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  1. I got to see most of the games he played,was in the rooms before his first game,you would swear he was there for the under 16s game.You are right about his kicking,was easy to forget he was a right footer.What a champ of the game and life.He never got awards he deserved .
  2. I want to see Jackson pushed into the PSD as well.Yep not happy both he and Bedford are leaving
  3. The jam donuts .Mate of mine and i always bought them for our wives on way home via connells tavern in elizabeth st.Two very drunk blokes in charge of donuts is not a good look but it was the thought that counted.First game one year we meet at the tavern my mate only wore his fav jacket to the footy,puts his hand in the pocket ,yep the jam donuts were still there from the last game the previous year
  4. I answered your question ,all of them.If you watched the games he was often playing up field making space in the forward line,most likely under Goodys instructions
  5. My footy IQ is fine and based on 65yrs of supporting MFC.And Spargo happens to play in a top8 side and played in a winning GF team last year.
  6. What a daisy chain this forum has become ,illinformed and uneducated waffle,round and round we go
  7. I hate the fact he is going,reckon he owes mfc big time.Lets treat him the same way.Forget getting anything for him and force him into the psd ,he will love playing at arden st.
  8. A little picky this morning WCW.I understand being a grand final day without us in it
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