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  1. I reckon our 9 goal win against the pies last year was our best. Lets do it again. Steak and mushroom pie from the bakery here, I’ll leave MasterChef to the telly.
  2. t.co/Y8tGle8Kdv How good is this?
  3. Or at least an inexperienced coach who has been working within a successful footy club (or clubs) for a number of years and knows how to handle differing noise and expectations btw Round 4 vs Prelim Final. I can't see them hiring from within this time. It's an interesting consideration on what makes a good coach - Brett Ratten who I have a great deal of respect for isn't getting the best out of what I think is a pretty good list (based on last year). I don't rate Clarko as highly (I reckon Fagan was doing a lot of work in the background when they were successful) but he's not doing anyth
  4. The game last night reminded me of a 1980's game where both sides kicked 22 goals. Crap defence on both sides. I hope the AFL are strategically looking at how to improve the standard of umpiring, including simplification of the rules (it can't just be poor judgement by all of them). These are supposed to be the best umpires in the country. I find myself screaming at the TV for non-Melbourne games now, which is my lowest point.
  5. Nice work @demonstone! Too smart (old school) for me.
  6. Coupled with the fact AF that 12 wins is a pass mark for finals. We can use this fact to both setup and subsequently come back from the break with a mindset for actions to get us deep into September, rather than "we still have to get there".
  7. Good luck with the findings @theacademic. Timely with Adam Goodes declining to be included in the Hall of Fame.
  8. Tayla Harris being announced tomorrow as a Dee https://www.news.com.au/sport/afl/aflw/tayla-harris-reportedly-finds-new-aflw-home-after-contract-saga/news-story/998b29e3311d39eb447bfb9cbdb7172a
  9. If I'm Chris Fagan I'd have given Harris Andrews a vote before Hipwood.
  10. That's what they want you to think LDVC.....propaganda from the machine.
  11. My only knock on Sam Weideman is his goal kicking. Needs to hit the scoreboard. His set shots on Friday weren’t great, missed very gettable shots (hitting the point post from 40?). If he can’t kick 3+ against the pies (assuming TMac gets Darcy Moore) then we need to give BBB another block of 3-4 games to see if he’s the answer.
  12. As well as Gawny, Clarry, Trac, Lingers, Maysie, Lever, TMac,
  13. I loved seeing the local support for the Dees at the game last night, and I was pumped for them at the end result, but in this day and age I still can’t believe the AFL are packing them into three bays when Victoria is in lockdown and we’re running out of states we can play the game in. I don’t think socially distancing the crowd is too hard, is it? I’ll be spitting chips if the season is cancelled
  14. I'm wearing a virtual black armband for you tonight @DemonOX, my sympathies to you and your family for your loss. I love that you've got a nice memory from Monday talking with her about the Dees.
  15. I'm with tincan - main reason for the increased numbers is supporters realising the best (maybe only) way to get finals tickets is via having a membership.
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