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  1. Perhaps your good old Uncle Bitter should join the DA. Maybe even have a barbie at The Manor/
  2. Talkback radio is best described as " a pooling of ignorance". I cannot listen to it.
  3. !!!!!! As if The Manor's wine cellar would contain anything as vulgar as " comesting" quality!
  4. Any chance of a shiraz or at least cold stubby WCW?
  5. He didn't give much away, that's for sure!
  6. Well I'm certainly confused. As I understand it we have pick 13 ( which is really 14 .... or is it 15) ...... but according to another thread pick 19 is better! However, we are also going for pick 5 ( or 6) both of which seem unattainable ...... is that correct? Of course we've also got pick 37 but apparently all the decent players will be gone by then.
  7. Well, well ....... as usual, whenever I try to upgrade the level of conversation on this thread I am mocked and belittled. Bah to you all ! As punishment I shall deny you mangy scoffers my intellectual contributions for the next 24 hours.
  8. Yeah, and she's one of the smarter ones I've come across of late.
  9. This is apropos of nothing really but I just had to share it. I was speaking (well listening) to a female acquaintance yesterday and she saw fit to inform me of of the cause of our rather odd weather conditions. Apparently there was an earthquake last year ( location unspecified) which " knocked the Earth off its axles" and thus our our current extreme weather. Simples!
  10. No doubt I'll face the charge of being insensitive, but I must admit WCW, I found the mental image of a deranged ranga being mummified in crepe paper so sidesplittingly funny I almost spilled my shiraz.
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