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  1. Bombers getting smashed in the middle. man they are a rubbish team. can’t wait to revel in their demise
  2. i don’t care if they have sphyilis, they better bloody win we’re not the Cats, no excuses
  3. Well i’m getting an early night as i’m going to nicely toasted tomorrow 18oC and sunny? yes please An agonising and frustrating 3 point scrappy win against the Saints? can’t wait!
  4. Another big milestone next week as Hawkins not only extends his lead as the Cats all time games holder but doubles it! free oiling/greasing for the first 100 fans to boo the umps on the night
  5. Bombers showing how terrible they are The Tiger’s reserves are out there
  6. Jackson averaged 0.6 goals per game for us. Not exactly a huge hole up fwd. Sure he is very good player on the ball. but we need a big key fwd, hopefully one day we will get one but to think we have let one go is just untrue
  7. Schache replaced Weid. like for like talent wise Fullarton was the best tall fwd/ruck we could get. not like we passed on King.
  8. so only one example of all the forwards we gave away. A ruck/fwd who kicked a few goals and desperately wanted to go home Not sure you understand that there are things outside of our control
  9. like who? mr. 2 possessions bedford? obviously the Hogan situation couldn’t be helped. he took 8 years to get his head together as evidenced by his time at Freo
  10. unfortunately Goody has to attend those and answer questions. Our fwd line is average but no easy answers. We have obviously tried many different options
  11. link to Scott’s presser?!?!
  12. who’s talking? the club have been pretty quiet or should we shut down this forum?
  13. especially as we are out of the 8 at the moment
  14. you’ve got no idea mate
  15. Cats fans are THE worst in the league must be the umpiring coz they lost?
  16. MOTY from Aleer my word!!
  17. game over. giants won’t the momentum back. they still lack a backbone cue the Hawkins [censored] fest
  18. Hogan missed an easy shot to make it 37pts and game over went straight up the other end. momentum now only 14 points
  19. Anything better than a dead quiet GMBHA stadium??
  20. Tigers asking their members to “bring your boots” tonight with 20 plus injuries The bombers 🤮 bandwagon will continue. Yze on a hiding to nothing
  21. Giants looking good. 4 losses in a row to the Cats sounds lovely
  22. Fritsch averages 50-60 goals a year and is on track for it again this year
  23. That has to be the worst free kick given 15m out from goal ever Magpies robbed and we’re loving it!
  24. Horrible kicking from the Pies 5 behinds that Quarter
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