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  1. I heard about it yesterday - apparently at The Potato Shed in Drysdale @drysdale demon - but the proceeds do not go to the club, allegedly.
  2. Let's say it is $30 and a70,000 attend. That's a cool $2,100,000. That $2,100,000 can be used towards a belated thorough analysis the 2018 Preliminary Final.
  3. I suspect EO was using a bit of 'dry' humour.
  4. Thanks for that, but is there a given reason why they are adverse?
  5. Why are they particularly adverse? Personally I am in two minds about it.
  6. Did I see on this thread (which I now cannot find) some uber cool shoes for sale - were they new balance? or adidas? the gif rotated through the varying colours , and I was rather hammered at the time I looked at it. 🍺
  7. Nah, just trying to find 'somewhere' to wedge in a $hite reference to his name from the run sheet.
  8. Does anyone who follow other sports and leagues around the world have another team where there is a similar scenario going on? Or are we here in the AFL (and I suspect we are) the only league whereby not all teams play each other twice, and/or multiple teams share one home ground as well as other ground inequities?
  9. I thought the same with that statement!
  10. Where the Dees Can Get Even Better. For those that are considering the ebook - but unsure of the writing style...
  11. I just worked out it downloaded to the book thingy on my mac... you can control the font size so its down to 210 pages...anyway what I am enjoying about it is the conjecture early on about our structures and how they were to go for the rest of the season and the praise given to Goodwin for his tactical acumen. eg: Referencing the first match against The Dogs. “THE TACTIC NO ONE WILL TALK ABOUT This was a really sneaky little move by Simon Goodwin and his coaching crew, and I hope that someone highlights it as part of their TV reviews. If you’ve got the game recorded, you can do it, yourself. When the Dogs had the footy in their back half and were looking to switch it, I want you to concentrate on the Melbourne player given the responsibility to leave just enough space between him and the next defender in the line to tempt the switch. That player was Kysaiah Pickett, and with his closing speed, all it took was one slightly wayward kick to create a pressure situation out of what would normally be a standard two kicks across the defensive fifty to open up the game. Pickett managed to create a bit of havoc, forcing the next defender in the chain to kick hurriedly out of defence, often to a contest and rarely displaying any composure. The rest of the Demon forwards would press up to create congestion across half forward and the middle, leaving Pickett to work back and man the switch. Poor Taylor Duryea found himself up a particular creek[…]” “Teams will work out how to successfully bypass the Pickett pressure at half back, but it was something that troubled the Dogs greatly, and with Pickett causing mayhem the Demons down the line knew to play in front to mark the dump kick from the panicked defenders. A great move by Goodwin - bloody intelligent.” Excerpt From: Brett Meyers. “The Mongrel Punt: Melbourne Demons, Year in Review - 2021.” Apple Books.
  12. The best $6 you'll spend on 410 pages of pretty darn good content. * I have no affiliation - HB Meyers and his crew are just fine writers and far more forensic than other more digestible content.
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