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  1. Well I wasn’t suggesting a candlelit dinner at The Manor right off the bat WCW but surely a post match prandial moment at Hooters would be sublime?
  2. No one can ignore the Uncle Bitter charm offensive for long WCW! ” Resistance is futile”
  3. I watched last week's game and afterwards entrusted myself to @Sir Why You Little . I have no recollection of subsequent events so have just caught up with this thread. As it appears Max and Dogga are coming in then I imagine Weid and M Brown will go out. If only one of them goes (unlikely) then I would drop Weid. In my view he did not provide enough physical pressure in the ruck. M Brown is a better forward option. Bedford has been patchy but that is to be expected given his age and inexperience. What he does have is pace and not many of the Cat geriatrics could outrun him. In. Jackson, Max. Out. Weid, M. Brown. Disagree with calls for BBB to be dropped - he is fundamental to our set up.
  4. Your poor old Uncle Bitter is taking a well earned break from Manorial responsibilities and enjoying a balmy 28 degrees in downtown Bangkok. However, I shall be watching the mighty Dees thrash the Crows this afternoon. No ruck? No worries! Our mids will create plenty of opportunities and ,if our defence is as miserly as last game, the Crows will be lucky to get 50 points. I'm tipping May to play a cracker. I'm very confident. I am meeting that Demonland luminary ( and Bangkok tour guide) SWYL at a sports Bar of his recommendation to enjoy the game. SWYL assures me that the establishment has a very welcoming atmosphere and is located in the Toorak of Bangkok. Nana , I believe, is the name of the suburb.
  5. Thanks for those pertinent stats Dazzle. I was at the game and thought BBB played an excellent first quarter. Particularly as Brisbane was pressing hard at the time. In fact, I thought he was in for a big one but, as you say, he faded. Not all posters understand that stats must be read and considered within a context.
  6. The filth getting rolled by GWS would top off the round nicely. Very nicely indeed !!
  7. Saints should start a re build . They are barely VFL standard on tonight's performance.
  8. Give yourself a jolly good thrashing WCW
  9. Well ..... I used to have a domestic helper to paint my toenails WCW...but ... ( as I'm a reformed and woke individual) I can no longer provide details on intimate matters
  10. I sometimes have that deficiency chook.
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