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  1. My preference from the start was Astra because its tried and tested technology. Can't believe the stupidity of demonising this vaccine. If it was good enough for the UK it's good enough for us.
  2. Thanks @Nasherand @Demonland. Appreciate all the hard work. You're both delivering a valuable service providing this outlet for us cooped up, cranky Dees tragics
  3. Gil is earning his fat salary this year. It must be a nightmare trying to keep the show on the road
  4. Not sure experimenting this close to finals is advisable. Rivers in time could be a good option. I don't think Salem has the physicality for the role plus he gives us such drive off half back.
  5. It's laughable that Harmes is unhappy with his role. The defensive mid / tagger role plays to his strenghts. He's either delusional, badly advised or both. If he won't do the team thing and stick to his role we'll have to cut him lose.
  6. We might not be allowed in anywhere but if we are Adelaide is closer and logistically easier to get to. Flights would cost an arm and a leg to get to Perth so we'd have to trek over the Nullabor.
  7. Definitely prefer Adelaide. It's easier to get to if the Dees make it
  8. I reckon a record number of pets became members this year
  9. The GF is an eternity away in Covid world. Delta can't be contained for too long so i'll be happy just to get the game played at all. If the Dees do manage to win it i'm sure we'll enjoy it just the same even if we can't attend. And get vaccinated people. It's our only pathway out this limbo.
  10. Aren’t we better off having an oval that is different dimensions to the G seeing as we already have Casey? Practice on Gosch’s paddock before we play a smaller ground and Casey before we play the G. Better to have options I reckon
  11. I'd like to see Jones as well. I'm not sure if he's travelled though. Maybe next week v Adelaide
  12. I hope the teams MFCSS antennae are up as well. We have to assume that the eagles will come out all guns blazing. I would be disappointed if we allowed them to get the jump on us early. A slow start is not acceptable on Monday They’ve shown a very soft underbelly this year though so if we can withstand the early onslaught we should be ok.
  13. He's a monster. Practically untaggable. Leading the coaches votes. 2 x AA and another on the way this year Goal kicking was better v the suns. the only area of his game where he can improve. We're very lucky to have him (and signed up for another few seasons)
  14. True. Most club players would play both. And soccer in the winter. No more dual players at inter-county level anymore though. Too much of a time commitment plus management teams want them to commit to one or the other.
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