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  1. There is no home team for the Grand Final. Usually it's a coin toss isn't it as to who wears home strip and the other side gets to pick their change rooms.
  2. I'm so glad Geelong traded up to take Holmes ahead of us, very happy with Bowey and Laurie (though get to see Laurie play). Holmes looks quick but not necessarily a good footballer.
  3. But you realise they need points to match the bid that will come for Darcy as a father/son selection. He will probably be selected at 1 or 2 and the Dogs need points to match, they won't actually be using their first round selection (pick 19/20)
  4. It takes it back to the final 5 days. 1st gets week off, wins 2nd semi and another week off before the GF
  5. Yes Gerard Healy talking about dynasties On The Couch and on the Deeluded podcast makes me nervous. Just win this one then we'll see what happens
  6. PM me if needed I need to represent in the northwest suburbs - there's a guy around the corner who painted his fence in Footscray colours however there's another place up the road that is covered in Demons flags and scarves
  7. The failure to build a train line out there doomed these hopes - the goal was for the AFL to have their own ground unbeholden to the MCC/Vic government and play the entire finals series there each year (as a neutral ground).
  8. You can't really see it but my cousin sent this this morning - the top flag is an MFC flag received_922429245035816.mp4
  9. Grand Final day is Christmas for me even though the Demons generally aren't playing. I usually love chucking on some classic Grand Finals with music on while having a drink and a BBQ/spit going so I'll probably do the same to kill time during the day in between whatever the kids want me to do (generally go to the park for a kick or play the PS4 with them).
  10. In the spirit of the thread od you have to post pics 😂
  11. For any history buffs, the complete footy record collection dating back to 1912 when it was first published has been digitised by the State Library of Victoria. One record per round which means only one set of team sheets obviously but the rest of the magazine was the same each week. http://digital.slv.vic.gov.au/R/?func=collections&collection_id=1081 The entire 1964 season is here http://cedric.slv.vic.gov.au/R/J3AF93XDLLKH4TGPQAIQDS53LYHF8G2UQFDNQ1J7SCDQR5MU3X-02735?func=collections-result&collection_id=2366
  12. I know it's stupid, but seeing colour images like this make the past more real for me. Black and white images are fine but it feels too detached, colour images make it feel as though it could've happened last week. Like I said, stupid, I know.
  13. I think I'll get a bottle of Macallan and I've also got a bottle of Blue label Johnnie Walker to get stuck into
  14. You can take that to the bank KLV and they are dreaming if they think anyone will listen to them
  15. Papley, Daniher, Dunkley were all still under contract
  16. https://www.jajascollectables.com/products/melbourne-demons-2021-afl-premiers-game-day-harv-time-poster
  17. Yes I've still got the little figurine keyring amongst my kids toys somewhere
  18. Don't worry Jaded I live in the north-west suburbs and I didn't take offence - in fact sometimes I wonder how I ended up here after growing up in the north-east! 😂
  19. Get Viney to run through him early on to take the wind out of his sails
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