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  1. Gotta love Max. https://www.afl.com.au/video/679296/the-making-of-max-clayton-s-motto-they-created-harry-gawn-unplugged?videoId=679296&modal=true&type=video&publishFrom=1632301200001
  2. Amazing how you've changed your tune after 5 years of negativity. "Why hasn't Goodwin been sacked already?" "You could give him 50 yrs but the club would be gone within 4. Can't coach, stubborn, bereft of ideas how to fix straightforward issues."' "No team has consistently won finals with a defence as weak as ours. It's objectively true yet a lot here think our defence is doing a good job. We can't defend once the ball goes into our back 50. It's simply undeniable." "It's an indictment on the club regardless of 'how far we've come'. It's failure pure and simple. Just like its a failure to lose like we did against Geelong. We are a mentally weak club. Supporters should demand more."
  3. I don't know why that stupid right-wing term "cancel culture" gets brought in here. We all need to seek the truth. We should not be beholden to a Tudge view of history. Where I live, there are several streets in a number of towns named after pioneers who were likely involved in indigenous atrocities in the squatting era. There will be justificable moves to change the names as the truth comes to light.
  4. We should have picked Wines. But Toumpas has done what few of us here have done ... played 35 games of AFL football.
  5. It depends on how you count. If you count from the day after the qualifying final, we'll have played 1 game in 27 days. If you count from the day of the round 23 match against Geelong, we'll have played 3 matches in 35 days. Two more games in 8 more days. It suits whatever narrative you want to put forward.
  6. TMac will be OK. He could have had two goals last match, both good leads, one a near-set shot miss and the other a kick from Neal Bullen that went over his head. (And we should have been 8-10 goals up at half time , there were gettable shots missed by Jackson (2), Petracca (2), TMac, Brayshaw and Langdon. There is lots of talk about Geelong's forward line, but I'd be just as fearful of Jackson, Brown, TMac, Fritsch, Pickett and Spargo (not to mention Petracca) if I were Geelong's backs.
  7. It's embarrassing reading the first page of this thread again. Goodwin is just another in a line of coaches (e.g. Alistair Clarkson and Damien Hardwick) who were rated poorly early in their career. I remember some of the vitriol aimed at Clarkson in his first two years when the Hawks finished 14th and 11th. Or Hardwick when they finished 15th and 12th.
  8. Our free kick differentials this year. With a few exceptions, midfielders get them, backs and bulls give them away.: Baker 0-0 Bowey 1-6 Brayshaw 10-19 Ben Brown 6-5 Mitch Brown 0-2 Chandler 0-2 Fritsch 15-20 Gawn 31-29 Harmes 20-24 Hibberd 16-10 Hunt 16-19 Jackson 22-11 Jetta 4-2 Jones 3-4 Jordon 18-9 Langdon 14-8 Lever 21-22 May 14-17 McDonald 22-26 Melksham 3-10 Neal-Bullen 30-20 Oliver 41-44 Petracca 21-27 Petty 10-14 Pickett 20-18 Rivers 7-13 Salem 12-18 Smith 1-2 Sparrow 12-14 Spargo 25-14 Tomlinson 2-6 Vandenburg 0-4 Viney 22-15 Weideman 3-1
  9. Be like Charlie Spargo! After going 3-7 last year, this year he's 25-14.
  10. Nearly two-third of the Bulldog's free kick differential is four players: Liberatore 32-24 McCrae 41-28 Hunter 32-8 Bontempelli 41-33 It's a midfield thing.
  11. Goody knows more in that interview than all the "expert scribes"!
  12. To be pedantic, the verdict was "guilty". The penalty is three weeks.
  13. There are interesting scenarios and ridiculous scenarios. Usually the ones that involve half a dozen players and ten pick swaps are ridiculous.
  14. A premiership and the lure of more will help.
  15. Not particularly interested in years prior to this one. Last time was about a 40-60 split (first half-second-half). We can do it again. Saying we need need to bring our A game in a final is like saying we need to kick a higher score ... a truism.
  16. Maybe not exclusion, but perhaps receive a lower hospital rebate. Sooner or later we need to provide the incentives for people to help themselves. Why should the medical system incur huge costs, that we all pay for, to treat someone who illogically refuses preventative medicine like a free vaccination? I realise this might mean that, say, a smoker dying of lung cancer or an obese person with diabetes, could be in the same situation. But how far do we go with pandering to people who won't help themselves? And a line may need to be drawn somewhere. Living in a rural area, I pay heavily for bushfire insurance, but I also do a lot of work to reduce fire hazards and fuel levels. It's in my interest to help reduce fire impacts and keep premiums lower, for me and even for those who are uninsured and let fuel build up right next to their house. But insurance companies are now starting to refuse (or at least greatly increase premiums) for insurance in very high risk zones.
  17. Even recently he was adamant we'd blown it and were going to finish 5th.
  18. So four teams in the 8 are very positive (+146) and four are somewhat negative (-45). Two teams in the top 4 are positive (+45) and two are negative (-22). Significance?
  19. I was 13½. Listened to it on the radio in the kitchen at home (probably on 3DB). I started going to games in 1965 with a high school mate. We just thought "premierships". I think I may have aided the "curse".
  20. Up with our greatest wins ever, and you give negative reviews of half the team. 😢
  21. One week doesn't fit in with the "Selwood gets away with everything and we get crucified for nothing" mantra.
  22. So what does "toughen up" really mean? Ignore it? So you "toughen up" and it still happens, then what ... keep letting it go? Eddie Betts has been trying to "toughen up" after 15 years and 350 games and it still gets him down. You could see the other night he was just sick of it. "Toughening up" can be used by those who don't want to actually deal with the racism, because it's too hard. We still need to fight against it and raise it when it happens. It's like bullying. Trying to tell someone to toughen up against bullying just panders to the bully and excuses their behaviour. Kozzie needs to know that the large majority of football supporters (especially Melbourne) love him and respect him, and will call out racism when it happens. That they will support him when he calls it out himself. Not be simply told to "toughen up" and let it persist. Taking a stand is the real "toughening up" and we all need to do it. Otherwise Nicky Winmar, Heritier Lamumba and Adam Goodes haven't taught us anything.
  23. Yep, we slacked off and had trouble against GC. 😒
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