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  1. My view is it was accidental. If you look at the replay in slo-mo, May actually pulled Hawkins towards himself by the jumper at the same moment Hawkins handballed. That exacerbated the close contact and brought his swinging arm from the handball closer to May's face. I don't see how you could possibly charge Hawkins with an offence, let alone think he did it in any way deliberately.
  2. Just a note that the AFL abolished all affiliation fees for country football leagues in 2018. Maybe too late, but at least it was done.
  3. I think there's a tendency when examining the forward set up to just divide them into "talls and smalls" and go by the old "two and four" maxim, as if talls have the turning circle of the Titanic and the smalls are the only nimble crumbers and pressure players. Rather than just height, mobility is a consideration as well as ability on the ground. TMac (since trimming down and getting fitter), Jackson and Weideman are all very mobile. Jackson is also very athletic, good below his knees and with development has the ability to play like a midfielder. I think the two and four "tradition"
  4. Gawn took a number of intercept marks in the backline last night, all of which could have saved a goal to the opposition. Saying that a 208cm ruckman who can reach higher than anyone else on the ground "should stay out of the backline" is silly.
  5. Yep, Chandler would be good relieving in the ruck. 😉
  6. Trained today. Maybe he was visiting Aaron Neitschke in hospital?
  7. Neville Jetta took a few years to become an overnight success.
  8. Be careful in deleting that you don't lose data you want, or that sites you log in to using Facebook don't then lock you out. "Deactivation" might be a better option than "Deletion", because your data is kept. If you want to delete, there are also ways of transferring information like photos to other sites before you do so. I agree that Facebook's nuclear-option response is terrible. An alternative method of protest is to send a Spam Report to Facebook for every sponsored advert you see.
  9. All very well, but what level he aspires to is something for Paddy to make, and some club to accept.
  10. As is usually the case, it's not simply a matter of "yes", "no" or "take a punt". It's a matter of his fitness for football, his personal motivation and wellbeing, the likely length and risk for his future in football, what it would cost the club in terms of his contract conditions and length, and whether those factors outweigh any health risk. McCartin was a #1 draft pick after all. There's a big difference between offering, say, a 2-3 year contract and offering a rookie position on basically match payments. The club would consider all that in a decision. My feeling is "no", bu
  11. I'm guessing because the contact tracing found that's when the positive person attended the MCG. They may have not been positive then and picked it up, or they were positive when they attended and were therefore a transmission risk. I notice that the worthless Covid-Safe App hasn't found a single contact in the current scenario. By contrast, my Google Locations data (I do subscribe) will tell me exactly where I went and the exact times I was there. I can tell I went to "XYZ" cafe in "ABC" town from 10.45 to 11.35am, for example. This is extremely useful data for my personal safety, and I'
  12. Fears today that someone who tested positive possibly picked up the virus at the MCG on the second day of the Test. A lot of contacts to trace! If NSW goes ahead with crowds at the Sydney test, they're mad.
  13. The data on that government website comes from State police stats! 🤣 In the "lockdown versus the economy" Covid-19 debate, the right-wing media have long dismissed deaths as being unimportant or irrelevant because they were all "old people who were going to die anyway" (of co-morbid conditions). Now when they want to take aim at Andrews, they're important apparently. Meanwhile, I think Gladys needs to go. Victoria got a case from NSW today, first non-quarantine case in 51 days. NSW's numbers are now about the same as Victoria's were a few days into the second wave. It was OK to close
  14. Suicides have not increased during Covid-19. "In Australia, data on suspected suicides in 2020 have been released for Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales from their respective suicide registers. In all cases there is no evidence to date of any increase relative to previous years." https://www.aihw.gov.au/suicide-self-harm-monitoring/data/covid-19
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