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  1. Garry Lyon kicked 10 in three quarters the day after his first was born - he'd had no sleep. Reckoned he was less tense or anxious than usual - is there something to learn here? Maybe those suffering from coach-induced self-doubt need to have a night in the maternity ward, get things in perspective, and go out too tired to complicate anything, with the 'ah bugger it, it's just a game' attitude...
  2. Lever would be good at what he does if we asked him to play the position he is good at - but we don't. ditto fritsch. ditto Tmac. ditto Bennell. ditto Goodwin
  3. It's a forum. Under enough frustration I gather up the data I can see and draw conclusions. Put it out there to see the reactions of others - because I want to understand. For me, it's not "let's lynch somebody", it's trying to get my head around something that upsets me. Well, as I understood it, that's a legitimate use of an internet forum. If Goodwin presents a different set of data this weekend, depend upon it, I'll turn up to gladly revise the tentative conclusions I'd put forward. I appreciate the variety of points of view, and the various arguments advanced. I reckon you learn from participating in this forum. But is that what you call being a 'whiner', Saty?
  4. I couldn't give a [censored] about the coach - I care about the players. I go to watch the team. when they don't do what they are naturally good at, and instead act out some nonsense that doesn't work, I am forced to wonder about why. Answer - the coach. I notice Neeld was missing from your list.
  5. The inarguably incompetent and indefensible thing is refusing to have us manning up when the opposition go into chip-chip keepings-off. When this happens, Goodwin appears more concerned about maintaining the setting he has put in place than he is concerned about the scoreboard. That really can't be acceptable. Team selection is a chance to re-jig what hasn't worked. We lack talls, especially in the forward line - and we lack class in delivering the ball into the forward line. Goodwin didn't want Watts, and he finds fault with Bennell; and he won't pick a second KPF. Again, Goodwin apparently refuses to acknowledge that what he's put in place needs adjusting. If Richmond wander around at will while we guard grass again, it will be time for someone to be shouting "but the Emperor, he's got no clothes on!" I can't understand why everyone at the club pretends they can't see anything wrong. Wallace has said it out loud - I want to hear it shouted so loud that the club is forced into demanding responsible coaching.
  6. Remember when Jurrah was under the pump because he wasn't defensive enough? like Diesel Williams wasn't fast enough... Like Fritsch is letting us down by not being bigger for the position we put him in. Is this what they had in mind when we took Harley Bennell on? And was it explained to him? Such great story, to have him get fit enough to play - and now we want him to become a different player to the one we recruited...
  7. If he won't counter keepings-off by manning up, it's hard to think he's anything other than delusional. Whatever he thinks is going to happen, it's clear he's wrong, and everybody else can see it. Why allow him to destroy the club? Why not tell him what he has to do when that situation develops on the field? His boss should instruct him, if he's so clearly incompetent. In any other workplace, that would happen. Supporters can hardly be expected to go on slinging in emotion and money while he ignores the most fundamental obvious necessities.
  8. We are only doing this to him because we refuse to pick the big blokes we've got.
  9. put him where he can do something - not where he demonstrably can't. Put him where his physique gives him a chance. Then we might have one more successful forward. It's not his fault we don't have a big forward, and it makes no sense getting him to try to be what he's not. Of course he'll lose confidence
  10. we don't know - other than that he's deferring to Goodwin
  11. A good coach adds to what the players have got (not tries to change them all, confusing their instincts out of them). What a good coach adds is an esprit de corps and a vision; and he has them ready to 'die for the flag', and wanting to explain to anyone why that's the obvious and only attitude to have. They are so much more than just themselves because they have been welded into that unit, and they now belong to something so much more than just themselves. If the coach is a small-minded bully, with a head full of individual faults, or a good guy, just making the workplace pleasant and supportive, the team will be caught out every time they are pitted against a purposeful and cohesive unit. We have had Neeld and now we've got Goodwin - how come the club is so stupid? Getting out of this will cost, but getting out is the only move left for the management of the club. And Ross Lyon looks to be the best option, with his leaning towards defence being the greatest need for our most talented players. Lyon might well turn them into a team. Not perfect, perhaps, not Roos even - but we can't afford Goodwin. There will be nothing left of our players' talent, and still he won't know how to get it working. Goodwin doesn't have it.
  12. what would it take for the club to see that he's got to go? If he stays another two years he'll just about be our last coach. Membership will disappear, the finances will go into terminal decline, the players won't want to stay - and Tasmania is waiting... So - seriously - what would it take? Before it's too late on every front...
  13. coached into ineffectiveness. no belief, and no hunger. Sadly, no brains
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