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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. dunkley still having nightmares from september 25 2021 annihilation
  2. comedy gold 58 dc is not a she. dc does not have a reserved seat. keep the comedy rolling, but "with great respect"
  3. no doubt smith has plenty of talent ... when he wants to problem is the guy is so uncommitted and unprofessional. you never know which bailey smith is going to turn up computer says no
  4. ffs, lever appealed for a free kick (correctly) ... you'll see that 100 times per game
  5. 2024 wins with kozzy playing - 100% 2024 wins without kozzy playing - 0%
  6. so, only 5 rounds in and the new "potential to cause injury" upgrading impact category, now has a novel and neat circumvention thanks to the ever ingenious and malleable mr. gleeson. only the afl could contrive such a great escape. helpful [censored] abound in many spheres.
  7. we have taken quite a few in the aflw though, so we must have at least some scouts out there
  8. anderson on 3aw predicting oliver will be a withdrawal hope he's wrong
  9. i'm thinking more john doremus of "the passing parade" format ... lol
  10. well what would you expect when the afl monetized the score review the score review has an official sponsor. more reviews, more ads, more money, happy broadcaster
  11. what do you expect from a filth supporter? the minute he refused to listen to our expert witness i knew we were done
  12. fair enough, wcw but i don't think there are many bays anywhere near the alice
  13. yeah, they could have found a better photo. that one is terrible.
  14. wrong. from a membership pov there were no reserved member seat entitlements, just ga
  15. no need to insult dennis. at least he understood the vibe.
  16. yes, but 5 games in and only had 1 home game. plus 3 games interstate.
  17. go to fox footy seems mfc has gone to adrian anderson to advocate - g-d only knows why. can't we get a better advocate?
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