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  1. I think Yze will look back at this and thank his lucky stars. Not the right club for him. He's been on the brink a few times which is no doubt frustrating for him but his time will come.
  2. Super player in his day but we need a pack marking KPF ala Aaron Naughton.
  3. I reckon Freo will regress next year. Their future first may well end up being a top 10 pick
  4. Bad habits picked up from the mens team it would appear
  5. Agreed. She needs to get into better condition though. She's carrying a little extra timber for a zippy forward
  6. I suspect this whole affair will end up in an inconclusive he said, she said scenario. Nothing proven or disproven That being the case the Lions and North will have a huge call to make
  7. It appears managing injuries is not an exact science. Plenty of judgment involved. I'm no expert but I can't remember a time when I didn't benefit from taking a rest. I don't think we should be relying on a 31 year ruck, who gets belted from pillar to post every game, to play through injury. We have a list for a reason. We should start using it better
  8. Paxy will be hard to replace when the time comes. She's having another great season. Top 5 B&F i reckon
  9. Difference being the naughton rumour was started in jest whereas Kane Cornes was being malicious. Not right for him to start a groundless rumour like than given his media profile and port affiliation. Trying to unsettle a player like this is BS. Fair play to the port GM for shooting it down.
  10. Adelaide conducted a review of the infamous preseason camp. The conclusion was nothing to see here. No wonder these families have reservations
  11. This thread is quiet Any word yet about the Dees chasing Naughton?
  12. Obviously intends to mishave otherwise why would he be worried about behavioural clauses? Clubs will have to decide if he's worth the hassle. Perhaps a club with a strong culture can keep him on the straight and narrow. I doubt St Kilda is that kind of club. Buyer beware
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