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  1. Well argued opinion piece here from Jake Niall on the Jackson and Brayshaw situations. https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/why-luke-jackson-shouldn-t-be-priority-for-fremantle-and-melbourne-20220706-p5azmq.html
  2. Come on SWYL, you've been around long enough to know that the named team bears no resemblance to how they will line up on matchday. Might as well just name a squad of 22 these days.
  3. How about the Van Demons?
  4. The Coodabeens in the 1980s were the first ones to run with this concept to my knowledge. I once shared a team on this forum consisting of dud brothers at Melbourne but it angered and upset so many posters that I had to ask Andy to delete the post.
  5. That player was Peter Zychla. He only managed 12 games over three seasons and is not well known.
  6. We could even do it in Melbourne colours if that would help. Demonstone.
  7. It might have been a typo and "managed" was meant to read "massaged".
  8. It depends on how the team is going at the time. If we're losing - "Is he the right man for the job?" "Doesn't have a Plan B" "Spends too much time drinking and gambling with the players" "Scratches his left leg too much in press conferences" If we're winning - No comment required. It's the players who win games, after all.
  9. LDvC is correct with Vic Aanensen (South Melbourne) being the first player on the alphabetical list. Coincidentally, we are playing Geelong this week and the last player alphabetically ran around for the Cats (in the 80s).
  10. You may be new to Demonland and are unsure how to proceed or have been here for a while but still don't feel confident about posting on the gameday threads. I have prepared the following guide to make it easier for everybody to have their say while fitting in with the mood of the board. First thing you must do is take your angry pills and ensure that you post in a negative, pessimistic, illogical and reactionary manner. Defeatist is good, as is hysterical over-reaction, whining and sooking. Don't forget to assume the worst and always look for the dark cloud around every silver lining. As a memory aid, it helps to keep in mind the Five C's: criticise, complain, catastrophise, carp and castigate. For added fun, you might like to pick out a whipping boy and make sure to pot him at every opportunity. Here are some scenarios that may occur during the game and suggested responses. Other team kicks the first goal of the match. "Game over" "We're screwed" Other team wins the match. "Season over" "We're screwed" "Sack the coach" "The players are drinking their own bathwater" Player X has quiet game. "Recruiting blunder" "Should have picked player Y" "Trade him" "Send him back to Casey" "Delist" Player start limping. "We're screwed" "Out for season" "Sack fitness/medical staff" "Bring back Burgo" Player goes down into rooms. "We're screwed" "Out for season" "Will never play again" "Bring back Burgo" MFC player involved in incident. "It's Melbourne, they'll suspend him for multiple weeks" Opposition player involved in incident. "It's not Melbourne, he'll get off" Player misses shot at goal. "Such inaccuracy is typical" "Who's the forward coach?" "This will cost us a Grand Final" Melbourne kicks 3 or 4 goals clear. "We'll go to sleep now and rest on our laurels" Melbourne wins. "Should have won by more" "Percentage will cost us top spot" Poster is happy with win. "Stop embracing mediocrity" "We're getting ahead of ourselves" MFC is losing the free kick count. "AFL/umpires/broadcasters are corrupt" "They're biased against us" MFC is winning the free kick count. Do NOT comment under any circumstances.
  11. Incredibly, Zurhaar is not the last name to have played VFL/AFL when you list alphabetically. Anybody know who the last player is? Or the first? (No googling, now!)
  12. This wouldn't be a bad idea, but it's only a small part of the problems that North face. https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/hunting-for-a-general-kangaroos-in-the-market-for-hodge-style-leader-20220704-p5az1q.html
  13. Bring back the white coats and hats for the goal umpires and the dressing gowns for the players on the bench!
  14. North are doing worse under Noble than we did under Neeld, according to this article. https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/the-stats-don-t-lie-where-noble-s-north-compares-with-mark-neeld-s-melbourne-20220704-p5ayzr.html
  15. I've heard that Luke Jackson made his mind up ages ago, but hasn't announced anything because he's having too much fun trolling Demonland posters.
  16. The "No DH" policy also means that we didn't draft and have foregone any chance to trade for Dan Houston, Dyson Heppell, Daniel Howe, Dougal Howard and Dan Hanneberry.
  17. Is your missus named Anna?
  18. Geelong locals upon hearing the news that WCW and her cheer squad cohorts will be turning up Thursday night.
  19. Yes, but he doesn't like the way North are going about things. Roos rues Roos' ruse.
  20. Nor do I, old dee. However, some have convinced themselves that it's all rigged. To quote Hanlon's razor: "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity".
  21. Question without notice, willmoy. Who is Neal Lewis that you have listed among your favourite players?
  22. There is no doubt that the umpires made some mistakes. They generally do. Whether that is down to incompetence, unconscious crowd bias or corruption is in the eye of the beerholder.
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