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  1. here ya are https://www.bursty.com.au/#home a new sports startup
  2. melbourne used to train there too in preseason. i remember watching them. was about the time when trapper was going through his oseitis pubis injury.
  3. wattle park would be great.....just at the end of my street...already got an underused ground and 9 hole golf course...tons of room and parking...13km to cbd
  4. he's also got heaps of other mfc posters and prints. great stuff
  5. thanks i'm not sure there is a prob, wcw, as i can think of plenty of precedents here of course it is ultimately up to andy to decide
  6. yeah looks great, but should have been a redhead . had red horns but...
  7. oboy, that's a long trek to casey fields
  8. one of the summaries has him as 200cm, so it seems he is still growing
  9. i preferred mandy rice-davies, but i was always a sucker for the blondes
  10. i'm still confused. what has that got to do with nifty going into the draft? that's for listed players.
  11. see above. brownie at the game and behind the goals said the ball didn't make it and veered off towards the boundary.
  12. yeah, surely a 'lander was at the game and saw where the ball ended up i've got a bee in my bonnet now and the afl needs to give us an answer. there must have been more than one camera there.
  13. i still want to know what happened to the last kick just before the siren. it looked to be heading for the goals, but they cut the video of the ball before we could see anyone who was there see where the ball ended up?
  14. yeah, don't take any notice of what bellend says. he's just shooting his mouth off. he's not the coach.
  15. got my membership packs. 1 for me 2 for grandkids. i got a scarf, kids didn't. is this normal?
  16. wait for the highlights video after the game, od. you'll only need about 10 seconds. the rest of the game is just keepings off stuff. that'll save you time for sleeping
  17. i can't hear you can you speak a bit alloweder?
  18. the afl want more frees paid and more controversial ones it feeds the media and the afl gets more publicity which means more money
  19. another umpire at this rate there will be more umpires than players by 2040 that's now 4 central, 4 boundary and 2 goal umpires = 10 some empire building going on
  20. great u19 year in 1981 maybe he could qualify for the swans young guns?
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