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  1. Reckon we should start complaining about the free ride the doggies get from the umps. We were shafted at the weekend.
  2. True. Big benefit though is not having to travel to Qld and then onto Perth for the WCE game. Reduces a lot of travel for us.
  3. It would be a big stroke of luck if we get to play GC at Marvel. Fingers crossed Queensland don't open their borders to Victoria
  4. To answer the OP most likely reasons will be: 1. Beaten by the better team on the day 2. We don't kick straight 3. We're injury depleted going into the game 4. Bad luck with ump calls / bounce of the ball etc.
  5. I’ve changed my mind on Goody. Thought he was a dud but he has a proper coaching team around him this year and the game plan up to a few weeks ago was working a treat. This thread has been pretty quiet for most of the year. Players form has dropped off. Could be due to training loads, I’m not sure on this Our conversion isn’t good enough. For all the issues pointed out about our center clearance work and other issues up the ground we’re still creating enough chances to win. I'm praying that BB finds form Losing to the weaker teams is an attitude / mindset issue. Coaches and players need to own that one. Drop off against Hawthorn in particular was unforgivable. We have players in the team who aren’t good enough imv (ANB and Harmes). I think Goody is a good coach. Is he good enough? Time will tell but we still have a lot to play for this season. Massive game against the Suns next weekend.. We simply have to win. Big test of our character.
  6. BDA

    Ladder Watch

    Limping into finals in 5th or 6th spot is no good. We have to find some form somehow. The problem is all our opponents smell blood now. Every game will be a battle. Let's focus on one game at a time starting with the suns next week. Absolutely have to win that game.
  7. Isaac Smith would have made a big difference for us this year. Oh well
  8. I was voicing my worst MFCSS laden fear T_U. Losing an elim final to any team would be crushing. But the thoughts of losing to Essendon bring me out in a cold sweat And if we are beaten in an elim final this year, no matter who beats us, I reckon the heat will come back on Goody
  9. There must be some logic to it. I'd love to know what it is. Serious question. Does anyone know?
  10. He has coached well this year imv after being under severe pressure last off season My nightmare scenario sees us finishing 5th and losing to Essendon in the elimination final. If that happens Goody will be back under the pump. P.S. If the above god awful situation eventuates I'll need therapy
  11. Think we need to re-set our expectations. We had a blinding start to the season. Everyone playing well, sticking to their roles. Defensive shape and system working perfectly. We won games despite our poor skills and goal kicking Goal kicking is a perennial problem. We can’t win games consistently kicking more points than goals. BB showed some promising signs so maybe he will find form and make a difference for the rest of the season but the rest of team its just more of the same. TMac has gone off. Kozzie hit and miss. I don’t know what the coaches can do at this stage to make a difference for the rest of the year. Below the knees we fumble too much. Field kicking not up to the standard required Nibbler would sweat blood for the cause but ball in hand is a liability. Harmes has done some great things for us but is a poorly skilled footballer. I acknowledge their contribution, don’t want to bash them unfairly, but they are not good enough for a flag chasing side. Let’s put time into Sparrow and Bedford and see what they can do. Gotta freshen up the team. We’ve been stale for a few weeks now. Give Dogga a breather and bring in the Weid. Bedford for Nibbler and Sparrow for Harmes. We’re still good enough to make top 4 and secure the double chance. We are always in the game as we proved again last night so I’m hopeful. We have to keep grinding and hope our form turns. Gotta beat the Suns. It’s a non-negotiable and a critical test of our bottle. A loss next week will confirm all our worst fears Going forward we have a great crop of young players. Recruitment has been very good but we need to bring more skill onto the list to compliment the grunt. And we’re going to have to find a reliable goal kicker from somewhere.
  12. Goody needs to come and talk about how the doggies get favorable treatment from the umps. Someone hasn't to start calling this out. If i was him i'd fume about it in the post match presser.
  13. We badly need freshening up. Bring Weid in for Jacko. The kid needs a break ANB with ball in hand is terrible. Give Bedford a go to see what he can do in the role. HE can cover the ground like ANB and might use the ball better Perhaps Jones and Melksham can come in as well
  14. 6. Oliver 5. Max 4. Lever 3. Trac 2. Kozzie 1. Hunt
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