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  1. might have to agree to disagree mate
  2. Have a good strong hit out boys but look after each other!!
  3. the medal is for the premiership, not for winning a single game. you don't get the chance to play in a GF without winning plenty of other matches that Hunt played a big role in. He has played a bigger role than say Bowey and should get a medal if we win it
  4. The fact that Hunt won't get a medal after playing 20 games this year is a joke * assuming he is not selected for the GF
  5. I just watched the last few minutes of 2 close grand finals and I've gone from pretty relaxed to absolutely bricking it! 8 days to go!! AArrghh!
  6. Loaded up on Trac to be winning after 5 and 10 rounds. And also Clarry to poll most in the last 8 rounds. Very juicy odds!
  7. Two weeks can be a long time to wait at this time of year. So the club have done the right thing letting milkshake get on the market could certainly see him at the Saints or Carlton
  8. I wheely like that WCW, and the Demons WILL BE TAKING OUT THE TRASH next week
  9. thanks Mate, I managed to convince the Missus to grab one of these! I might have said something along the lines of - it's not just for this year but for the all the other GFs we make in the future - to which she rolled her eyes
  10. seems like a lot of places are selling out of MFC gear! anyone know where I can get a wall flag or banner? preferrably not for the $350 like the above one - although I am tempted! thanks in advance
  11. I doubt Melk plays another game at the demons if he stays (and I imagine he has been told as such), so he should try to grab another deal if he can I've been very disappointed in him the last couple of years. He has such talent but doesn't seem to run and keep intensity up for more than a quarter. Doubt we'd get anything for him but good luck to him
  12. Absolutely I’m sick of it. my favourite BS line is the one game in 27 days nonsense. Or you could add two days and it’s 3 games in 29 days. Who gives AF?!
  13. Thanks for your loyalty Jonsey. A Great bloke
  14. 11 pages down, dozens to go still no change
  15. It’s strange this talk of Bevo being this genius coach and creating a narrative. How about finishing top 4 at least once during your career? Didnt win a final for 5 years After the flag. A poor record with a young high quality team. He is a good coach but let’s not get carried away
  16. My favourite game I ever attended. 10.4 in 3 quarters. Garry was a dead set gun in 94. If his back didn’t go, he would have kicked 700
  17. You obviously didn’t see him tearing up after the prelim win. His emotion was raw and his interviews were memorable after the game
  18. Grant was a gun but so was Garry. Lyon has a higher goals to games ratio agree with you that Lyon was not 10 times the player...
  19. Wow, Jerri with a week in hospital going through hell still finds some room for empathy for Jonsey. What a legend. the demons ALFW team should be stacked in 20 years
  20. We don’t talk about Simon’s evil twin
  21. Absolutely. I went to my best mates place on Friday. Just could not watch it alone at home not sure what I’ll do for the GF. You would think they’d relax the restrictions but who knows. We’ll be at 70% first dose by then which is not insignificant
  22. Probably the best fan base outside us imo. I know a lot of dogs supporters and they are down to earth, funny folks
  23. Love Trenners. So happy for him such a gentleman
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