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  1. We all know what happens next when a bulldog lifts his leg up.
  2. Burgess has been fantastic, but superior fitness doesn't stop players copping injuries. We've been very lucky this year. May it continue for at least another week.
  3. It's already been announced that the Bulldogs will be wearing the white shorts.
  4. Never mind the redbacks, we might be looking at barking spiders if they did that.
  5. Nah, it's a freebie. It would be too easy to run as a brainteaser. I still have a couple up my sleeve, one of which I believe is so tough is will be unsolved. Will post again possibly this weekend and/or sometime next week.
  6. I've now received five correct answers so it's time to reveal that this week's team all have surnames that are the titles of professions/occupations. There was a little clue in the second line of my post. Congratulations to La Dee-vina Comedia (gold), Bitter but optimistic (silver) and Lucifer's Hero (Bronze) who have taken out this week's metaphorical metalware. As promised, LDVC also wins the bonus prize which is ownership of a special team. No doubt we all reckon that the current Melbourne team is great, but here is a Greater Melbourne side. B: Michael Seddon Andy Preston Marty McKinnon H/B: Stephen Newport Keith Warburton Darren Baxter C: George Hastings Andrew Macleod Scott Clayton H/F: Nakia Cockatoo Richard Dennis Luke Beveridge F: Ray Windsor Richard Osborne Curtly Hampton R: Peter Somerville Alan Ruthven Peter Bell I/C: David Blackburn Ian McCrae Raymond Lalor Stephen Officer
  7. This has been happening as far back as the 70s when Jack Hamilton would read the votes with a smirk on his dial. Back then, the votes weren't read out sequentially round by round like they are today. Instead, they were checked beforehand and stacked so a stage-managed close finish could be manufactured every year.
  8. Feeling nervous? A tad impatient? Don't know how you can possibly endure a further nine days? Here's another complete waste of time to occupy your mind. As usual, I have compiled a team with a common factor. You will observe that these players are drawn from different eras. I would rate this one as very easy. First in with the solution wins the gold medal, everlasting glory PLUS a special bonus prize. Please answer via PM only to keep the teaser open for others to play along. I'll post any incorrect answers to help narrow the range of possibilities. B: Michael Prior Ted Potter Glenn Archer H/B: Joel Smith Bert Deacon Ken Hunter C: Tom Cutler Ken Judge Oskar Baker H/F: Jeff Farmer Paul Abbott Dan Butler F: Cale Hooker John Butcher James Cook R: Rowan Marshall Glenn Hawker Josh Caddy I/C: Sam Draper Kade Chandler Alex Sexton Charlie Constable.
  9. It is well known that number 57 is indeed relevant to MFC. Sauce?
  10. Why do you refer to yourself in the third person, Meggs?
  11. That was an interesting read, bill. Thanks for your post. I noticed the name Minton-Connell listed among our Under 19 team. That was Michael, whose brother Adrian also tried out for Melbourne, but neither played senior football. Adrian married Peter Hudson's sister Pam and their son Simon played for Carlton, Sydney, Hawthorn and Bulldogs.
  12. Let's just say we are never in the same room together.
  13. Speaking of MFC legends, I drove past the MCG today and both thumbs on the Norm Smith statue are up.
  14. What about that reporter's name? Rusty Woodger? Come on now ...
  15. I posted this yesterday morning. Seems like his info was on the money. Just chatting to the Geelong fan behind the console at my servo who not only doesn't fancy their chances but has also heard that there's a tummy bug going through the Cats. I'd take that with a huge grain of salt, but I wouldn't be upset if his mail is accurate.
  16. I'd be highly surprised if he's playing next year.
  17. He's renowned for being a one touch player.
  18. The dream clearly brought you down.
  19. I dreamt I was eating a giant marshmallow and when I woke up this morning, I couldn't find my pillow.
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