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  1. https://www.planetfootball.com/nostalgia/remembering-lasagnagate-when-spurs-were-on-for-fourth-but-got-the-shts/
  2. Either Harmes for smothering Bailey Smith or Viney for negating Libba
  3. I've run my eye over the 2020 financials. An uplift was booked to reflect Bentleigh at market value last year. There's no provision for the future tax liability applicable to the uplift/gain in the event of disposal which means the sale is CGT exempt
  4. A tidy sum. I hope it is all tipped into the Home Base Development fund rather than used to cover the shortfall in revenues v running costs as a result of Covid. We had a $3m loss last year iirc correctly.
  5. If you told me this time last year that TMac would earn a new 3 year deal i would have said you were stark raving mad. I can't think of another player who has ever turned their career around to such a degree. So lucky that no other club showed any interest. With BB and the Weid getting injured like they did in preseason we would have been stuffed without him this year Kudos to you TMac. You proved me well and truly wrong.
  6. I think he's been a good servant particularly in 2018. A good ball user in a list which has been short of good ball users. If he does go my abiding memory of him will be the goal he kicked from on the 50 in the 4th quarter (or was it 3rd?) when we were under the pump against the Hawks in the semi and looking like we were going to choke. settled the team right down again. Beautiful techique. Drilled the ball straight through the middle.
  7. Why does the team need to be out past 9pm anyways?
  8. It's only Wednesday. Still 10 days to go. A 2 week break to the game is too long. I think we should go back to the traditional 1 week between PF and granny. Way too much time to kill
  9. Maxy is a big chance. The man in on a mission and completely at ease with himself and the world since slotting that after the siren goal v Geelong
  10. A training report! Outstanding work 1re 1be
  11. The world doesn't stop turning just because we're in the granny SONS. Other clubs are trade strategising now and so should we.
  12. Excellent player. He had a very good season with Geelong and will finish Top 10 B&F, possibly Top 5. i'm sure he would have been a great addition for us. That said i'm glad things worked out as they did because Gus got the opportunity to play wing and has done very well.
  13. Fair point re family commitments From some reason I thought it was agreed he would transition into a coaching role next year. I’ve done a quick google search and can find no reference so I must be wrong on that The club have done the right thing, and no doubt Maxy and Co will be brilliant standard bearers going forward but I reckon there’s a spot for him. It’s obvious the regard he is held in by everyone around the club so would be popular. Nothing wrong with developing our own coaching talent just like we do with the players
  14. Happy retirement Chunk. Don;t think you'll have too much time to dwell on it for now. You'll have your hands full on the home front. Has he signed on in an assistant coaching capacity going forward? I thought he had. Our treatment of past players hasn't been good so if the club has really turned over a new leaf (i think it has) then he should be kept around the place. Ditto Nev Jetta. They are the embodiment our our culture and values. Can't think of better role models to have around and inspire the younger guys.
  15. Reading in the HUN this morning that some epidemiologists from Melb Uni and Deakin support allowing small outdoor gatherings on grand final day. I really hope Dan listens to them
  16. It's never too soon for trade talk. And besides, trade talk helps pass the time from now until the 25th
  17. It appears not much "circling" is going on. He has no trade value so I say hold onto him. Hopefully he has an uninterrupted preseason and surprises us all next year
  18. The Bob Spargo interview is a crack up. He's a ripper old fella
  19. Congratulations to the Jones family. Welcoming twins into the world must be amazing. Jonesy will be remembered for the 300+ games he played during some very grim times. Missing out on a granny will not define him at all. His place was with his wife at this time not with the team, whether selected in the side or not
  20. Luke Ball is the last player i remember who took the nuclear option, walking out on St Kilda and getting to Collingwood via the draft. They used a second rounder too i think. Not sure why another club didn't try to pick him up but i guess they knew he wanted to get to the pies so no point selecting a player that doesn't want to be at your club. Doesn't happen too often though
  21. We'll have played 1 competitive game in 4 weeks prior to playing the Granny. that puts us at a disadvantage. If Burgo and the brains trust reckon a full throttle practice game is needed to keep everyone primed and in proper nick then so be it.
  22. We are a properly run football now. Not only has our recruitment has been top notch but our approach has been reasonable, considered and respectful to all parties. We don't carry on like Essendon I'm pretty sure a) we're keen on Cerra and wouldn't waste his or our time if we didn't think we could get this done b) we won't compromise our cap (ala the pies) to bring him in c) we'll work with Freo to strike a fair trade. It will involve future picks but with little underage competition this year maybe the futures market makes more sense If Cerra wants to join a well run club (and hopefully successful one) there is only one choice. I don't think he's being dishonorable or disrespectful asking Freo to deal with us. We have a strong track record of fairness in our dealing with other players and clubs.
  23. I organised a watch-along over zoom with 4 other Demon mates for the prelim. Along way from the real thing but at least we got to curse and cheer and drink together. I'll do the same for the granny.
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