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  1. You've been making up for lost time I see
  2. I’ve been to the barber and eaten out once since restrictions eased. Both times I walked in off the street, no booking, wasn’t asked for my green tick. No obvious capacity management either. Compliance is loose at best from what I’ve experienced so far
  3. Has there ever been more posted on DL about a draft prospect who will not be coming to the club?
  4. The mute button was invented for problems such as BT
  5. I'm pretty sure once the beer starts to flow the mask compliance will start to slip. Pardon the pun
  6. impossible task but i reckon Maxy gets a gig. 5 AA's after all. Trac and Oliver well on the way. Luke Jackson most likely after that if he continues to develop. Kozzy maybe
  7. If you were to pick 2 clubs we would want him to go to it would be the Giants and Freo. Suns as well. Let them develop him for a couple of years before he comes home to us.
  8. Monday the 6th has been booked as leave. I'll be too hungover to work
  9. Don't care who we play, we fear no-one, but would much prefer an afternoon game so i can bring my boy (he'll soon be 7). He watched the prelim and granny with me which was the first time he showed any interest in the Dees. I would love if his first game he see live was the unfurling of the flag. Can;t think of a better way to cement his loyalty and connection to the team
  10. Nev is a champ. Well-spoken, obviously intelligent. I hope he comes back to us in the future either as a coach or an Indigenous liaison role
  11. No way Maxy put mayo on it. Daniels is deceptively strong apparently Reckon Daniels could be the answer to the doggies ruck problems. Nic Nat better watch out nest season!
  12. Trac joked about it in an interview when the Daniel Gawn sling was mentioned. Said he told Gawn not be so soft or words to that effect. Gawn definitely over-egged it.
  13. Alls well that ends well but i would have liked to see him take the mark. Crashed the pack and was set perfectly but Maxy spoiled it. Would have been a ripper mark.
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