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  1. Not sure why we put the cue in the rack in the last quarter. Very lucky to hold on for the win. rivers good. Slotted our set shots. Great tackle kynan. Got the 4 points. Not much else positive. on form the lions will account for us without too much difficulty on Friday. But we live in hope. go dees
  2. he just made a game saving tackle any chance you give the Goody bashing a rest for 5 seconds
  3. We're in trouble here. momentum all with North
  4. I hope North don't find their shooting boots or we could be in trouble
  5. he has forgotten how to play football
  6. The one called earlier was obviously a skill error
  7. the insufficient intent rule is so stupid.
  8. Super player. we should absolutely do it if possible. would add much needed class and mongrel to the team
  9. The Giants looked like world beaters early in the season. Their form drop off has been even worse than ours.
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