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  1. Lol i reckon we just let fans watch half the game. I bags the second half
  2. Gawn, Viney and May clearly our 3 best leaders. 2020 proved melksham shouldn’t be anywhere near the LG. Favourite or not he needs to play at the level and chase, then think about leading
  3. T Mac will be traded Hunt will also be traded out
  4. Two poster reckon AVB will be delisted? tell em they’re dreamin!
  5. I’ll wait for his statue before i get excited
  6. I didn't think we'd miss Mitch Hannan but I have to admit it is strange to hear talk of pre-season rehab groups with no mention of Hannan. I hope the dogs have a good medical dept!
  7. I think we need to fund a study into the viability of these feasibility studies
  8. what a loser. could have almost any girl he wants anyway but manages to demean women and thrown his junk out there Watts looks like a nice guy in comparison. swimming and cans aint so bad
  9. Nobody is saying he’ll be a star and certainly zero people said that about Fitzy
  10. Judging only from highlight videos but Rosman looks a different type of player than Tomlinson. He has real speed and is athletic and agile. Tomo will be a key back and not much else I reckon ill let myself get carried away and be optimistic on this one
  11. Clearly it is up forward where we need players to have an impact as it is our clear weakness Jackson - so much potential, has bulked up a bit. could explode on the scene Kozzi - keep chasing but hit the scoreboard! Weed - use your size and stay angry Melksham - chase, tackle, focus and be the link man Fritsch - kick straight and enjoy going from being our Number 1 fwd target to hopefully 3 or 4
  12. I won't be surprised either. Looks like he is leading the running group from that picture. if we can have a 194cm running machine on the one wing and Langdon on the other it would be great. he may need to work on things but having the athletic ability and body is a major step. runs 2km in 5:52! and in the top 10 for the sprint at the combine. a great mark. will be good to have him as a release kick from the back and not always rely on Gawn
  13. Can you take me higher? (higher than 9th position) and yes I do feel dirty quoting their lyrics
  14. Season defining game 😂 seriously though this should be a win at home. They don’t have much scoring powers unless Walters is on song. The team looks so much better on paper with Brown up there
  15. A mate of my dads famously said one time - “the only thing more certain is Death in Texas”. Fair to say he never lived that one down!! 😂
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