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  1. ok if you not of either gender by definetion means you have to pee in the car park
  2. My cousin and I had cubby house where no girls were allowed .Sooo what am i guilty of.
  3. Great to hear that ,was a big fan of him ,loved the way he tried so hard in a crap team.Is he still playing footy
  4. Another legacy left by the worst coach of all time,thanks a lot mark
  5. Well done Picko great report you made my day,which has been crap
  6. He is a 19 year old boy playing against hard men,let him mature and we will have a gem
  7. Well OD remember, don't get angry get even
  8. Good to see you back posting after your delve into the rumour mill posting
  9. SO THERE ,and loud stamp of foot,then storm out of room in a huff
  10. Like the way cricket was called by Ritchie ,He never seemed to have to talk constantly not like todays mob Warne and co reminding us how good they were
  11. Watched that a few times great work by Harmes thats why he should play that role its where he has shown his best form
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