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  1. FWIW https://www.sen.com.au/news/2020/10/16/garry-lyon-puts-to-bed-clayton-oliver-trade-rumours/
  2. ANB’s goal in the final round was a good one too
  3. Did he also run out of petrol?
  4. It’s equivalent to a bye for them
  5. Could we relocate to Cairns as we seem to play well up there?
  6. “ The Demons are believed to have had the fewest membership refunds of any club.” it’s good to see that loyalty being rewarded
  7. Should be remarketed as “To Hell with this club”
  8. Good to see the boys put on an appropriate performance to mark the occasion
  9. Won’t get there this year and doubt he believes he will be back again next year. no shame in being between Neitz and Flower as all time games for MFC
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