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  1. Hope he paid Demonland royalties for the use of the banner!! Nice work, by the way....
  2. Missed a bit of Fritta's hair but I guess it shows the idea......
  3. Super grand final performance. Contrary to many on here, I've rated Tom since his debut against Port in 2019. Thought he held his head high when most around him were crap (in that game). I reckon his trajectory is going to have him as an elite player in a couple of years, and those here wanting him traded will be made to look foolish. Here endeth my sermon.
  4. For all the attention Jonesy has been getting for missing this grand final, I’ve really had a soft spot for Nev missing as well. Just a champion of our club. His blanketing job that he did on a Dangerfield in the 2018 EF was one of the great defensive games I’ve ever seen. All the best Nev for whatever you do next. I hope there’s something to do with the club involved, you are a high quality individual and would be sorely missed.
  5. Agree Red, Jackson’s handball past Caleb Daniel to Oliver was just poetry.
  6. Just saw this chap interviewed on AFL tonight- he’s done a great job of a Dees flavoured rewrite of a Paul Kelly classic. Nice job Fraser if you’re on DL. https://www.instagram.com/tv/[censored]-VnwtX4R/?utm_medium=share_sheet
  7. Why wasn't Ben Brown being held down to the ground by Cordy in the 3rd qtr after the free was given not paid 50?
  8. Talk about culture. Put the very different personalities of Choco, Adem, Alan and Goody (as well as Troy Chaplin, Greg Stafford) together - to have a cohesive team where collective opinions and individual strengths are valued is the reason we are where we are.
  9. Whilst I understand the sentiment of this thread, at the moment I'm basking in the sunshine of the terrific captain we have at the moment, who I believe will lead this club more than capably for the next 5 years. Our next captain could come from anywhere after that.
  10. Gees, sportsbet were nostradamus like in Round 5 when they paid us out for the flag. It's no wonder they've got pots of money.
  11. This cracked me up. Don't you live in the British Virgin Islands?
  12. I'd love to see a version of this with Hibbo doing a runner with the cup.....and everyone chasing him.
  13. I liked this stat from Bigfooty Since Gary Rohan kicked a goal to put Geelong 44 points up in round 23, Melbourne has scored 409 to 171, a percentage of 239.2
  14. I thought the doggies blog site was more balanced than ours would have been should the shoe have been on the other foot. My favourite observation was "How will teams counter Melbourne? They are like a freight train that runs you over."
  15. It’s time. Time to add a brand new flag to our collection of grand old flags. it’s our time.
  16. If we get up on the weekend, I reckon we should change the words to the second verse It could start with “well the team got the job done in the year 21”
  17. Be respectful, humble......and bash the living suitcases out of anyone that starts anything resembling trouble.
  18. So out of this list, Jones retires; Weid possibly traded and question marks over Neita, Bradtke, M Brown, Baker, AVB and Chandler. That would be 8 changes in all. I don't think we've got the trade/draft currency for that many changes. Maybe 4-5 in all I'd reckon. Jones now retired, Jetta may retire as well. So I'd think that there may be three from the list above to leave the club. Maybe Neita, Bradtke and one of AVB or M Brown (assuming Weid stays). I think Baker and Chandler will have belting pre-seasons coming up, having experienced this finals series and wanting to be a part of the next one, I can't see we'd trade either.
  19. If we were playing the Giants, where there's a big big sound from the west of the town, then I'd call that an omen. If the doggies are anything like my dog, they ran scared.
  20. I'd have thought wearing black balaclavas would be fronwed upon in your line of work.
  21. Forecast maximums for Saturday night: Melbourne - 110 Doggies - 65
  22. Maybe you could float your idea that all GFG members get their photo taken with the cup (if we win of course). I thought this was a ripper of an idea.
  23. Since defenders are miserly, it could be the "give them nothing" award. Pretty much sums up the Brownlow.
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