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  1. I’m in a similar situation. Normally I get some good info but this year is crickets... Re Gaff: the meeting with Goodwin wasn’t great. Gaff told him he wanted to play pure midfield and Goodwin told him he thought he was a wingman in our system. It never progressed from there.
  2. Taylor loves him in his draft year.
  3. If he can’t convince Viney that our future is bright in the next 2-3 years what does that say to the board and other decision makers? If we don’t make some serious noise in that time we will be due another rebuild of sorts. I never wanted Goodwin at the club as assistant coaches who are close to the playing group or well liked are a dime a dozen. He also came from a system that wasn’t overly innovative nor successful. He’s done nothing to show he’s anything more than a potentially excellent assistant coach. Which is ok. As long as he’s not still employed to be our senior coach.
  4. It’s sad that after almost 4 seasons we are still enduring these types of performances and having conversations about the coach. He and the Footy dept have rolled the dice on the playing list and sacrificed quality depth and potential A-grade junior talent for 2 defenders. My problem with that approach was that it was pretty clear in 2018, we had a soft run into the finals and finished higher than we deserved. How he overrated the list at that point when most supporters and pundits could see our true position is an indictment. On top of that fatal flaw, his in-game coachin
  5. Roos didn’t select him. Peter Jackson put him forward after he was recommended by a former colleague at Essendon and we’d missed out on our first few choices.
  6. ADMIN EDIT: This has been debunked. Please take care when posting rumors. Apparently the young fella damaged his shoulder and has already had it operated on. 20 week rehab to follow. Fingers crossed I’m getting a wind up...
  7. I’ve associated with some of his now ex teammates and he’s been around. I think he makes bad choices outside of footy. Don’t want our players to do the same. Apparently a terrific fellow though.
  8. I still wouldn’t have him but if you’re going to make that argument at least attempt to make it relevant. Clubs always weigh up risk vs reward when dealing with players and you’ve compared 2 Brownlow medalists to a washed up, undersized power forward with no other skills required in today’s game. On top of that, both the Tigers and Collingwood sacked players who were close to both of those blokes in an effort to make them fly straight.
  9. I am not going into specifics but he knows how to party and I wouldn’t want him around my club. on top of that he’s an undersized power forward who doesn’t cover enough ground defensively. We already have a power forward who does that.
  10. Not sure. Have they done something I should know about. I'm sure about Crameri though.
  11. Avoid. Not the sort of bloke I'd want around our younger players.
  12. Drafting injured players can be dangerous from a player development point of view. Both physically and mentally, they've missed an important time and the clubs have less to go on before drafting them. Some overcome, like Selwood. Some don't. Interestingly, a player who we drafted with less exposed form and development, Weideman, is struggling with the AFL workload. Word is bone spurs in his foot/ankle area have forced him to drop weight and reduce his running loads. I believe this has impacted on his movement this season.
  13. I dislike Melbourne and opposition supporters equally. Adelaide supporters have asked me to stop clapping while melbourne supporters tried to tell me it's illegal to stand up and applaud the players after a goal.
  14. He sat in his seat with his family on Sunday and was clearly rising and falling with the teams fortunes. OT: His reaction to some of Jack Watts' efforts were interesting though.
  15. I also attended training with a few hardy fans. I don't really get into giving a blow by blow account of drills etc. Just observe a select few. Hogan. Funny gait when he runs but otherwise was a real standout. Did a few things that made me pretty excited. Great 1st touch in awful conditions and gives maximum effort at all times. Kicking was great. His marking, better ... Watts. Liked him today. Used the ball brilliantly. A couple of gathers below his knees at speed were a highlight but his general sense of purpose and running was impressive. Toumpas. Looks slimmer through the hips and thighs
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