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  1. Heard from my mate who is in the Maldives having left the IPL, that Warner got into a heated argument with Slater last night and ended up belting him. Mate said that Slater is despised by the players, a total [censored].
  2. Just to add a little clarity. I believe the 7 year deal does not include 2022 which he was already contracted for. They renegotiated next year and added 7 years on, so it is effectively a new 8 year deal starting 2022.
  3. I don't understand your question. To try and assist you, the figure of $900 k came from Ch7 report. I'm just telling you that it is significantly more than that. Adonski, you are one of about 5 other Posters that displayed some level of doubt about my original post along with HardTack, Rod Grinter Squad, CHF and Robbie57. I never quite understand why other Posters express that type of doubt/negativity. Is it envy or a feeling of inadequacy that some posters just have NO level of inside contacts?
  4. I don't think I am revealing too much by telling you it is significantly more than $900 per year.
  5. The 7 years is correct, however, the $900k per season is well off. Thanks for your support dazzledavey36, as you know from past history, when I post a breaking story it is 100% factual.
  6. It’s impeccable. Not sure hundreds would know. It was only tabled 6 hours ago.
  7. This afternoon the Club tabled an offer to CP that if accepted would essentially make him a Demon for life. Stay alert as the offer is so attractive, we might get a prompt acceptance.
  8. Vanders not playing. Injured at training this week.
  9. Petty is a definite starter and he was always going to be. I found it hard to believe that some Posters didn’t have him coming in this week. Despite there being a natural vacancy, he absolutely needs this game before being even more required against the Tigers next week.
  10. It was Pick 2 (Kelly) & 20 if I remember correctly.
  11. He was a very solid defender for several games at the end of last season. Couldn’t understand the negativity towards him over the Summer.
  12. Add the last two to several very good games in defence at the end of last year and you have a very nice body of work in defence. i have been amazed at the negativity towards him from many on this site!!
  13. One on One against a little boy in Bobby Hill on a good track at the G is a far different proposition to chasing Butler, Gresham or Higgins around a lightning fast track at Docklands. Would love to see the Club have the courage to select “horses for courses” and bring in some real leg speed for Docklands. Out = Harmes, Jones & Jetta
  14. By the 2 first rounders you’d get for him.
  15. Will Hamill is a beauty and just what we need and Tom Berry would have been a much better selection.
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