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  1. With the increased speed of ball movement as well as more offensive forward entries as a result of rule changes, I can’t see how Neville Jetta can possibly play as a small defender. Game is now way too fast for Jetta.
  2. More importantly, it takes a Coach with the balls to actually take the hard decision and move the player out of that position OR out of the team. This is where I think we have now evolved. Won't matter if your name is Oliver or Viney or Petracca when he's in there. If you don't play inside mid as Yze wants, you won't play inside mid and if you don't have another position that you can play, you might find yourself playing inside mid at Casey.
  3. Absolutely correct. I believe there is a concern that we have too many that can only play inside midfield and nowhere else. eg Oliver, Viney, Brayshaw, Harmes, Sparrow, Jordan & Vanders. Yze wants team first footy and those not willing to conform will not be in there and will be considered trade worthy and it is only my speculation that the one with most trade value is the one that needs to conform the most. GPS tracks the players who run the most metres towards the opposition’s goal when the opposition has the ball, the Club calls it Defensive Metres and particularly tracks al
  4. Spot on Dazzle. Plus Vanders & Melksham. Yze certainly delivered it in a positive, educational manner. It wasn’t done in a way to belittle those players but I think we’ll find far less tolerance for a lack of defensive running, not filling defensive positions in transition as well as stop plays, taking on the tackler 2 & 3 times, panic handballing etc.
  5. Yes, Yze is not going to let the big 3 get away with what Ben Matthew’s did. On a positive note, some of the Demonland whipping boys were pointed out and praised by Yze in the same videos for sacrificing their attacking position by moving to take the defensive positions that were often not occupied by the big 3.
  6. If Oliver doesn’t make some big changes to the way he plays, including significant improvements to playing “team first” footy, the Club May well consider that his trade value is attractive. I can tell you that Yze ran a lengthy video session this week based on the positioning and work rate of our midfielders particularly when we don’t have the ball, and Oliver, Petracca & Viney were the continuous culprits of most examples. I’m loving what I’m hearing about Yze’s intent to improve the defensive efforts, selfishness and team first acts of the big 3 egos.
  7. Totally agree about Hore. A good VFL player but wouldn’t have him in my top 30. I would also be asking Melksham to start in VFL and work his way back with a string of good games after is pathetic 2020.
  8. Smith May Lever Salem Tomlinson Rivers Langdon Oliver Bowey Petracca Jackson Kossi Fritsch B Brown Hunt Gawn Brayshaw Viney i/c Harmes AVB Sparrow Weideman emerg Petty Laurie Jones
  9. Wouldn’t want you managing our TPP if you’d rather be paying T Mac $750 k to be playing at Casey as a back up tall forward as opposed to some Ruck insurance by paying McKernan $250 k at Casey in case Max goes down.
  10. A close contact is on the Recruiting table of the Cats and whilst he never gives much away, he told me that the Cats moved to get ahead of the Dees because they had a strong belief that the Dees were taking Holmes with one of their first 2 Picks. ‘Personally, I found that amazing that at this stage of our list make-up and needs that we would use such a high pick on a speculative project player. He stated that he liked what the Dees had done, particularly the Jake Bowie selection. He didn’t have an opinion on why Jack Carroll had slipped so much.
  11. Personally, I think the exciting thing about this Pick is that we have recruited an 18 year old, Jewish, Carpenter.
  12. Absolutely agree Hemingway. 2 players I’ve spoken with that live in Elwood were less than happy with wind swept, and desolate Casey fields. I recall the recent disaster of the Saints move to Seaford with Players & Club admitting it was a very poor decision.
  13. I had a regular Senior player over for dinner 2 weeks ago and he nominated Mahoney as the first bloke he'd move on from the Football Dept. Been there for far too long for my liking and I am delighted he's going.
  14. I was sure this was going to be a thread about Melksham.
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