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  1. The injuries to key players are a major concern. Viney, Brayshaw, Ben Brown, Weideman, Pickett, Melksham and Hibberd will be out or way underdone at the start of the year. Plus May could miss Round 1. I know it is a long season, but a first up win against Freo is imperative. Also a worry is the lack of development in our younger players. I am yet to be convinced in Sparrow, Jordon, Spargo or Baker. Chandler has a bit of skill but is a midget. Rivers will be good in time, but still makes a few errors. Jackson looks physically great and is timing his leaps but not holding his marks. I like
  2. Still sounds like he is 2 games away. It is already clear from the preseason games that the AFL is not for players who aren't fully fit because of the interchange cap and normal length quarters.
  3. How much game time did Angus play? Will he be fit enough to play an AFL game given his limited preseason?
  4. Pretty ordinary performance but we have a lot of injuries. I think the new rules will favour endurance athletes like ANB and Jones but Petracca will need to spend more time forward this year. I think we will see the return of more mids playing high half forward this year. Two small forwards (Spargo, Pickett, Chandler) is all I think we can afford to carry and I would prefer only one in the side. Baker doesn’t have the skill level to play wing at AFL level. We still have a big issue on the other wing. Petty needs to come in and perhaps as a forward while Brown and Weideman are o
  5. Very good first up performance, particularly given the opposition. My takes: Hunt in the backline could be a real weapon with the man on the mark rule. (As an aside, I think the change will help us, as we have been a side that had the a lot of difficulty transitioning the ball forward.) Petracca is a superstar. TMac looked better than almost any time in the last two years.
  6. The AFL should step in to make sure all these practice games are televised and played at a decent time. 9.30 on Friday is such a stupid time.
  7. Majak had a good season as a key/intercept defender before he jumped off the bridge. And he provides some decent ruck support. I doubt he will ever get back to his best football, but he could play a role for us. It seems like a smart decision in light of Ben Brown and Weideman's injuries.
  8. B Brown and Weideman are big losses for us and I hate seeing players out before the season, but we have decent depth in TMac, Jackson, M Brown and Petty. Smith as a forward is a bit of an enigma IMO and Rosman is unknown. The one silver lining of it all is that Goodwin won't be tempted to fiddle with our team balance. Surely we will go with two key forwards and Fritsch. Petracca might also spend more time forward, although that will depend on Viney and/or Brayshaw playing.
  9. There's not much point to life if you can't get excited at this time of year.
  10. The scope on Rosman lies somewhere between Koutoufides and Joel Smith.
  11. I find myself less and less engaged in the non-MFC games these days, so my preference is actually shorter games and 15 per side. In saying that, the longer games and more congestion will suit our chances.
  12. Thanks for the update Demonland
  13. Footage looks to me like he plays like a little Bernie Vince.
  14. Dwayne's assessment of Jackson's season in comparison to the rest of the draftees was daft. Firstly, questioning the selection by comparing his year to players selected above him (which we didn't have access to) and then talking up Ash, Stephens, and Flanders. I also think the argument that ruckman are the least important position on the ground is hard to fathom. Two of the best 10 players in the competition are ruckmen. In saying all that, I am not sure Jackson will ever be a first ruckman at AFL level due to his lack of size. 200cm is actually quite short for a ruckman these days.
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