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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden

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  1. I dont like charlie have seen him do some off the ball stuff in his early years .Now the dislike grows as he gets a free pass .So AFL says ok kids do what you like your a good kid with no prior record take a free pass and I will meet your dad over at the pub a drink
  2. So if I have never shot anyone in all my life and i then I do, I get a walk for my good record
  3. Ok the punishment is 20 cat of nine tails lashings in public at the MCC carpark to be administered by an experienced lasher our own uncle Bitters
  4. Cant believe what I read on here some days .Trade Oliver for one off game ,hes allowed one every 100th game,Tracc was off as well so lets get rid of him Gee May missed a game with broken ribs ,trade him we dont want a soft culture at our club.Wake up you negative Nellies
  5. what thread was it i will give it hell
  6. No sign of WCW on here yet,shes probably on her second pack of fags by now
  7. Get well Ditcha you dont sound to good.Got same problem with the walker hard to go anywhere with it but i would fall over without it I am like this forever and in wheelchair sometimes which is even more awkward .Would kill to go to a game but not on sadly
  8. still got mine but its not even plugged in
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