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  1. Despite a premiership and being up to our eyeballs this year, it seems for some that the veil of negativity never really went away. I don't understand why, but I guess most football supporters are by nature pessimistic and can only highlight mistakes.
  2. It's an adductor, unless you're getting kidnapped.
  3. Brisbane should change their name to the Giraffes.
  4. Another dangerous tribunal decision that totally flies in the face of the stated aim of reducing concussion.
  5. Man-bun? When was the last time you watched Grundy play?
  6. No extra penalty, but a $5000 cost for the appeal.
  7. Funny, the only Collingwood supporters I know are a doctor, a lawyer, a school principal and an agricultural consultant.
  8. If JVR is still "a few years away", he'll be back to WA for lack of opportunity and we'll waste 2-3 years on him.
  9. They had a lot of shots from close range without much angle. Several came from HTB free kicks close to or in the goal square. It probably says more about our somewhat-panicked defence on the night rather than their goal kicking accuracy.
  10. I'd prefer one week, so he misses against us but comes back for Collingwood.
  11. I always turn to the Australian Government Style Manual for clarification on matters of writing. In regard to numerals it just says "there can be no absolute rules to cover every possible contingency. In the absence of specific instructions, the decision whether to use figures or words in particular instances must be made by the editor ...". So nothing is "right" or "wrong". It does recommend words for numbers less than 10. Generally numerals are used in scientific, technical or mathematical work, and words are used in prose, descriptive or narrative work. But this isn't exclusive (see editor's choice above). I agree that numerals should never be used to start a sentence. Also, on a totally separate issue, the correct written term is per cent, not percent.
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