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  1. Avoided media today, don't want a bar of those bastards discussing concussion. Just noticed the Deebrief Podcast released a tribute episode to Gus with Broden Kelly and Caden McDonald. So I'll pop that on! Letting other DLers know. https://omny.fm/shows/the-deebrief/gus-tribute-show-with-special-guest-broden-kelly
  2. No Weitering No Carlton They'll be the ones to drop out of the eight as further injuries and high expectations of repeating their 2nd half of the year derail their season (Our 2019) Bookmark it!
  3. I'm not sure who's still on the shopping list at this point? Are we just going to rely on Adzy to talk Big Tom Lynch into requesting a trade for our 2024 1st, to rebuild? Could be a win win move if he has a year or two of injury free good footy.
  4. Can't see it at all. JVR plays more like an excited Labrador with intensity and aggression jumping around the place with reckless abandon. Doesn't really seem like the type to direct the play and teammates behind the ball. Lever will step up and be that person for the next 7+ years imo. Just put some big athletic bodies around him. Edit: And of course Petty can eventually go back (if he stays) and be our May with Jefferson and other mid and small sized forwards earning a permanent spot in the future.
  5. Incredibly frustrating to read about, listen to, think about etc Somebody get me a Xanax
  6. We will drop something on the rest of the competition 💩
  7. AFL Journo's posting trade rumours on Feb 1st
  8. Thought this was going to a a Ben Brown thread 🤣
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