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  1. Well .... you must remember that daylight saving makes a difference !!
  2. Excellent description dazzle. JVR is now doing just this and is improving every week. You don't have to win the tap out but apply physical pressure so that the oppo ruck can't give his mids an armchair ride. (JVR will be sorely missed today)
  3. I took a leisurely drive to the game in Alice last year. What a shock and [censored] show that turned out to be! This year, I am firmly ensconced at The Manor for what I expect to be a tough and close struggle. Max will simply have to be more superhuman than ever as he is facing a two on one against a couple of serious players. As a team, a slow start must be avoided and we will need to take all our chances inside 50. Fritta is always reliable but we will need contributions from McAdam and Petty. Our defence will be the difference. Dees by 13 points.
  4. I had to turn the tv for the half time break. Dermie is unwatchable !!! He was a terrific footballer but an intellectual he aint.
  5. I've also been perplexing over this Tim.
  6. [censored] !!! We really surrendered 4 vital points against that mob. [censored] !!! again. What a waste.
  7. How can a player wave a doctor off ? That is bull [censored]. It makes a joke of concussion protocols.
  8. The kid Reid is a terrific player - no doubt. However, his lack of experience is showing out in this game. I reckon he can expect a hard tag for the rest of the season.
  9. It will be interesting Ethan . In my view it was a dead set sling. If he gets off, the system is even more corrupt than we already think.
  10. Ugle- Hagan was " in a contest on his own ". AnotherBT classic.
  11. The filth are getting a decent run from the umps! [censored] !
  12. Why wasn't that dissent against Sidebottom?
  13. The dog flattened. Beautiful to watch ...... sadly, he got up.
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