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  1. She could probably hold it mid-september and not only ensure Ed was in attendance, but increase the likelihood of some warmer weather on the day.
  2. We could play him forward and put Tracc back in the guts. And switch them during the match of course
  3. Dont worry, we might still get an elimination final against Essendon this year
  4. Well at least we're playing two teams without a forward line in the next fortnight
  5. It was a horrible performance, but there's no need to end a marriage over it greg
  6. The entire family have all moved into the Wizard of Kozzies Melbourne bungalow after his post convinced the club to sack Ben Brown and recruit Sammy Van Rooyen in the mid season draft
  7. My morning after: Followed by my afternoon:
  8. After last years final, we have a gift for them:
  9. This year Caleb Windsor will be a pace ahead of Acres and rebound it back up the other end of the ground
  11. tbf you ordered the rakfisk (Norwegian fermented fish) by watching it
  12. Parents should've named him Larry
  13. Well my last comment got hidden so ill rephrase: Given the added context now for Entrecôte, clearly May has professional standards that some players who aren't in the team right now weren't living up to.
  14. And Petty contracted next year too so no one is walking
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