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  1. Commonsense approach would be to stop the season now and the top 2 teams should play off in the grand final in September once the winter is over
  2. Oliver Lever Petracca Gawn Jackson ANB
  3. I think they sacked Tommy Hafey after the Dees beat them in 1982 but not 100% sure
  4. Oliver Lever Salem McDonald Rivers Langdon
  5. Jackson out with for 1-2 so surely SW gets a gig
  6. To have joe Daniher in a list when he has hardly played a game in 3 years is farcical
  7. North Melbourne - Brownlow medallist Brian Wilson 154 games for the Demons went alright
  8. Fairly sure Petty just signed up for another 2 years
  9. So the club identified a need for outside run targeted Smith to fill that need, missed out and now think our current list will cover it?
  10. FWIW https://www.sen.com.au/news/2020/10/16/garry-lyon-puts-to-bed-clayton-oliver-trade-rumours/
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