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  1. If Houli plans to retire, it's the perfect inclusion.
  2. I was just listening to the fantastic Sacked Podcast episode with the Ox and thought how interesting it would be to hear the events of Goodwin's eventual sacking from his point of view, whether it's today or in 12 years after a premiership dynasty has fizzled out and we've appointed a mediocre captain that pinches opposition players. https://www.heraldsun.com.au/podcasts/sacked
  3. And then picks it up and throws it at a granny in a wheelchair?
  4. I'd appreciate it if you posted this for a player youre interested in. Just for consistency. 😁
  5. Is Ben the runt of the litter? Never even heard of him until today.
  6. Barrett suggesting disgruntlement towards the club from Hurley and Hooker too. You have to wonder if one of them could be squeezed out and involved in a McDonald trade. Hurley would be a decent 2nd tall in defense to plug in for a couple of years, and the club was vocal about chasing him in the past. Either way, let's get Saad.
  7. Kind of cringeworthy and a 'high maintenance' red flag for opposition, that they've requested at the same time. (if true)
  8. I think he meant trading in Hooker from Essendon.
  9. Those 3 ins would add up to the impact of a so called big fish. That's why I don't see all 3 happening. Salad and another B grader at most. Smith, Gunston and Briest all look too happy to change things radically. Mihocek probably as well.
  10. Ladder position suggests the doco should've been "Halfway to Heaven"
  11. Looking forward to the next doco 2021: Time to pull the Finger Out
  12. I suppose even a close neutral game without anything riding on it during the year still gets the heart racing. I'm just checking scores, no way am I putting heart through another roller coaster like 2017.
  13. There can't possibly be anyone still left on the forum that has built up their hopes and will be genuinely crushed if Freo lose this? Masochistic if you ask me. Edit: I'm only checking scores, so maybe that's why I feel detached.
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