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  1. I hope someone punches him in the face.
  2. "The club will continue to provide support to those who have participated in this process, and their wellbeing remains our priority," Hawthorn said in a statement released on Wednesday morning. What a joke this statement is. Especially the words "continue" and "remains", as it doesn't appear their wellbeing was ever a priority.
  3. For info only. I thought I'd do a comparison of Coaches award votes vs Brownlow votes for Clarry to see whether it was lop sided. R3 and R23 he should have received 3 brownlow votes as BOG, arguably should/could have picked up a vote in R15, but received BOG in R21 in the Brownlow despite not getting any coaches votes at all. So my take is that he polled fairly accurately overall comparatively.
  4. And yet we were in front at half time but couldn't scrape a 1-vote result; unlike Neale in R23 that did eff all towards bringing his side out of the fire. I reckon the loss of May and injury to Petty flattered them rather than us being comprehensively outplayed.
  5. Is this award now just another example of umpire incompetence, or that the award is just structurally wrong in that an "equivalent" player (Cripps - Oliver) in a poorly performing team is judged a better player overall because his team finished ninth and he plays with fewer stars? (or both). The introduction of the coaches award really puts a spotlight not only on the best judged player overall in the league, but week to week nominations. How the umpires could see the best three so differently - Petracca gets mid range votes from one coach only but best on ground from the umpires. Neale gets 4 from one coach only. Round 23 Brownlow votes: 3 - Petracca 2 - Oliver 1 - Neale Round 23 coaches votes: 10 Clayton Oliver (MELB) 7 Kysaiah Pickett (MELB) 4 Lachie Neale (BL) 3 Christian Petracca (MELB) 2 Luke Jackson (MELB) 2 Jake Lever (MELB) 1 Bayley Fritsch (MELB) 1 Angus Brayshaw (MELB)
  6. Congrats to Mitch White on a ripper game and the Norm Goss medal. Thoroughly deserved. Also, I couldn't be happier for Jimmy Munro, deserved a flag for his years of effort. I loved Kade Chandler's game too.
  7. Exactly how did you come into possession of a Freo members shirt?
  8. Three stars for Petty? Tell him he's dreaming.
  9. After 2021, I’m glad we had a whole year of being able to actually go to the footy.
  10. I'm glad Joe Daniher's absence is due to his partner going into labour. I had terrible thought it might be Neale getting worse. Hope he's doing well and comes along tonight to cheer the boys.
  11. Agreed. I'd like to see us so far in front that we play the last quarter with 6-2-4 rather than 6-6-6 with 10 on the bench.
  12. And we made 5 changes after winning the prelim. Mind you, 4 were injured.
  13. Last time I checked, skin is waterproof.
  14. I just think Hardwick was non committal on AFL360 last night because their exit interview with Riewoldt is today. There's no way Dimma is going to open up to Robbo on TV on the club's thoughts before reaching an agreed position with Jack directly. I reckon if Jack wants another year, the club will sign him on. If the club wind him up, I'm not sure he'd move elsewhere for another year.
  15. I reckon Metro trains employed Ticketek to implement the myki system.
  16. Might be interstate? jnr, we lost at Geelong and Marvel (doggies) this year.
  17. Just to nit pick, we lost 2 games away all year, Freo lost 2 and had a draw. Agree with your assessment though!
  18. Lin Jong from the bulldogs played in a VFL grand final vs Casey in 2016 with a bad shoulder. Knowing he would be targetted, he taped up his good shoulder instead. I reckon Trac should give that a crack. Hope I haven't created a spoiler alert.
  19. I reckon it would have been quicker than this in 1975 to get tickets by driving to your local ticket agent. Third world system.
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