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Melbourne & Mark Neeld: It Wasn’t All Bad

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Jeepers, what a great bit of click bait.  I had to read it to understand what the hell old mate was going to put a spin on that time.

If Neeld was key to bring Jason Taylor across then ok, I'll pay some credit there as JT has done a fine job.

Not even sure if there is proof that he was a/the reason JT came across but well done on one thing positive out of his disastrous tenor.


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2 minutes ago, poita said:

The only positive from Neeld's time was that we knew for certain where rock bottom was and that the only way we could head from there was up.

I didn't feel we were rock bottom to be honest - I felt like they were going to close the doors and the MFC would cease to exist with the club in turmoil.  We're so incredibly lucky the AFL stepped up to the plate.  

That would have been rock bottom.

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4 hours ago, Demonland said:


An unmitigated disaster if EVER there was one! Any else seen the cringworthy round 1 Vision of Neelds pre match player rev up and post match "Didn't see that comin" Footage??

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It was every bit as bad. Our bad memories of that period have been softened by last year (at long, long last).

Many would have had the experience I had. My 2 boys flatly refused to come to the football over that time - no amount of bribery would budge them. We risked losing a large part of a generation of teenage supporters.

It was only the lure of upcoming MCC membership that kept them remotely interested - and it was very remote.

Funnily enough all is now forgiven with them but we should never risk that debacle happening again

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Rohan Connelly?

The guy can't string two words together. He's the thinking man's Mike Carlton. They shouldn't be allowed alcohol.

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I have what’s called ‘dissociative PTSD’ about our 2012-13 seasons. I know on some level I was at the G when Essendon beat us by 148 points but every time I try to picture it all I see is me living in Provence for those 2 years, wearing a beret, and cycling down each morning to pick up a baguette. It’s very civilised. 

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