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  1. Sounds a bit like the Gabba Round - breaking news, it'll be in Brisbane next year
  2. I thought men were the hunters and the women the gatherers?
  3. Have to admit that watching them Not make finals is compelling viewing!
  4. Bit harsh to single out Garry and almost imply he is complicit with the racist remarks. I don’t see the role of a radio person to be the moral police for every moron that calls in. should he have said something. Yeah I reckon but the issue here is with the caller
  5. Jeffers needs 3 years in the gym got Gysberts arms
  6. They have a lot of good youth. I tip Amiss, Henry and Erasmus to come through this year They were 2 points off 2nd spot this year. They'll push for top 4 again
  7. All WA playing in Melbourne in round one? Sounds sorta ‘Magic‘
  8. I still vomit in my mouth every time I see the phrase Magic Round
  9. We can always hope! Maybe they get a bunch of injuries. But with Brayshaw, serong, Young, Cox, Ryan, Brodie, O’Driscoll etc they are on the the up. Add Jackson and O’Meara and I can’t see them being outside the top 6
  10. when you said you used to be a broad, I thought you meant you used to travel overseas a lot
  11. They had this exact rule 6 years ago AND IT DIDNT WORK SO THEY SCRAPPED IT! FMD. We have 4 on the interchange, there is no need for a sub that sits on the bench for 3 quarters and then has to do a training session after the game finishes. The 2-3 same players end up being the sub each week impacting their development as they cannot play full games regularly as VFL or AFL level. AFL is a game of attrition, part of winning is who is the strongest/fittest for longer, why should the playing field be levelled when an injury occurs? there are no allowances made if one team has 12 injuries prior to the game. And if 2 players are injured on one team and 1 on the other it is not level anyway! Cannot believe these clowns at the AFL
  12. Looks a good prospect that css as b take a mark which we desperately need who knows from here how his career will go but it is great to his family and friends be so rapt for him to go the demons work hard young man. Follow T Mac around for 12 months
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