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  1. Kids haven’t seen snow before so reckon it’ll be a play around in the snow for us. Then plenty of time at the Brewery!
  2. Heading up to Bright today. Anyone know if the game will be on FTA up there? Or is a pub needed? cheers
  3. Reckon M Brown and Bedford (stiff) will be out we’ll go tall down at pussypark
  4. I got a link about a 10pm hotel catch up with Goody. "Drinks and more" I'll let you know how it goes
  5. My view based just on reading casey reports is that he lacks disposal skill and doesn't get it enough. he is a good mark but still pretty raw. might be worth giving another year to see if it can come together.
  6. I decided to play a drinking game one week. Every time a poster said the umpiring is corrupt or there is a conspiracy against us I had to take a shot. Ended up at the Alfred
  7. Noble the sacrifical lamb. Norm Smith and Roosy would not have done any better. they are still bottoming out. and have MFC 2013 level talent Gotta feel for the bloke
  8. ** Waiting for someone to open a Guide to posting in Witches Hats' threads **
  9. Ugle Hagen has Watts/Schache written all over him avoid
  10. Thanks for the info LH, really enjoyable thread These two give me a lot of pleasure. They used to give us nightmares and I wouldn't even give us a 1/100 chance of winning in previous years. Goes to show how far we have come. And I LOVE that the fans are scarred from last year! suck it!
  11. Now go play with your sister Astrazenica, she is not feeling great
  12. not until we are out of finals and irrelevant again. success bring good and bad
  13. If we had a good quality stopper to take Petty’s place you might consider it as our fwd line us so poor but we don’t, so we need the big 3 guns at the back especially against the Cats
  14. Gee Langers would have been trouble in those days he smiles while getting a root canal
  15. I personally like it, shows respect for the opposition. much like shaking hands before the game It has nothing to do with toughness. I have seen Kozzi smash a bloke (fairly) and then check if they are OK when the ball is out of play or help them up. Go in bloody hard but respect your opposition.
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