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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. He wasn't aware that there is a draft next week
  2. Hawthorn reserves player Brett Lovett played well for a few years at the Dees
  3. Viewing that exchange I think Ralph was saying “concerns” just to wind up Gary Lyon.
  4. No this was probably one of the few decisions they have gotten right this year. How McCartin got off last week was bewildering
  5. I remember thinking during the 'will Hogan go home' days that if he won us a flag I wouldn't care if he went back to Perth. The same really applies here to Jackson although it doesn't feel that way right now.
  6. Disappointed and angry but realistically we didn’t tinker with our premiership formula which is understandable for 1 season but the game evolves and so must we next year. Although we were still likely to lose can someone explain exactly what Lever got penalised for that ruined the chance of a great finish? Typically just ignored by the AFL sycophantic commentators
  7. as long as Goodwin ends up the AA coach I don't care about the captaincy
  8. that press conference was embarrassing and highlighted how confused they are about everything
  9. Current leadership structure seems to be working ok
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