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  1. I remember thinking he would be our next AA and our next premiership backline was going to be: FB: Strauss. Frawley. Jetta HB: Grimes. McDonald. Garland How times change. Anyways, as I mentioned above, I remember it a bit differently and his work down back was going along ok and he was developing fine - he had a lot of practice back there. He did have some turnovers but his days as a defender really only ceased permanently due to injuries and the Weid taking a while to develop imo.
  2. It’s funny how different people recall things. Not saying I’m right or you’re right, I just remember it differently. His mobility was fine as lots of times he streamed out of half back with no issues - other than his occasional shank in kicking. He was Nick Riewoldts hardest opponent (Nick told me directly this) so it’s hard to believe that at this stage he had mobility issues and lacked footy smarts. With this in mind, I’m thinking that perhaps he will get back to playing solid footy as a backman with some higher quality players around him like he did with AA Frawley next to h
  3. My god.... Why didn’t our recruiters think of this earlier?? He’s an amazing player. I want to hate him as he’s a star playing for a team that I’m so over but you can’t falter the way he goes about it. That contest where he took out three pies players in the air setting up a goal was absolutely inspirational. One would say, “Hogan like”
  4. I don’t believe these posts are correct from what I recall. His form down back was fine, he had no issues playing his role there and we didn’t hide him forward due to poor form at all. He had to go forward as the Weed was playing like a 10 year old boy and was in the twos for most of the year. Hoges was battling cancer and Gawn was crippled also. There was no one else other than Pedo where they tucked and rested up forward. Him going forward had nothing to do with him playing poorly down back. I’m not a TMac lover and have continually said his 50 goals will never be repeat
  5. This is glorious. Essendon are my most hated team just to let people know so I couldn’t be happier about this. It seems there are some loose lips around the Bombers where people have vented about him not being particularly flexible in his role and he may have cracked the sads about it being made public and rightly so. Why you wouldn’t shut your mouth till the deal is done is beyond me. If anything, I’d be leaking how incredibly talented, hard working, positive for culture, etc he is to maximise the compensation. The club has so much arrogance in regards to list management a
  6. I’m definitely no advocating for it SONS, more just giving comfort there are some other people around whom could play his role at a slightly higher level and remain year to year prospects.
  7. Frosty played some good footy for the Hawks this year and well done to him on his accolades there. He still has quite a few “Frosty” moments in fumbling uncontested marks and double grabbing the ball that made a lot of my Hawks mates nervous as hell which I admit to enjoying. I really hope he goes well but I don’t miss him at the dees one bit and would much rather Lever/May under the high ball or with the ball in there hands than Frost when the game is on the line. Also don’t forget, he does have 3 years of extra development on Lever being a little older. Im comfortable in our r
  8. Unfortunately Oscar has been around long enough and still hasn’t improved enough to be a mainstay at the top level. He still plays like an 18 year old boy which would be forgivable if he was but he’s been around the club 6 years now and hasn’t overly improved in this time. He played a really good game earlier in the year with a couple intercepts and some rebounding which I was thrilled to see only for him to revert back into his shell. I don’t know Oscar at all but he strikes me as just a nice, shy kid who needs a bit more dog and swagger to him to be a top line player - which I doub
  9. Really good post AF in regards to the Port Adelaide comparisons. The other thing I’ve noticed about Port is is the amount of inside mids they play. I read on here frequently about Trac, Olly, Viney and Brayshaw being one too many yet they won over the weekend with Wines, Boak, Powell-Pepper and Rockliff in the guts. They also rotated Robbie Gray through there who won some vital clearances as did Darcy B-J. I really like how the Power have gone about it over the last couple years and right now my monies on them for the flag.
  10. I was saying the same. So exciting every time he’s near it. Can only hope that Kozzie is as good or exceeds him in a couple of years
  11. There’s not exactly a massive sample size for either argument. The response could be how he needed Jesse as Tom only had one game where he kicked 4 or more goals without Hogan in 2018 with Jesse continually receiving the best backman. I’ve always thought Tom has had a solid career and worked incredibly hard to get the most out of every ounce of talent he has. With this in mind though, I can’t see he’ll ever have a year like 2018 again (the 6/6/6 rule prevents us playing that way) so I wouldn’t mind if he left. I strongly believe we need a number 1 key forward and would happily
  12. People will be underwhelmed if they’re solely looking at Jacks stats as he doesn’t have the free rein that Olly and Trac get. He played a lot of defensive roles this year and played them very well which again is confirmed by his placing in the B and F. His third placing also debunks a lot of myths that he’s not coachable. I don’t get where people get this from other than making some crap up. Ill admit, there were a few times this year the remote nearly went through the TV when he was pinned HTB but I have faith that this was due to him trying to lace someone instead of 2019 foot
  13. Agree fully. Theres a bit too much hype around Jackson (I’m onboard by the way) but it’s laughable to think he’ll be impacting finals games anytime soon. We need another quality big man now as in finals footy you need escape kicks into the forward line and two quality key forwards up there. Look what the Tigs did after the 2018 prelim loss, they went out and got Lynch. Fast forward 12 months to the finals and the same prelim Riewoldt stank it up but they were saved by Lynch being amazing. Then in the GF Lynch was held well allowing Riewoldt off the leash. Just watching the
  14. To do a runner there is clearly something behind the scenes that would be alcohol or drug related. Why else would one do it? Oh Jack. I don’t think there has ever been a MFC player that I wanted to really achieve higher standards more than Jack. I’ve always stuck up for him but he really does continue to crap the bed and tarnish his “good lad” reputation.
  15. It’s always the challenge to know exactly what a players role is and if they’re performing it or not - would love to be on the inner sanctum. On roles, Lewis had a great start to his career on ball and then as we know moved into the HBF spot where he was a back line leader where he was beneficial in structuring us up correctly. He played the HBF spot at a decent level until it got too quick for him. His kicking skills were solid for this role. Right now, I just don’t know what Jonesys role really could be as he no longer has speed, doesn’t have height, isn’t overly agile and isn’t ov
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