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  1. You'd be well aware of the machine that is AFL football, and the need to fit in. The need to fit in if you are markedly different from others... I cannot imagine an 18yo, who started in 2005 - with the playing list below... would kick up a fuss about a nick name bestowed upon him by his luminaries, or contemporaries, when all an 18yo wants to is fit and get selected. And then you age a few years (but only still 22-25 ), and you know, no one else at the club (aside from Leon or other indigenous athletes) knows what it is like to not be white in and white male dominated industry..
  2. Is Mark Williams the second coming? What nuggets does he have that others don't for that training and motivation ye speake of?
  3. I was there for 186, suffered through it live... I was there when the cats cheered Corey Enright pre match for his 300... and the subsequent schaedenfraud during the same game and the brilliant game that Bernie Vince played that night. Standing there as a local amongst the silence... the deathly silence as the siren went.... Kardinia Park is no hoodoo. only to yze getting robbed of Mark of the year in the goal square, whilst Miller took a kidney of Lonergan and we effing ended up drawing.
  4. 100% ! Well done. Personally I couldnt see why Melksham would get a gig on the banner - BUT Harmes, well, people do love him.
  5. Nah, I didn't - just riffing on the unrealistic expectations of folk :)
  6. Judging by current enthusiasm...I'd expect most pundits on here @FireInTheBennelly would be disappointed if in his first year, he isn't jagging 3 goals per game, committing 15 pressure acts and holding down a key position spot in the forward line, whilst being touted as leadership material.
  7. I'm the same @Cheesy D. Pun Mind you, I cannot even think of an older coach move out of the system and come back... Can you (anyone) name any?
  8. Not enough clearly 😎 has Goodwin in his tenure being innovative @Sir Why You Little? ps... of course he is on notice, don’t make the finals and he is gone... I would suspect. but there is always a threshold of how long is enough for a coach/leader to be in a position of leadership before ‘expectations’ of others make the position untenable - vs the reality of the situation of where things are really at. historians of the game, was it 6,7,8 or 9 years that Hardwick (as merely one point of reference) had?
  9. I didn’t need to tell you. You and the lads on here who frothed over 2018 who cannot quite reconcile 2019 and 2020 and the various reasons beyond ‘coaching’ that got in the way of your version of success for those years (whilst new peoplE were employed in new roles like all Fd’s across The Comp) and then put it down merely at Goodwins feet as though simplistically he is at fault and the only factor at play here. you lapped up 2018’as he and the FD were innovative - it was thrilling, exciting and that doesn’t happen by chance, and nor was the downward trajectory or 2020’s performances by c
  10. Seriously...................FFS For a bloke that pots Goodwin.... for being obstinate, and now all of a sudden the bloke (FD) is following a blueprint. It's been clear that Goodwin does things his own way, is ahead of the curve, is a student of the game (whatever cliche you want).. he is innovative and has been undone tactically. He does it his way, he follows no one...he is a [censored] student of the game (i just read over that... i am not his mother). So how can it be that he listens to no-one, has no game plan (allegedly) but follows [censored] boring tren
  11. FMD - whats with the folk on here that bang on about 'no excuses'. Is Yze God? Is WIlliams the Messiah Is Goodwin, Yze and Williams the Holy Trinity. Unless I am mistaken, there are 17 other teams who have changed their FD structures, improved their lists (as much as they can) and are all aiming for the same things....chasing, hunting, whatever effing vernacular you want. Top 8 is a pass, Top 4 is more than satisfactory....and then you just hope you don't bow out in straight sets.
  12. I agree, but I just don't think he is stubborn... I really really dont.. thats not how I see it.
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