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  1. I should add that these conspiracy theorists are mostly either paranoid or delusional, and they believe vaccine production is part of a world takeover by "Big Pharma". What's more, they believe they can control diseases by allowing their children to contract them, use "natural therapies" to remediate and they will therefore become immune. Like I said, you can't argue with their irrationality.
  2. The protestors are QAnon or conspiracy-following adherents who still believe Covid is a hoax perpetrated by a dangerous world order, and that the rest of the population are sucked-in "sheeples". Trying to argue rationally about risk and science with people who are basically irrational is pointless.
  3. Alarm bells lead to panic. That's the last thing we need. Calm, rational analysis and decisions are much better,
  4. On a wet, cold night, I don't actually think DE means as much. So many kicks are just forcing the ball any way forward under pressure and in the wet conditions.
  5. Interesting to see what's going to happen if the NT closes the border with Victoria before Saturday.
  6. I don't get what the difference is between free-to-air on a Friday night and free-to-air on a Saturday night. Both are equally attractive to me. The worst scheduling is the Saturday twilight "pink women" game this weekend. Ruins the whole idea with the poor timeslot.
  7. One's number 15 and one's number 29. 😄
  8. Maybe once or twice a season. 😂
  9. The umpiring wasn't that bad. You sound like an Essendon supporter!
  10. Plays to his "limitations" or plays to his "strengths"? He's a good evader, has a high football IQ and picks out players and forwards inside 50 with accurate kicks.
  11. Except he's not that "old"! 21 years of age and has only played 21 games. For a 197cm KPB, many people here were quick to write off a player who is young, learning but with huge potential. Last year plenty here wanted Petty delisted (along with players like Spargo, Tom Mac, JJ and Hunt).
  12. This will be my first and only post in this thread. I'll come back to read the post-game thread when the match is over. 🤨
  13. The way I see it is that with our age profile we are in or approaching a 5-6 year premiership window. While we now have an experienced core group, this weekend we still had the 3rd youngest team for the round, and for many weeks we have had seven high-potential players who are 21 or under (Spargo, Sparrow, Jackson, Rivers, Jordon, Pickett and Petty), most of whom haven't yet played 20 games. We also have good, recent first-round draft picks like Bowey and Laurie coming up. The team has far exceeded my expectations for this year. We may not get to the GF, and may not be premiers. It will be great if we make it and it won't be surprising given our season so far. We'll give it a great shot, but on the downside having so many players 21 or under in a GF, or a finals series, this year is statistically against us. But watch out for 2022 to 2026, especially when vaccinations manage Covid-19 better and the seasons are hopefully back to more "normal". I'm neither optimistic nor pessimistic, but I think realistic.
  14. I'm not panicking. I'm watching all of you panic. It's more entertaining.
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