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  1. David Zaharakis is a 217 game player. I would be wrapped if we could get that much value out of a pick in the mid 20s in a crapshoot of a draft.
  2. Petracca will obviously be a target for all sides and he has the emotional element with the Pies. That said, I am sure he loves the MFC players and the club. My take on the Collingwood trading situation is that the Pies put themselves in a hole by backloading contracts to win the flag and then bringing Beams in. This got worse when they agreed to the Grundy deal. To get themselves out of it, they had to either offload contracted players or let Moore, De Goey and/or Mihocek leave. They didn't want that given the importance to their side and De Goey having depressed value given his impendin
  3. Yes he is definitely against good players for a spot. In saying that, we need to have depth and he is potentially a better kick than all of those mentioned.
  4. Thanks DD. From the outside, Jordon looks to have the skills but not yet the strength/athleticism. I remember Egan was quite positive on his development early in the year. In saying this, he is competing with very good inside midfielders and so it will be tough to break into our side. The other spot he could play is half back, but I think that Salem has the spot as our distributor.
  5. Is that enough for us? We should wait for the draft and see if we want to trade up IMO.
  6. We have 4 picks of value this year and limited list spots. It would be dumb if we take 3 players and pass at #50 (particularly after we did multiple pick swaps to obtain it). Either we are looking to take four players or we need to slide up or into the future to keep our currency.
  7. The brains trust have made a mistake if we are unable to consolidate our picks or push one of them into 2021.
  8. I think experienced depth players like Mitch Brown are worth retaining on minimum wages. Particularly as we don't know the length of the season yet and there are question marks over the fitness of Petty and TMac. Our KPP and ruck depth is Gawn, Jackson, Ben Brown, TMac, Weideman, May, Lever, Petty and Mitch Brown. Plus potentially Bradtke and Tomlinson and Hore and Smith. That doesn't seem excessive for 6-7 spots in the 22, albeit we may draft more.
  9. Sydney now have their chance to get COLA back.
  10. Looks like Dustin Fletcher and Suckling. Set shots using either foot too!
  11. One of the biggest intrigues for 2021 is how we use Jackson. Obviously he will play as the second fiddle in the ruck for 15-20% of game time. With Ben Brown and Weideman in the forward line, do we go with three towers for 40-50% of the game? This would be against the modern trend but could work in perfect conditions. Does Jackson play as a tall midfielder or wingman? Goodwin will have to experiment early in the year to see what works. I can see Jackson making a big jump next year and he will quickly become an elite player if he can master his overhead marking.
  12. Fantastic. This kid could be anything.
  13. He had 12 supercoach points for the game and got dropped.
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