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  1. Get to a prelim and hopefully we have the luck from there. We need to win 18-19 games. This will allow us to rest/manage players coming into finals and give us the best chance of winning the flag
  2. I think this is all just speculation for now. He's entitled to hold off, back himself to have a good start to the season to improve his bargaining position. I'm going to hold off getting too concerned until Kings birthday. If he hasn't signed by then history says he ain't going to sign.
  3. BDA


    Defensive penalties very costly and then the turnover just before halftime. Mountain to climb for the Niners.
  4. Just paid for my grand final guarantee
  5. That’s my hope. They can’t defy gravity forever. I have to grudgingly acknowledge. They have a very good (and very dislikeable) coach. I think he is the main reason they’ve stayed aloft as long as they have.
  6. would it be too much to ask for Geelong to crash this year. Been waiting a while to see it
  7. Nothing wrong with that. I'd do the same myself.
  8. Does he look like he's ready to sign a contract?
  9. Injuries aside the Saints are typically useless and undependable. I'm pinning my hopes on the Lyon effect. He'll want to put one over the dockers so he just might coax a performance of his team.
  10. Longmuir needs to change up their game plan. He followed our template last year but as we know by the end of last season teams had it worked out. Will be interesting to see how they will change it up. He’s a smart coach so I reckon he’ll adapt his approach. A loss to St Kilda round 1, Lyon will be eager to get one over on them. Some injuries, loss of confidence. Seasons can turn peear-shaped quite easily with a bit of bad luck. Hoping Freo don’t have the rub of the green at all this year. Do we have any practitioner of the dark voodoo arts on DL. Some witchcraft maybe. We should investigate a collective hex of some description for the dockers.
  11. It's always about factions. And ego
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