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  1. Mmmm, how Lachy Hunter got away with a rushed point not been called - post deliver to Jordon to bring it to 3 points astounds me. There were 2 umpires within about 5 metres either side of him. I'm not typically up for conspiracy theories, but I may just be turning.
  2. I don't know what worse, people assuming reviews aren't done, or those same people anticipating immediate change when reviews are done.
  3. Is that the answer? Then what are you alluding to?
  4. The image is drawn from a workshop given by the AFL educators to early career coaches/staff. As it says up the top - it's an example. So it's not an accurate plan for our team, or individuals , but we can use it as an interpretation within a range of confidence of what is occurring.
  5. Really nicely put synopsis there @Lord Nev
  6. No mention of all the hot topics of Demonland either! Loading Poor coaching Arrogance Mental Fragility
  7. Hi, find attached a generic pdf from the web. To be clear this is not my area of expertise in sport, but goes some way to explaining what is going on. Volume = Time spent. Technique = type training aerobically or anaerobically Y axis = % of maximum for an individual. This could also be useful
  8. Again I could be way of the mark with my interpretation - but for us to improve the conversion %, it's merely swapping 2 goals, instead of 2 points - and that would then take us back up to the 24-25% mark per game. So it's merely two kicks that are inaccurate that is the issue? So not a fair way behind??
  9. Really nicely put Groovy Owl. It reminds me of a time when a multiple premiership player (of a recent dynasty) said to me that the worst time of the year wasn't the pre-season - it was when you either knew you were out of the finals, or in the finals, as those subsequent matches were essentially meaningless items to get through. It's even more amplified when the days are short and cold in Victoria... as well as managing life within a pandemic... This clearly isn't a supporters perspective, as each match is either evidence that you've got a chance or not.
  10. @Kent, I'm not sure how long you have followed the AFL for. There appears to be a tacit agreement between supporters, the media and coaches, for coaches to answer questions without giving any meaningful insight. Whist I agree about transparency, unless you're part of the inner sanctum, you and I as supporters are never going to get it. And that's not driven by disrespect to the supporters, that's driven and done for a multitude of reasons. Protecting players mental health (absorbing the ire of supporters himself) Not giving away IP to other football departments it's not local footy In playing devil's advocate. Can you imagine if Goodwin led off with. "Yeah, look we lost tonight because well, you know, today, the players are down on confidence, I was outcoached on particular tactics, and quite frankly some of my players just didn't do what was required. I mean I don't want to breach their trust, but it's important that the supporters know the explicit reasons for why we don't do things perfectly. The game plan works most of the time, but not all, that's on me, let me tell succinctly what elements were broken down, again just so the supporters know for sure that we are acting on things on the 5-6 days between matches. We know we are nothing without our supporters, that's why we owe it to them weekly basis in our presser, to ensure that they know, that we know, that they think is disrespectful that we don't answer questions, that the broader general public and other football departments will now be privy to."
  11. The first points a good one Jnr, I can’t recall the offensive stats but I know we were on ‘record pace’ from a defensive I50 conversion perspective up to rd 11. I fall into the camp that during winter (and we’re still there) that scores cross the entire competition drop, partially due to decreasing shot on goal, but more about the accuracy not being there. It picks up again in the warmer months. There is also statistical evidence of that (I’ve posted it before, but I’m on my phone so won’t do it now) The method hasn’t changed, so it’s not worse in of itself, it will only improve in the next few weeks as environmental conditions change. I genuinely feel, there is a mismatch between some supporters view points that ‘teams are working us out’ vs other factors that drive inaccuracy, that is never spoken about publicly
  12. It has taken me a while, but in that statement right there, you have sold me on Viney to forward line.
  13. So is this a critique of AFL in general? Statistically there is very little difference from any other contending top team, around the notion of 'wasted opportunities'. 75% of all deliveries don't result in a goal. Should Melbourne be a statistical outlier for some magical reason? Or is your consternation around the aesthetic of how Melbourne play? Our method of repeat entries, is based around a premise that - statistically 75% of the time (or worse) - across all teams in the AFL, there is not a goal scored when it goes inside your 50. So, what do you do to capitalise as much as possible. Well, you recruit May and Lever to act not just as a wall in our D50, but in kick outs and dump kicks as a wall on our Half Forward Line to get as many entries as possible - with a knowledge that the forward line will be critically crowded. Gone are the days of teams (ie Saints) getting through our Half forward line and getting easy goals out the back. That has been remedied. I think we'd all agree our deliveries I50 looks to be worse than others, but statistically it isn't. BUT until we get classier ball users to deliver into the 50, then we're not going to be a statistical outlier. So the trade off for me is, delivering a ball into a congested forward line multiple times vs - having the ball in our d50 and trying to get teams on the spread/counter attack. I know which end I'd much prefer the football. I reckon I'll be watching next game now with an understanding that 1 out of every 4 entries results in a goal. And set my expectations around that.
  14. So what you're saying is - on evidence - the last 5 games actually have no baring on the games in finals, its just that supporters like to buy into the notion of momentum? Let me just encapsulate our season from a momentum perspective... At round 1 we were neither +/- for momentum. We then had momentum for 9 games, until we didn't, then we got some again for two games, until we didn't and we lost, but then we stopped the lack of momentum by having a win, by which time we had momentum, until we lost the week after, but then we reversed that momentum by having another win, we then lost that momentum by drawing, and further momentum was lost on Saturday night, which I presume will have massive baring on the outcome of the game against the Suns if it is indeed played.
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