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  1. When one has a guts like mine, such a thing is impossible!
  2. I believe you are correct in regards to pronunciation pit , however the spelling on electoral material was Death - no apostrophe.
  3. When local council elections are held , “The Manor “vote avoids incumbents as far as possible and always prefers new blood. As an oddity, there was a new candidate in the recent election with the surname of “Death “ ( no kidding). She was elected easily. Everyone I spoke to voted for her on the basis of a quirky name. Elections are peculiar events
  4. As things stand, I can't see the season going ahead without some sort of Hub or quarantining arrangement around travelling teams. If the players want to play, they will have to "buy in". The circumstances surrounding last year's cancelled Melbourne Essendon game shows that we are, at any time, only one positive test away from a fixturing disaster.
  5. Nailed it Dame G !! It is simply inexplicable
  6. I’m not specifically referring to Patton here but the mind numbing stupidity of how people use social media never ceases to astonish me
  7. What a [censored] show this lock down training is! I really enjoyed a January trip to Gosch’s with Moonie and one or two others followed by a boozy counter lunch
  8. Perhaps you need to visit The Manor and do some penance Luci ?!
  9. In my case od, the root of evil comes from overloading on Shiraz
  10. I’m a Trident member. I received my badge, a lanyard and a couple of stickers No pin or any other “reward” offers
  11. I remember Billy Goggin consistently kicking "stabs" through a target on World of Sport. ( Probably mid sixties)
  12. Murray would surely be the only bloke who played a game of league footy on Saturday arvo and then wrestled at Festival Hall that night
  13. Nah you’ll be right for season opener od ! All that single malt and free Pinot you quaff should be better than any vaccination !!
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