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  1. Nicely said. I've just wandered into this thread for a peak on lunch and can't believe the excuses getting thrown around. Blaming the umpires is ridiculous. I'm sure the critique of the umpiring would be similar on the Swans board as it's a bloody confusing game right now that's getting supporters a bit agitated. The truth is Sydney were just a hell of a lot better in which LH points out wonderfully below. Also, watching the game just shows how much luck you need with injuries to win a flag really. We were absolutely blessed last year in this regard because: If one of Trac/Oliver goes down and the other plays a poor game - we are stuffed. If one plays a poor game then we're still going to be troubled as Viney, Harmes, Sparrow and Jordan are wonderful foot soldiers but they're not going to win you a game. Without May, our defence is a shambles When our defence is a shambles, Lever gets lost trying to do to much and basically becomes useless Without Gawn, we would have lost that game by 8 goals.
  2. He did show a bit when up forward years back in some poor team performances. He does have nice hands. Still, I dont think he'll add anything more than what we have at the moment. The delivery isn't the forwards fault. The forwards movement and leading patterns could be there own issues but it feels like we've gone back into a bit of a "bomb it in" style. This mightn't be bad if the lads can get it to ground but it's not working and every intercept defender in the comp will be licking there licks against up. Howe will take a dozen intercept grabs against us this Monday if we don't address it.
  3. Forgive me for being lazy (and I can't listen to Lloyd) but are you staying that Tom Stewart wasn't listed in the top 20? Horrible by Lloyd if so. He's been the most important player of a team finishing top the last 3 years. The moment he went down last year there whole defence turned into an absolute basket case. We need to take the blinkers off here Picket haha! As much as Oliver is by far my most favourite player and I think will be the demons most decorated player ever, even I struggle to have him in front of Cripps this year. Cripps has been sensational whether killing it in the centre or going forward kicking goals. He's having an amazing year. The going forward and kicking goals is the only reason I'd have him above Clayton this year.
  4. I think Salem's poise makes him look like he is moving slower than he actually is. I was at Gosch's watching a preseason running session two years back and was surprised seeing him burn past some players who we would all consider fast Last years speed ranking had him listed 5th quickest at the club. Speed star | Hunt fastest Demon for 2021 (melbournefc.com.au) He's a bit deceptive our young Salem.
  5. You might be one of very few who believes he needs a run CF as I'm with the majority. His one weapon is his pace that looks the goods in twos. When he plays with the big boys however, sadly they're all just as quick and I don't think he adds a great deal else. I'm not sure of his contract status but I'd imagine he's a decent way down in the pecking order at the moment.
  6. I agree with everything you're saying BBP. The blues are the only team that frighten me this year. Most other teams I believe we would have the capacity to strangle somehow and fight out a good solid win where as they have some genuine stars that you're not going to keep quiet all game. Curnow and McKay are the best key forward combo in the comp. Cripps / Walsh are the second best midfield duo behind Trac/Oliver. Weitering, Docherty and Saad defend and rebound as good as anyone Even though we have better key defender depth, I've watched Silvagni play a defensive forward role well and have no doubt he'll tag Lever. Still, we have a champion ruckman and play better as a team but they have serious match winners above who, when the crowd gets behind them (and sadly they will) are going to give us a serious shake if they get there tails up. It makes me sick thinking about it - plus I could be clouded by my significant hatred of them - but of all the teams up and around us, these guys genuinely worry me.
  7. It's not just the fact he doesn't present well. It's also the fact he doesn't do the sexiest part of our game well which is kicking snags. He has one for the year which is why lots of external people don’t rate him on the same level as Bont, Cripps and Dusty. These other three have: Cripps has 14 Bont has 13 Dusty would have 15 if he kept his average up, playing each game. The important thing is he is rated by the people who matter..... us ;) You can’t teach toughness and you can’t teach the aggression he has at winning the ball. Even when it’s in someone else arms he just has the ability to rip it away from them and feed it out magnificently to the lads around him making them look better.
  8. Ah, got ya. Clearly I did as that's exactly what I was thinking! Still, as much as I love seeing new youngsters in the team, I'm happy we're not going down the path we were 10-15 years back when just a glimpse of something in the twos would see a player get a crack in the ones. I'll be thrilled when JVR and Laurie get a crack as I have no doubt they'll be good long term players for us but I'm even more thrilled we have the talent (and lack of injuries) in our best 22 keeping them out.
  9. It wasn't his best game but you need to give him a bit of slack. He does takes the oppositions best defender every week and Tom Barrass is a very good defender. Then, he had to deal with a mutliple time All-Australian CHB and one of the best interceptors in the game getting in his way. There's a bit of difference losing some one on one contests there over JVR playing against Marty Hore in the twos.
  10. Hmm, not sure how you think King is unrealistic but JHF isn't in 2024. Both sadly would be out of our reach financially. If everything goes to plan and we are incredibly fortunate enough to go back to back, I don't see the point in going for any veterans really. If our kids are good enough to win two in a row, what would the lads you mentioned above do to assist? They'd be playing twos on decent money preventing our next gen from developing. I've had a taste of the good life now, in terms of ladder position and finals. I don't want us to fall of a cliff like the Eagles so we do need to keep bringing in high quality youth and young talent each year to prevent that from happening. Toby Greene is not going to happen. Superstar yes but he's just as likely to cost you a final (suspension) than win you one and do you really want the drama of having De Goey on your list? Everyone raves about our culture. Players like this absolutely destroy it. Sadly, the only players I want (Touk, McKay, Cripps, McCluggage, Whitefield, Haynes, Taranto, Grimes, King and a King) would be far out of our reach $$ and picks wise. But, one can dare to dream
  11. I get peoples excitement with JVR but lets let him develop in the 2's and get him doing it consistently over a few weeks before giving him a call up. Also, the idea of swapping him for Brown really wouldn't happen this week noting: Brown is leading our goal kicking average He's about to play his 150th game Which is against his old mob Who shafted him Who really are playing awful footy And released there best defender last year to the Tiges. BBB will be training the house down all week in preparation for a bag. Edit: Also, it just won't even happen this year for Brown
  12. I shouldn't mention the "T" word but I legitimately think they're tanking now. The year started losing to Gold Coast and I think they gave up then and there thinking why bother. Our 2013 was the most sickening season of footy I have ever seen a team play and we still managed a percentage of 50 odd which is where the Eagles are sitting now. There team is a thousand times better than what we had - even with injuries and covid close contacts. They're list is a mess right now with some serious talent finished and they desperately need some high end young talent coming through as its slim pickings. They'll win one more game for the season which will be at the pointy end against another team who doesn't give a stuff with there finals aspirations done.
  13. I'm thinking its because we just back our best 22 to do the job week in, week out without worrying much about the opposition. Although there are always some significant one on one plans for certain players who lock down (Petty, May, Hunt etc), it looks like we just play a system brand and back our system in to choke teams to win. We're the hunted at the moment, all over the ground and teams are trying to stop us rather than vice versa. We have had an incredible run with injuries which won't last (sadly) and then test our depth. I'm still not certain that it's as good as everyone thinks and some players are riding on the coat tails of Trac, Oliver, Gawn who are just so dominant in winning the ball and putting others into space. It still worries me that if any of these three get injured or worse, more than one, we'd come crashing back down to Earth fairly quickly. We'd still win the flag of course, but maybe only by 4 goals instead of 8.
  14. Well I think this further speaks to Bailey's ability as he was able to have this ordinary list on the cusp of finals. I just checked and we were 9th as at the end of Round 17, one win from the 8. This is the exact reason I always felt for him as he was doing very well with not a lot behind him and pumping games into kids who ended up not making it. I don't doubt my thoughts are probably crazy to what others think about him. I just saw a guy who made the decision to play kids at all cost with a view to the clubs future over his own and managed to get really good things out of some average players that we had. edit: I don't know who makes the final decision on the recruiting, coach or list managed or other. At the time however I was thrilled with Tapscott and saw a massive future in Gysberts who had a cracking first few games. Cook - yep, we shanked that one.
  15. I didn't explain myself super well, I meant peanuts compared to what he gets in the future if he explodes which we all hope he does. I'd love to know what the good money is. I'm just not sure where we're getting all this cap space from. Trac, Gawn, Lever, May and Salem would be on decent cashola. Brown would not have come across for bugger all and I'd imagine Viney re-signed for something decent as well. Guessing Brayshaw and McDonalds contracts were front ended but still, I just don't see how we can load up on him now
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