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  1. Im more worried about being hired as part of Carlton coaching staff.
  2. Cheers Melbourne for turning on the great 12oC weather. You are really [censored] with us these days. Can’t even enjoy a nice GF sesh in the park bugger it, I might head down to princes park later for a couple of beers just to get out of the house.
  3. Can we all collectively agree to not post on the ‘Is Goodwin the right guy’ thread, win or lose? 😂
  4. Crap, got drunk last night in the hope of a sleep in but up at 6am only 13 hours to go! diddily!
  5. Could only get a wall flag with the dodgy logo but still looks alright
  6. I somehow am confident we will win by 30+ if it’s close I’ll dead set lose my [censored].
  7. It is fantastic to see how many demons flags and banners around. Such an outpouring from the faithful. I even found out there is a demons fan 4 doors up from me Ive never met! a flag would be so amazing and would reignite the flame of demon passion for years to come. We have been dormant too long
  8. Man I’m like a jack-in-the-box. Can’t sit still, I’ve been told I’m moodier than normal. Wasn’t going to drink but now I’m heavily drinking and betting on the nags just to pass the time. this is all normal right?? 😂
  9. Yeah I feel the same. But in reality a loss will be devastating regardless so we might as well stay positive!
  10. Anyone expecting a change?? smith/ hunt?? milkshake?
  11. The media like us to think Ross Lyon is a gun coach in waiting. I reckon no one wants him. He is good at controlling PR. He leaves in worse states then when he arrives
  12. Apparently it was just Jack Viney tackling a semi-trailer nothing to see here
  13. Ha. Has he ever been relaxed?! the though of Viney, Gawn, Trac and Clarry walking to the middle on Sat night has me so pumped up!! Only 84 hours to go!
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