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  1. Herald Sun has us linked to Voss, El-Hawli and Noah Howes.
  2. 33 possessions and 2 goals against the Swans in the VFL last week not a bad way to represent just before the MSD.
  3. I suggest managing Windsor for a week to refresh him to play KB and then post bye is starting to look right. This would be on the basis of his GPS showing this being required but he seems to not be covering the ground as well as earlier in year. Otherwise assuming Petty is right to go no change but need to see more from Petty and McAdam in next 2 games.
  4. 6 Gawn 5 ANB 4 TMac 3 Viney 2 Tomlinson 1 Trac
  5. AMW’s stats/DT score I assume excite unless you watched the game. 16 of his 24 kicks were play ons from kicking out. He had limited impact. For the record Hunter was poor. The only reason he is being promoted is Billings confidence is shot with the ball and particularly in front of goal. Would be disappointed if Hunter is in the starting 22.
  6. Dont disagree with this. However plenty of examples last weekend with more experienced players where a message could have been better set. Either way Howes looked like he was starting to tire and with Tomlinson, TMac, May better to play a touch smaller/faster being Howes kind of plays in between.
  7. Out Brown, Billings, Lever, In: JVR, Langdon, Tholstrup Sparrow as sub.
  8. Hunter played/looked like a guy who’s been told his card is already marked for the exit.
  9. It does seem weird considering his one game impact. Surely this is not a park him til the MSD move?
  10. Brisbane look similarly depleted. A great opportunity for our kids to play a more central role.
  11. The question isn't whether punters want to watch all 9 games. The question is will more people watch if a game is after another game vs if your game finishes and another game is already progressing. I suggest the AFL know the difference this makes in eye balls and eye balls = broadcast $$$$. The broadcasters also would know what this means and the more eyeballs the more potential advertising $$$. As a punter it will irk me at times like this weekend but also I am sure there will be points with quality games pre or post ours that I will appreciate the fact I can watch them in full if I choose.
  12. Both Bedford and Jordon were around the mark for the Dees but had their chances to lock in spots in the year they moved on but never capitalised. We offered deals on both and they were targeted by teams with more cash and clearer roles for them. Jordon is very well suited to the SCG in particular and if Gus was on the list there would only be the ongoing argument as to he vs Sparrow in our rotation. Otherwise his situation would not have changed. Bedford again was offered a contract with us but did not back himself in to push ahead of Spargo in our small forward set up in 2023. It’s good to see both of them have positive starts with their new clubs but you cant say we did not try and retain them. The question is whether we gave them enough opportunity prior to their departure. Being they both played more than 15 games (noted some as sub) each in their final year with us it’s hard to argue we didn’t.
  13. After watching Casey this afternoon no one stamped themselves for a spot. I would take Kolt as the sub, play Woey back and trial Bowey as a high half forward in place of Chandler (who needs to be managed).
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