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  1. Musings... Perhaps it's an over correction. In the sense of, there seems to be an edict that it's 'ok' to lose a clearance. Thus it's psycholgically easier against bigger bodied mids to not go 'quite' as hard - as there is a fail safe outlet 40-60 away from the oppositions kick. @binman and @Axis of Bob have detailed how the midfielders now set up, with one spare at the back in a centre bounce/clearance situation. So that should we lose the clearance, we have a greater likelihood of intercepting the ball.At the same time we are honouring the much vaunted skills of Petracca, Oliver e
  2. Anything you’re not concerned about?
  3. How pleasant it is to have the luxury that it is no biggie if we lose, and that if we win, we get further away from the pack who are taking 4 points off one another weekly. Brown for 3 goals 2 ANB for 2 goals 3 Pickett to upstage Bolton's mark of the year contender.
  4. More from stats insider. Beating top 8 teams is not indicative of your capacity to win the GF. So in the AFL, is there any truth to the well-trodden sports cliche that to be the best, you’ve got to beat the best? Well……Not really. In fact, it’s increasingly acceptable to be a relatively middling team against top-8 opposition during the home and away season, with such form not necessarily forming an impediment upon a club’s premiership aspirations. In 2014, Hawthorn went 5-5 in the home and away season against fellow top-8 rivals yet successfully claimed its third
  5. 100% Harmes is in for a specific shut down job. It's the only logical conclusion looking from the outside in. A hardened body to compete with Kennedy. If Viney was fit, he would be 'languishing' in the two's.
  6. Nice little article from James Rosewarne about scoring potency across the league. We’ve learnt that despite Melbourne’s blistering start, so many of its offensive metrics sit in contrast to their rest-of-the-ground dominance. It’s perhaps a scary thought to consider how much room for improvement exists within this Demons squad.
  7. The fact that anyone would start a thread on this is hilarious. SEN is pulp fiction - it's media trash and has been since Crocmedia moved in and should thus be treated that way. If you're getting your news from this source and subsequently taking personally, I'd be questioning a range of things...
  8. It is my understanding that allegedly Beams was paid outside the salary cap through personal means of one or a few leviathan(s) of the club. If this is true, what galls me is that the AFL have provided a means around engaging in punitive and public measures. If this is true, then we are all witnesses to a sport which unfortunately whilst bedded in grass roots, is now as cynical as any business. We know this to be true and yet we still engage with it - we are complicit. Perhaps I need to go support the local BFL teams more fervently.
  9. 2 things. 1) I hear how long demonology was around for, and then I myself only realised there were AFL supporters forums online, 4 years ago... and stumbled across this one, and wish I had come across it early in my life. The Demonology personalities sound like they were far more abrasive than on here. 2) This is a pretty meta thread.
  10. I'm not crying! no no, You're crying!! no, no no, no no - We're both crying!!!!!
  11. Whilst it is apparent for some that Goodwin can't coach, it appears EVERYONE loves Goodwin at the club, so why WOULDN'T Merrett want to come (sorry for yelling)
  12. I'm sure there is no coincidence that Christian was not sighted on AFL 360 tonight - me thinks....
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