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  1. FMD !!! Things are a bit fiery tonight !! Take a deep breath lads , thrash the maid if you have one , or ...... slosh down a decent Shiraz .
  2. Yeah I remember that time P2J, we all fell about laughing and thought Gale was a d' head! Not so funny now!!!!
  3. Prelim as a minimum, I would reckon Luci. At least the same as 2018.
  4. Riewoldt looks like he’s moving in a tub of concrete
  5. FMD. !! Dusty might a [censored] but he is a gun!!’
  6. If I was paying Lynch , I’d want my money back [censored] useless!
  7. Doesn’t everyone have a 50 seat home theatre?
  8. He could have dropped his elbow and turned side on. The [censored] knew what he was doing
  9. You confused me for a moment there Steve - I thought you were on my guest list. However, it's whipped waitress at The Manor
  10. Well put your money up - back g Th hem in the Granny
  11. Don't really care but I'm hoping Brisbane wins
  12. Hey demonstone sorry to out you but you’re obviously Sam the Sub of Coodabeens fame .
  13. I just can't see us getting pick 9 for Preuss .
  14. Posters are entitled to their opinions Neita - like em or not.
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