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  1. Toby Bedford deserves a run of games. I'm delighted he has retained his spot
  2. A very enjoyable and stress free game. We completely pantsed those arrogant knobheads.
  3. I would prefer if we persevere with Toby Bedford. He has shown enough to be given a run of games. The Weid has had plenty of chances. He played his role last week so i'm not bashing him but Toby deserves a fair go as well
  4. The games we're lost this year were in large part because we had defenders missing through injury or suspension (loading was also a factor in those losses) Moral of the story. Don't mess with our defence. Leave Petty where he is
  5. I'm delighted that our resident trade whisperer is on the case now. Finally someone who knows what they're talking about in this thread. I look forward to well sourced, high quality updates from here on
  6. Could have done with a home game against the crows. Why are we playing them away again? Surely fairness says we play them at Casey this year. Rotating home and away is the most basic league format principal Normally our run home is brutal but this year we have suns, Essendon and the eagles. I suppose we should be thankful for that much.
  7. I've been roped into a work function on Thursday night so I won't be able to watch the game. not happy Wouldn't it be nice to a have a Saturday 1.45pm afternoon game at the G. Will we ever be scheduled for one of those again?
  8. I jumped around our lounge room like a wild man. My wife didn't know what was going on. Best H&A win ever The next best was the 2017 win v West Coast when we kicked 3 late goals to snatch the win. That was pretty special as well
  9. Robbie Gray. Most dependable set shot under pressure. Misses
  10. Freo look like they have run out of gas
  11. We should try to take some of their best players. Larkey would fit nicely into our forward line
  12. Is there any chance we could pinch Mitch Georgiades from Port?
  13. BDA

    Ben Brown

    I think he's slowly finding form again. Set-shots have improved the last 2 weeks and at least he looks like taking a contested mark now. Before the bye he wasn't getting near it.
  14. bright start from West Coast. Tiges won't have it too easy today hopefully
  15. We’ll be battle hardened come finals. Great preparation for a tilt at back to back flags
  16. BDA

    23 - 9

    The worst display of umpiring since the same fixture last year. Some shocking calls today but reckon the deliberate out of bounds non-call last year still the worst of the lot
  17. Mason Cox has a weird accent going on
  18. Pies 6th on 10 wins and a percentage of 106. Winning a lot of tight games. Can't continue you'd think.
  19. Suns stuffed that up completely. Umps didn't help their cause
  20. Darcy Moore might have done his knee here. Looks bad for him
  21. A lot of dreadful goal kicking this weekend
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