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  1. I didn’t realise you had left either. You haven’t missed much around here lately tbh. It’s been quite feral actually. Sorry to see you go and all the best for the future.
  2. The vomit emoji is because you're a tiresome bore. Can you give us all a break and leave one thread free of your wrist slitting.
  3. Agree 100%. Way too much woe is me self-pity around here lately. Tough day today I know, buts it's time to man up and get stuck into the season. I'm sure the playing group will use the setbacks over preseason as motivation. They'll give their all, I'm sure. Go Dees.
  4. Genuinely shocked. His health is the most important thing. I'm sure being married to a Frawley helped him with this decision. Best of luck in retirement Gus. Next time we play the pies i want to see Maynard get the treatment from our boys. special dispensation. What a scumbag that guy is.
  5. Bulldogs biggest one hit wonders. we had no forwards last year. sweet jesus these headlines are getting ridiculous
  6. BDA


    I have to say, the forum has turned a little feral recently. I reckon we should all take a chill pill, stop taking pops at each other (I’m as guilty as anyone) and save our ire for opposing fans.
  7. BDA


    Every thread has devolved into the same argument/debate. The season can’t start soon enough.
  8. Zoomers aren’t too fussed about spelling.
  9. BDA


    Optimist v pessimist. The age-old dichotomy. Both points of view are valid. Within reason. The extremes of either view is where it gets silly. Lose a meaningless practice game and our season is over and I'm microwaving my membership. Ridiculous. Any form of constructive criticism or negative perspective means you're not a true supporter. Ridiculous I think we'll finish top 4. But we have injuries and distractions. Not ideal preparation for the season. But hope springs eternal. I can't wait for the season to start and get along to the G on St Pats day to cheer on the red and blue. Go Dees
  10. I think we’ll finish top 4 but the proviso is we get our injured forwards back fit and firing. Petty critical this year. We’re a very dogged team to play against and defensively sound so we’ll stay in most games. if injuries and luck against us then 5-8 likely. Can’t see us dropping out of the 8 irrespective of injuries. Cant wait for the season to start.
  11. clarry looking good. He'll be fine for the sydney game.
  12. Toby Greene is my favourite non dee. Super player.
  13. BDA


    Tough loss niners fans. It's hard to take knowing you had the opportunities to win. Young team so plenty of more chances to win it.
  14. BDA


    Any fingernails left Layz?
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