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  1. Interesting ladder after 4 rounds. usually there are plenty of teams on 2-2. 7 teams are 1-3 or worse. I know it is very early but you'd think only the Lions will recover from this position to make finals (pies some chance) of the teams in the 8, I'd expect the Crows and Blues to drop and Saints and Lions to take their places
  2. Fantastic news! Rules out some of the worst outcomes you would think. Unless he looked like Hannibal lector upon release
  3. After Gawn, he is the last player we want injured as he is irreplaceable im not feeling confident about the prognosis. Just a feeling but I’d be staggered if he was back within 6 weeks.
  4. Jetta has been written off and underrated for 10 years. He’ll just keep proving people wrong. so important to have a steady head and leadership for Rivers and Hunt especially with May down. Our defence is the best structurally I’ve seen in my 33 years supporting the club.
  5. Yeah I reckon you might be on your own there. 21 touches, 9 marks including 2 contested on a wet day. He was critical is us connecting defence and attack. Worked hard all day. No way he is dropped
  6. Goodwin and his coaching staff deserve a lot of the credit. He has picked a team that has not changed in the first 4 rounds When the opposition gets on top, we now have a plan B and C to counter this. Our defensive set up is the best I've seen in recent memory. The team is playing for each other and for their coach.
  7. Has anyone seen or heard how Petty has been going in the practice matches? He is a good prospect but we need to bring in blokes who are match fit and ready to go and Petty has had many injury worries. I am not against him coming in but he just needs to be ready. Hawks have very little tall fwds so we might just bring in Sparrow for May. Obviously no other change aside from May
  8. hard to pick everyone but who kicks our goals without Fritsch? critical player. kicked a 1/3 of our goals. not sure we win without him
  9. 6. Petracca 5. Viney 4. Fritsch 3. Gawn 2. Langdon 1. T Mac
  10. this is a tough thread to read. so many have no idea
  11. How much does the MCG suit Langdon? He was amazing the first half especially. Hunt seems to have matured. goes on a great run but now lowers eyes and kicks well
  12. agreed Deever, if he is replaced, the bloke will have to earn it. Got none of the glory but was critical today
  13. That’s correct when you choose to bump
  14. Best start since 1994. 27 years ago. 27 long years. I’m really happy for myself and every one of the die hard demons that have stuck with us. I know this doesn’t mean finals or a flag but we deserve to feel good tonight
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