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  1. Harmes did a number on Neale last time which is why I think he comes in. Don't know who goes out tho
  2. We will win. Brisbane are down hill skiers who fall to water when the pressure goes up. They have lost to Essendon, got run over by Richmond, almost got run over by Carlton and should have lost to the Saints in recent weeks. Plus I just can't take a team with Daniher in it seriously.
  3. Yep I get that too, especially Collingwood and Richmond - they say we're irrelevant but boy do they love beating the "toffs". Carlton I can understand this past weekend because that was their season on the line - they get one last chance against the Pies this week.
  4. Played their GF in round 21.
  5. Happens every single game to Oliver he is scragged non-stop, tackled before he even gets the footy - it's infuriating! It's remarkable is still as effective as he is.
  6. 100% - mid season of the AFL is a massive lull period and the season is too long especially for those teams out of contention early. Tassie as the 19th team allows an 18 game + 1 bye model with a 9/9 H/A split alternating each year. Then you don't get rubbish like us only hosting Essendon every 8 years, Hawks only travelling to Brisbane every blue moon, Geelong hosting us every season etc
  7. Port and Dogs dropping out certainly impacted that.
  8. The pessimists are disappointed during the journey as well because they can't see it ending well. Edit don't get me wrong, I've certainly been pessimistic during my time supporting the MFC. But not when we are reigning premier, 3rd on the ladder and playing for a spot in the 4 in the last round. You can't control the outcome so may as well enjoy these times as supporters, definitely beats the season being over by round 5 (or earlier!)
  9. Agree although I keep seeing this about having a shorter preseason due to playing in the GF. The 2020 covid impacted season ran into October so our last H&A game against Essendon was on 19th September less than a weeks difference to the GF in 2021. Surely then our preseason was similar for 2021 and 2022 (albeit we had a longer preseason compared to the teams who played finals in 2020).
  10. Not if Spargo has anything to say about it
  11. It's pitiful, it's almost like they revel in the misery Meanwhile I've added another to the ignore list, it makes Demonland way more enjoyable
  12. He seems like a pretty "in the moment" kind of guy - like Barassi said decades ago "my heart is wherever I am" or words to that effect.
  13. Look at the vision in first crack last night. Lever was already communicating to his teammates to head into the corridor if we won possession as we had a 3 on 1.
  14. Dodoro is a massive problem but don't agree they should be around the mark for finals - their list is shocking.
  15. There's also a good chance we finish in the top 4. It's a 50/50 proposition really so don't know how you can be so definitive about it.
  16. Same could be said for you. If you don't like this thread, don't read it.
  17. I'd like to see Brayshaw back to the wing. His defensive wing work last year stopped teams switching and allowed time to set up our defensive structure.
  18. Which is why forward pressure is a critical component of our gameplan. Our system relies on forward pressure causing dump kicks out of our forward line that can be mopped up by Max, May, Lever, Petty.
  19. Because constant negativity is tedious, especially when we are currently 2nd on the ladder and just won a game in the dying seconds against a hated enemy.
  20. Collingwood. MCC would favour Melbourne, AFL would favour Collingwood then the rest are split 50/50 amongst members before going to GA I'd assume? Should be more even than r21 you'd hope.
  21. Having an opinion is fine. Coming on here to bag the team within minutes of one of our most exhilarating wins of the season is just sad.
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