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  1. He joins the Adam Oxley school of players that destroyed us and then have been delisted a year or two later. 🤷‍♂️
  2. What are people's thoughts on trading out our 2021 1st round? Given that seemed to be most people's no-go zone. I have no opinion other than: We just await potential further pick swaps, new players form over 1-3 years and our collective form to judge it in its entirety.
  3. For all the mockery of this trade idea, and I for one don't think he fits our group in the slightest with his purported character traits: I still do find it interesting that I read somewhere he's the number 1 ranked small forward in the comp. Unless I'm mistaken.
  4. So bring back Frost and Preuss then with 26 and 31 instead of BB? I hope we just do whatever the damn trade is whether it's 1 or 2 2nd round picks with a pick coming back our way, and we have a kpf next year. Amost any trade result is better than having Frost and Preuss/Tyson on our list instead.
  5. Narkle is more your Petrucelle or Motlop-in-midfield inconsistent burst from congestion player and ANB is a link in chain bigger version of Spargo, a foot soldier. Not sure the comparisons are valid, or if you can say you've seen Narkles best yet. If we had space for Bennells skill, natural instinct and potential, then why do we not have it for a player like Narkle, if he came cheap?
  6. Yeah, Money doesn't grow on Treeloars
  7. So many people were pleased that we didn't get Isaac Smith and saved ourselves some money, but are now exasperated that we aren't declaring a new wing target? Guess what, you can't click your fingers and a winger just appears out of the blue. Who knows where Phillips or Polecs intentions lay and how much it would cost you in picks/money. That 3rd year of Smith's contract offer doesn't look so bad now does it, given how close we were rumoured to getting him.
  8. Even if Brown wanted a little more re EFC offer @cooko, I say take the risk and postpone any list re-signing complications for another year and see how we go with an actual KPF. They'll be taking unders to keep the squad together if we're winning finals next year and members are signing up. If we miss out on BB, finish where we are now again or worse, then even a mega deal allowed by smart cap allocation will be turned down by Oliver for success elsewhere.
  9. We could've gotten Smith and Phillips, or a player of his calibre somewhere else on the field. It wasn't either/or.
  10. We were strung along all trade period by Jamie Elliot last year.
  11. I'm not around the financials, but it does suck to now have to use that pick in the 40s. Not sure Smith's contract offer would be that big a hole for people on here to be glad of having to now trade that pick.
  12. Maybe Jake Melksham has been transitioning into a list management role post career these past few years by hand picking players that will never take his spot?
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