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  1. Leave the last century to the last century. Just have a best 21st century team.
  2. I live in the "regions", and there's no way I'm going to spend $500 for the whole family to go to an event like this. You have to wonder where celebrating a premiership ends and price-gouging begins.
  3. Unrealistic? Fritsch would have marked that ball if Gawn hadn't got hands to it first.
  4. Congratulations to Easton Wood on his career. There are only two Bulldog's premiership captains, Charlie Sutton and him. Although I think his decision may have been prompted by finding himself five metres behind Bayley Fritsch on a number of occasions! (It wasn't a free kick to Schache. Brayshaw's action actually punched the ball.)
  5. Langdon and Brayshaw helped re-define Melbourne's game, with hard running from defence to attack and back again, constantly throughout games. Opponents found them hard to keep up with and match, and they were a huge part of our success (and badly-needed outside run). Here's to #positivewingers!
  6. There are some good stories of players who have come from other clubs and are now Melbourne premiership players ... Lever, May, Langdon, Brown. Hibberd is one of them, and he would never had reached that achievement staying at Essendon. It was great to see him become a premiership player towards the end of his career.
  7. This year I haven't even given one iota of thought to trading or draft picks.
  8. I think Duryea felt one of his tackles. 😃 I noticed how strongly Spargo and Pickett congratulate each other on a goal. Must be some mutual respect and friendship there.
  9. Would have been interesting to see the decision if he'd pushed Bowey into the goalpost.
  10. No wonder Max can play like he does ... he's got four legs!
  11. The sale of memorabilia is going to make a huge income and welcome profit for the club. It is the advantage and result of the hard work done to win a premiership. However, I'm disappointed that the club is going so far as to auction off match-day Mascot experiences for kids. Given they are selling for $1000-$2000 per game so far, it means that the children who can be Mascots are almost certainly going to be from very privileged Melbourne families. I'd hope that children from less-advantaged Demon families would be able to participate as mascots, and not be shut out because their parents can't afford the cost. I think the club should reconsider this auction item, or make arrangements for some children whose parents aren't rich.
  12. The youngest players in a premiership side are always going to get one early. And Marlion Pickett got a premiership in his first game in 2019 and by the time he'd played 20 games he had two.
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