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  1. Both hopefully or near will be enough.
  2. Good analysis in my opinion.I also think injuries counted as well.Lever, May-and his suspension, T.Mac, Gawn,Oliver, Petracca, Salem ,Hibberd,B.Brown all contributed to the injury issue during the year whilst I think we failed to play Bedford, Chandler more when ANB & Spargo we’re down on form..
  3. Agree….and he is training like he really wants it….6 more games to qualify as father/ son with the Dees…..he will really succeed this year IMO.
  4. McQueen, We hope you are ok, as we haven’t heard from you for an hour….hope heatstroke hasn’t got to ya. But, we thank you for your input so far…take care indeed.The shock of Clarrie going down, hopefully wasn’t to much to bear.
  5. Ring the club later in the week and ask them, that’s my suggestion.They are most helpful.
  6. My best 23 are : B: Rivers May Lever, HB: Salem Petty Hibberd C: Hunter Oliver Langdon HF: Fritsch Gawn T.Mac FF: Pickett Brown Chandler R: Grundy Petracca Viney, I: Van Rooyen , Sparrow, J.Smith, Harmes, Brayshaw
  7. Laurie may have to do more but agree with Chandler…
  8. Agree happy to retain him should sign him up for another 3 years.
  9. A very valid point regarding the ruckman pitted against each other..Also how lucky for the up and coming two younger ones as well as JVR learning some skill sets.
  10. Don’t forget, Goody left JVR at Casey for the whole year, to learn and gain confidence.I thought this was a mistake, should have played him .
  11. Sad, but true, Bluey was an exceptional footballer…..and a ruddy lovely fella
  12. We hope dogga eats a lot of Xmas pud.
  13. He certainly did, and looked very impressive….smart football brain.
  14. Is that a problem, there is a thing called depth.
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