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  1. How to rank the draft: Give every club that had a top 5 pick an A or A+ Give the clubs with picks 6-10 an A or B+ Give clubs with picks in the remaining first round a B or a C+ Give the clubs with picks 20-40 a C+ or C. All the rest give a D Easy.
  2. Blaithin Mackin: Armagh player helps Demons win Women's Australian Rules title Blaithin Mackin making waves Down Under as Melbourne Demons tackles Brisbane Lions in AFLW Grand Final Glory for Irish duo as Blaithin Mackin and Sinead Goldrick win AFLW title with Melbourne Demons
  3. Apart from the capacity, the ground looked perfectly suitable for a match. Even the length wasn't that short, probably some metres longer than the SCG.
  4. I didn't think the venue looked anywhere near as bad as some people here made out.
  5. The PGA golf in Brisbane has just been suspended due to an incoming electrical storm.
  6. Probably the Demons have a very even spread of talent, whereas some sides have a very dominant player or two e.g. Conti, Kearney. Champion teams and all that.
  7. Interesting article today by the Age sports reporter Peter Ryan titled "Democracy is spreading like wildfire through AFL clubs, and some can't handle it". He suggests "part of the shift is due to built-up tension emerging after a decade where a tap on the shoulder from an influential figure saw a person with the requisite skills and standing (from a club’s perspective, at least) invited on to the board via a nominations committee ..." He mentions Melbourne's attempts to limit the Deemocracy group and their victory in court to gain access to email addresses. Are club boards doing the right thing to keep control of processes, or swimming against the democratic tide?
  8. In 2024 two-thirds of the comp is going to be in the premiership window. Really?
  9. Probably reached good luck status by now.
  10. Agree. The lot of backline players unfortunately. Realistically you'd need to put all 18 in the best yesterday.
  11. Four goals in the last quarter, I thought they were! The weakest quarter was the 2nd. Meanwhile, their possible opponent next week, in somewhat better conditions, has kicked 0.2.2 to half time against St Kilda.
  12. Gee, windy day with some slippery conditions and people are blaming Daisy for her last-minute choice and missing a pin-point pass. Winning by 80 or so was always a huge task and they only just missed it. C'est la vie.
  13. Well, it was also governments, not just companies, that made rules about data and data retention. To buy a mobile phone until recently you needed the standard two items of ID. You still need a driver's licence. This is government mandated, so your data is everywhere. Organisations like health insurers then need to keep data for 7 years. I get emails from Medibank about their data breach, but haven't been a customer for four years. If I'm not a customer, why do they still need my data? Again, it's government mandated. On the flip side, I bought a new phone the other day, and of course it's a "new device". You can't easily remove your old device from some databases like MyGovID. It's hard to do online and easier to ring them (but get a callback to save waiting hours in a queue). So be careful what you wish for when you complain about "security".
  14. These are all good. But that still doesn't mean we give the board carte blanche to do anything. It all depends on the road they are going to travel from here.
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