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  1. Feels like a triathlete question. Each person has a weakest leg... no matter how strong their other legs... Same for the Dee's. I have zero other insights aside from this this parallel.
  2. Great straightforward analysis, thanks @Vipercrunch
  3. Culturally, whilst they're interesting questions that us as supporters have no real idea about, it would seems very strange for any of these things to be accurate ,considering he is now back in the side at Adelaide. In other words, how could one club get it so wrong, if he was so egotistical, wasn't humble, hadn't learned, and have some sense that the world revolves around Tex... I just feel that is a poor assessment. I remember Lleyton Hewitt came across via the media, as all those things as an 18-24yo that you have mentioned... and then he grew. As much as people riff on Adelaide about rednecks and poor culture (it seems all supporters assume most clubs have poor kul-cha, if they're not in the top 8) Matthew Nicks is a considered person, and there would have been many decision makers and many consultations to choose to welcome Taylor (who is a human) back into the fold. If they have... then I can't see why we as a club, wouldn't take Taylor if he (and may others within the club) felt he could fit in.
  4. It'd be less spooky if the fixture was fairer and the home ground advantage wasn't permanently Geelongs..
  5. Really? It's punitive Demonland roulette....spin the wheel! There is such a vibe of harking back to 1987 on this thread...."I weally wish the key forward would still kick 7 goals a week like Pig Dunstall and Tony Lockett on Scott Turner and Danny Hughes each week, and if they don't! Well, they're pathetic!! It doesn't seem to matter how many times people with knowledge try to educate others who watch the same game... the education is rejected. Old mate Benny doesn't have the luxury of Tmac, who plays significantly differently to Mitch Brown or Sam.W within the structure... T.Walker wouldn't be a bad fit, if you're looking purely at the on field optics.
  6. Hmmm, if we win the premiership this year, does Sam's contribution come into it? Or Bedfords? Just like 2021? He played his part...
  7. Pondering if the delay in an announcement/signing of contract (whatever it may be) is an orchestrated maneuver, as all parties are part of the payroll/accreditation of the AFL... The populous are hungry for clarity... 'click' 'click 'click'* *Kevin Carter reference
  8. For tears right? Tell me they're for tears...🤢
  9. Not that Jason Dunstall is the bellweather for the Brownlow, and when listening to the commentary in the last quarter, it's the first time I have legitimately heard him (and thus the rest of the commentary team) genuinely laud Oliver. If you're a believer that the AFL and the media are all nicely connected... 3 Votes... Clayton Oliver said about 12 times I suspect on Brownlow night.
  10. @Kent do you recognise that structurally we had some important players out? We had 9 scoring shots more than them and won by 29 points... There is probably 2 reasons and an outcome there that may help you make sense of your question.
  11. Well done on 100... no one would have seen your career trajectory and highlights package coming, least of all your grand final performance. Anyway... glad he snuck through a goal tonight... Marbol and Bayley are the only two left standing... kicked a goal in every match in 2022...
  12. Thread title is bang on... Content of thread is hilarious!
  13. Structurally deficient. That was a very solid, and probably in the heat of the moment, an underrated win.
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