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  1. I'm looking forward to buying a back to back t-shirt next year.
  2. For the record, I was just trying to lighten things up. I don't fight on the internet because doing so is like a repechage: even if you win, you are still a loser.
  3. Does this mean the Mongols have to apologize for everything Genghis Khan did?
  4. A wise man once said "let he without sin cast the first stone" but I guess the book it came from got thrown out when the AFL started playing games on Good Friday.
  5. My heart says yes but my head's telling me not to count my chickens before they hatch.
  6. Instead of using the oxymoron "gamble responsibly", they should flash a picture of TAB patrons to deter people from gambling.
  7. So 44 blokes can tackle, sweat and spit on each other tonight in Melbourne while only 10 people are allowed to attend a funeral for an 8 year old boy in Warrnanbool.
  8. I'm contemplating making a run for the NSW border.
  9. It looks like Melbourne play a drunken boxing version of football; it can look ugly at times but it works.
  10. That was fun catching up with my family who are mostly Hawks supporters and watching the Hawks vs WC game on TV with them.
  11. Every week I still hear/read people writing Melbourne off. One thing these people fail to see is Melbourne's ability to play in one gear higher than the opposition.
  12. I was as high as Melbourne on the ladder.
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