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  1. Imagine thinking one of our VFL level depth was a safer gamble than paying Isaac Smith his 3rd year of a contract while he sat on the sidelines dying of old age. Glad the club made a serious move to get him, but echo sentiments of other comments, it's a contradiction to then say we'll rely on what we already have in-house.
  2. Tomlinson, but with Spargo riding on his shoulders giving him directions
  3. Bit harsh. We're a bottom 6-10 club 😆 Agree about returning players, we're still going to lose these games when the inevitable small window of lapsed concentration hands victory to our opposition, however well we might play, applying ourselves for 2 to 3 quarters.
  4. It's going to come down to another Tex v Lever showdown to decide who wins the ansett spoon
  5. Slam it on the boot and hope for the best. The Bulldog player got a hand on the shorts to be fair, but still, the kicking motion was never about anything other than territory. Thought we were attempting to get past this type of footy. Harmes needs to read the memo if he's going to play in the midfield this year. There's only so much rolling my eyes can take.
  6. I can see that happening. But just seeing Jones, Baker/Tmac & ANB for a half forward line in our last hit before the season begins, is not very encouraging. All 4 players are pretty close to not even being on an AFL list. Can't do much about injuries i suppose.
  7. A half forward line of Jones/Baker/ANB has the stench of a premiership written all over it
  8. I'm only interested in how we look after half time, after last year ! Finished your half time nap this time lads??
  9. By Feeding off the mids I meant standing outside the pack, recieving and running and kicking it to our forwards I don't think its either/or. We could've still drafted Rosman, after picking up Smith. Rosman could've been taken under the tutelage of Smith and been primed in a year or two to take over. Smith is a vastly superior proposition for a flag tilt in the next 2/3 years, at his age and with his experience, than a new recruit. Then Rosman could've taken over and been one of our best in our 14th or 15th flags... But no guarantees on anything, Smith or Rosman. Just calculated risks... A
  10. The Isaac Smith trade will probably end up being a far bigger miss that some on here are prepared to admit, when we see him feeding off the cats mids this year.
  11. How long would he need in the system/doing a preseason before, with form permitting, he gets a senior call up? I agree that the wing is definitely a pressing need if Baker is merely 'ok' in a few cameos but will go missing, other players are shifted out of their best position to accommodate or if Rosman will need a year or two learning the craft.
  12. Where's the 22 man grand final squad? Dissappointed.
  13. How about a left field suggestion: We all expect Clarry to be at the same level as previous years, with improvements related to age. But what if he turned into a hulk-like 2015 Fyfe force, physically dominating every clearance. A welcome surprise, to be sure!
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