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  1. I don't. They'll think winning is easy.
  2. Pleasing that he says tackling is part of the game he enjoys most.
  3. The last home and away game in 2021 was nail-biting. 😬
  4. So far the only drum that's beating is Eddie's.
  5. Against the Tigers, we won clearances 32-25, stoppage clearances 24-15 and contested possessions 136-119. In what way were we "smashed"?
  6. 6 Gawn 5 Lever 4 May 3 Rivers 2 Turner 1 Pickett
  7. Why in that graphic is Brisbane named first?
  8. Hermannsburg is also renowned as being the birthplace of Albert Namatjira.
  9. mauriesy


  10. My perception is that the umpires changed the technique of boundary throw-ins not long ago. They sling it across their chest more angularly, rather than just straight over their head. This might be to get the ball thrown a greater distance, but I think it has lowered the depth accuracy and given more error in direction. You often see the ball going well left or right of where the ruckmen expect it to land.
  11. Pavlov's dogs only needed occasional reinforcement to stop. 😄
  12. "Since round 10 last year" is picking an artificial point to skew the stats.
  13. The lesson would be that Lever and everybody else shouldn't jump to conclusions.
  14. Surely they'd be Fullo, Jeddo, Willo, Kyo, Hunto and Shano? ☺️
  15. Last year Melbourne scored 2002 points, Sydney scored 1994. Not much different.
  16. I wonder if Fullarton is happy that no-one can spell his name?
  17. Not difficult at all. They were both lured home (by Fremantle) and for family reasons. "The other guy" worked out for Fremantle, Hogan didn't and still wasn't happy. He had a navicular stress fracture and mental health issues that didn't help.
  18. Yes. I take issue with the word "refuse" in the SEN headline. Just because we can't fix a problem doesn't mean we've refused to address it. What forward has actually realistically been available for trade or at our draft picks? For all I know, we've tried.
  19. Spargo will be part of the new, improved delivery inside 50, or I think that's the theory.
  20. They have. I remember when Matty Whelan got lauded by us for his hit on James Hird.
  21. He cut his hair and, like Samson, lost his power. Same thing happened to Ben Brown. ☺️
  22. Yes, but some still yearn for the idea of the full back going forward in the last quarter and kicking three goals, or the full forward going in to the middle and crashing the pack to win a clearance.
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