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  1. Scott is getting out of AFL HQ before people realise how rubbish he was
  2. Yze is the next cab off the rank. Thank Christ he didn’t go to that rabble. His senior coaching career would be over in 18 months he’ll get the next open role
  3. For ball movement true. But it is a good indicator of run and carry from a half back. Saad had 113 bounces this year
  4. Saints going hard with 3.2m contract Still hasn't signed with the Pies yet His manager would be hoping De Goey can keep his powder dry until he signs the new contract. so to speak
  5. Just to demonstrate how little run and carry Hunt gave us this year (at the direction of the coaches I'm sure) he had 6 running bounces for the whole year! 6! Spargo leads the way for us with an astounding 8 bounces. Man we were a tough watch this year I'll try to find some more depressing stats for y'all
  6. I reckon we would like to keep him but we won’t be throwing our salary cap off for him
  7. Fair call out. perhaps not selected rather than dropped is more accurate. Was dropped in 2020 and not selected for many games. not selected for the GF in 2021 when fit, dropped this year.
  8. What makes you think we are prepared to let Hunt go? Unrestricted FA and seems to want to leave
  9. Agreed. Casey might struggle next year with all their players moving on
  10. He has been dropped several times over the past 2-3 years. I reckon he wants to be a valued member of a team and guaranteed first 18 player. Will also get more years and money
  11. Casey Vs surf beaches in WA Reckon he is gone
  12. He’s 27, you’d reckon he would be offered a 4 year deal on decent coin. What can we expect for comp? End of second round?
  13. Don’t really agree with the comments around us losing his run and pace. He has been playing mostly lock down defender. I reckon he was told to not take the game on in general as he often causes turnovers
  14. Hunt can put a group of good games together but imo he is not consistent enough to put a high quality season together. Whether he switches off during games or just lacks some awareness I’m not sure. a good player that I’ll miss but he is replaceable
  15. Why are the Pies bothering with these clauses? The last time he got put in jail in New York, they didn't even punish him, so obviously he hasn't changed his ways
  16. Bombers will 100% go for an experienced coach in Scott.
  17. The Pies should sign De Goey to a 7 year deal and then get rid of him after 2 years then they could be paying almost a million a year for players not at their club
  18. Pick 8 last 3 years Jye Amiss Nik Cox Caleb Serong
  19. Very strange call to trade Grundy by the Pies. I heard some footy 'experts' say they would have beaten Cats in round 22 and Swans in PF if they had him and it's hard to disagree. the bloke is a beast
  20. I know! It's getting to the point where you can't even (allegedly) forcibly touch a woman on the dancefloor and beat up her friend It's just got hysterical!
  21. Just when I thought the Pies were the worst ever at managing the salary cap Enter the Suns giving away pick 7?? Just fold now FFS
  22. We could certainly use him fwd of the ball. Him and Trac changing over would be a tough match up but you know.... he is a [censored]
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