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  1. Agreed. I was out for lunch yesterday with a couple of Carlton supporting mates, who were baffled by the level of my delight when asked about Clarry's 7 year deal.
  2. Was Adam Cerra out of contract last year when he found his way to Carlton? May be some parallels with Freo placing a high value on him which is why he didn't end up coming to us. If it was the case he was out of contract, then clearly the destination clubs still find a way to satisfy the current club to ensure the deal happens.
  3. Mate, I'm not VB. I'm Melbourne Bitter. pun fully intended.
  4. That game was a case in point where coaches opine that the free kick count is not a factor in winning or losing the game. But as a fan it’s impossible to agree with this. Yes it’s a hard game to umpire, but it should be consistent and fair.
  5. Don’t drop the banner pole on any of the players WCW!
  6. Your heart beats true Ken, you should be fine. Get well soon and enjoy the game
  7. My dad called me a bastard once. I told him that was a bigger insult to him than me.
  8. I never had that problem with Allen Jakovich. He's a forward and I reckon somewhat comes with the territory.
  9. I've read this whole thread to see if anyone identified the difference between one end of the football and the other. They both look the same to me?
  10. Maybe our boys come out galvanised and focussed in enemy territory and play closer to a 4 quarter game, whereas at the G on a cold day with a small crowd our boys don’t get the same level of motivation. I think the Optus vs MCG comparison shows a difference in performance is not related to the size of the ground.
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