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  1. The AFL industry has a diversity problem amongst its broadcasters. If you’ve been on the wrong end of the stick you know when to say ‘that’s not ok’. If you haven’t been this stuff slides, and people who aren’t smart enough to understand subtext assume that sliding means it’s ok. Garry should have said something. It’s that’s simple.
  2. Nothing burns more than being called ‘an anonymous person on the internet’ by an anonymous person on the internet. I’m not sure I’ll ever recover.
  3. Quit clutching your pearls. When you say something publicly, as she did, you open yourself up to the conversation. I wouldn’t say anything about Weed’s mum. Why? Because she didn’t put herself in the conversation by commenting publicly. See how it works?
  4. To be fair Genghis Khan and Ivan The Terrible were also ‘popular teammates’. I feel like his mum is fair game. She waded into this with her ill judged Facebook comment on the day he effectively resigned, not when he was traded. I do think time will make this all go away. I think LJ is still 3 years away from his best, and by then we will all have moved on.
  5. My niece has a school play on Tuesday. I bet the b*stards at AFL HQ are already planning how to steal her thunder.
  6. I can’t believe how petty it was that the AFL released the round 1 fixture during the Socceroos game. It’s just the most childish thing to do. It’s laughably immature.
  7. I love Clayton. He’s the most important Melbourne player since Flower, as he changed the perception of the club with his consistency, toughness and determination. Not a fan of the Mongrel Punt at all. The bloke can’t write an article without telling everyone he was right. Says he’s been ‘all in’ on Oliver since year 3. Oh, you mean when he won the club B&F and was named All Australian? Nice work Nostradamus. And I hate that he scribbles all over pictures just to get around copyright.
  8. Has Bowser put on a bit of muscle in his arms? Looks stronger.
  9. He was born in 2004. I have socks that are older.
  10. Gees I’m not a fan of the BOG. We where well on top for 3 quarters. Our midfield was clearly all over them. and now they read all the players out in super quick succession. we won! Let them feel like winners. Honestly. Rubbish from the AFLW.
  11. I really feel like we just had more naturally competitive footballers. It was frustrating early to watch them all crash in and not hold space, but as the game went on they wanted it more and wouldn’t let anyone get in their way. So proud of the girls. Heartbroken it wasn’t in Melbourne, but so proud.
  12. Matching his and hers Premiership cheeseboards!!!!!
  13. Completely agree. The umpires look absolutely rattled. Stop over thinking it and let the players play.
  14. Great goal! Keep fighting girls. Really gutsy effort in the face of it all.
  15. Paxy just said to the umpire ‘give us a free kick’. Ridiculous
  16. I never understand the theory that one draft year is worth holding out for. Is the difference really going to mean that a pick 5 this year would only be a pick 20 next year? I seriously doubt it. The most rewarding thing for a young player with talent is being in a highly professional system for a year. Get ‘em in. Show ‘em how it’s done. See what they can do. A bird in the hand and all that.
  17. If having a body for 44 years has taught me anything it’s that the current inhabitant never speaks fondly of the former tenant.
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