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  1. Great team win. My MFCSS wondering if we’re going to show up or not is starting to melt. We are lovely to watch. Special shout out to Jayden Hunt, you’re in career best form. Keep it up mate, love watching you and Langdon streaming forward in excess of the speed limit.
  2. Maybe he foresaw this when he changed the title of the role from Chairman to President
  3. The difference between Sparrow and Melksham as our 22nd player shouldn’t be the difference between winning and losing. I guess the selectors needed to make a change at some point to keep the Casey depth focussed and driven. Thought sparrow was stiff though, I love what he brings. I just hope the guys one and all show up and beat the living suitcase out of those handbaggers.
  4. Maybe he’ll step down this week and be reinstated next week
  5. In my view, the reward for finishing 1st or 2nd is just too great in the womens' game. A week off and a prelim at home in a three week finals series. I'd be amazed if it isn't 1st vs 2nd in the grand final. The AFL really sh*t me with their pandering of favourites (both men and women). Dees had an absolutely ripper season and should hold their heads high.
  6. Thousands of people go to the footy each week who seemed to have worked it out.
  7. Luke Jackson can jump that high without the need for helium
  8. My straight shots are affected whether there is wind or not.
  9. I feel a bit for Josh Mahoney having to spend his working life dealing with clubs who are in the "really crap" phase of their cycle. I think he's in for extended pain with the Bombers.
  10. I've not seen anything from a FD negotiation perspective that gives me cause for concern on resigning our jets. Girls in the prelim, blokes haven't dropped a game, quietly managing resigning our talent in an orderly fashion. This must be what it feels like to be a Hawthorn supporter.
  11. This is why I’m happier playing them at the G with more space to move the ball
  12. My lineups for both teams (can’t wait for Werridee). Hibbo in for Jetta and assuming Josh Jenkins in for Higgins to try to create height mismatch. FB [14] Michael Hibberd (186), [1] Steven May (193), [8] Jake Lever (195) FF [31] Francis Evans (182), [26] Tom Hawkins (198), [9] Max Holmes (189) CHB [3] Christian Salem (183), [20] Adam Tomlinson (194),[29] Jayden Hunt (187) CHF [22] Mitch Duncan (188), [11] Josh Jenkins (200), [40] Luke Dahlhaus (179) C [10] Angus Brayshaw (187),[5] Christian Petracca (186),[15] Ed Langdon (182) C [7] Isaac Smith (188), [42] Mark O'
  13. I always think of Dr. Nick from the Simpsons when I hear his ads.
  14. After watching the Giants, I'm amazed they're +15 free kick differential. All I was off the ball sniping and playing the man. Mind you, there were a lot of missed free kicks (in my biased humble opinion), so this could explain it.
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