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  1. It's funny the ol riddler, I jumped on this forum 3/4 years ago at end of season and saw the Riddler and thought to myself, "This is awesome! What a website! What verifiable scoops!'... and then he went AWOL... and here I am, still, bereft of any useful post and preseasons gossip :( Riddler, if you are still out there under a pseudonym, please re-enage :) after all, it has been a pretty $hite 2020.
  2. "The third year is fatal." This article is an overall analysis about a player worth to a club (Liverpool) AND also delves into keeping the momentum going for a club. A quote struck me - and it's for all clubs, not just Grand Final winning ones in AFL. "Players become familiar with a manager so his words lose their power; an intensity that once was motivational begins to grate; opponents work sides out – and in the age of detailed data analysis that is a process that has accelerated significantly." My views are less about Goodwin, but more about 'clubland' overall. How
  3. @Wobbly Bob congratulations on having 1/3 of your posts thus far being about the pedantry of language, as I am a pedant myself. I also use the word laconic (knowing full well its original meaning) for the laid-back, languid looking individual. Is it such a crime? Because we all know what people are meaning... it's an adjective...and it has morphed over time. Just like these words 'gay' 'cloud' 'sick' Considering many many many many many many many people use the word now for alternate meanings, isn't this the beauty of language evolving? *I had a moment w
  4. Unless of course - Preuss and the club agreed it was an apprenticeship under Max (which may come with a version of cache in itself...learning from the best in the business) whereby he was the understudy, filling in when required, with a view to move on, when the time was right for both parties.
  5. I presume a Cameron type forward means Jeremy Cameron himself?
  6. Because things evolve quickly over 24 months. Because things are in the pipeline that you and I are not aware of. Because perhaps the club realise that a 'dominant' ruckman, actually isn't all THAT important.
  7. If he stays, well I am satisfied with that. All players have weaknesses and Viney's are well known. It's how best to fit him in (as I see he is the most limited from a skills perspective) with the rest of them, not how the rest fit around Jack. Nonethless, if he is to leave - I find that exciting also.
  8. 100 [censored] % @A F I get the romanticism, but... just because you love some one, doesn't mean it's workable. And i don't think Jack himself thinks this, but the historical names, are not bigger than the club in of itself.
  9. plus the 5/6 he gave off throughout the season. So lets go for 25 goals from 13 games. There's your just shy of two average.
  10. Let me be a pedant @Half forward flank - as I'm all about evidence base and empirical research. Can you link me into a quote of his for where he said 'easily fixed' or words to that effect?
  11. announced when Geelong are knocked out in straight sets? :p
  12. Whilst that was accurate a decade ago, the current bank balance would beg to differ...
  13. Friend of mine Daniel Gucciardi has written numerous peer reviewed articles on 'mental toughness'. Essentially the construct is too difficult to measure http://www.danielgucciardi.com.au/publications.html Personally I could bore you with the process of 'stress inoculation' or 'building resilience' (jargon, jargon)... but essentially its exposure to your own emotional discomfort and 'getting on with things' irrespective of how you feel... that's the learnt behaviour - til such time as the emotional response in of itself is no longer perceived or related to as an issue.
  14. Player Positives Langdon, Petracca, May, Rivers Player Positives with Inconsistency Weiderman, Fritsch Oliver, Pickett, Lever Need Help With Forward Line Pressure Forward Line Entries New line coaches Different mix in Midfield Mitigating Factors (for those who are pessimistic about Goodwin, these are 'reasons' to add to the understanding of finishing 9th and not 'excuses'.) Most Travel of any team (flights, transfers) Most fly in on game day(s) Most change of hubs Team least likely to stay put in one spot (
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