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  1. I reckon we'll get one year of respect, and if we're good enough to go back to back then we'll cop it for the next 5 or so years.
  2. I got one for the missus for Christmas. I hope she doesn’t post on here, or that’s the secret blown. I really don’t need anything for Christmas now, for years I’ve been saying all I needed was a flag and it turns out I was right. Merry Xmas ti you all, and a safe relaxing holiday break. I love youse all. I opened the Glenmorangie early.
  3. Nah - just belt them. No excuses, no blaming the umpires, no flicker of hope.
  4. More likely you'd have accused me of being him under an alias.
  5. It took me three times to click the Laugh icon but it was worth it
  6. A loud and inebriated SWYL on Saturday "Who wants a present???" BANG, BANG, BANG BANG. There you go. Done.
  7. That was fun. Job well done. I got 10 as well (*with a couple of guesses)
  8. To support this, Gary Pert made an interesting statement in this article a couple of weeks ago where he touched on the Gosch's paddock upgrade and new facilities - seems there is a design already drawn up: https://www.sen.com.au/news/2021/12/06/melbourne-to-announce-big-profit-in-2022-ceo-provides-update-on-new-training/ “We’ve been training for many, many years basically on a junior football oval, now for us to be on an MCG size oval by the time we start the season next year, that’s our first step. “By the time we get to that point hopefully we’re a lot further down the track with the State Government and the AFL on our broader facility. “I’ve seen the designs, it looks magnificent and that’s progressing and it’ll be worth the wait in the end.”
  9. Visualising Biffen dressed up as Dame Joan Sutherland doesn't have the same reaction on me.
  10. There's only one way to beat North Melbourne one bite at a time.
  11. Agree. Whilst Clarry called himself out for a s$&t speech, I thought it just added to the triumph our club has become. We value honesty and effort, and Clarry brought both to this being crowned the best this year and his effort in that speech. The fact he doesn't have the polish of a used car salesman just adds to his persona. I just hope he signs a Trac sized demon for life deal soon.
  12. You’ve got a nice way of paying compliments to the players @picket fence. compliments to you!
  13. Congrats Clarry - coaches award and bluey. Well deserved, ripper of a year.
  14. Try this mono, I don't think you need to do the luac file part of the instruction.
  15. Hi @Webber Joeboy posted this a while back, hope it helps: Thought I’d let you know that I have a picture framing outlet in Fountain Gate Shopping Centre, Narre Warren We’re called Hang Up and we’re located upstairs opposite Target. Mention you’re a friend of Joeboy and you’ll get mate’s rates.👍
  16. I don't often (in fact never) quote Robbo from the HS, but in his 50 best players article he suggested Clarry and Trac weren't Batman and Robin, they were Batman and Batman. I couldn't agree with him more on this point.
  17. I went with the Dennis Commetti commentary version tonight. Loved this call when Clarry kicked the last of the third. Enjoy from Petracca's goal.....
  18. Just learnt a new word, thanks DC. I'd have gone with carp.
  19. The last 10 mins of the third quarter brings me the same amount of joy as having my kids. I pretty much watch the replay daily from the point Daniel dumps Maxy. It will never get old.
  20. Optus Stadium = 2 more home games.
  21. Luke has built a lot of credits with respect to the condition he came back from last year's offseason. He was in ripper nick.
  22. It was a great day out. We were stuck in the Punt Rd carpark so missed the start, but had a wander around enjoying the ambience, the past cups etc and sat down to watch the last half. Goosebumps when Harmes laced out Fritta and the crowd went bananas. Got all teary when the crowd loudly celebrated the last minute of the third quarter. I didn't think re-watching the replay would have that effect on me, but it partially closed a grand final experience gap. I thought the touches with the ground GOAL celebrations, the thunder noise and even the small things like the scoreboard & clock keeping time with the replay was top stuff. And the ovation for Neale Daniher. And the past player guard of honour. And Noel McMahen ("It's about bloody time"). We're a classy club.
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