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  1. Kardinia Park unavailable first half of the season
  2. Maybe but we were tipped to contend in 2019 too. Hopefully they have a down year before rebounding like a few teams before them (us 2019, Richmond 2016, Geelong 2006)
  3. Dr. Gonzo


    Bills Bucs Ravens
  4. Why should the fixture be compromised because Geelong can't use their ground in the 1st half of the year? When the Suns couldn't play home games due to the Commonwealth Games a couple of years back they had to play a home game in Fremantle yet Geelong wants 9 games at KP on the 2nd half of the season? Get stuffed.
  5. It's here to stay because the AFL included it as part of its media rights it signed off a couple of months back.
  6. Dr. Gonzo


    KC, Philly, Commies
  7. And one more meaningless Home and Away game, a hindrance for players worried about injury heading into the finals
  8. It's a neutral round, so club's still get 11 home, 11 away games plus 1 neutral game Oh except for Adelaide and Port who now get 12 home games
  9. Pretty sure channel 7 and Foxtel would've loved the idea when the AFL told them about an extra round of games just prior to signing off on the new tv rights a couple of months back.
  10. It's been 2 or 3 years now where we keep getting told "there will be news on this soon". If there's nothing in the coming months I seriously doubt anything will come of it at all.
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    A tough tough week for the road teams! I'll take Falcons, Cowboys, Saints
  12. Dr. Gonzo


    I'm starting to believe in them after that. The D is legit and the offense is functioning well enough despite all the injuries. A great base to build off. Sauce Gardner is a jet
  13. And the AFL sells a little more of its soul. How much is left to auction off? What is the bet we end up at one of the off Broadway grounds or play a "neutral" game against one of the SA clubs?
  14. Great summary, thanks for that. To make it clear, I don't care if construction commences by end of 2023 if we have a clear pathway towards a solution. I just want a solution - I was only pointing out the 2020-2023 Strategic Plan of the club says they should start construction by end of 2023. If they don't but there is something in place to commence construction by say 2025 I will still be very happy at that outcome.
  15. Who? If you're referring to me I was never a supporter of Lawrence and didn't even vote or send a proxy on the constitutional issue. Don't just troll from the cheap seats instead of actually participating in the discussion. This has been a longstanding issue - our lack of a home base goes back decades. The current board has been fervent in their pursuit of this and making promises of action to members. The Board has performed well and I'm not agitating for any changes - but they are the ones who put this on the agenda. The members deserve some answers on this because they have been promising for years that things are moving and they can't say anything now but within X months etc etc The reason I posted in here is because I've just been reading the Ian Munro book and to see it spelt out how long this has been an issue for and how poor our facilities were for so long and how far we fell behind the rest of the league is extremely frustrating. I want the best for my club and that includes a proper home base with the whole club united under one roof. Again, to reiterate - the board themselves put this on the agenda by including it in our strategic plan. Point 5 of the 2020-2023 Strategic Plan states; * Finish construction of high performance facility at Casey Fields * Start construction of new Melbourne home base facility If they do not get something up and running in the next 12 months they will have failed to meet this stated ambition.
  16. That's a furphy. Who is to say we wouldn't have been more successful with a proper footy/admin base? Who is to say having our admin and footy department in separate locations couldn't cultivate discord between the two? Who is to say that having a training base decades behind other clubs doesn't impact on recruitment or player retention? Who is to say that having no firm base for the club fosters a lack of identity making our enviable culture difficult to embed? Just pointing to last years flag as though that solves decades old issues is a sure way to be back right where we were before too long. We need to capitalise on that momentum not rest on our laurels.
  17. Why wouldn't we be? We're decades behind the league and falling away further every year.
  18. Reading Ian Munro's makes me even more [censored] off at how long this has been going on for. This needs to be sorted out and soon, it is an embarrassment that the oldest club playing out of the MCG still doesn't have a proper training/admin base.
  19. Dr. Gonzo


    Regretting my choice of Titans now looks like Tannehill out and Malik Wallis starting. Ah well
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