-25 people and the lack of crowd came up in conversations as it became obvious that we were going to have a small crowd. Only 3 people were critical of supporters for not turning up that I can remember. Most signalled unhappiness with the club in one way or another as a reason that they could’ve stayed home if they didn’t have the lunch to attend. There was a sense of empathy to supporters who watched from home. I also found theres a decent amount of apathy regarding the club, the poor list after Roos began the rebuild almost
  12. I’m in a similar situation. Normally I get some good info but this year is crickets... Re Gaff: the meeting with Goodwin wasn’t great. Gaff told him he wanted to play pure midfield and Goodwin told him he thought he was a wingman in our system. It never progressed from there.
  13. Taylor loves him in his draft year.
  14. If he can’t convince Viney that our future is bright in the next 2-3 years what does that say to the board and other decision makers? If we don’t make some serious noise in that time we will be due another rebuild of sorts. I never wanted Goodwin at the club as assistant coaches who are close to the playing group or well liked are a dime a dozen. He also came from a system that wasn’t overly innovative nor successful. He’s done nothing to show he’s anything more than a potentially excellent assistant coach. Which is ok. As long as he’s not still employed to be our senior coach.
  15. It’s sad that after almost 4 seasons we are still enduring these types of performances and having conversations about the coach. He and the Footy dept have rolled the dice on the playing list and sacrificed quality depth and potential A-grade junior talent for 2 defenders. My problem with that approach was that it was pretty clear in 2018, we had a soft run into the finals and finished higher than we deserved. How he overrated the list at that point when most supporters and pundits could see our true position is an indictment. On top of that fatal flaw, his in-game coachin
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