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  1. I hope the online trolls are enjoying watching Harris go about her business. "Overrated/4 goals in 8 game last year/" etc. she is having a massive impact on us in just 2 games. we have struggled to score in previous seasons but now we are keeping the ball inside 50 for longer due to her influence. she is so tough, a great mark and long kick and is only 24! We should be clear favourites for the flag, our recruiting and drafting has been spot on and most importantly we are playing as a team and fighting for each other. our pressure and intensity is terrific.
  2. If McNamara could kick she could be a star she was everywhere in the first half
  3. I agree but I think our players might be protecting themselves too much. Staying home etc I reckon they should all head to T Macs house and give him a hug!
  4. Talked to Macca. Just came out of iso this morning
  5. Can't see Covid having much of an impact. flash in the pan imo
  6. I'm heading to the WO tonight for the game, should be a cracker. Our midfield is strong with Paxo and Hanks to dominate. We really need to grab some marks up fwd, pressure on Harris but I reckon shell do well over the season. Carn the demons!
  7. Hi all, Just got my tickets for the two founding AFLW teams. Game is on Sat night at Whitten Oval, should be a cracker. I haven't heard of any of the girls having covid so hopefully it goes ahead as normal. Will be interesting to see how Harris goes, we certainly need some more goals Anyone else going? DubDee
  8. True but This variant is different. Spreads way more quickly and relatively mild so people won’t know they have it and will keep going out and about. Therefore herd immunity could well be a factor. Hopefully we see it in the northern hemisphere soon and can learn from it before we stayed home and wanted donut days. Soon we’ll have 20K days like NSW. Plus I reckon way more people have and aren’t getting tested
  9. Were you one of those that didn’t celebrate the Millennium on Dec 31st 1999? 😂
  10. Hopefully by March a large proportion of us will have had covid without too much pressure on hospitals And finally some herd immunity will occur
  11. T Mac and Brown are both getting on and injuries should be expected. You need three quality key fwds imo. most key fwds take several years to grow into Their bodies and the role. I know some adjust quicker. By 23 Brown had kicked 50 goals in his career I reckon he will come good and play an important role for us
  12. I hear you and agree. However this strain spreads so easily that it gets out of control and hospitals can’t cope. We should be building more hospitals. Ireland tried to live with it but have now restricted all pubs and restaurants to closing at 8pm Just before Christmas
  13. A 93pt turn around in a quarter and a half. Has to be greater. still can’t believe it happened!
  14. Love the reports Fence. Merry Christmas to you and all DLers
  15. We need to maintain stability and keep the group together. Longer term contracts are important for this stability. Eg if Goody had of being out of contract at the end of 2020 he may have not been extended and we wouldn’t have a flag. many were critical of the longish contract last time but it turned out to be a master stroke. happy with another 4-5 years for sure.
  16. Good that players are taking breaks and clubs are supporting them. Do it early before issues become too much sounds like a combination of family and personal stuff. Taking a break now he’ll hopefully be fine soon
  17. Clarry - what can you say? 3 BnFs at 24 years of age could go down as one the greatest ever Demons, top 3 ever. An absolute beast
  18. Other tips Best clubman/bravest (whatever it is called) - Gus Brayshaw best first year - Bowey
  19. I reckon Max will take it out. He was used tactically each week and had the biggest influence on us winning games imo. Should be a cracking night! 1. Gawn 2. Oliver 3. Petracca 4. Lever 5. Salem Fritsch a close 6th
  20. Bit out of left field but It's good to just trust the club now. you need staff at all levels of development, so a junior role will be useful - to be coming straight out of the game and not on huge wages
  21. Would the powder help or hinder I wonder? I personally doubt it would be performance enhancing
  22. Is this for real? Media trying to destabilise us? obviously we have no claim yet. Maybe making consecutive finals would be a start. Win a flag or two more and we can have this conversation. the Lions midfield was unstoppable
  23. ~5 of those are AFL quality. A couple could be in the future given some game time. Injuries will test us. No doubt
  24. I can't recall a player instantly moving into Legend status from one game Max in that prelim was the moment. And then holding up the cup the next week We have a genuine legend on our hands Averages an AA every 32 games too. not bad 😉
  25. put your foot in it there Jontee!
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