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  1. Given all the noise about this I expect to read tomorrow that Dodoro won’t accept anything but 7 first rounders and 1000 bags of gold - only to watch Merrett walk for a packet of chips and a Mars Bar. I believe it’s called being ‘Danihered’.
  2. So, from what I can read between the lines, other board members didn’t like Bartlett’s style anymore? What I still can’t understand is why now? It seems odd.
  3. For those of you who wondered what Jake Lever adds - have a good look at that last quarter. 👍
  4. About to find out if we have another gear.
  5. Fritsch has made 3 mistakes that all cost us goals. Get those right and we’d be at least 3 in front. It’s hard to know how difficult it is to mark the ball, but we just dropped 3-4 marks that would have put us in a much better place.
  6. I find this an interesting perspective. I get that football has a tribal element but at the end of the day off field management and board roles are administrative and should be run by well trained, and highly efficient administrators. Mark Williams isn’t a ‘Melbourne person’, and most on this board are absolutely frothing over him. Also, most successful ‘Melbourne people’ would be in their 80’s, as we haven’t had success for 60 years.
  7. I’m confused. Ed left out the plan for systemic racism in the new club, but maybe that’ll be in the next blueprint? T’was a proud day.
  8. I watched him live on AFL360 and 2 things occurred to me: 1. Pettacca seems happy. 2. Mark Robinson is the least intelligent person to ever be on Television in Australia. It’s impossible for him to get through a sentence without saying 2 words incorrectly. He’s oafish, rude and unbearable. I can’t stand that show, and haven’t watched it in years because of him. We have some very smart, articulate people in the football community, and it’s mind boggling that he somehow ends up getting so much work. He offers nothing.
  9. And isn’t fantastic that they get to participate in a VFL practice match almost a month after the AFL seasons starts? The VFL is a joke. The AFL’s involvement has killed the stand alone VFL clubs, the season is so poorly out of sync with the AFL that it only allows 50% of the development time the Reserves used to, and the facilities and ground conditions don’t prepare developing players for their AFL careers. COVID has taken the focus off the VFL’s troubles, but it needs to change, and quickly. It’s sub standard, and serves literally no one well - including the clubs, players and su
  10. May vs Hawkins is going to be a belter.
  11. I think we are much better this year. The balance of players is better at the foot of the ball. We’ve got some X factor in Kozzie and Trac, some in and under with Oliver and Viney, some outside pace with Hunt and Langdon, and Salem behind the ball with impeccable foot skills. It doesn’t have to be 100% manic anymore. It feels much more composed and controlled. I also think our back line has given us the confidence to maintain our shape around the ball more, even if we lose a few contests in a row. There’s more trust.
  12. We know what they are planning to do to win, flood back. Now we need to continue to think it through and get the ball into the hands of Salem to pick through the flood.
  13. I don’t understand the unrealistic attempt rule if that wasn’t a free kick against Bobby Hill.
  14. I thought we got out coached that quarter, so it will be interesting to see the response. They don’t want to kick it long as we have Lever, May and Gawn behind the play.
  15. They have one forward and he’s killing us. Sadly, we have no forwards.
  16. This - 1000%. I don’t understand what’s been gained for any consumer of the game?
  17. So very brave of Rod to tell his story. My Year 8 coordinator at High School is serving 40 odd years for molesting over 50 boys. Our local priest in our very small town will die in jail for abusing over 65 kids. As a kid I knew something wasn’t right, I just didn’t know the scale and audacity of it. Don’t raise your kids to be compliant. Raise them to be aware, and to have the confidence to know they can tell you anything. Watch them like a hawk. If something doesn’t seem right, it might not be. And to those families, and individuals, impacted by these crimes thank you for tell
  18. Fatigue is playing a much more significant part this year. I think coaches are more intent on having the ball in any players hand in the 50 so everyone can catch their breath, than they are worrying about deeper entries (the focus of the last few years). Be interested to see if this is backed up by kicking for goal position stats.
  19. As an aside, I’d be furious if I was St Kilda paying Bradley Hill 800k+ a year to get meaningless kicks in the back pocket every week. He just doesn’t get enough ball where it matters.
  20. Honestly we arrested some serious momentum and changed the game. I can’t remember when we last did that and went on to win. We have some talent on the list. If we manage it well we are going places.
  21. Yeah, if by interesting you mean cheap and one sided.
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