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  1. A side note on the suggestions of Petracca; tragically we only have one of him, but so long as he is mixing between the guts and the forward line he is an opponent that the opposition has to think about in their plan for both, and in both areas he's a nightmare match up. Put him on the wing and even if he does it just as well as his current role, the damage won't be as great. We don't need one of the game's top players out there, just someone appropriate for the role.
  2. It's a curiosity that in a team which is collectively supposed to be on the better end of fitness we have so few players with fitness and relentless mobility as their individual strength. It's particularly frustrating that the possible options who fit the role in some ways each have limitations (sustained speed, height, general form collapse) which rules them out. My read of the winger role is that you have to be at least reasonable in most areas to be effective. Even Langdon suffers disproportionately from his one weakness. Best solution I can think of without some player step
  3. Or is the point that has been easily missed that women should not have to tip their hat for permission to participate in community events according the whims of an ancient and venerable bastion of quite explicit chauvanism? Even symbolically. Anyway, the very easy adjustment has been made and you can take your little teacup and it's little storm and sip it till you burst.
  4. The complete story as told in Mary Poppins; And they all lived happily ever after.
  5. Personally, I'm not going to take australopithecus as a role model for social organisation in a post-industrial society. On the bright side, we're following the path biology was already moving us along; sexual dimorphism in humans and human ancestors has been erratic but clearly trending downwards over time. Another million years or so, the CWA will have no reason to reject Bitters except for Bitters being, you know, Bitters - and that's even before you factor things like tool use.
  6. I found myself curious about where exactly on the spread of this discussion one finds people blowing this thing out of proportion, seeing gender conspiracies everywhere, contriving outrage, fantasizing about slippery slope catastrophes and just generally being bizarrely passive-aggressive?
  7. Humming supercalafragiliciousexpialidocious as he went, I presume?
  8. A system of redoubts perpendicular to the main defensive line, which; - force opposition advances into predictable paths ending in kill-boxes, and - provide an advanced rallying point for swift counter-offensives.
  9. There's a subtle difference between a 'Coterie focused on x part of the community' and a supposedly 'all' event held at a place that specifically excludes women because they aren't considered proper parts of the business community. I wonder, how many women will be encouraged to contribute more to the club by holding events at places where they are not permitted to be members? "Not for a lack of invite," you say, but something tells me it's a little more complex than that, hey? But wait... women DO contribute a lot to the club. Both as cash donors and in all manner of active contribu
  10. Disappointed that we didn't grab Baldwin. Could be a gun if he eats enough bananas in the preseason. Essendon seem to be going for a lot of high-risk high-reward types and plenty of low-possession high-impact types. Anyone else quietly hoping that they finally do the full house of cards collapse that has been waiting to happen for years? All they need now is for Hurley's illness to be found to be related to a certain program of medically unsound... hmm... out of respect to Demonland, I won't even use full sentences in case some clutz (looking at you, Jon Ralph, yeah, we all see
  11. It's a bit awkward, there's only really meta-outrage so far.
  12. Well, that's just a dopey little error. How could any executive or event manager of any public-facing organisation not think to check the venue's reputation. And it is the reputation that counts - while that club has made some 'hey we really like women, some of my best mistresses are women' efforts in recent years, it is symbolically not a good association to have. Unfortunately it also speaks as a little reminder of the snooty upper class conservative side of MFC's own heritage. I wonder how many of the board that sacked Norm Smith for not being a proper pukka sahib were members?
  13. I added a thank you but now I've got My Sharona stuck in my head right before trying to go to sleep. To prevent this spreading any further I'm going to stay home, wear a mask, wear earmuffs, get vaccinated. Whatever it takes. Sharona 2021 would just be too much. (Parov Stelar youtube search saved the day) Also, many thanks for another quality report, Trooper Picket.
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