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  1. I was sure this was going to be a thread about Melksham.
  2. At $700 to 750,000 for two more years, I would take a Second Round Pick in a heartbeat, if there was any likelihood of him playing at Casey.
  3. But that’s what I said. If, he stays in football, the Dees are a real chance. He might not get the opportunities outside of football in this COVID stuffed world. Let’s not underestimate that the Dees are now the great and enticing challenge of the AFL.
  4. I was told couple of weeks ago that the Club is in advanced discussions with Yze and are being listened to by Leppitsch. My source said that Yze is very likely and if Leppitsch decides to continue in Footy, it will be with the Dees.
  5. Just because you have absolutely no contacts in even low places, you just believe what you want to.
  6. Hi Rab. He phoned D’Orazio who is his Manager on Saturday night. I genuinely believe Christian loves the Club and probably loves every single person in it, however, I suspect that Christian genuinely believes he’s built for Grand Finals and has a burning desire to play in a FEW before he’s finished and might have just had some doubts. He’s contracted for two years so that’s that, however, I’d be very worried that if the Dees aren’t a GENUINE Premiership contender at the end of this Contract, he won’t finish his career at the Dees. Time will tell.
  7. What I’m stating is that I’ve been told by an impeccable source that Petracca phoned his Manager and asked, if his Manager thought it would it be possible to get a deal done. His Manager shot the idea down as being totally impossible. Now, this may have been a spontaneous call from a highly emotional and at times immature young man, however, I believe it happened and if it did, it demands an immediate inquiry. TBH, my sense of this being true is so strong, that if I had Pert or Bartlett’s numbers, I would have contacted them to at least get them to investigate directly with the source.
  8. I haven’t watched a second of the BnF video but I honestly believe there is a significant problem at the Club. I was told earlier this week by a source that has proven to be impeccable in the past, that a Player late last week phoned his Manager to make an enquiry about the possibility of him getting a trade out of the Club despite having 2 more years to run. Robbie D’Orazio the Player Manager had to re-align the Player telling him that it was a ridiculous question given all the circumstances as a deal could not possibly get done. I queried my source as to whether he thought it wa
  9. I have genuinely come to the opinion that you and Lord Nev are the two biggest fools on this site. You’re out of here as far as I’m concerned.
  10. Just a staggeringly stupid suggestion to drop van den Berg based on his game last night where he was in our best 8 and he’s the only combative, genuinely hard pr&i*ck in the Club.
  11. You can’t have watched the game last night if you’re even suggesting van den Berg to go out. And you clearly don’t understand that he’s about the only player with really combative spirit in a club full of soft c*o#c8ks.
  12. Spot on Demons 11. Brought back in after 5 weeks out and gets the job on the best small forward, who also happens to be the second best overall forward in the AFL and keeps him to 2 behinds and not many more touches. Any Coach in the AFL would be thrilled if Papley returned those stats against his side, but oh no, the Demonland experts keep bagging him. I never thought for a second he’d be dropped after that game and I seriously hope that a player that has so much athletic ability and has never been able to get a decent run at it due to injuries and negligent injury management by the prev
  13. When I saw Goodwin approach Oscar after the Saints game with such enthusiasm, I thought, “FFS please let that not be a sign he’ll get a game next week.” But should have known that after Melksham, he’s Godwin’s second great love.
  14. Absolutely done. Tonight was it. Over & out. See ya later.
  15. Yes Oldfart, I noticed you have been an ardent supporter all along and have never had him out of your side. IMHO we have to improve a hell of a lot before AVB is not an automatic selection.
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