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  1. Had to laugh at Titus O'Riley's description: "Sydney fans held their faces in their hands as they watched Tom Hawkins pluck the ball out of the ruck, not once but twice. It appeared the Swans players had never seen this before, even though everyone in the stands predicted it was going to happen as the ball was thrown in."
  2. We won the free kick count 19-13 in last year's Grand Final, just in case you missed it.
  3. There's a lot of toys being thrown out of the cot here because Oliver didn't win it. You can't on the one hand complain about it being a midfielder's medal, then complain about votes being given to a forward who kicked 4 goals (including the one that put them in front) in a close-fought match to drag their side to a win.
  4. Their first priority is to win the premiership of the competition they are in.
  5. Cats v Lions is going to be pouring with rain and miserable.
  6. Britain will apparently spend huge sums of money changing all the EIIR insignia to CIIIR. I'm wondering whether the British Post Office will become CIIIPO.
  7. Better change your name to 'Jaded Again'.
  8. They had a 40-minute half-time interval where the players had to change their jumpers, wash their hands and comb their hair before meeting her. In regard to the Queen's birthday holiday, Queen Elizabeth's actual birthday was on April 21. However, Britain has a birthday celebration for the monarch in June with a parade that also marks the beginning of summer. That traditional date just transferred over to Australia, even if it's not summer!
  9. Queen Victoria's birthday was May 24. That used to be British Empire Day.
  10. Wife's what? That would be wives. See grammar thread.
  11. Sparrow was good. May absolutely killed Franklin and you pick on one error?
  12. Maybe we could stop the game for 10 minutes while we wait for everyone in the crowd to send in their videos! It could be like fans at home calling a rules infraction in golf. Obviously the ARC reviewer thought there was "conclusive" evidence to say that it was a behind. Otherwise they would have said "umpires call". They also probably have clearer and more accurate video in their centre than what is relayed back to your television, even if it is HD.
  13. You could guess all those and still have a better than 50% chance of getting them right just based on player performance and likelihood.
  14. They won't have anyone to chase Freo out of the centre clearances.
  15. Last three years: 2022: Swans won by 12 2021: Demons won by 9 2020: Didn't play them at the MCG (Swans won 67-46 at the SCG)
  16. Definitely check the speed of your internet connection, and the playback quality in the Kayo settings. You can set Kayo to SD, HD or "automatic" (which will take your internet speed into account). Kayo says you need 1.5mbps for SD and 6mbps for HD. I have no trouble streaming Kayo in HD on a 7mbps ADSL connection. I've got a Google TV (no Chromecast) I also have a 4G mobile broadband connection that is 40mbps during the daytime and a crappy 3mbps at night due to congestion. It won't work for Kayo on HD when that happens.
  17. Which is immaterial if Fremantle's contract offer to Jackson, in years and dollars, is well above what all these other players would expect. The offer is what largely determines the trade value and bargaining.
  18. We are the defending premiers. We've got a great team with still plenty of young potential. We'll be active in trading and/or drafting with good picks if Jackson leaves. But what we don't need is other club's detritus like Bruce and the once-good but now retired Ryder.
  19. Ryder is 35. He's retired from the Saints, and why would we think he could be good for us?
  20. You don't reckon Amon "would get a regular game at Melbourne"?
  21. Would have thought the MCG is very much "taxpayer funded".
  22. Cripps as captain couldn't lead his team into a finals series.
  23. I can understand teams will rise and fall, and the ladder positions will not be the same as they finished in 2021. I can understand the premiers getting a harder draw. But I can't understand teams like Geelong getting an easier one.
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