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  1. 'Closed sessions' mean nothing to our intrepid Pulitzer Prize winning reporter @picket fence !!!
  2. Sir Les, the ideal role model for an Aussie traveller. Cultural sensitivity at its best
  3. Bah! You are such a vulgar layabout Biffen. Please stop distracting me from preparing for my imminent tour of enlightenment to Siam.
  4. I thought I was a pretty good bull ****ter but some of the stuff in this thread makes me look a rank amateur.
  5. How very kind of you to point that out Deelightful ! It is fitting of course that such a milestone belongs to my good self, since I contribute the intellectual and cultural content to this thread. Speaking of culture, I shall be expanding my studies through a visit to Thailand, commencing Tuesday. PS. As a token of my gratitude to you Deelightful , I have gifted your post a vomit emoji.
  6. Based on my, admittedly infrequent listening to SEN, I would the rate the ads as more entertaining and informative than the commentators/broadcasters.
  7. [censored] deever ! Under no circumstances could you support the Indians!
  8. [censored] ! Do I get this? We have "Opening round", then we have round 1? The [censored] AFL just gets [censored] sillier year by [censored] year! We all just want to see some games of footy dealt out as equitably as the equation allows.... surely? The AFL have made obfuscation an art form.
  9. @Biffen and @Moonshadow returned to the fold! An odd aberration! As far as I am aware they remain degenerate idlers. I can only assume the Optus dropout in some way infected @Demonland 's software.
  10. I hope so too SL, but I doubt that will be the case until ..... possibly mid season.
  11. Historic events. Historic allegations. Historic charges. Jeez it's such a nebulous area. I refuse to speculate. I can barely remember the sins I committed last week much less 40 or 50 years ago.
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