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  1. Finally a Dr whose posts I want to read.
  2. The reality is the club has invested a fair bit of money into him, and doesn’t see the value in letting him go now. He’s also aware that the suitors aren’t going to make his life easier. Ben wouldn’t have spoken highly of North, and GCS are blooding King for Sam’s role. He wasn’t leaving for greener pastures, and the money wouldn’t have been worth the move. I hope Sam can come on and be a regular player, but I suspect he’s shifted in the pecking order from being the future forward to being the backup forward. I want to be wrong, because his age is perfect for the group.
  3. That’s a terrific honour for Simon, and I agree with his comment thats it’s a recognition of where the club is at.
  4. The reason I have enormous respect for Tom isn’t that he turned it around - it’s that he didn’t just think of it as ‘getting his confidence back’, but instead worked on specific attributes that would make him a more valuable player in the modern game. Listening to him talk about training for mobility, and changing the focus of his strength, he makes you realise that he’s a complete professional, who understands what the game requires at the top level. I really wish him well over the coming years.
  5. Hi Jaded. Always love reading your posts here. This post isn’t going to win me many friends, but here goes. I didn’t want to get into the specifics of everyone’s situation for one very simple reason - everyone has a reason they think is the exception. That has been proven time and time again over the last few months. Story after story of people who thought they’d do just ‘one thing’ and it ended up causing significant harm. My brother (proud Dees supporter) died last year, he was 50, died of cancer that killed him in 5 months. I never got to see him from diagnosis to death, to support his 9 and 11 year old, and his wife - because of lockdowns and restrictions. My dad was unable to visit him either, for the same reasons. Dad won’t see me on grand final day, even though he is the reason I love this club. He didn’t see me on Father’s Day either, when we cried on the phone together about how hard the day was for him and Mum. It’s incredibly difficult, but it’s also the right thing to do for him, and our community, for us to stay apart. I don’t tell you this story to garner sympathy. I tell you it because I remember the sacrifices we’ve all been through, and I feel very strongly that we shouldn’t throw them away now because it’s hard. I particularly feel for young people who had to sacrifice so much for 18 months, are now the last to get vaccinated, and are getting very ill at a despairing rate because of Delta. Just because we all want this to be over, doesn’t mean it is. I hope the Demons play well, and I hope you have a great day. I hope we win for your dad, and mine, and all the parents we’ve cursed over our lifetimes for making us love this club. I just ask that everyone thinks about their community, and the effort we’ve all put in to get here, and make good decisions with those factors in mind. I think we owe that to each other, as unpopular as it is.
  6. The number of people who are saying they’ll flout the rules makes a joke of the last few months. House to house transmission is the reason Melbourne specifically is in this mess. House to house transmission is code for people doing the wrong thing - and seeing people outside their home, by going into someone else’s. That specifically is the reason we can’t go to the MCG and see our team, and if you want to repay the sacrifices of the vast majority of us, and the medical community, by doing the exact opposite of what’s currently being asked of you then I’m super disappointed.
  7. I think there’s 2 ways to look at the prolonged announcement: 1. He’s waiting for the season to be over so certain clubs can negotiate more vigorously once they know what they have to play with, or and I suspect this is the more likely option… 2. He is waiting for the only club that can afford him to actually appoint someone to their key roles, so said club can then talk about how Cerra is ‘so confident’ in their ‘new future’ that he agreed to come on board. 🤢 He can’t go there now. What’s he going to? Some witches hats and a colour scheme?
  8. Agree. I also think bigger bodies are needed inside, but outside players need running power and elite skills. The big boys need to get their hands free in tackles. The smaller guys are the ones they should be getting it to.
  9. The players call it demon time. It means we slow the game down and play keepings off. Harmes does it often on field later in quarters.
  10. Meh, Port haven’t been a top 4 side all year, and now they are proving it on the big stage.
  11. I’m really struggling to know what to say. 43 years of loving this club, and they get into this position, and play so well, and my mind is literally struggling to comprehend it. It’s like having a pet dog that you’ve always loved and one day it just stands up, starts talking, and then makes you a rock solid negroni. You can see it happening, but you still don’t understand it.
  12. I can not tell you how much respect I have for you for sharing your story. I’m very sorry for your, and your families, loss. It’s been documented here a few times in different threads that I’ve had my own struggles with mental health - and like you I can very much attest to the value of good professional help. Life can be hard, but it can be also be amazing and so surprising. Who would have thought I would come here today and read such a heartfelt, and deeply personal story as yours? It’s ok to not see the light at the end of the tunnel, and it’s always a wise decision to get the help you need to light the way for you, until you can see it again. So very brave of you, and so important. Thanks again for sharing. You made me feel really lucky to be connected to this weird, wonderful community of online Demon fanatics. I’ll be barracking extra loud now tomorrow night - for you and your family. Go Dees!
  13. That argument holds up a lot more if Richmond also got a lot more free kicks. Their game a style is very similarly built on contested ball, and getting to the ball first. Interestingly they had a differential 165 free kicks worse off than the Bulldogs at - 86 for the season.
  14. It’s called unconscious bias. I don’t believe the umpires are conspiring. I believe they have relationships with players and those often cloud their ability to make decisions. It’s not deliberate, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. It’s ok to think it sounds a bit nuts. I agree. Unfortunately the numbers are the proof.
  15. Bulldogs went +31 in the 2016 finals. So far in the 2021 finals they are +17 in just 2 games. It stinks, and unbiased supporters are going ballistic on Twitter.
  16. At last the AFL get to hear how supporters feel about the umpiring bias. I mean it’s every week.
  17. I worked with Wu Tang and The Beastie Boys when I lived in the US. I shot a project with Wu Tang, and it was the first time they’d all been together since ODB’s funeral. So many crazy people in one room, and more baby mama’s than I’d ever seen. Good times. 🤣
  18. If you showed this to an impartial observer and asked them to evaluate it they would say they are the exact same act. Dangerfield went to hospital in the Green incident, but has a very long history of overreacting to injuries - so much so that he was called out about it by his teammates in Adelaide. He played the next week and was fine. If Kelly is tougher, and plays on, how should that help Selwood? if you break Gawn or May’s nose they aren’t going to take their bag and go home in a final. So then the action isn’t as bad because the player plays on? Strange way to evaluate incidents.
  19. Geelong are the most boring team. Their coaching ‘plan’ is like watching local under 11’s. = Kick the ball down the line until it gets to the big kid at full forward whose twice as strong as the other kids.
  20. I was at that game against Essendon, and backed it up the next week for our almost 100 point loss against the Eagles at the G. I’m sure many of you were too. When we win I think about those 2 games a lot. I think about the other Demons supporters I saw at those games as I sat there by myself. The heart breaking looks we gave each other, and the empty seats around us - that represented the family members who’d stopped coming, and caring. At the time I genuinely feared for the future of the club. I don’t care if you just jumped on the bandwagon. Just stay on it. The hard stuff is worth it if you stick around long enough.
  21. The difference in this game is free kicks. The commentary team is finally coming hard at the umpires about it. It’s been ridiculous.
  22. Bombers supporters are booing, and as an impartial footy fan that makes me happy.
  23. I know it’s a small thing in the current climate, but gee I wish the AFL would demand consistency in the camera angles and heights at all AFL grounds. At smaller grounds the angle is much lower and so as an audience it’s much more difficult to judge the distances in kicks and between players. It makes for a completely different viewing experience. With 95% of the audience of games not at the ground (hence the value of the broadcast contract) the least they could do is spend 20k on scaffolding and make it visually consistent.
  24. This game has a distinct 80’s VFL vibe. Essendon vs Footscray at a regional ground with lots of mullets on the field.
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