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  1. No doubt that the health & fitness of your list as well as the total luck in the way your Club’s fixture happens to work out in a particular season of AFL are critical to success, and this year, our fixture was clearly the hardest in the AFL. That said, I believe that I have never seen a footy Club in any particular season, team selected & coached on game day with less creativity & imagination. This, despite having so many back up players in form at an undefeated Casey.
  2. I’m in no position to speculate on the Pick exchanges that will happen if Brodie ends up at the Dees, suffice to say that the Pick will be influenced on the salary that the Pies pay & what Picks the Dees actually end up with. My gut feeling, and it is only that, is that if the Pies pay $300 for the entire duration of the contract, then they would be wanting a Pick 14 to 18, which I think would be about right given all the facts, including the fact that Brodie believes he will be in great physical condition come Round 1 next year. Dees are very fair & reasonable to deal with, so history suggests they’re unlikely to offer something unreasonable, eg their 2nd Rounder just because Collingwood are keen to make the trade and there are no other suitors at this time. Dees might like to offer next year’s 1st Rounder, however, Pies will be keen for something this year to help a couple of trades they want to do.
  3. Mate, if Jacko goes, which we’re hearing as of yesterday is still extremely likely, then Grundy will be a Demon. There are a couple of others that I’ll let you know about as soon as it’s appropriate.
  4. Haselby should know based on his Freo connections, however, we spoke to a couple of Player Managers based in Pert yesterday and the feeling is Jackson will be at Freo next year. If Jacko does go, I’m extremely confident that Grundy will be at the Dees.
  5. Wow, I must have watched a different game. I thought Harmes was one of our better on ballers. 23 disposals.
  6. Well, you might consider moving Petty forward. Heavens forbid, the two Adelaide teams realise they should be offering Petty 5 years on big money as opposed to Isaac Rankine and we lose him. May & Lever are getting older and could be better managed. I’m not convinced that Tomlinson is very good back up. And finally, if he succeeds at CHB, his trade value would be greater if that's what ends up happening.
  7. Why would he think his career is done at 25 and with another year on his contract? Last week he was outstanding in tough conditions, clearly the best tall KPP on the ground. I can’t believe the footy club hasn’t already given him a solid block of training & games at CHB. Bulldogs supporters were saying exactly the same things about Liam Jones and he goes to Carlton and they turn him into an AA CHB. McCartin looked a million miles off it as a Key Forward at the Saints even when he was actually playing, now he’s in AA discussions as a Key Defender. Weideman is such a really good person and the Club invested so much with an early Pick, I believe it is crazy not to try everything to give him a chance at success.
  8. I’ve identified you prior to this post DD as either a hater, or a person who is just envious because he doesn’t know anyone of any importance or influence in the AFL, or quite probably in any sphere of life. Just an ordinary person living an ordinary life in a little country town.
  9. Essendon = 78,579 members in 2022 which has them as having the 5th largest Membership and they have been failing for many, many years. I would suspect that the signing of Clarko would immediately add many thousands to that number. Believe me, they are a "sleeping giant" and I hope they don't get Clarko because I love them being exactly where they are.
  10. You may well be correct and he chooses North, however, what we know is that his Manager is very close personal friends with Barham, the new Essendon President & the appeal of getting Essendon back to being a super powerful, wealthy Club is playing large with Clarko.
  11. My mail is that Clarko will coach the Bombers.
  12. I couldn’t agree more Deecisive. We certainly have so many bigger personnel & game style issues, however, in a game where 1%ers count, Langdon’s comments were so naive & so motivating to the Pies supporters and their Players fed off it. I also hate seeing Petracca trying be so popular with opposition players & their supporters by offering opposition players a hand to help pull them up and appearing to talk to them like a best mate at quarter time breaks. I know they tell a joke at the pre-game huddle to lighten the mood, but once that Siren goes, it is business and I cringe when I see Salem & Gawn laughing as they’re walking to the quarter time huddle after Salem missing a very gettable goal. Encourage him, tell him “to get the next one” but bloody hell, don’t show any sign of being happy or comfortable. Must start portraying that ruthless, demanding edge all across the ground that May demands & delivers in the backline.
  13. Tim Lamb is always trying to be active and is very highly regarded by Player Managers. Naturally, it all depends on the Jackson scenario and how that washes out. We are still of the view that he goes.
  14. Hi Dazz. Our mail is that the Lions have offered 1 year at $750 and there is no certainty that even if the Swans match it now, he’d stay. The other big news we’re hearing is that the Swans have told Josh Kennedy that they can’t guarantee him a game next year and surprisingly, rather than retire, he’s looking at 1 year offers from both the Kangas & GWS. It appears the Swans are looking to move on from these two great Champions. Also hearing that Geelong has made enquiries about Grundy.
  15. I don’t see them as contradictory. The first post was to suggest that Gus was flushing out the best offer possible so he could take it back to Melbourne to match. Even Tim Watson had a crack at him in the opening of the poorly timed SEN interview, asking Angus to “tell us the Clubs you haven’t spoken to because it would save time.” Most starting 18 players don’t do this, they ask their managers to “just get the deal done as I love the environment I’m in, the Club has been great to me etc etc. In the end, Angus brought a 6 year at $850 per year offer to the Club, which is certainly top dollar for a half back who is one severe concussion away from trouble, and significantly more than what the Dees would have budgeted for some time ago. Free Agents certainly get offered “over the odds” due to not having to cough up a draft pick. My win/win comment was based around the fact that Gus certainly won’t hit all the targets over 6 years, but he will certainly hit some, so who knows what he ends up forsaking. Perhaps, I was overly generous with my win/win comment, because you know what, the more I think about it, it’s a terrific deal for Angus.
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