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  1. Flag, you make a good point here and one that surprised (amazed) me as I watched it. Pendlebury argued vehemently with the umpires and got the decision reversed. The replays indicate that Pendles was correct - fair enough. However, I've never seen this happen before. In fact, you often hear the commentators laughing when a player argues with an umpire. " Haha BT , have you ever seen a free kick reversed" ? "" Ho!Ho! It never happens" Well it did [censored] happen and I'd be int
  2. You raise important .... even crucial questions bingers - no doubt about it. For mine the answer lies in how much money I've won ..... or lost on Sportsbet .................... and whether or not The Maid has found a new hiding spot.
  3. The Monkees !!! FMD you were dead then How about the Everly Bros or even the big O ?
  4. Decent sentiments Ernie but that’s the world we live in. The “ freedom of expression “ that has developed via social media is quite out of control The age of innocence has , sadly, passed
  5. Picket I’m sure your ability to slurp booze and keep the social club alive had something to do with it!
  6. Jackson ( Liking this kid more and more) Jordan (Another good young'un) Petracca May Salem Langdon
  7. Agreed. Weid simply must go - another Barry Crocker today. BBB should be given the time to settle in to our structure ( though I'm not sure what that was today) Viney in. Sparrow is the logical out but he will get more opportunities.
  8. On today's effort we'd need to throw in steak knives for someone to take him
  9. Very ordinary. Very disappointing. Looked flat and tired. Hopefully the bye will allow us to reset and freshen up Weid gone!
  10. I’m about to spew up a decent Shiraz We’re [censored]
  11. The Maid ends up in the stocks for far less than that chook
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