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  1. Lol. So we should scrap the draft too? we need restrictions on FA or the Cats will be on top forever expanding FA will result in quality players leaving lower clubs more often for top teams
  2. People were saying Lynch coming in would upset the Tigers. Now they wouldn’t be in a GF without him imo this signing is massive for the Cats and will keep them in finals for years. Cameron played poor this year as he and others knew they were leaving
  3. If he can’t play well in the Geelong team he will look terrible in ours who is keeping him out of the team aside from Hawkins? these high potential/athletic types are always a risk but we are desperate I guess...
  4. The AFLPA wanted this for the players to have more choice and power over their career and where they play. This makes sense, their role is to look after the players. why the AFL brought this in with no conditions (such as top 4 are excluded from FA) is mind boogling. It undermines all other equalisation measures
  5. My main concern from the footage last night was Gawn's mask not getting anywhere close to covering his mouth and nose. between his beard and massive melon it didnt have a chance. i suggest we commission some extra large ones - Maxi-Masks (copyright)
  6. You get the feeling the Cats have their name on it this year. easily accounting for teams recently and in great form. its one last push from the old brigade selwood, Hawk, Taylor, Danger etc. hopefully they fall off a cliff sometime soon couldn't give a rats though. at least its a night game so I'll be so drunk I either won't watch the game or won't remember it
  7. People trying to base decisions on our list based on what the umpires think hmmm
  8. If we had of won 3 more games I reckon Trac would win the medal. Not enough wins to get enough 3 votes
  9. Ablett is a legend no doubt. But I reckon he will look back on his career and Regret going to the Gold Coast for a lot of his prime. If he stayed at the cats I reckon he could have 4 flags and be shooting for his 5th. And still be a millionaire bizarre decision. And in my opinion will stop him being considered as the greatest ever i really liked the Cats team of 2007 with guys like Bartel Enright and Chappy etc. now they are a team of arrogant posers
  10. At least you guys have stopped complaining about the umpiring. 5 frees to 1 in the third Q to Geelong. The AFL want the cats in the GF. Blah blah
  11. If we can give Bennell a year we can certainly give Ablett a year. Pure class
  12. Darcy was trying to explain tactics at half time. Someone give the boy a sticker and let him play in the sand pit for the rest of the day
  13. If Ablett wanted to play one more year id sign him for sure
  14. We should enquire about Payne. Looks a beauty and not in their 22
  15. Selwood playing his 10th prelim is dead set ridiculous
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