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  1. I'll take care of what you bear picket , however, The Maid is rather concerned about what you might bare.
  2. What a great day! Demons win Two winners on Sportsbet Enjoying my second bottle of Shiraz About to give The Maid a jolly good rollicking LG !!!
  3. When your training reports win the Pulitzer prize picket, remember your old mates with donations of rare and expensive wines.
  4. Jesus there are some serious wankers on that thread!
  5. Pity Max didn't rip the [censored] 's [censored] head clean off!
  6. How dare you dazzle - @picket fencewanted to open this thread!
  7. Jesus Gnash - obviously we don't know the details but, depending on severity, that is a potentially long term injury. Lever demonstrated that he can run the show down back but Petty is a long way off like for like for May . He will probably get a chance but could we consider Tmac back and BBB ?
  8. May would have to be very doubtful under concussion protocols. I also wonder whether they reckon this game is when BBB gets a run It's a winning team so - Interesting times!
  9. Really difficult - which I'm really happy about Gawn - The captain showed the way - again Petracca Got plenty of it and love the muscle he provides Lever - Lead the defence Viney - His beastly best Clarrie - You just cant leave him out because he he gets the pill so often Kossie - Brilliant but more importantly he is creating pressure and match up problems. Oppo coaches are going to burn up energy wondering how to contain him Apologies to about 15 others
  10. A huge team effort! Doubters and cynics be silent ! WE ARE BACK !!!!!!!
  11. Now we stand up and show we are fair dinkum No excuses ! we must win on our merits
  12. [censored] umpires !!! You have got to be [censored] kidding!!!!’
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