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    Dropping Oscar doesn’t make sense to me, thought with him the team it allowed May and Lever to play their roles a lot better
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    Here are a few more that I missed: "I have defended our footy department, our coaches and players my whole tenure but I can't defend that. How can you defend that? "I said at the start of the year we are absolutely going to be a club of no excuses. I don't want any excuses. I started to hear about a four day turnaround... Well we have been talking about how ready and fit we are. Don't talk about that, even as supporters." "The players understand what it means when you wear the Melbourne jumper and we have done a lot, even over the last few weeks on that. They completely trashed it last night and they need to address it and they need to take ownership of if. I can't play full forward. Perty can't play at centre half back. There is no excuse for anything but results."
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    Here are some of the choice words he used: "It was disgraceful. When you pull on a Melbourne jumper, we don't give them out in Weeties packets" "You have to show respect for the jumper and the fans, and apart from a few blokes last night, it was an insipid performance. It wasn't Melbourne-like and it won't be tolerated going forward" "We pride ourselves on a tough, competitive brand of footy and on providing entertainment in the way we play. We were on the right track in the last three weeks but that was as soft as butter" "Not everyone (was soft), but it's a numbers game and I was scratching my head as to what I was watching as I'm sure were so many Melbourne fans. It was so un-Melbourne like and I never want to see that again" He didn't pull any punches!
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    I'm not one for going over the top. I like to think I'm relatively measured in my responses. But there was something deeply, deeply concerning about tonight's game. It was almost like a car crash that you couldn't look away from. Every time I went to turn it off I couldn't bring myself to do it. I had to keep watching. Just what in the world was going on here? While we can blame the players and their skills and decision making, this one was lost in the box more than anything. Goody is a very stubborn bugger and tonight it showed. Example one - why, in such slippery conditions, would you play three tall forwards? What was he hoping to achieve? Was he trying to keep Tom happy by playing him? Did he just think our bombing tactics would work no matter what? By playing three talls, two of which are awful at ground level, he took away our pressure game somewhat and we got smashed when the ball hit the deck. Too often Port waltzed it out and made us look silly going the other way. It was a dumb, dumb decision. Example two - favourtism. While I think some players get a run over others sometimes based on their skills and what they can bring to the side, he has stuck by too many for too long and I can't work out why. Melksham stunk it up again. Brayshaw had just 11 touches. Hannan had no influence again. Jones looks absolutely cooked. By playing a few of these guys our team is totally out of whack. He is happy to cut someone like Tomlinson, who was no worse than those mentioned above, but he sticks by others who are in the same boat or worse. Why? What does he have to gain from it? It sends a horrible message. Example three - the gameplan. Now, our players can take some responsibility here. Their skills and decision making under pressure can be catastrophic. But good sides work us out and we have no comeback for it. For not the first time in Goodwin's time as coach, we went goalless in a quarter while having an absolute bucket load of inside 50s. We had heaps and didn't look like scoring from one. We kick to the wrong places, our forwards don't lead enough and we don't get enough numbers around the ball to keep it in there. He might have changed the personnel a little, but the game plan remains the same. It looks poor and we are our own worst enemy. I'm hurting, like you all are, tonight. I'm not going to call for Goodwin to be sacked, or to fling [censored] everywhere, but tonight was one of the worst performances we have put in for a long time. Some might say the four day break hurt, but Port had one extra day plus travel and they had to deal with injuries. We had to do neither. I'm really worried right now about the direction of the club under Goodwin, and for the first time under his coaching, I'm not sure he can get us out of it.
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    An absolute disgrace. Stripped all the enjoyment from the two wins and the half-decent game vs Brisbane, and replaced it with that feeling of dread and anger that we're all too familiar with. But somehow my anger at the club is being rivalled by my anger at some of the posting here. People getting stuck into Jackson and Pickett, who have played like 11 games between them, or calling out Lever when we was probably our best, or asking Goodwin to make changes on the field. The problems on show tonight are long-standing deep seated problems that we all know about, and they're not drafting, nor are they kids. The way we play is wholly dependent on winning CPs and clearances. When we don't win them, we cannot win. We require high level intensity at the coalface and across the ground. If it falls apart, we have nothing else. We want to play an aggressive forward half game but that doesn't work when you turn it over, and we turn it over an unacceptable amount. And we have a crop of leaders who disappear when we need them and fail to lift or improve us. So let's stop potting our first year players and put the blowtorch where it belongs: on Gawn, Oliver, Brayshaw, Viney, Harmes, Salem, Jones, TMac and Melksham. And on Goodwin, for his continued inability to stem the tide or make any permanent inroads into our failures.
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    Not sure what all the fuss is about. We know how it plays out, we know that when we can win, it staves of the doubt for another 72 hours.. we lose and it confirms that the team doesn't care. And it feels like all the emotional effort put in is worthless (and some would argue it ultimately is anyway). Ultimately, it doesnt care about 'us', or 'me' Perhaps that's why I get so angry, because really, I am angry at myself. Where else in my life would I tolerate heartache like this...? So here I am on gameday, having an existential crisis. Of all my 41 years of being alive, these memories flood back Crying whilst on holiday into my banana milk shake when we heard on the radio Jimmy had run over the man on the mark... loving Ricky Jackson coming out of the locker and listening on vinyl to 'some forums' theme tune listening to the reserves reports of Darren Cuthbertson wondering how some freak goal kicking, marking machine couldn't get a a run of games (back injuries I believe) the sexyness of Steven Tingay... kevin Dyson thighs guy rigonis hair a hero called Allen, another called Garry. The anticiaption of a dynasty with David and David as the spine. The spruiking of The Reverend, The joy of Brad Green vs Carlton, The sadness of Troy, Brad Miller kicking 5 against the Saints for my first game back from living overseas, thinking, we've got a superstar here! yze goal square hanger in Geelong whilst we failed to win and merely draw The hollowness whilst present to watch 186, the inconsistency of the mid 90's- 2000's. the awful skills of 2010 plus Aussi Wonnameri vs Freo, First round draft picks...none of them superstars. Mark Neelds hard [censored] attitude as the saviour(!?) Jack Watts against Collingwood...as a first gamer Jack Watts against Collingwood with the titanic In bali for the first time, in some seedy bar going beserk when TMAC kicked the final second goal against WCE to start providing some long lost hope Dean Kent in the West Mitch at the G It's my football supporting life flashing across my eyes... and it's my Hotel California, unfortunately, whatever happens tonight.. I can check out, but I can never leave. Postscript... Here is my son..just now. I am still unsure whether I have consigned him to a life of misery..just look at his head...it hangs low. He knows how to do the Melbourne Supporter look well.
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    Scathing alright. Never seen him react this way before. I am also glad that internally they're fuming big time.
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    I truly wish I never got into footy as a youngster, I really could’ve done without the misery this club has put me through over the years
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    The clubs working hard to stay afloat, we’ve had new sponsors sign during difficult times and implemented the proud to belong campaign requiring supporters to dig into their own pockets. Everyone is buying in except for the players. Bartlett and Co. are rightly [censored].
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    Port Adelaide going in with the one ruckman. If we do not capitalise on this then you can almost shut up shop for the season. Can't stress how important our mids take advantage of Gawn this weekend.
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    Earlier in the week I spoke with someone in an incidental work conversation who had been working for an AFL club coaching panel pre covid. He has subsequently been stood down. I don't really know him at all but he noticed that I'm a Demon fan from a top I was wearing in our online meet. He was trying to sell me stuff so he was obviously looking for an "in". We had a bit of footy chit chat and he asked me about my thoughts on the Demons. Then I asked his. He said Gawn is the best ruckman in the comp, and quite possibly the best player, but he plays with "peanuts". He said if Gawn went to a side like Geelong they'd be unbeatable. In his view our midfield fall into one or more of the following categories: double grabbers (fumblers); poor skills; poor decision makers. He said every one of them had at least one of those issues and some had more. He said Gawn gives his midfield first look way more than any other ruck in the competition but the midfield either fumble it, butcher it or pass it on to somebody in a worse position almost all of the time. I asked him about Petracca and he pointed out a very small sample size to go on to quantify his improvement, but that he appeared to have made himself a better player by working harder on both fitness and decision making i.e clearing the immediate area with possession distance. He said the way to beat Melbourne is basically concede the tap, understand where Gawn is dropping it and wait for the midfield to either fumble or turn it over. Down the line, add numbers to any contest with Gawn to neutralize his aerial impact and know that when the ball hits the deck the opposition is much better than 50-50 to scoot away with it. He said neither Gold Coast or Hawthorn covered Gawn properly when he dropped back and that's why we looked so good. Brisbane did and while Gawn had solid numbers, his actual game influence was nullified. He reckons every team playing Melbourne spends at least half their prep time on Gawn. I watched last night with this conversation in mind and it played out pretty much as above. Even Hinkley and Wines post match saying how much time they put into Gawn. He didn't offer any solutions, just pointed out the issues, which unfortunately seem to compound.
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    Magnificent morning here in East Brisbane just 600 metres from the Gabba. Blue skies and not a cloud in sight. It has been sunny and breezy the past few days so the conditions should be conducive to good football. I am looking forward to seeing the boys live and up close tonight. If we can bring our best game, Port is certainly beatable. Westhoff is my concern. He seems to save himself for games against us. Harmes to lock down Boak would be good to see. Wishing the young bull Tommy Sparrow all the best. I think we will find that we have unearthed another good one.
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    Perhaps he was well aware that the opposition had only 24 hours more break than us, had to fly to the venue that day and were missing multiple best 22 players. He's sick of the excuses as are we. I love his response.
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    AF, that's an insult to the 2nd greatest ruckman in MFC history in Cam Pedersen who was our number 1 ruckman that night...
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    Boo-hoo. There’s millions of Aussies affected by COVID who have accepted a pay cut/lost their job; have had their family life disrupted by being locked down and becoming default teachers, whilst still trying to do their normal job. As for the public shaming - well, if you’re happy to bask in public praise, you have to cop the public criticism when you put in a sh1tful performance (not for the first time in recent years).
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    Heroes wear helmets!!! Harmes needs to be played back into form and stay there. He's the best tagger in the comp. Half back, no. Wing, no. HFF, no. Take the number 1 mid every week and let's see what happens. Hell, might even win a clearance.
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    That was easily the softest physical display by any team this year...and possibly other than some of our own performances it may have been one of the softest across the league for the last 5 years. Beaten physically and no f*&ks given. Multiple players $hat themselves at the physical contact and flicked the ball away. An absolutely disgusting performance by every single player who took the field tonight.
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    Yeah umm no. The last time he was involved seriously with the club, he brought Mark Neeld in. Garry is a passionate MFC supporter, but he should be nothing more or nothing less.
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    Didn’t write much in this thread last night, trying to wait till the day after once all the smoke has settled on results like these. I watched the second half of the West Coast v Collingwood game last week and with margins over 40 points this year being a bit more rare I had a slight chuckle and grin on my face. “Hey, that team is getting completely scorched and it’s Collingwood! A flag favourite! Who cares at least it’s not us for a change!” Well… We didn’t even have to wait a full week, be careful what you wish for as a Melbourne fan because no matter how embarrassing another team’s performance is you can bet your bottom dollar we are happy for someone to hold our beer and go one better, putting our supporters in that oh so familiar position of not only sad to lose but beyond embarrassed, not wanting to show their faces in public and void of any hope once again. We all know teams have the mulligan performance, it happens we get it. All the best sides get it blah blah blah. This team does it WAY too often. We’ve had at least 3 of them this year and it is just a habit now. In Grade 4 my teacher told us that for creative writing that we were only allowed to write one short story that included any violence. I did it anyway, by the middle of the year I had written about 3 and she politely reminded me that we were only allowed to write one. It’s a stupid and laughable example and yes I have gone a little loopy but it’s the same thing, you get 1 horribly inept performance in this game. It should be unacceptable, it should be criticised, it should be something you never aim to do again but for some reason you just keep writing violent 4th grade quality short stories and the message doesn’t get through. For as long as I can remember Round 1 2012 straight after Jim’s passing – no ticker, Round 1 2013 against Port – No ticker, Round 1 last year – no ticker the list goes on and on and on and it seems perfectly acceptable. For the first time almost ever I would have loved to push a button to enforce the mercy rule in the 3rd quarter and end the game with the final score there, I had no faith at all that we were going to score and even though we got a couple it was still crappy viewing. I think responsibility is 70% players and 30% Goodwin last night. Weak as water efforts, Under 10 level skill errors and bad bad bad decision making. Really reverted back to the panic and don’t see open players thing. Max is now completely wasted and I firmly believe half of an oppositions preparation is going into him, studying his hitouts and where they go. How do we god damn solve this issue because it’s going to keep going. One dimensional, beat us at contested ball and win. No plan B, no ‘if X is happening we’ll do Y’ X was Port making us kick to the left hand side every time and Y seemed to be let’s keep kicking it long down the left hand side. I’m too tired and unproductive at work to keep this going right now, big thanks to anyone who read this. Just needed to get it out, at least the podcast is on tonight. I think everyone will be impressed hearing from Adrian he’s as die hard as they come.
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    This is absolutely spot on. How can the club go cap in hand to the members and supporters, a lot of whom are maintaining memberships despite the fact we can’t go to games, with a “Proud to belong” campaign to raise another $5M. Nobody would be proud to belong to, or financially support, that showing.
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    Good! We saw Port at 9 goals up with 5 minutes to go continuing to hunt us in packs and smashing us with their tackling. Players and coaches always say they don’t listen to outside ‘noise’, well hopefully this makes them feel like we feel all the bloody time.
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    COVID19- Destroying our lives. MFC - Destroying our lives. AFL- Destroying our lives. Umpires- Destroying our lives. 2020- Can wrack off. Life- No enjoyment left.
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    This is the number one issue i have with Goodwin's decision making this season. It just beggars belief to be honest and is a big factor in me beginning to question if he is up to the job. In any normal season the most successful teams are the ones who know their system inside out, every player knows their role, teammates trust each other to play their role, things look automatic etc etc. This is not a normal season. Call me crazy, but i would have thought in a season where so much is out of team's control and the routines elite athletes and teams swear by are all over the place that sticking to the systems and structures you have drilled into the team over years (and all preseason) would be even more important. It is the one thing they can actually have measure of control over. Look at the tigers last night. Their system just ground down the lions. Relentless. Predictable. Machine like. Goody has talked for three years about the Melbourne brand, that dees fans need know what to expect week in, week out. But we have no idea what to expect anymore because of his bizarre selections and chopping and changing structures. Just crazy. You only need to look at our forward line. Start the season with two forwards, restart the season with one, swap back to two and when it appears that is working try three (in a big game against the top of the ladder team)! And then one week later go back to two and tell a media conference that the one game three man forward line experiment is dead. I mean seriously WTF?
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    If your gonna make a video (Max and Gus) and post it on the demons website before the game about how important your golf clubs and surfboard are whilst away from the state, then surely they must be well rested and ready to bring 100% of their ability to each game of footy which has been reduced in length by 20%? Disrupted family life?! Please! Try having 3 kids (7yo, 4yo and 1.5yo) at home every day while both parents work full time and you have to home school the oldest one while the others harass you constantly.
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    Great to read but there's only 1 problem with it. That was actually a classic "Melbourne like" performance. I've seen them multiple times every season since I was a kid and I'm in my 50s. What isn't "Melbourne like" are these comments from Bartlett and it's bloody refreshing to read. The club has accepted mediocrity for 50 years, let's hope this is the beginning of new standards and accountability, it's been missing for far too long.
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    It’s actually really refreshing to hear someone in the club come out and say what needed to be said. I’ve always had the view of I can accept a loss when the effort to win was there, the effort was not there and that is simply not acceptable.
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    They should! To be honest my 34 year old friend is currently on a ventilator fighting for life, not because he was partying, refusing to wear a mask or social distance, but because he is a doctor who helps dozens of sick people every day, some of which have done the wrong thing. So you'll excuse me if my tolerance for people and their [censored] is at an all time low right now. Name, shame, blame, throw in jail, do whatever it takes to stop people from being the selfish disgusting wastes of oxygen that they appear to be. I've never been more embarrassed to be a human being.
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    So if we're trading one of them, it's Brayshaw. No offence to Gus, but he's not even in the same field as Oliver. I'm not even so sure the club would look to trade Gus and, even if they did, I'm not sure we'll get what we want. It's easy to say trade one, but it's harder to get the player we need. They have to be out there and available. Also, harsh assessment on Bennell. His best was excellent, and even if he is a little past it due to his injury history, we've seen that he has the capability to contribute at a good level to our side.
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    Bernie, you’re wrong. Bartlett needed to make a statement.
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    I think Bartlett speaking out was more of a way to connect to members. He knows we’ve had enough.
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    This is a [censored] poor post. Criticism for his coaching is warranted. Getting personal like this is weak as p iss.
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    If I had to make a prediction, I think we will 1) Smash Adelaide - we will be fuming and they are rubbish 2) There will be plenty of back slapping and comments about how that was our brand etc etc 3) Get rolled by North
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    I know they’re just words but this is the first time I’ve genuinely felt Goodwin isn’t safe at the end of the year.
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    It was obviously a horrible performance, up there with the worst we have played in the last four years. As bad as the skill level was - and it was hardly VFL level let alone AFL level - it was not that surprising given we have seen it many times before. Perhaps not to that extent (in terms of quality and the duration of the game during which it was on show), but it didn't exactly come as a huge surprise to see us miss basic 20m kicks time and time again. I actually thought we were on top (or at worst level) in terms of winning the ball at the source and getting it inside 50 in the first quarter, but our entries made some of the stuff we did forward of centre earlier in the season look like Hawthorn of 2013-2015. Repeated kicking to the boundary, or to packs, or to one-on-ones where our player would be significantly out-sized, or even straight to Power defenders. As we have seen many times before if you turn the ball over through the middle or across half forward you are out of position and Port just did as they pleased on the rebound. While that part of the game was somewhat unsurprising, what was really un-Melbourne like (in terms of our previous 4 years) was the effort after quarter time. Say what you want about our skills and inside 50 connection, but we have consistently been a high-energy team that tackles, pressures, outnumbers at the contest, works hard and surges the ball forward. After quarter time we seemed to be totally flat, devoid of any energy whatsoever. I think at one point late in the last quarter we had only had about 10 inside 50s since quarter time. Was it a 4-day break? Was it a lack of confidence? Was it going into our shells after so many kicking errors in the first quarter and Port punishing us on the rebound? I'm not sure, but we've had periods in games before where we've turned the ball over constantly but have at least responded. In all our losses this year I don't think anyone can say effort was an issue, but last night there was just this complete absence of energy and an apparent acceptance of the loss. At times you could say there were some soft individual acts which is not a trait we've seen from this team over the years. I'm happy to put this in the mulligan column, however. Most teams have a couple of shockers a season, including the very best teams. This week we've heard about WCE being a premiership favourite and only 6 weeks ago they were absolutely crushed by Gold Coast. Richmond in 2017 were embarrassed by St Kilda mid year and won the premiership. Look at Collingwood last week - 15 goals to 1 since quarter time. In an even competition it happens - the key is whether it becomes a pattern of form or can be consigned to the mulligan column. Now is not the time to panic and throw the baby out with the bathwater. We're 3-5, the season is not over. We've had a tough draw, playing and losing to WCE, Geelong, Richmond, Brisbane and Port, who all sit comfortably near the top of the ladder. Two of those losses were by a kick and we could've won both despite not being at our best. We have only played one bottom 5 team in Hawthorn. Contrast this with Essendon who have wins against the Crows, Dockers, Swans and Roos - and all by less than two goals. If we continue to play like we did against Port then there will be some big concerns, obviously. But for mine there is no evidence to say that is our level, in fact the evidence of the season so far mostly suggests we can at least compete with the better teams.
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    Right now, this is not a united club. There are fractures within the playing group. Demonland always censor me when I try to post about them. Anyone pick up on Jones’ body language? Anyone ever seen Jones and Viney high five? Did Viney rally the troops at any stage tonight? Were Gus and Hogan two peas in a pod, cut from the same cloth? Is Tom McDonald horribly out of shape and does he crack the sads when his precious brother is on the outer? So, who is to blame? It’s the coach and Mahoney! They create the culture within a group. The Goodwin “I’m mates with everyone” approach is over. These blokes need a rocket and to sort their [censored] out and he ain’t the man to do it. Gawn is in a tough situation, because he is the big friendly giant who is a little like Goody, everyone’s mate. the Steven May interview post match was what I want to hear and I hope he gives it to a few behind closed doors. A lot of people begrudge his captaincy at GC, because he clashed with players. Yeah, because they were [censored] weak and he told them so. He drove high standards and the kids up there were more interested in the party scene on Caval Avenue. home truths need to be spoken this week.
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    To Hell and Back. What an arrogant bunch of flogs to sell that rubbish to us.
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    I will be braving the winter cold tonight flying the flag in attendance tonight wish me luck fellow Dees. If we're fair dinkum about the coach and what we stand for as a club it will be 5-6 goal win tonight.
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    I appreciate some of the attempts to spin positives out of this, some of which I agree with, but let's be clear: Gawn is a superstar and one of the few players we've had who have performed at, or above, their expected level this year. We will be worse overall for not having him out there. If he's out for two weeks, he'll also miss the North game and probably the Collinwood game too. Having said that, I agree we can win without him, and it may be a chance for our midfielders to think differently about how they approach stoppages. If Preuss is available for selection then surely this is his time. What's the point in having him if he doesn't play when Gawn's unavailable? If he's not available for selection though, then I'm not sure what we do. TMac was hopeless and should be dropped. I'm not sure he's fit enough to ruck. Maybe Tomlinson gets the spot?
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    You can sometimes forgive a lack of planning, strategy, structure and even talent if you have the intensity and emotional investment from a team, but when you have absolutely none of those things it's more than just a slap in the face of supporters it's a genuine indictment on a club and a sign that things are deeply wrong.
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    About to head in now! Beautiful night here. Excited and a bit nervous! The usual! Carn Dees!
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    I'm really surprised Jones gets another gig. No idea what value he is adding right now.
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    Hi all. If one of the mods thinks this might be better in one of the other threads, feel free to merge. It feels like it needs its own thread though to me. I want to discuss what people's preferred midfield mix is given IMV, we haven't been able to get the balance right now for at least 3 years or longer. Everyone talks about the need for outside pace and delivery, better ball users, better structures or whatever. But I want to talk purely about personnel here, because if we think back to the only time our midfield has truly clicked under Goodwin (outside of a patch in 2017 when we didn't have Gawn and became less predictable in a good way...), and we saw exponential growth in a number of players, was the middle of 2018. The starting mids at that time were a mixture of Oliver, Gus and Harmes. Jones had moved to the half back flank by then. So had Lewis. Viney was out injured and we saw Harmes' growth as a run with mid. Gus worked nicely as an inside/outside mid that would often receive handballs from Oliver and then clear with reasonable accuracy and distance. It was a predictable mixture for our forwards too. By the time the finals series came, Viney was back and played midfield minutes and was brilliant in the finals series, I thought. Our pressure was the highest it's been from the forwards and the mids, and the system was implementable for two weeks IMV. There are a multitude of factors as to why 2019 was an unacceptable shambles, however we began the reset this year and let alone the forward delivery being a carbon copy of the issues experienced in 2019, it's pretty clear we haven't got the midfield mix right this year either. Even in the 3.5 quarters that we played against Hawthorn, easily our best match, we wasted, IMV, Gus and Harmes, who were probably easily in the bottom 5 for me in that game. The other element that has thrown out our midfield mix is the rise of Petracca this year in particular. Last year the stats said he was playing 30/70% mid/forward, this year, those stats are reversed and rightly so. He's an impact player in the mould of Dustin Martin. So how to get the best of out of our midfield? I've read multiple posts calling for Oliver to move forward, because Viney can't play anywhere else, because Petracca is so dominant you need him in the middle etc, and I've argued you fix the systems to better utilise the talents you have, not move the magnets. However, IMV, our most balanced and damaging midfield combination is Oliver, Petracca and Gus, with Harmes filling in their midfield minutes when off or forward. Langdon has been a good recruit, despite what some think, and will become a very important player for us. Particularly, on the expanses of the MCG in years to come. He needs to fix up his disposal, but he'll get there. I'd also be playing Tomlinson on the other wing. Use his aerobic power and abilities to stretch the opposition and their zones. So where does that leave Viney? Someone posted the other day, I can't remember who (sorry), that Viney throws out our midfield mix. I think it was you @rjay? I tend to agree. And whilst he loves the club and is a bull, he's too see ball get ball, but if he doesn't win the ball, often it's going down the other end. This isn't a case of Viney improving his defensive accountability. He's not necessarily bad in that department, it's just his style bashes and crashes the midfield mix to a point where he upsets Oliver and Petracca's cleaner clearances and the makes our midfield less predictable to our forwards. This impacts on forward connection IMO. At the end of last year, I wrote here that I'd be trading either Gus or Viney, because both players have difficulty slotting in anywhere else. And despite Jack having a very solid season, he's the one I'd be trading. Not to mention, we'd probably be well compensated for him (and could look to trade it for Ben King), I think we had an A grade midfield for the majority of 2018 and we've never recaptured that since Viney has returned to the mix. In the meantime, I'd be playing Viney at half forward in AVB's pressure role, but I'd take the majority of his midfield minutes away from him. A tough, bold call, but we need to need recapture the 2018 form and the common denominator of success that season was the midfield mix I've described above. It's quite possible that the circuit-breaker of a new coach is needed to implement this, otherwise Goodwin, in order to save his job, must reshuffle. Discuss.
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    Many on here and especially @rjay and I were pushing for an external review more than 18 months ago. Obvious what the issues were. But what did the club do 2019 post season - they let Mahoney review his own department. Good changes were made to the fitness and analytics side. But abysmal decisions on the coaching side. Meantime we have lost a year and our talented players a one year closer to being Free Agents.
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    Guys, come on. This season is bad enough already without posters pretending to want to fight each other over a difference of opinion. Just put each other on ignore.
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    'gutted' and 'ashamed' are the first polite words that come to my mind.
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    Off to the game soon. Let’s hope we have a better result than last Sunday. Go Dees.
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    I wasn't sure, but just received this missive from happy Garry Baker avatar: G'day bin, I hope you are well in this tricky times. Convince your betting partner to back the dees at the +6.5 line tonight (20 units @ $1.90), to win by more than 24.5 points (5 units and should get $8) and over 39.5 (2 units @ $15). Why? Because the odds for this match are out of wack. I'd have this match at even money, so $2.25 for the dees is way overs. And as i keep telling you punting is all about getting value. On the game i think we will win, and win well. Why? We played well last week, and got stronger as the game went on The power got over run on their home deck and looked out of gas We are fitter and have close to a full list to choose from Port are looking a bit cooked, rely on three young players for much of their spark and energy and one of them is not playing Whilst we have a four day break and they are coming off a five day break, they had to fly out from SA and we caught a bus home Playing the gabba is practically a home game for us I was never super confident last week - the lions are a serious side, but more the point they have very similar strengths to us - intensity, good at the contest, and a strong midfield The opposite is true of port - our mids will smash theirs and with Maxy giving ruck lessons we will dominate clearances They don't have two big monsters - or with Lycett out, even one - whose sole job is to smash into Maxy all night Their strength is how well they move the ball when on - and when they are on they play an attractive, free flowing game, which is what they will look to do Which perfectly suits us as our all team zone defence will frustrate their ball movement (and players) and a fast game will create space for us on the counter - our game plan works best when opposition teams go fast A weakness of theirs is their defence as it relies very heavily on their zone to work, in large part because Jonas is their only decent big defender Watch our forward half set up - we have had a big focus in the last few weeks to set up very wide of each other, which stretches opposition zones, creates one on ones (which we have been looking for with long kicks to the pockets) and creates space that allow players to lead into We have worked really hard to use that extra space to put that last kick inside 50 to a player in the corridor, like the one Oliver kicked to Melksham/Langdon last week - port will struggle to stop this kick as well as the lions did I wasn't sure about Tmac coming in but he he will give us much more physical grunt than Harley and three big forwards will stretch them on what should be a beautiful night for football (though perhaps a bit dewy in the second half) Tmac wil also provide another option for the down the line kick - which Maxy will appreciate With Marshall a (key) out they rely on Dixon - who is in awesome form it must be said, love how he plays and love his beard - but in May we have the perfect foil and Lever and Omac will look to spoil at every opportunity Defensively our weakness is smalls and mediums - but whilst Gray is ok he is not the threat he once was and Rozee is quality but hibbo can deal with him The Burgess 4 day factor - we will be ready to roll and i love the fact they have made noise about this - smart and a great message to send to opposition teams. it is no coincidence they chose burgess to to do the talking points interview this week, and no surprise that he directly spoke to our preparation for 4 day breaks (the planning for which commenced in the covid break and even after it seemed there would not be a need for a compressed fixture) They didn't pick jack Watts Dees by 31 points
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