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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. Getting back to yesterday's results, I see that Carlton fans were visibly rocked by that close loss.
  2. Too busy for mine with five logos at the top. I don't think we need the MFC logo on this or our normal jumper TBH.
  3. I'm just leaning on a lamp post, there's a kind of hush and something tells me I'm into something good. Hope you like your coffee black because there's no milk today.
  4. I'm staying right away from this one. You might say I'm being a Herman's Hermit.
  5. Making him eat McDonald's is manifestly cruel and unusual punishment.
  6. You'd have to know the gender and name in advance I guess.
  7. Early in the first quarter but not the first minute. Collingwood had already kicked two goals. Please don't take this comment as supporting that dog Maynard in any way, shape or form.
  8. I say we start a crowdfunding campaign to buy @binman something to use during podcasts.
  9. Our favourite redhead won't like that you've spelled his name wrong.
  10. Wouldn't that be boomers' round?
  11. There's no apostrophe in "boomers".
  12. Wilbur Post likes this post.
  13. You could get a Frangaburger but I hear they're a bit rubbery.
  14. * Sestan (and no apostrophe of course)
  15. I think he's talking about Luke and Sam Darcy.
  16. It's the old recruiting dilemma - do we draft for need or do we draft best available. In the Mid-Season Draft, I would go with drafting for need (a backup ruck for example).
  17. Mmmmm ... Crunch time. Don't mind if I do!
  18. O'Meara and Prestia both started at Gold Coast. Your point is valid nonetheless.
  19. This poster from Bomberblitz at least has a sense of humour: Just after half time I was having a conversation with Mrs hambo about a house we had recently bid on and missed. Turns out the top bidders have dubious finance and may not come through with the money meaning that it may fall to us. This distracted me from the footy but also from my glass of red wine which I knocked making it rock side to side and spill wine on the table and rug. I then rectified the situation by grabbing from another direction with the other hand. Unfortunately this exaggerated the rocking effect and more wine fell on the floor, my shirt and the couch. I countered with a big catch which didn’t go so well and I smacked the glass into the wall and now have red wine and broken glass absolutely everywhere. who played it better? hambo? Essendon?
  20. Seven unforced changes for Gold Coast Suns. I don't think Dimma was too happy with their most recent effort.
  21. FFS! There is no apostrophe in Billings, just as there is no "s" in McAdam and no "e" in Fullarton. They're our players now. Surely we can spell their names properly. PS: This is not a personal attack on your good self @Lil_red_fire_engine. Many posters are guilty of it.
  22. It was noticeable that the "Crow throw" (TM) is still alive and well.
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