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  1. Yep....but he ( Riccardi) looks to have the makings of a very good player- top class and 100 games in him.
  2. As they say, continue improvement counts, and the MFC needs to do more....only decent thing on it currently is Gus and Gawny..even on there they could not name Declase....he may have class , but our website lacks it,,,
  3. Don’t want to look at other websites, only interested in ours..the marketing department is currently woeful.Not to tell us first, directly regarding Declase, is indeed pathetic in my opinion , I do expect better after 40 years as a member.....and the MFC needs its members .
  4. Smart thoughts, you should consider a role in marketing, hopefully the MFC
  5. Don’t forget all - it was Choco whom suggested GWS take Ricardi when he was at Werribee .Therefore he knows his players, if indeed Declase turns out to be half as good as Ricardi, I will be extremely greatful to Choco .
  6. Totally agree - extremely disappointed that we do not gain pertinent knowledge directly through our website.I feel our direct marketing to our supporter base is really poor and should be looked in..I would have thought more positive news re our pre season should have had access to Goody etc and not through AFL or other media .It is our website and should be more truly utilised
  7. Great effort with 8 listed senior players not able to line up....my best 22 in 2021... B: Salem. May Lever HB: Hibberd Petty Rivers C: Hunt Oliver Langdon HF: Petracca Weideman Melksham FF: Fritsch B.Brown Chandler R: Gawn Bradshaw Viney I: Jackson T.Mac Sparrow Jones Emerg:- Jordon, Pickett, Tomlinson, Harmes . your opinions, please
  8. Oskar Baker, I believe red and blue was referring to
  9. Don’t agree.....he showed his true promise last year and will be back - bigger and better
  10. It is a must that we resign Oliver and Weid, although Salem does not concern me as much.He is reasonably consistent without starring.
  11. He will be training with us in January 2021 .
  12. What rot Bimbo...I would certainly have more - but we stuffed up getting Tomlinson , especially for the dough we are paying him - thanks to Mahoney.
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