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  1. When the off-season has come And the mcg is dark And the trade period is the only light we'll see No, I won't be afraid Oh, I won't be afraid Just as long as Ben King nominates, nominates the dees
  2. Missed the Swans game, How did Tracc go? I'm not going to trust the umpires to get it right on Gulden or Tracc, if it means dislodging Daicos from a draw.
  3. All the noise about Daicos makes a lot more sense if he wins it from here, absolute grift
  4. Those performances to drag them over the line against *Checks notes* WCE and Hawthorn, really were inspiring
  5. If Tracc doesn't win, I hope some potato like Darcy Parrish comes in and does a Priddis
  6. Is every channel seven "personality" doing an opening speech? Revolting. I think I'll turn off the radio and follow the tracker instead.
  7. The Integrity Commision finally investigating those cheap farm deals / cap rorts? 😂
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