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  1. so sad to see the hawks in the bottom 4. Hope they stay there for a loooooong looooong times
  2. They might have been third but it Wouldn’t surprise me if the saints miss out on finals. No gun tall fwds, inside midfield can be beaten. Play keepings off and they fold
  3. He is averaging 1 tackle per game and 9 touches. Also less than 1 assist per game. Not doing enough team things in my opinion. Especially considering how talented he is and he is in his prime. he does have 12 goals which is keeping him just ticking over. I think he needs a rocket
  4. I reckon some young players could use a game off to stay fresh. this week perhaps Jackson? He would sore after being 1st ruck gawn for Jackson viney for Harmes - or milkshake
  5. I reckon the saints are more likely to slide down the ladder. So I’m ok with the cats winning. Saints are majorly overrated
  6. Good call Werridee. 19 uncontested possessions last night, 82% efficiency. what we have been crying out for, for years. Everyone talks about his poor disposal but while he is not elite his disposal is good. he knows his limitations. Has pace and great intensity and tackling. will only get better when the team get used to looking up and wide and knowing he will be free
  7. Spargo -played like 2018 arguably our best kick inside 50
  8. T Mac is an important senior player. He worked in to some form so no way he should be dropped. 7 tackles amongst his good work. harmes and melksham should be dropped. Jones and Tomo might be trouble also. But let’s see how they balance the talls and the defenders
  9. North are a horrible team. If we can’t pull away there is no point in trying to make finals
  10. I thought Carlton had flown past us and are closer to a flag? 😂
  11. Cripps is crying out for a rest. Must be carrying a few niggles. They’d benefit a lot more from him being fit than struggling through each game
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