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  1. 2023: 39 goals for the season, averaging 1.5 marks inside 50, both behind only King at the Suns (and ahead of any Demon) Took more contested marks than any of our forwards did, whether you split it by average or total. Led the suns for goal assists and was behind only Noah Anderson for inside 50s. I suspect he is in fact a key forward. Possibly even a textbook modern CHF. When the coach permits it!
  2. Best part is that if he does it again he will still be able to affirm to the tribunal that he has never been suspended. Reminds me of a guy a used to know who had [definitely not Serbian mafia] lawyers who got him off driving charge after driving charge with 'good record' and 'first offence' arguments. None were recorded as convictions therefore the defence could be recycled every time. A little side note; I think it is time we started systematically tying the little red strings on the wall chart back to Channel 7. Starting to look like that network is leaning on the scales of the AFL, it's coverage, and it's administration in numerous 'unhelpful' ways.
  3. Shades of when Hawthorn gave Franklin a long early contract when he was still a teenager, and Franklin went on to kick 300 goals over the next 4 seasons. Definitely the same. Okay, so maybe just 200 goals, but that's the effect of the modern game. ;) But, seriously, Van Rooyen has shown enough that we can be confident he'll be a valuable contributor and a relatively flexible key forward throughout a full AFL career.
  4. The 2023 version of Lukosius would be a potent structural addition. Takes marks - including inside 50 and contested when the coach permits it. Can kick goals (39.22 in 2023) and set up goals (15 goal assists for 2023 and 6 score involvements per game) Gains metres and can do it in ways that disorient opposition defence thanks to his ability to roost it with accuracy over 40-50m as well as launch credible shots from outside 50. After having an excellent season in 2023 he appears to be pushed out of his best role due to pecking order and only being adequate so far this year. Getting him now and using his attributes as a mobile, connecting CHF would be like trading for Bailey Fritsch at the end of 2020, right before he was allowed to settle as a forward.
  5. Officially official for Murphy. https://www.afl.com.au/news/1110220/collingwood-magpies-defender-nathan-murphy-retires-due-to-concussion
  6. Not sure I could ever feel comfortable supporting him or going through the annoying conversations with people having a laugh at his haircut, off-field antics, and his on-field... hmmm... can't quite find the word for it to bypass the censors. Half-gluteal contributions to defence? Plus; knee, season. Our priority aside from the talls would be a more rounded and complete midfielder in the Andrew Brayshaw, Luke Davies-Uniake style. (RFAs, 2025)
  7. THE BUTTERING RAM A short graphic novel Mate, may I please have some duty of care please now? No. Look at me going for this ball... over here. 360 degree 'low impact' spin from contact to the face. Still looking for that other ball.
  8. Oh Richmond. Oh my. Oh me oh my. And is it too early to start the 'Jake Waterman restricted free agent 2025' thread?
  9. It actually doesn't look like much in the action but it followed the worst case scenario of being tipped at the same time as momentarily losing consciousness and then having a second heavy head impact with the ground. The image of him slow-spasming on the ground is true horror and it apparently wasn't until after he had been stretchered to the rooms that he regained consciousness, which is a frighteningly long time. Wishing the best for him.
  10. Sounds like the game has lifted in pace a bit - or at least the pace of scoring?
  11. Fun Fact: When Kolytn Tholstrup was seven years old, Ben Cousins was arrested at Esperance Airport and found to have meth stashed up his Maynard. Definitely should ask Tholstrup about it next time he joins the podcast.
  12. I wonder if he'll get a 'simulation' fine for his bit of theatrics in the game against us? He clearly felt something brush his hair and then four steps later he put on a poogasm face and clutched at his head. A bit embarrassing.
  13. Not going to analyze that very much. We were beaten and eaten by Harris Andrews. I don't think I've ever seen four marking forwards (Brown, Van Rooyen, Petty and Fristch) all have such bad days at the same time. Without taking supercoach seriously, still, they had 85 points between them! Overall we looked lethargic and only seemed really competitive in bursts plus the last quarter when Brisbane had also become tired. Umpiring seemed a bit iffy but it felt like it was just part of a pattern of poor luck in all things on the night. Windsor and Tholstrup are fine young players and will be fun to watch grow. Woewodin needs to spend a couple of months being Nibbler's shadow and absorbing everything he does. The bye is very much welcome.
  14. Don't think so, but he wears 39 and has ambitions to be awesome, so Neville Jetta is perfect.
  15. I think it is particularly scurrilous that they have bypassed the auto-censors by changing one letter to a symbol.
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