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  1. Billings has only played 8 games with us, still learning and adapting….class player at best.I would consider Verall to come in to cover JVR.
  2. He is lucky to get a kick at Casey, far from impressive so far but I think he’s not fit as yet.
  3. Very weak effort indeed….showed little heart , lacked skills especially in the guts
  4. No joking, the former was brilliant for us…
  5. Good judge on him going forward….did you think he could kick 3 in first go forward.
  6. Neal- Bullen played near his best game for us tonight, well done , hopefully comes more consistent .
  7. Recruiters have been wrong, getting Grundy, then letting him go….is absolutely a huge mistake IMO.
  8. He did an outstanding job in my opinion, far better than the bias of aJohnson etc.
  9. A much improved effort .Gawn, Oliver the best two on the ground.
  10. Gus , your a gem..you will become the glue between players and coaches…you’ll be able to continue Gus & Gawny.Thanks for all, you’ll become a media star…
  11. Thanks guys for updates..". Is KOL playing, please respond
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