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  1. It’s always the challenge to know exactly what a players role is and if they’re performing it or not - would love to be on the inner sanctum. On roles, Lewis had a great start to his career on ball and then as we know moved into the HBF spot where he was a back line leader where he was beneficial in structuring us up correctly. He played the HBF spot at a decent level until it got too quick for him. His kicking skills were solid for this role. Right now, I just don’t know what Jonesys role really could be as he no longer has speed, doesn’t have height, isn’t overly agile and isn’t ov
  2. There aren’t many true forward pockets in the comp who get more than a dozen touches a game. Those who do usually play decent time in the guts also. Even Tippa for the bombers has copped heat this year by people saying he doesn’t do enough and most touches he get are golden. Butler has gone missing at times along with Charlie Cameron. It’s a hard role to play if you want to have decent looking stats. Hes tracking along fine and you’d be silly to expect more from him in his first year. In my mind, we have plugged in a quality forward pocket for the next 12 years
  3. This is nearly word for word what I was going to write. I don’t think people are understanding his role. He was great last week in stopping Haynes’ intercepts and his first half against Ridley has bee great as Ridley has been super this year and will probably win the bombers B and F. His kicking for goal usually look straight they just go towards 11 or 1 o’clock. He really needs to sort this as it would elevate him to another level. His game today and last week has been very good
  4. For some reason mentioning Frawley here sparked some interest about his contract status. This may get shot down in flames but would we consider him back if the Hawks delist? Other than Burgoyne I’m guessing they’re going to be looking to get rid of a few older lads this offseason. He’s still playing decent football as a lockdown defender and frees May and especially Lever up to be more attacking. Plus provides insurance as of May goes down then god help us. Will be a lot more supported now with some good kicking around him. Dont hate me, just a thought and upgrade on Oscar
  5. Sorry Pollyanna, just to be clear you’re saying you’d be mad to not take the players right? I’d always rather a known commodity (Saad/Viney) then a pick 18-30ish. Unfortunately due to severe boredom I’ve watched most bombers games this year. We’d be made not to chase Saad. Will be top 3 in there B and F, has speed, is a great kick and surprisingly is a very good defender. Unfortunately Nev is about done, the pace of the game has gone past him and Hibberd isn’t getting any younger. If he’s keen then it’s a 100% yes from me.
  6. I understand what you’re saying but even with Michael Voss / Chris Judd leading the club we’d still have been ordinary over the Jones years. Jonesy’s dedication, match day preparation and recovery methods are second to none from all reports. He is a true professional which I believe would add serious value to some fringe players or players with potential in the new VFL. He’s never been a William Wallace like leader with the big speeches and never a superstar player like some mentioned above but I truly believe he squeezed every bit of talent out of his body and shows leadership just
  7. I agree fully with this list. On top of Hibberd and Viney, these are the only lads in my opinion who are AFL lever footballers at present. FB: Lever. May. Rivers HB: Hibberd. ??? ???? C. Langdon. Viney. ??? HF: ??? ??? ???? FF: Picket. Jackson. ??? R: Gawn. Oliver. Trac. I’m a Weid fan but he still needs to keep improving to continually get a game. There’s a hell of a lot of holes to be plugged imo. I’ve lost the emotional attachment to most players as I’ve gotten older so I’m all for tradi
  8. A club with a history of being mentally weak is rubbish imo. If we had the same players, coaches and administrators over the last 56 years I’d believe it but we continually make changes to all in order to try improve. Unfortunately with us however it’s one step forwards one step backwards at present. I don’t believe players like Trac, Olly, Viney, May, Lever, Gawn are mentally weak at all. They all have there flaws which get exposed at times but good teams can cover a star player underperforming on week. I’m 36 and followed the dees closely my whole life and In my opinion, there
  9. I don’t think being in an out of the team would help anyone’s confidence and would clearly increase the fear of failure in players which wouldn’t help. Still, you need to look at it the other way also and see that he’s had plenty of chances in the team but still is nowhere good/consistent enough. His marking yesterday was awful and a couple odf intercept drops resulted directly in scoring chains. This is what frustrates me the most in his game. He’s tall but doesn’t play like a big. He offers little once the ball hits the deck, he offers nothing on the rebound, he offers little as an
  10. I’ve heard of a cold shiver up ones spine but a cold slither is even more haunting!! I completely understand it however (oddly) following our boys for years and years. I’m oddly confident against Swans and Freo but worry against GWS and big time against the bombers as who knows what those oxygen thieves will bring in the final round.
  11. I hope more than anyone he gets to 300, I really do but gifting someone games if there undeserving is worse for culture than getting him there. Right now, hes only getting a dozen touches a game, not impacting the scoreboard and adds zero speed and not a lot of defensive pressure. With that little impact he needs every possession to be immaculate. They’re not. If he’s still playing decent footy he gets picked but if not, bad luck. It’s a ruthless business. Personally I’d rather Harmes in as on a wing I feel he has a higher ceiling and will impact the game more. I love Jonesy b
  12. Interesting hearing Chris Scott on the footy show just then talking about continuity being more important than rotating players for freshness as you come into finals. Hes obviously got some experience here, just thought it was interesting to hear. Id like to hope we have our best 22 sorted very soon and hoping for minimal changes going forward.
  13. Oscar is never going to be a gun but having him improves the impact usually from May and Lever. It also allows them to get a bit more aggressive on the rebound so I’d rather him in. I love Jonesy for the warrior he’s been for us but his lack of speed and turning the ball over is really hurting him. I think he might be nearly finished which is very sad to see. Maybe him out and allow Harmes to take his role on the wing or forward of the ball. Fritsch back in for Kozzie. I’m a fan of the kid but his brain is working too quick for his body. I’d rather give him some games in the tw
  14. 6. May. The best individual defenders game I’ve seen. He just bullied King and his rebounding was amazing. 5. Trac. One of the most exciting “second best on” games you’ll ever see. Took his chances and was amazing. 4. Langdon. This guys just a wonderful winger. His ball use gets better each week but what most impressed me was his defensive efforts and chasing. Stoked he’s on our list. 3. Oliver. Just an Oliver game really. Saw some people whinging about him not being overly involved early but we played a different style. Still worked his way into it and was solid. 2. Lever.
  15. Was the best defensive game I can remember - easily the best I’ve ever seen from a dees player. Also - had the chance to line up the Saints player (can’t remember who) in the guts and send him to next century. Laid the bump to make him earn it but nothing to cop weeks from the tribunal. Hopefully he realises how important he is and we need him every match possible
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