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  1. Presume I am not the only one that sees the surname Satan and figures he will be a great fit...
  2. Because forums are about opinions without evidence...
  3. Western Bulldogs Hierarchy Stiff. "Now Mitch, we know you [censored] that handball on the 50 in the Grand Final that would have broken the Dee's hearts... and you are a professional footballer, and you shouldn't make those mistakes in high pressure situations. Anyway we were going to de-list you. But before we do, I happened to be trawling on the internet. I have a guilty pleasure... Mariah Carey... remember back in the early 90's and she released an Xmas CD - it was my fave.... anyway I stumbled across 'My Heart Will Go On'...let me tell you - I can belt it out... anyway, there was this video clip of YOU Mitch, YOU, running down the wing against the Cats as that premiership gumby Blicavs fell over... and you smashed that goal... that must have been incredible. Anyway, I didn't know that about you, clearly our intel is lacking.... and that my friend is a long long boring segue to get to the main thrust of this monologue., Sigh...our intel is still lacking... Got any hot tips for blokes that could play on our wing?"
  4. I think the nuance is around being physically tired, sore, niggles vs impact injuries...
  5. You can see there is a difference in that statement though I appreciate that many other people find them super important - including one of my personal favourites and the influence on his career and life Paul Weller, however me personally, The Beatles are tepid, middling and uninteresting ... and I've tried. Blackbird is bloody cool though... Prefer Nick Drake... but maybe cause I'm miserable :)
  6. Can you be mysterious and do a @Demonstone head scratcher, so we can work it out?
  7. Love the sentiment... what's the evidence that that happens though Mono for other players across the AFL/VFL history...? He sounds lovely in the interview... lovely person, lovely vibe... Casey for him then...(mostly)...but please...prove me wrong.
  8. For mine, a bit overtly passive aggressive really...but of course could be great 'banter'...
  9. @Salems Lot - what's yours a reference to? @Webber - I do think of bbq's and cooking!! Indeed - I do like my cooking. Not a naked chef though, but good food access the heart and souls of people. And when I was younger led to romantic encounters! It is probably a bit of my latent cheeky side - most peoples head goes to a certain place when they hear the word 'engorged'... The onion bit is a work reference... to peeling back the layers of the individual to appreciate their 'core'.
  10. I figured @DubDee with the Jim Stynes photo was a reference to Dublin. @Skuit I think historically you have defined your name for someone who once asked? Skirt/Suit? @A F - my head goes to . something "as [censored]." Not sure of @WalkingCivilWarobscure reference... my head either goes to Guns N Roses song 'Civil Wa'r or Manic Street Preachers lyrics of "Divine Youth" - And I sing to myself, My civil wars within, The victories and failures, I daily lose and win..." @binman - I just imagine he is a hipster with a beard... but in reality is clean shaven. @WERRIDEE is stuck in Werribee.,, I do like how people really really try really really hard to wedge in a Demons reference into their handle...
  11. The road b/w Port Fairy and Portland is bollocks. @Demonstone, got a vibe on where @Beetlegot the roll from?
  12. I think I interpret you correctly, so I think you know this...and perhaps I am hammering home the same point. Bringing in Grundy - the priority would be around the ground and what he can do, rather than the really unique and hyper specific skill of tap work... that would be wayyyyyy down the list of reasons he was employed by the club. sorry... not making much sense here am I...
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