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  1. Saw Jacob on 360, came across great. you could see the love for his little bro when he was asked about Sam. sound young man.
  2. Agree. sounds like the most likely scenario.
  3. Harmes wasn’t in the 22. you’d drop Chandler? who would replace his run and chase up fwd?
  4. love his attack on the footy and his remarkable composure and his and Boweys bravery considering they give up 20kgs on a lot of opponents
  5. not kidding, its a tough call. Agree Sparrow has been good But not sure we want to change up our structure by replacing a small fwd or tall back with an inside mid
  6. me too, I thought he was in a wheelie bin! Grover style
  7. So, only 6 days to go (!!). What are the changes? In Hibberd and Oliver Out Bowey (if concussed) and .... Sparrow? possibility of Schache/BB coming in for Smith Them losing Sidebottom and De Goey is huge. The team with the most senior composed players will win imo. On the big stage, who turns it over, who holds their nerve I reckon we'll win this!!
  8. anyone know what the issue with Hibbo was? marked as injured but maybe more of a old man managed for a week? we need him back this week
  9. JVR would love it if they try that. Get the kid fired up, I dare ya!
  10. Magnificent recruitment and development from the club. Pick 19 is a steal. Jacob looks a great prospect. And critically he has that insane will to compete and win. That celebration after his goal was so good. He wants this bad and he is as tough as nails.
  11. this time last season the narrative was who can beat Melbourne to the flag the message, premiership teams usually don’t dominate the first half of the season. you can’t keep that up for 7 months. from july i’m hoping we see a fit firing angry team. i’m backing us to win the flag
  12. are people seriously seeing the bombers as a potential finals team? aside from us 🤮 they have just beaten bottom 6 trash teams they have the Blues Freo away Port Crows Cats the next five. they are a rubbish team. and shame on us for losing them incidentally
  13. Lol bombers finals bound? can see them winning 0 of the next 5. maybe 1 win
  14. of Tarryn Thomas can get his personal stuff together he could be some player. plus LDU and Wardlaw etc.
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