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  1. Carlton are a curious watch (Yeah yeah, I know, they are talked up every year) But this year we will find out: Voss a competent coach? Can he make a radical impact and achieve a big first year push up the ladder? How will they look with Cerra in with Walsh & Cripps. McKay & finally a fit Curnow up forward. They should be pushing into 6-8 range and further if others drop down. They could be a dangerous matchup with a big crowd behind them in a final at the G. Defence will be their weakness, so it will be interesting to see how they change in that department over the next 2/3 years.
  2. I think a Dees v Tigers GF isn't that unlikely. I mean, which other matchups are more betting odds likely at this stage aside from maybe v WB or v Port? I can honestly see all of our competition from last year falling away, such was the deflating nature of how ALL of them exited. Leaving the door ajar for Sydney and a few others from lower down to pop up. I can see the Tigers with one last scrap, knocking them all off with their superior pressure and high footy iq game... and getting into the Big Dance. They had a lot of injuries last year, so they are still a top 4 team at their fittest imo. Even the WB with their talent, could start the season terribly and never quite catchup. We've seen it happen to them before. Melbourne v Richmond, what a fitting GF it would be. System v System, it's a juicy matchup, better than last year. And the Best spectacle atmosphere wise we might ever witness. Bring it on!
  3. Another 300-400 pages to pass the Hogan & Goodwin threads. Though it might never get there, given we'll all be re-locating to the 2022 post game Premiership thread in 9 months.
  4. You've got this feeling, you know it's real it's got a hold on you. You've got this feeling, you know it's real, that we're about to make history.
  5. I think Weid can be a backup for Fritsch too, in case of injury. Or you'd shift Tmac into that crafty role, then have BB & Sam as key forwards. Would be preferable to trial it before bringing in Mitch Brown over Weid in that Fritta role 🤷‍♂️
  6. They might be getting bored of Doggy style though. Perhaps we could introduce some bondage? @Bitter but optimistic
  7. @dazzledavey36Although I think most clubs fans over on some forums, seem quite satisfied with obtaining players they initially wanted. Makes me wonder how much of the draft is secret handshakes between clubs sharing info on who they want, and who they will leave for other clubs. A fraternity of goodwill emerging. That's why we get trade and pick swaps done with no fuss. So we can actually form relationships that get us opportunities to trade up, and have the players we want still on the table.
  8. I tuned in as we were on the clock for pick 17 and Cal Twomey or Whoever the young expert was, thought we might have picked him up then. That he had slid to our later pick is fantastic then!
  9. I think it may have been a kick out goal that went the full length of the field, in 2030. Though don't worry, Gawny had his hand in it, ruck coaching Big Maccy to punch it over the line for the opposition behind.
  10. There was a guy that wrote an article full of justifications for why he was changing the club he supports from Melbourne to Sydney on one of the decent AFL blog sites about 4-5 years ago, maybe it was the mongrel punt. He posted it on Reddit's AFL sub and was instantly met with mockery from memory. Wish I could find it, would be a great read now.
  11. Howe, Hore & Smith would've been an aerially dominant VFL backline, but just imagine the loose players at the back after all 3 go up for the mark
  12. ESPN's Mike Breen for the BANG! after every goal. Reminds me of Huddo. On the topic of commentary, having Luke Hodge on special comments was fitting. Reminded me how far we've come from watching him dominate at the G in the GF. And how deflating it was knowing how far Hawthorn were not only ahead of us, but ahead of the nearest competitor.
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