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  1. Of course. I was just being facetious towards this Brown v Weid debate on the team changes/selection post each week
  2. Weid won't come in for Brown, if he doesn't perform. We'll double down on the small forward set up of Big Max and his Minions (Spargo, Kosi, Bedford & Chandler)
  3. Noticed that too, Painful. Any Demon content is better than the afl media dross, but the deebrief could benefit from the cull of a regular guest or two to make it an easier listen. Adrian the host and a few others are fantastic though! Hope Ryan from the demon army goes on it more too, very knowledgable.
  4. The Dogs should throw in Schache, we're running low on marking bags
  5. Well that was a disappointing bump that had nothing to do with a CONFIRMED DEBUT haha
  6. Clarry plays a blinder every week. Rain, hail or shiney 7 year extensions!
  7. Ah the dreaded Norm Smith Jake Spencer curse resurfaces
  8. Doubt it. But I wouldn't mind somehow getting their 1st round pick and Hogan involved in a 3way trade W Freo if LJ wants to go.
  9. The comparative body types might give us a clue - let's just hope Freos first doesn't end up a Dennis Armfield
  10. Of course, we're just playing hypotheticals here.
  11. We would turn down two first rounds and Griffin Logue. But If Both clubs know what won't get it done this far out, then they can both work on ascertaining which "future" star will have to be swapped. And working on a dialogue that gets both the player and team to amicably agree to have the Dees take up that contract. You have to give up part your future for a different one ala Judd/Kennedy.
  12. If there is any truth to the Damo reported rumour of LJ heading to Freo. Can we pry away Hayden Young in a pick package?
  13. I can only see BBB coming out of the side, if he slaps a team mate with a celery stick at a vegan cafe
  14. Poor Jake. Had a great opportunity to have 5-10 game spell at senior footy and boost his trade value and career prospects, but I recall he overestimated his abilities by diving head first into a Richmond player for a tackle (instead of keeping his feet) and he wiped himself out for 3 months and that was that.
  15. I sincerely doubt that he would've gone for a big bump off-ball on a young fringe Richmond player like Ralphsmith or Gibcus. He saw an opportunity to do it on Prestia and he went for it. Maybe he didn't want to deliberately get him in the head, but I think it was a definite attempt to take out their best player for a certain amount of minutes, so they could get capitalise. Edit: And it's fair play if you don't get him in the head (re suspension) - but when you do, you've elevated it to the high end of the scale in terms of 120 minutes of advantage. Chris Scott would've encouraged that kind of play, he's only getting on the front foot now because it's about minimizing the weeks he'll miss via the GoOd ChAraCtEr defense. I think the intention to take out a key Richmond player supersedes any good character stuff they throw up in the next week. Either way, I don't give a [censored] about both teams. Richmond is experiencing a bit of karma for Cotchin taking out Coniglio or was it Josh Kelly? in a prelim.
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