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  1. The Saints the most surprising team for me this year. They've shown plenty of ticker. Ratten has done a great job there.
  2. No team should ever win a game of AFL by a 100 points. Only happens if a team throws in the towel. North did not do that this evening. A 50 point win in the circumstances is a fair reflection of our superiority The real test for us is Freo next week. I'm sure our performance level will lift and we'll win that game.
  3. 6. Clarry 5. May 4. Spargo 3. Tmac 2. Kozzie 1. Umpires
  4. Credit to North they made it hard for us but our greater quality told in the end Beast mode from Clarry. May was good and I liked Spargo’s contributions Big game next weekend. We’ll have to play better but we know we lift for the bigger games 10-0 and 17 on the spin Go Dees
  5. Tmac has been good today. Definite uptick in form
  6. Run down of the year by Bedford there
  7. bizarre review. that was obviously touched by Lever
  8. Melks was always able to slot goals from the 50. Great kick
  9. May has been good. One of the few with a pass mark tonight
  10. First piece of decent play this quarter. Badly needed goal
  11. Horrid this quarter so far. Time for Max, Trac and clarry to lift
  12. Horne Francis will be some player. brilliant around the stoppages
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