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  1. I like it. Blends naturally with our traditional colors...as opposed to this shocker from the doggies
  2. She's a beast. I get the sense she really enjoys hurting defenders
  3. One of the silver linings of having the WA AFLW teams in VIC is we don;t have to listen to those WA nuffies like Will Schofiled commentating
  4. She predicted we would lose to Port in Round 4. Not likely. Port are such a non-threat The idea that we had no injuries last year is a furphy. We started the season with our KPF 1 Brown and KPF 2 Weid both injured and lucky for us TMac stepped up. We did go into finals with a healthy list though
  5. 5. McNamara 4. Hore 3. Hanks 2. Paxman 1 Bannon
  6. Even spread of performances. We have a good balance, strong across each line and good depth Harris is a monster. By far the most physical ALFW player i've seen McNamara BOG. Love how she goes about it MaGee and Parry will be the 2 worrying about their spots 2 from 2. really solid start to the season Go Dees
  7. Shaky start but we found our rhythm in that quarter and were excellent. In control in the middle and shooting accurately. Our 2 youngsters McNamara and Bannon showing their class. Hore very good. Harris physicality monstering the Tiges defence We're well on top and should win handily from here
  8. Unfortunate outs for sure but we can still field a pretty strong team. Every team is in the same boat as regards Covid so I would expect the withdrawals to even out for everyone over the course of the season. The key will be getting enough wins on the board to make top 4, ideally top 2, and have our full team available come finals time. Omicron will have burned itself out by then hopefully. Tough match-up tomorrow but if we can keep Monique Conti quiet we’ll have gone a long way to winning the game Zanker, Hanks and Pearce to lead the way A hard battle but the Dees by 8 points
  9. AFLCA Votes are in 9 Eden Zanker (MELB) 8 Tyla Hanks (MELB) 7 Ellie Blackburn (WB) 3 Kate Hore (MELB) 3 Libby Birch (MELB)
  10. We defeated the cats comprehensively in the prelim but I want to pump them at skilled. I think a 100 point+ drubbing down there would do the trick
  11. 5. Zanker 4. Birch 3. Hanks 2. Sherriff 1. Lampard
  12. Sauntered around footscray and took public transport there and back. Felt great not to feel self conscious in my demons gear go dees
  13. Very quiet around footscray. I expected more life. Where have all the characters gone?
  14. First time I’ve seen us beat the dogs at the kennel. Very good win but plenty to work on
  15. We’re looking sensational. First to the ball every time. Very stiff breeze here as well. Reckon the girls will traumatise the doggies just like the men did in the GF
  16. What's covid? Never heard of it
  17. Great to have footy back on the TV. Impressed with Richmond last night. They look much improved. Conti is an excellent player for them The Doggies at Whitten Oval is a tough first up assignment. We were rubbish there last year. Goal kicking was dire. Hoping Harris can hit the ground running and snag a couple of goals Tyla Hanks to be best on ground Dees by 10 points
  18. Goldrick didn't play a lot of Gaelic football this year due to injury. Maybe she's still not quite recovered. McNamara is a surprise. she must be injured
  19. Talent is there. Good mix of experience and youth. If we are lucky with injuries and Tayla Harris hits the ground running then we're got a great chance.
  20. The flag was a huge plus in what was an otherwise very ordinary year
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