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  1. But then that's the only thing that he'd say. His interview would last 5 seconds. And it would still be an empty cliche. He probably even said that we'll be judged on our actions, or let footy do the talking, or something equally meaningless at some point during his radio slot because it is also cliched nothing-speak. Even talking about 'actions not words' are just empty words. Gawn is actually one of the better footballers to listen to when interviewed because he's pretty straightforward with his answers. That's why there are a few snippets of interesting information that can be gle
  2. A week ago we acquired one of the premier key forwards of the last 5 years in exchange for Brayden Preuss. Now people are upset that during the offseason break Max Gawn is mentioning that we hope to be better next year when doing a radio spot, because he didn't do anything. Effectively offseason media is a Rorschach test for supporters. We just have a lot of supporters who think every ink blot is a mushroom cloud. What should he have said? Please provide an example that would be satisfactory, from your point of view.
  3. I'm not sure that's a correct assumption. I see it more as being that the club saw 2021 picks as being overvalued by the market, and 2020 picks as being undervalued by the market. As a result we have sold our expensive 2021 pick for some bargain 2020 picks. I think it's a value trade, most of all.
  4. I'm not sure about the bolded part. Last year we successfully traded up to get Pickett. We asked about trading up on draft night to get Georgiades (a future fourth rounder), but we didn't have any draft assets so it wasn't really a serious bid. In 2018 we didn't trade our future first round pick at all (which is lucky, because it turned out to be Jackson in 2019) so, whilst we probably liked Butters, we were obviously not that serious about trading our future first (along with a second rounder or two) to select him.
  5. So people are upset that Gawn said that he had expectations of success next year in a radio interview? It's like everyone is trying to demonstrate their 'demon cred' by trying to show how cynical they are. It's lame. There are actually some interesting things that he says in there if you can get past the MFCSS.
  6. Definitely an outlier, although he's still a fairly prolific tackler. He averaged 4 tackles a game last year in the VFL across 16 games. He was not a prolific ball winner up forward but he was a strong tackler.
  7. 9 tackles would have had him ahead of the following players in 2020: Bennell, Brown, Weideman, Hunt, O McDonald, Jackson and Jetta. They, as a group, averaged nearly 7 games each. And 6 of those were inside 50. As a comparison, that would have had him as the 10th best for us this year. Pickett had the most for us this year with 15 at an average of 1.07 per game. As a team we averaged 8.5 tackles inside 50 per game this year (circumstances notwithstanding). The most we had from any player in a game this year was 4 .... Oliver (Richmond), Petracca (Adelaide), McDonald (North).
  8. I don't see the Chandler retention as being generous, more that he is exactly the type of player we would be looking to draft and we clearly think he has the potential to play a role at AFL level. We struggle for genuine small forwards and defenders with speed. He missed a lot of preseason with a broken arm (otherwise may well have played round 1 as a small forward) then he was switched to defence and apparently had good form in the practice games too. I've liked him as a player each time I've seen him because, even though he is is agile without being lightning quick, he still plays
  9. In that case, it's unfortunate for him that he wasn't running against McCain or Romney.
  10. Clinton called Trump on the night of the election to concede and gave her concession speech by noon the next day. She was obviously devastated but, full credit to her, she took her medicine and the transition was smooth. Trump lost in 2020 because he spent his whole time re-running the 2016 Clinton election, even though Biden is an old, white, male centrist who is an extremely non-threatening candidate. Biden's nothingness as a candidate, in effect, made the election a referendum on Trump and his record, which did not suit him well because he has made a lot of enemies outside his base.
  11. 16 a side fixes most of the problems.
  12. Hmmm, maybe not. Mahoney was talking about their intention to have those picks because of the lack of exposed form making it harder to assess a lot of the talent, especially Victorian talent. As such the hit rate on earlier picks should be lower and there should be more of that talent seep through to the second round. Basically it's saying that early picks are overrated this year (compared with 'normal' years) because there is less certainty surrounding the selections, but picks in the 20s will be somewhat underrated because the lack of exposed form means that differentiating between tha
  13. I think we're a possibility to get into the top 10 with our picks. Turning more of our lower picks into fewer picks of similar value allows us to trade with teams that have very high picks and not that many available list spots. This is especially the case with list sizes reducing. For instance, you can't throw a million 4th rounders at the Dogs because they have only had 5 open list spots before the list reductions. That means that they only have 2 empty spots, effectively, so we can't give them more picks than they can use in the draft. For example (hypothetically), they may have 3 lis
  14. I love that we traded pick 26 as part of the Brown deal, then traded to get a single pick ahead of that minutes later. Nice.
  15. It isn't even our future fourth .... it's Brisbane's future fourth! North will be death riding Brisbane! That appears to be a good deal for us.
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