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  1. He would fit our needs, particularly with longer quarters on the MCG.
  2. Brown has been a very good player and is probably going to be traded for under value. But we have invested a lot in Jackson and Weideman and they both need AFL games for development. I am not convinced that a forward line of Brown, Jackson and Weideman can work. Brown and Weideman are basically non chasers/tacklers. We need a third tall who can also apply pressure, because Weideman isn't able to do it.
  3. Jackson offers the ability to double as a forward and back up ruck. I think we will get a second round pick for Preuss, which is fair. IMO Preuss could be a starting ruckman at GWS and Sydney.
  4. As with any player, the question is risk reward. If the coaches and fitness staff really believe he can get back to full intensity running, they will probably forgive him and offer him another contract. He obviously made a big mistake (again) which probably is linked to his inability to get back to his best on field. We have to trust the club to make the right call on Harley.
  5. Zero. But he didn’t get much opportunity to show his ability given the VFL was canceled. I would not take many picks in this draft. It’s compromised and hard to select given no junior football. And draftees get two years vs Dunkley one.
  6. I think Dunkley showed something last year and I would not be delisting him yet.
  7. Goodwin would obviously be gone if he didn't have a contract. However, he does and so this is really a question of how much impact a new coach will have. My view is that our list is flawed because our best players lack the fundamental skill level to be a top side and we don't have a premiership calibre list no matter who is coaching. I think a better coach could get marginally more out of the list, but not enough to make up the difference. Given the Board made an error in re-signing Goodwin for 4 years, I favour maintaining stability, taking into account 1) the players seem to like t
  8. Noted. He wins a lot of uncontested possession. But he also ranks highly on centre bounce attendances. My point is he is more an onballer than wingman and we have a logjam in the midfield.
  9. Not the type of player we really need IMO but a gun.
  10. I think Gunston would add a lot to our side 55. Not only is he a good mark and great finisher, but he also good on the ground. We have invested too much in Weideman and Jackson, for us to not build around them as talls. We need a mobile third option that can compete on the deck. Fristch is the most frustrating player on the list IMO. Misses far too many set shots for a "dead eye".
  11. Probably not. But let's not think that inserting Clarkson to coach this list would make a big difference. The skill of our top players is the real issue. No coach can set a plan for turnovers.
  12. A smart club would not have signed Goodwin for 4 years. As a little club, we can't afford to pay out coaches every 3-4 years, which is what we have been doing over the last decade. We are effectively beholden to the AFL to keep us running.
  13. I don't see Bedford being a consistent AFL player. Not strong enough or super quick and tiny hands.
  14. OD, even if the Dogs lost, we would have been making up the numbers. Our best players lack the skill level required. Case in point was Oliver's turnover in the middle of the ground on the weekend. Absolutely disgraceful. Our list needs one more top forward and a bit more outside run and skill. Otherwise the improvement must come from our best players.
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