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  1. More than that, imagine what it would do for the individual and team confidence of our players and belief going forward. " We're on the right path boys, keep up the hard work and keep improving"
  2. This is me, every time time I watch a game. The inconsistencies in awarding free kicks is simply (cliche alert) "doing my head in".
  3. There it is again. Umpires influencing the game. Norf doesn't get the push in the back - druggies do
  4. Correct they are making some basic errors
  5. A shot of the druggies cheer squad is vomit inducing
  6. Norf hits the front! I'm getting a tingle in the nethers !!!!
  7. No ! I'd quite enjoy kicking the [censored] out of them while they're down.
  8. We can all hope WCW !!! What a wonderful end to the weekend it would be! Essendrug is just a [censored] club - I hate the [censored]!
  9. Another umpiring shocker ! Should have been Green's free or mark
  10. FMD! This some last quarter - goal for goal!
  11. Kozzie is an instinctive player. If he sees the opportunity for a grab - he'll always go for it. This is why he's so exciting to watch. Don't think just do!
  12. Umpires helping Richmond out in the last quarter. That OOB on the full looked a shocker
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