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  1. your dad sent me a pic of this last night
  2. 31 Ray groom ,billy barham,and phil carmen to name a few
  3. Just a really good bloke.Well played Nathan Jones
  4. Tmac is a forward no longer a back no way he replaces May ,anyway May will be fine.Only change i could see would be Hunt for Hibbo for extra pace down back.But think it will no change
  5. No change,May will be fine hes got 2 weeks to recover,feel sorry for Hunt been there all year and played well.
  6. How much can you drink after a covid jab
  7. Your not alone we are all with you,united we stand GO DEES
  8. ok jabs done beers cold ,fresh bottle scotch ,will open cab sav about 7 .Now for a nerve settling beer
  9. If your friend hasnt thrown up or fallen over hes good to go
  10. just had it done didnt feel a thing ,and yes she kept her pants on
  11. Feeling oddly relaxed today ,going for the jab this morning @10 so that may change at about 9.55
  12. Dont recall my first game ,but do remember my first GF in 1958 got beaten by the filth ,then saw every Gf affter that .WORST game i saw was at waverly ,horrid place to go to(big mistake afl ha ha )against the roys they thrashed us ,we gave up ,so shocking,no joy since then,except a few cameos in the finals
  13. wondering where Saty is these days
  14. Coaches must think very highly of smith ,they put him back in as soon as he is fit enough so it is a team balance thing for them to work out now.Either Hunt or Hibb will be good they know the game plan and structures .For me i prefer hunt for his speed and run and carry
  15. the side on view shows him walking straight into the ump he must get weeks for that
  16. This is what footy and sport is all about,the dreams that come true,romance and sacrifice.Kicking the winning goal after the siren in a GF,the legendary warrior loved by all plays that one last game.called upon late to play,nobody knows how it will end but the champ plays,gets that one last kick .GOAL GO JONESY .The dream comes true
  17. would have a neitz at full forward in this team would kick a ton every year,forward line is crap
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