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  1. Or could get caught htb 2-3 times and be the difference
  2. I was only comparing them with one another, not in general. Would anyone in the media be in the upper echelons of 590k? And on a consistent basis year by year?
  3. Not a big deal or omen, but Roco tipping Dees and Finey tipping Dogs on Footyology is a great sign. Finey is a hopeless tipper, and Roco is a measured and smart tipper. He knew the Dogs would win last week. Must be 20 ahead this year. Anyway, Go dees.
  4. His opinion on the Pickett future pick swap, has already proven he has little imagination for this kind of stuff.
  5. You'd hope so, although the Clarko premiership club hasn't admitted any outsiders since it resumed in 2013 with Beveridge defending admission!
  6. Anything on Daniel Cross? I just wanna know who he's Barracking for. EDIT: Another former Bulldog, Daniel Cross - who did not taste premiership success at the club before finishing his career at the Demons and then working in the football department there - said he was finding it difficult to decide who to support, but he would be pleased regardless of the result. “It is going to be really hard for me, to be honest,” Cross said. “It’s a win-win for me. I have got guys I have played with at both clubs, some really good friends in terms of being teammates and working with guys at Melbourne in high performance. I also know staff members at both clubs ... you could see it unfolding as the season went on. It was great to watch for my family.” Cross played alongside Tom Liberatore, Lachie Hunter and Easton Wood in his final game with the Bulldogs in 2013, while Christian Salem, Max Gawn, Angus Brayshaw, James Harmes, Tom McDonald, and Jack Viney played in his last game for the Demons in 2015. Those nine will play in this year’s grand final, while Christian Petracca and Alex Neal-Bullen were also at the Demons when Cross retired. “The talent was obviously there,” Cross said. “It was pretty obvious to see. It is no real surprise to see where they have ended up as a group.” https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/it-s-a-win-win-for-daniel-cross-while-hawkins-says-libba-s-the-man-to-stop-20210915-p58rxl.html
  7. Harry Cooper on our half back line with a large supply or morphine would win the Norm Smith this year! Recruit him!
  8. Love that song. Cerry. Cerry Cerry bay yay bee Cerry, can you come out tonight?
  9. The stuff Montagna showed on 360 with the ring-a-Rosie of Hannan & Naughton in the forward 50, making sure Lever ended up on Naughton and May resigned to Hannan, was very interesting. How do you think we'll counter that? Perhaps put Petty & May back there and Lever higher near English ? Or just back ourselves to win in centre and convert, eliminate stoppage goals and let them do their thing... @binman Some interest to you too for the podcast
  10. Richmond had players that were just outside of their 22 or in their 18-22 range on match day, poached for 3-4 seasons. Mainly because of a lack of opportunity, but also because they were a premiership club and even their fringe players were thought to be better than other clubs, even if its not the greatest logic. By this reasoning we should be able to get something ok for Melksham, and others along the way, if we continue our dominance
  11. I wonder if there's a 3 way trade involving Gunston coming in and Melksham + pick 36 or 54 going to 3rd club and hawks getting a mid 20s pick from 3rd club. We might trade future 3rd or 4ths to get it done. Something convoluted along these lines anyway. Hawks can't expect too much surely?
  12. He might get there with another club.
  13. You'd train Petty on Lever too in the offseason, a defensive forward that could specialise in negating the influence of an intercept defender.
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