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  1. we'd slaughtered Collingwood in the second semi-final, and it seemed to 14-year-old me a bit of an anti-climax that the grand final was a slog. Melbourne winning was normal enough - I wanted it to be glory... I listened with a mate who was Collingwood. Felt a bit sorry for him when Crompton broke ranks and won the game. But it stood to reason we would be better than Collingwood - Melbourne was a whole city, not just a suburb; and just on the jumpers, never mind anything else - black-and-white was TV, as compared to the movies, and surely we had then as we still have the best loo
  2. clean ball-handling, and the ability to stop or turn on a sixpence, made Robbie virtually untackleable. Heavier-built by miles, but Petracca does have quite a bit of those attributes. Watching the old footage shows how Wilson had quite a bit of that too. Exactly the things Viney and Jones don't have. But then Viney has a bit of the Barassi unstoppability. One of my strongest memories of Barassi was of him marking a drop-kick probably less that 10 metres from where it had been kicked. A full-blooded low kick that at full stretch Barassi just reached. it stuck in his grip and smashed him
  3. If we got him back, one thing would be completely different to last time we had him - he would not be being white-anted by Fremantle trying to sell him an unrealistic heaven in Perth. So he got sold something - welcome to the advertising age! If he came back, he would not be constantly having his eyes drawn away. We might see a single-focused Jesse - and not the disillusioned Jesse he appears to have been in Perth. Plus - Harley Bennell came within a whisker of making it. Why can't Jesse actually do it? If he's keen, and MFC is keen, it's an absolute no-brainer to welcome him back. The
  4. no comparison - keep Jetta; Jones no loss.
  5. I would be very surprised to hear they were not delighted to welcome him back. They shared a lot. Also, he played some very good football for us. He may need to behave himself and perhaps that would not be as easy for him as it is for others, but there's a lot of different types of people and Hoges is not somewhere way off the scale... Carl Ditterich returned. Hardeman. Donny Williams. It happens - and with success in those cases. Just one more talented player to be properly harnessed for the big dance. Which the players surely would understand - and recognise what he brings for them
  6. When in their 'wisdom' the brains trust turfed Jack aside, Roos said, "You need players like that'" and "he won half a dozen games off his own boot in the past couple of seasons." One against Hawthorn, in the last quarter he hit Pederson on the lead with a bullet-pass, he put it 55 metres onto Tyson's chest in the pocket, and he hoovered up the ball right out of Lewis' hands in the centre and drove it forward for another goal. Three goals in 5 minutes thanks to Watts - sheer class. The number of times he took saving marks on the last line, at the end of quarters... I always thought
  7. Half the country is unloading their wisdom about Dan Andrews. All over the western world people are publicly protesting against the rules imposed to stop us infecting and killing each other. There's a lot of spur-of-the-moment full-head-of-steam stupidity around. How do we know what it's been feeling like for Harley Bennell? Lots of people do erratic things. So he's done similar things before? Jake Lever has dropped marks before. We've all posted rubbish at one time or another. We can hardly say that the person having the capacity or tendency to make the mistake makes it a worse mi
  8. This is such nonsense. What you'd do is you'd shut yourself. And all of us can remember pieces of play from Petracca, for example, from games right through the year. Some of those games, just one piece of play, if that's what you meant to be saying.
  9. At the risk of further engorging the Onion, I would just like to say that respect is neither earned nor demanded - it is given. Asking why it is given may prompt the thought that it is earned, but in the end, it is given - because there are plenty of examples of people or things deserving respect where respect is nevertheless not given. Respect only comes into play when someone gives it. When you make room for the old lady struggling along the footpath, or the young one with a load, you are not mentally making assumptions about the sort of life they've lived, nor are you admiring the a
  10. everyone charges in presumably because the mantra is contest - we will be more into contesting than anyone else. DUMB!
  11. Petracca has no idea what's wrong - but he should have. He's an instinctive one-touch powerhouse - he doesn't need to be told. Yet he can't say anything. This is Neeld all over again - squashing instinct and response out of the players, and telling them their failure is their own fault (because they aren't doing what the megalomaniacal ignoramus of a coach says). Petracca describing himself as boring is mindboggling - he's been brainwashed. But, from where he stands and in context of his talent and instinct, boring is what it is. Even if it's Goodwin's word. I used to be a sch
  12. the thing is, I think, people are all a mixture of things - and we get the idea of "the dominant story", when that's only part of it. The Robert Muir story in the paper the other day put up some of the "alternative stories" about him. A lot of us only knew the "mad dog" story, which Northey rightly (wisely) called out early on. You see things confirming the dominant story, and it becomes the person's identity. Those in a position to influence opinion need to be making sure dominant stories don't lock people into deep pigeonholes with no way out. Coaches can strengthen players by dra
  13. Liam Jurrah telling the coach week after week, no, I don't feel ready. That never rang true, to me. I thought he was lacking someone doing what Lyon did with Farmer - and I don't know whether I'm being racist thinking it. Jimma reached out that way when he was well, early on. But maybe what's needed is for clubs to set up affirmative action - counteracting the systemic bias that indigenous people live under. Anticipating it. Which I suppose could be patronising, too - so difficult... Melbourne worked on this, with Jetta and so on - brothers, connecting - but there can be the divide in a
  14. excellent response from St Kilda - well done. Admiration.
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