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  1. jack was/is a good football player ,you dont play 170 odd games at the elite level unless you are ,everyone expected a little boy to be chanpion day one so unfair played some really good footy for us .Good luck Jack
  2. too many indiscretions,doesnt matter where they were ,it just proves he is at fault .Wife ,baby and one the way.Wake up time for him
  3. time for him to move on and we forget he was at mfc ,gave nothing but took what he could and [censored] on everyone helping him
  4. we have jackson as the other tall ,weid is developing well ,jackson will be in and out while he also develops so we need brownto play even if just to add experience
  5. any ideas when list changes are done this year
  6. big fan of him but seems not one of goodys favs so definite keeper
  7. no but did see the look on olivers face when gawn gave a him burst
  8. spargo going ok melk normal not involved performance he must have pics of goody
  9. brown is the missing link forward so glad he is getting a go at it, the weid go at the ball son
  10. they have put the cue in the rack ,demons must win by 10 goals to prove a point
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