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  1. Viney only slowed because the ball had bounced into Lynch's hands. For Mackay, the ball was in dispute and he had every right to attack it. Not a big difference at all in my view.
  2. I see a lot of the Jack Viney incident in the Mackay. Both players going for a ground ball and collision being inevitable due to the bounce of the ball and the proximity of the two players going for it. You can't have a 360 degree sport where possession is able to be contested and then completely avoid these types of incidents. This could have even happened in basketball, which is a "non-contact" sport with a round ball. On Mackay's speed being too fast, this is ridiculous. There is no rule about running too fast. And Mackay was not to know how the ball would bounce. It w
  3. On the Road to the Draft podcast, Cal Twomey said he felt Mac Andrew was pretty likely to get bid on inside the top 20.
  4. Older players at clubs outside the premiership window should be targets. Players like Sidebottom, Breust and Seedsman would give us some outside class and complement our strengths.
  5. I think an internal review made sense for us. We did not have any viable option to change senior coach as Goodwin had 2 years left and sacking him would have left us no money in the soft cap to hire a new coach. And it would have reflected poorly on the Board to sack Goodwin after extending his contract. You don't have an external review if you already know the what answer needs to be. Teague only has one year left, so they probably can change if they find a better option. If I was Carlton, I would seriously consider making a change. The Blues list is pretty good and their defensive syste
  6. Mostly luck I reckon. Each club spends $6m on getting 45 players up and running and the intel is shared across the league as staff come and go.
  7. According to the report, we will have no injuries other than the 3 ACL injuries after the bye.
  8. The finals system now is the same as in 2000. We finished 3rd that year and won the qualifying final.
  9. I think you are correct to say that Oliver has been a bit more willing to hold his position in the contest this year and wait for other players to get him the ball. The other players are also backing him in when it is his turn to go and so he isn't competing against our own side as much. Still, I this is only a part of his improvement. I think the clarity of our game plan has really helped Oliver this year and while his clanger and turnover stats are similar to his career, it doesn't feel like he hast had as many bad turnovers that have cost us goals. In our "slow" play around the Br
  10. I just ran a little analysis on the squiggle site to see how the side stacks up against our previous sides. According to this analysis, this is the best side we have had. Year Attack Defence Average 1994 61.7 59.5 60.6 1998 60.1 59.5 59.8 2000 67.4 53.9 60.7 2004 (R18) 62.6 60.3 61.5 2018 62.9
  11. I actually think he best patch I have seen us play was in 2018 when we won 20 odd quarters in a row. Lever and Hogan getting injured might have cost us at top 4 finish and a real chance to win it that year. Our performance against the Cats in the finals was good enough to beat anyone and we needed the week off and home ground advantage to win the flag. This year we have been playing a much more defensive game plan which is focused on minimising our turnovers and playing the boundary so that if we do turn it over we are set with defensive cover. We have only kicked 5 goals in a quarte
  12. Minimal changes for me. Langdon obviously comes in. Salem would benefit from 2 weeks rest. This might be a good opportunity to get his body right for the rest of the year. He is only just going at the moment. Melksham, Sparrow and Weideman would be closest to the fringe. Weideman was disappointing against the Lions but Harris-Andrews is an excellent defender. He needs to take his chances. I still want us to persevere.
  13. Great post. This is certainly correct in the stoppages but we need to do much better in the centre clearances. When we get territory from centre bounce we either get a score and/or it gives us the chance to set up our defensive grid. I think our mids got first hands on the ball in the centre bounce a lot last night after the ruck contest but then our mids got hustled out of the clearance. I love the tactic of Max grabbing the ball because it is almost fail proof. Otherwise I think we would be better off generally with Max hitting forwards in the centre bounce and getting the sur
  14. Strangle the life out of them Demons!
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