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  1. DubDee


    Look on the bright side folks - we have the chance to have 4 point in the bank before round 1 for the first time ever!
  2. Thurin for a big workout if you go there i reckon
  3. it’s not even a real pre season game can we relax??
  4. it’s a pretty sad list of captains really. only 5-6 quality leaders
  5. we have the best leadership we’ve had for decades. Max, Viney, Lever, Trac, Gus, May etc. And other teams…. Allen, Simpkin. ouch Surprised Danger is so high and think Sicily should be higher
  6. The team ahead at 6 Quarter time has literally never lost a game
  7. Trac paying $15 for the Brownlow. you’re welcome
  8. Well said Trac. You can’t move past poor performances until you admit what happened and be brutally honest Gives me hope for the year ahead
  9. I’m hoping to see some evidence of what we have been working on in the off season. ball movement, hitting targets, connection between d50, mid and F50. What? a man can dream can’t he?!
  10. thanks for the report anyone know when our first ‘official’ practice match is?
  11. Even as a huge fan i found it very hard to enjoy watching us last season even when we were winning. some of the first halves of games it was staggering how few goals we scored. Hopefully we find a way to open up our attacking play and move the ball quicker and more accurately this year
  12. true but i reckon we could just ignore that coach
  13. Windsor won’t be playing a game until he shaves those sideburns!
  14. more likely for Fritsch’s bro to play with us
  15. Thanks Picket Reckon we might have 30 starting round 1 at this rate! 😊
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