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  1. That’s a big list of players. I wonder if #2 will be put on ice for 2023 and then in '24, given to MJ or if Freo's 1st is a top 5 pick, a ready-made gun midfielder
  2. More Fyfe injuries, Lobb out, Tabener the most subbed out player, their key forward - a very good defence, also held together by the glue of no injuries to their brittle Pierce. Undersized midfield with Mundy gone. These factors, and the unlearnt lesson that you 'can't just turn up and expect it the next year' should all form a perfect storm that nets us a top 10 pick, hopefully.
  3. Did not watch the draft, but yeah, not sure how I forgot Cadman. He's been off the table for us for the last few months that I'd totally forgotten he initially had a thread here on DL and discussions about us taking him with a high pick, before he became consensus #1
  4. Were any key forwards drafted ahead of our pick? Haven't followed the kids at all.
  5. Welcome MJ. Now you've got two choices son. Are you going to follow the TMAC or the BBB diet?
  6. And Lions Expert Jonathan Boofhead on hand to give his thoughts?
  7. "Weigh it up" Sleeper Agent Mahoney. Just don't go round windy hil flashing that new jaguar
  8. Hurry up and get it started so I can visit via the spirit, drive around eating cheese and seafood all weekend before it culminates in the Dees ripping out the hearts of the locals and increasing percentage by 10-20% for the first 5 years.
  9. I meant the same thing. The club, the S & C, the FD, Goody, whoever.. the point still remains that BBB was not managed in the sense of load management, he was just never in MFC shape to begin with and had to go away to get right.
  10. Fair call. Although Ive just thought that related to him coming from a club with lower fitness and running standards that limited what he could do when he first played for us, which necessitated a 6 week training block before he could return. I'm not as convinced Goody will have a management program for him this year except "get him right, and he plays as long as fitness and form permit him"
  11. Maybe, but when has Goody ever thought that of any player, and not squeezed every ounce of juice from them in a single season? (that was a bad analogy)
  12. The safest bet would be Harrison Petty. Locks down the AA key defender spot and becomes the brick wall that returns us to the stingiest defence 'by a mile' again, so long as the mids and forwards are doing their jobs up the field. He's just about to turn 23, so there is massive scope for him to go to another few levels and be our May/McGovern for the next 5-10 years. The wacky bet would be Schache. He's our new Weid, a very 'unlikely' shot to fulfil his potential, but if he did then that really could unlock something different for us, and by virtue, likely have the biggest impact. I know versatile depth is the major hope we have at this stage, but stranger things have happened and there should be an opportunity if Brown and McDonald reach their end this year. And from the video, it sounds like he's going to work hard over the off-season to try and prove everyone wrong. Of course every interview contains similar fluff.
  13. What if clubs with one recognised ruck just increase their small gut-running midfield rotation by an extra player and go all out on speed and endurance over a taller 23? Aren't we still back at where we are now, having to balance aerial vs ground capabilities but just with 23 and not 22?
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