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  1. There is few players who need have a good look at themselves .Looking at you tom,jack and i doubt if may is fit
  2. Half [censored] and still 4 hrs to go .Picked the wrong week to give up sniffing laundry powder
  3. Who cares what lyons thinks his credabilty was lost when he shafted stkilda,as for Lloyd just jumps from horse to horse mid race ,no credibilty at all .The less said about Cornes the better just a hack FW
  4. good old fashioned hip and shoulder and so fair,loved it
  5. If only we had 20 more like him in 2000 it would have been a different story.Well done Nev a great career
  6. your dad sent me a pic of this last night
  7. 31 Ray groom ,billy barham,and phil carmen to name a few
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