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  1. So this is afl footy,if i was able to be there i would storm out
  2. To many big heads in this team .Tell Tracc its the mfc show not the tracc show.Kossie has done his one goal and put the cue in the rack.Chandler good grief.Roo gets free and they wont kick to him why bother having a full forward
  3. Doc told me once to get of toms said i never eat them ,told me to take them up
  4. This scotch is so weak about to have a pie and sauce no point during the game its hard to get pie spit off the tv
  5. Took your advice got into the scotch early have a bottle of cab sav breathing for game start and bottle in reserve in case of close game
  6. Slower than Serg ?Good grief i dont know how he played footy so fat.Sorry all fataphobics
  7. If your aunt had balls she would be your uncle.One of my favs
  8. Not sure what to do about this game whether to start drinking early or later and finish with a flourish
  9. Had 3 knee ops first when i was 17 the last one mum said if you play again dont come home or you get a belting.Mother does know best
  10. Ten concussions,give it away boy ,you have to much to live for.Someone has to stop him nothing good can come out of him playing on
  11. wont be Petty hes out for few weeks or Tmac down back would be disaster
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