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  1. This little grand final package arrived at The Manor this morning ( from an anonymous admirer) It will complement the sweet taste of victory!
  2. You’re seeing it well before the rest of us Mega ……. so keep the result to yourself!!!
  3. Seems a bit bizarre to me Fanatique but …….hey ……each to his own!
  4. Well Tri , I did give the maid a jolly good thrashing this morning
  5. If I have another person saying something like - “A bit of success and demon supporters come out of the woodwork “ or “ getting on the bandwagon eh? “ I think I shall punch them in the [censored] mouth .
  6. I could teach him to speak a bit bitter
  7. Based on that interview, no media career for the choirboy
  8. Can’t stand that little choir boy from Essendrug
  9. If he wins , I hope he can afford a hairbrush
  10. An actual excuse to be the lecherous old drunk that I already am.
  11. Just as , some years ago, I tipped your good self for a well deserved Downlow !! I’m definitely right
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