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  1. but they're "not using that as an excuse"
  2. yeah, but no worse than dangerflop surfing in a tux
  3. take it on the chin, od. give yourself a sharp upper cut. wouldn't want to see you cancelled.
  4. hhmph....burwood is nowhere near bright
  5. yes, but it's the goals:points ratio that is most concerning i'd hate to lose a gf with significant more shots on goal than the opposition
  6. it's definitely a problem.........but not necessarily terminal
  7. well apparently our aflw team are training there and they are a part of "we" so technically "we" are training there
  8. now i know you are joking, ethan bench top suppliers don't use measuring tapes, it's all laser gizmos now
  9. with clarry already on 83 points he's likely to break the points record, too
  10. well if that is the case expect it to be leaked on wednesday 😁
  11. seriously, i can't remember the last time when someone, somewhere wasn't having bombs dropped on their head p.s. seriously, you didn't really think the poster was seriously suggesting a royal commission, did you?
  12. essendon matching or beating swans on the stats but getting nothing from merrett or stringer and little from parish......strange
  13. tuppence ha'penny used to go a long way when i was a young fella, but try to tell that to the young people today
  14. i'd take bailey dale any time just saying
  15. fwiw? yeah, about zip if it's tom brown
  16. well kennedy was a nd pick 4 player and west coast also got picks 3 and 20
  17. the last time.....well there was the chris judd, josh kennedy trade.....that worked out well just saying
  18. only for rfa if he wants to go, we have to do a trade deal with whoever. if that fails and he still wants to he goes into the draft with no guarantees who gets him
  19. just what everyone here has been saying about journalism these days, eh?
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