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  1. i'm not defending an essentially social club having a no women policy and i wouldn't become a member if my wife couldn't be a member. but, it doesn't worry me one iota if it exists. people have a choice to congregate with whoever they like. the coterie club are presumably just booking it because it best fits its purpose as a venue and its membership is inconsequential except for those who are always jumping at shadows and desperate to virtue signal get a life, people p.s. congratulations, you guessed correctly
  2. gross? love the hyperbole.... you will run out of adjectives when you have a real problem.....sheesh
  3. hey. i never suggested getting an 18yo......majak is fine by me as a backup.....loosen up
  4. that was just what popped first into my head, od anyway, seems just like yesterday to me
  5. so..... who do we cancel for this outrageous assault on our sensitivities?
  6. errr.....carl ditterich.....and was 17
  7. i was going to bag robbo's list mercilessly on so many fronts ......but then i thought who gives a flying f what robbo thinks. in fact "robbo thinks" is an oxymoron
  8. $25 covers 2 users. Is this 2 concurrent users or 2 devices. i.e. could i have it on 4 devices but only use 2 concurrently?
  9. just no feel for the game......no common sense.....afl 2021
  10. very cruel bad luck, gotta feel for the guy realistically it's probably the end of his afl career
  11. actually will be 20min + time-on (as for pre 2020)
  12. the only thing i don't want to see is an umpire being slow on calling play on, the defender being spot on, then penalised on the technicality that he moveda split second before umpire called play on. a good umpire would realise he was a bit slow (maybe he was distracted watching downfield or just slow) and use some common sense, but i wouldn't hold my breath the other problem is hearing the umpire in front of a big crowd. i.e. not hearing "stand" or "play on"
  13. kids memberships would be lowest priority if based on amount paid, and that would be devastating for them doesn't seem fair and i wouldn't like to explain why to the grand kids a sliding scale makes more sense i.e. a bigger percentage to higher value tickets.....but not all for tier1, then all for tier2........etc after a useless membership for 2020 they don't want to start season 2021 disenfranchising the plebeians or i can see a rush of them cancelling their memberships and demanding their money back any solution has to have any burden carried by all tiers of membership
  14. good luck, ryan.....but wtf the bummers.....death wish?
  15. you do make some good points, it 😀
  16. incidentally, looking at the map, gosch's park triangle including car park is a little bigger than the filth's holden centre
  17. surely there must be a nice block of land in the middle of toorak? maybe an underutilised tractor park or range rover obstacle course or some such
  18. strictly speaking "mimimal" would have to be the smallest possible observable measurement scratch your ear and bang, 50m oh and does jumping up in the air count as "moving in any direction"
  19. haven't seen a definition of "minimal lateral movement" what is so hard about defining it more precisely?
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