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  1. As long as there is an incentive to inflate memberships numbers clubs will continue to do so Comparing membership revenue as disclosed in each clubs financial statements (not sure if it is disclosed separately) would give a better indication of relative membership numbers/value
  2. Sabreena Duffy is a talented forward. If she could just get her conditioning right, she is well worth a spot on an AFLW list Best of luck to all 3 and many thanks for the service
  3. The club is a solid financial position. On field success has led to profits which sure beats the losses we were generating pre and during covid the key to sustained financial stability will be investing the Bentleigh club proceeds wisely and creating a recurring income stream to replace the lost pokies revenue. Would like to know what the plans are in this regard
  4. Excerpt from the club financial statements. Still a long way from an announcement by the sounds of it
  5. Carlton's loss is our gain. They're muppets She's been fantastic since she joined and i reckon the final piece of the jigsaw we needed to win the big one
  6. I just want him and Freo to have a horror season in 2023 #Deathride
  7. I've no problems with the AFL matching teams to create competitive or "controversial" fixtures in Round 1. Beats having the Tiges belting rubbish Carlton teams on opening night like we had for a number of years. We play every team once. We'll play 5 teams twice, 3 top teams and 2 middle ranking. That much isn't too controversial There will always be unfairness given we don't play each team twice but the non-rotation of home and away is the bit that really irks me. Why do we always play the Cats at GMBHA and West Coast at Optus? And why do certain teams dodge playing at GMBHA. It's so blatantly unfair.
  8. Yes to first part. I don't know if other opportunities have definitely been missed. There is an opportunity cost in terms of wasted time.
  9. My boy Hunter to stick it to Bevo early doors Saturday night at the G. We'll get a big crowd. This year we opened on Wednesday night which didn't help attendance wise. We'll get 60,000 in I hope
  10. I tip the dockers to go backwards next year. We'll end up with a top 10 pick i reckon. dreamtime would be top 5
  11. Seems like a really good sort. Best of luck Ben Hope we don't recruit the Fremantle digital content manager as his replacement
  12. Our non-performance against the pies in '17 was very bad. Carlton coughing up a 4-goal lead in the final quarter was as bad as it gets They'll be a factor next year. Gotta keep Cripps fit but i reckon he'll follow a similar trajectory to Fyfe. Too much damage absorbed when Carlton was a one-man team. Walsh missed a lot last year as well, but I expect him to be fine this year They'll play finals in 23. Time will tell how deep into September they'll go.
  13. Carlton's choke against the pies to miss finals was one of the highlights of last season for me. it was hilarious
  14. Joe Daniher can always be relied on to provide some comic relief. Lions worth watching for that reason alone
  15. Reckon the time is right for Daisy to bow out on a high, as the captain of a premiership team. Her influence has waned significantly from a football perspective. Head to Geelong, absorb and learn as much as she can before returning to the Dees in some coaching capacity (and bring back plenty of intel from the Cats)
  16. Jason Taylor must have ran over his dog
  17. Gold Coast get A's or B's for their drafting every year yet are still hopeless
  18. Brisbane kissed on the [censored] having 2 top rated father sons. Jammy bastards North will be pleased with their haul and have picked up 3 excellent young players. The rest is just guesswork
  19. Mick Stinear said in his pre-game interview that the ground was a little spongy and that the ball wouldn't bounce true
  20. Glad we kept Freo's pick. I'm looking forward to the death ride next season
  21. I hope he finds a nice Melbourne girlfriend
  22. North have picked up 3 good players so far
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