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  1. That study didn't examine the widespread usage of masks in 100% of the population as a preventative mechanism. It only examined the protective value of a mask when contacts are not wearing masks. Of course it's not going to show a great benefit. The study actually concludes: "... These findings do not provide data on the effectiveness of widespread mask wearing in the community in reducing SARS-CoV-2 infections." Masks greatly decrease aerosol spread from each individual. The value of masks is when everybody wears one. They help reduce the chance of getting Covid-19,. not because you
  2. And two games of golf. Gates is going to control the world when all those microchips go in. We'll all be his menial droids!
  3. Out west that would be the Choir of Hard Knocks wouldn't it?
  4. Trump, the Murdoch media (specifically the New York Post) and a whole lot of right-leaning social media, didn't "sweep it under the rug". They went all out for Hunter Biden. But just like the "rigged and fraudulent election", it's just another lie and conspiracy theory believed only by Trump and his supporters. It had nowhere to go. There's not one scintilla of evidence that any of it was true, not even the mythical laptop and the blind repairer. That's why the rest of the media ignored it. Hunter is a good man like his father and late brother, and the pathetic vendetta against him was deplora
  5. I don't think the problem will be administration. They can roll out the same process as they do for the flu vaccine ... GPs, medical centres, chemists. Maybe even set up travelling buses, trucks or trains. Any clogging of the system will be ensuring enough manufacturing, distribution and coping with demand.
  6. They voted Trump from a fear of "Socialism" and "Communism". It takes priority over Trump's racism.
  7. Trump is like a football team that's a point up halfway through the last quarter, the fresher opposition is coming home with the wind, and they want to stop the match now so they win.
  8. In the mid 1960s when he was playing VFL, Blair ran a Sunday footy game for local kids in Hedgeley Dene Gardens in East Malvern. Every second kid from around the area would turn up, to be divided into two teams and play. Blair would umpire. It was great fun until the Council banned footy in the park because the kids were chopping up the lawn too much. I remember one Blair's favourite local kids was Robert Lamb, who went on to play 58 games for Richmond and 7 for South Melbourne. Lamb is the only player in Richmond history to have kicked 8 or more goals in a game at Senior, Reserve and Und
  9. I think you'll find that all three (Wilson, MSS and Unified) were contractors to different hotels. (Wilson have stated they weren't contractors to Rydges or Stanford) The point is that Unified and MSS didn't fulfill their performance obligations and didn't train their staff properly, despite it being a requirement.
  10. Yep, here's all the "left-wingers" on the board of MSS Security, who won one of the questionable contracts and were supposed to train their staff on procedures and PPE as part of it, but apparently gave it cursory attention. Or just sub-contracted out. https://msssecurity.com.au/about-us/our-executive-team/ The same company that claims on their website to have over 6000 employees, offering: "fully trained, highly visible uniformed security officers who deliver the services in accordance with the client’s requirements". who say that "at MSS Security, we know that well-tr
  11. I'm not "left" and I don't have a problem with witnesses being re-called. Unlike you, I'll wait for the results. It may not suit the government. It may not suit the opposition. It may not suit Peta Credlin. It may not suit you. But it will be honest, fair and impartial.
  12. Personally I'm waiting for the result of the inquiry before attributing cause.
  13. Yes it is. Coate has been a judge of the Family Court of Australia, a Commissioner in the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, the first female President of the Children's Court of Victoria, a Commissioner of the Victorian Law Reform Commission and the Victorian Coroner. Very few are as qualified as she is to examine the Hotel Quarantine inquiry. Your attack on her is disgraceful. Witnesses being recalled to give further evidence when matters come to light is not unusual. And the inquiry isn't even finished yet, but I'm guessing you think that th
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