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  1. There are so many ex players and other football “journalists “ in the media that they all try to squeak more loudly or “ logically “ than the other. They are mostly hacks and [censored] up at that.
  2. FMD !!! I love Demonland!!! I’ve never seen Oscar get so much support!!
  3. I’m certain Mr Bartlett will receive a jolly good thrashing, or at least a stinging rebuke from Saty , for daring to make negative, critical and albeit accurate comments about our precious players
  4. Same old same old. it’s just bouncing out of our forward line
  5. I’m excited about this game. Reckon we might shut up some critics. I’m a bit further into the booze than I wanted to be at this stage and I just loaded up on Sportsbet- bad combination But ..... who GAF - I’m confident
  6. True Luci , there’s some excellent brews from Heathcote and central Vic However, I must be unpatriotic and say my heart is in the Barossa. Besides the best Heathcote Shiraz is too expensive to slurp
  7. Anything from the Barossa at around $15 will more than satisfy your vulgar taste picket !
  8. Correct P man - it is compulsory! I have The top off 2 Shiraz quaffers . I am letting them take a deep breath before the ritual slaughter commences. These night games can be a real trap however and pacing oneself is essential In order to make a decent last quarter effort One must also retain some energy for the “apres ski” so to speak
  9. One positive test in the hub and it’s all over for 2020
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