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  1. this is the part that I am not sure I agree with. Imo he did not elect to bump. he is going for the ball, I think gets a hand on it and the players collide in an accidental or incidental collision. This is the crux of what will be debated tonight. If you think he chose to bump he should get weeks if not, we should be cleared. If they declare it incidental contact but still suspend him then the game is in trouble and we will start to see players not attack the footy at 100% which will ruin it
  2. Wins: Bombers GWS Hawks Gold Coast Dogs Crows Losses: Port (away) WC (away) Cats (away) Will leave us 17-5 and in the top 2. Obviously we could easily win against Port/WC/Cats, conversely we could easily lose to the six easer games. On balance and if we keep up the form we have shown in the first 13 games we should finish with 17 wins The games need to freshen up for sure over the bye and unlike many of our challengers we do not have many injuries to significant players (eg, Butters, Treloar, Shuey etc)
  3. We were favoured by the umpires if anything. Bad decisions on both sides Collingwood deserved the win
  4. Don’t feed the trolls guys just block them and move on to a happier existence
  5. Good to have confirmation that PF is Damian Barrett. I had suspected for a while
  6. Oh dear. The usual fools embarrassing themselves after a loss. 10-2 at the bye. We’ve beaten the Cats, Tigers, Lions, dogs. Yeah I reckon Goodwin is the right guy
  7. Likely changes based on emergencies this week viney and M Brown in sparrow and Weed out we desperately need a leading fwd.
  8. We were off all game. Keen to get these ones out of system mid season and learn from it. second to ball, outnumbered at contests, making silly errors. anyone blaming individuals has no idea, the whole team blew this game
  9. 6. Jackson 5. salem 4. Gawn 3. May 2. Jordon 1. Trac
  10. Any chance of us actually kicking it to Weideman?
  11. Good lift in intensity that Q. Gawn was very good. we will win this we need to look at that first half.
  13. Our whole defensive structure is gone. Could be from a breakdown at any line. Once we lift our intensity we will be fine and get the job done. Jackson continues to improve. 12 touches a goal and 6 marks for a 19yo 2nd ruck. His second efforts and running are great
  14. I reckon Clarry more than anyone has some credits in the bank. He can’t win every game for us. He get 20+ touches in the second half. No doubt
  15. How does Kozzi do what he does and then drop a chest mark?? Absolute sitter inside 50
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