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  1. we have posters bagging our players posters telling fellow supporters to [censored] off if you didn’t attend the game without an acceptable excuse of course we have supporters bagging our coaching none of this happens when we are winning. a strange phenomenon think i might take a breather from this ‘supporter’ site
  2. it’s all mental mental weakness. not physical
  3. We are not the team we were. Clearly. A third of our team are kids. We doesn’t deserve to be favourites against any expect the bottom few. Lets develop the kids, try to lay down a decent game plan and plan for the future
  4. Viney 20 contested 12 clearances Rivers ANB Gawn Langdon Tommo
  5. I can only imagine the Collingwood fans last week. reigning premiers and only won by 1 point Assume they didn’t celebrate or sing the song?
  6. Kynan Brown with the game saving tackle back in the 8!
  7. Well Done Demons! better connection up fwd good signs
  8. Carn you Demons! bury them from here move up to 6th spot and regroup
  9. why would north tag Clarry? he’s had zero impact this year
  10. you could be right. at the moment whatever decision we make us supporters are bagging the club. A debutant can make an impact off the bench. Woey has done very well off the bench a couple of times. To me it’s a great introduction to AFL football. Kolt would have benefited from this type of intro imo
  11. people complain about Brown being selected in the 23, and then complain he isn’t starting Go DL. Always amusing
  12. I put money on the Lions to win the flag a few weeks ago at crazy odds. i reckon they’ll make a prelim at least
  13. i hear we will wait until he plays 10 very good games down back and then move him fwd for 5 years to see if that works
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