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  1. I've no doubt we're doing our best to get Clarry back on track but come what may, the club comes first. I'll be as disappointed as anyone if he leaves but if he's a bad influence culturally and shows no signs of rehabilitation, then he'll have to go. I obviously hope it doesn't come to that. And shiny picks won't make me feel much better about it.
  2. I’m struggling to get my head around all this.
  3. Of course, this is all ultimately up to Clarry. He’s having a tough time. Been injured. I would expect the club to get around him and try to straighten him out. I won’t expect them to trade him without doing their darndest to help him and giving him enough time to sort himself out.
  4. FMD this day has turned squirrelly. Did not expect to be dealing with this news. Clarry wouldn't be the first bloke to struggle post a relationship break-up. If the club can't get around him and help him through, then our culture is not all it's cracked up to be. And if he is immature now imagine what kind of player we'd have on our hands if he does get his head straight and matures fully. I will be shocked and disappointed if he gets traded.
  5. I’m sure lots of conversations happen in trade week that go nowhere. I’ve been at my current employer for 17 years. Have I looked at other opportunities during that time? Yes I have. Have I ever seriously considered leaving? No I have not. There’s a big difference between conversations/sounding out and genuinely considering leaving.
  6. I’m not trading a generational, 4 time b&f winner for picks. If Charlie curnow part of the deal, different story. But that ain’t going to happen
  7. it's silly season Clarry is untradeable.
  8. I watched of few doggies games this year. He was dreadful. His attempts at contesting were truly pathetic. If Sam Weideman got on your nerves this guy would make your head explode.
  9. Bizarre decision by the doggies to trade in Lobb last year. He's been poor and played some genuinely pathetic games for them. Not surprised they are trying to offload him.
  10. I'd ask for Curnow instead. would settle for McKay though
  11. Is she injured. Doesn’t look right at all.
  12. Tough ask to get back playing afl again after cruciate knee injury at his age. Definite feel good factor if he makes it
  13. Crows won't trade unless Petty is part of the package. Why would they let a young KPF go otherwise? Unless we target free agents we have to give a player to receive a player. In my opinion the most tradeable player we have is Petty. That said I'm not sure Thilthorpe is the player I'd be willing to exchange him for. I haven't followed him closely but don't recall him having much impact any Crows game I've watched.
  14. BDA


    Cowboys best downhill skiers in the league. That said the Patriots are horrible.
  15. Utd are in terrible shape. they'll beat them easily 3-0 my prediction. Rotten dressing room
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