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  1. He's a 19 yo kid who has had one very different season as an introduction to an AFL career. He's still learning habits that will shape his professionalism to elite. Personally I'm much more worried about Aaron Nietschke's knees than Kossie, who has a massive ceiling and I'm sure will be an absolute gun in a year or two if he learns and adopts good habits.
  2. I understand this thread is a future source of reference for the hindsight police, but I’m not writing off players before the season has even begun. Especially the younger ones that should be encouraged.
  3. I’d agree with you TPF as the quality of his intercept marking in defence was exceptional before he moved to the fwd line - however I still have nightmares about his subsequent field kicking from defence so I’m on the fence.
  4. And in Uncle Bitters case, the love of Shiraz is the evil of all roots
  5. Looking at that picture, if Farmer is a tiny 169cm, then so is Kossie.
  6. According to Fox sports, Melbourne seem the most likely team of the 2020 bottom-10 to return to the top four this year Although they did peg Carlton at #2, so we're not drinking our own bath water just yet. https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/afl-predictions-2021-finals-tips-bottom-10-to-top-four-melbourne-carlton-sydney-swans-to-jump/news-story/420d9413abfad3579a1b0d515e7a380e
  7. All I want for Xmas is a flag. Not too much to ask. Merry Xmas everybody
  8. I thought this as well BBP, and I hope we can actually have a decent crowd to help the club coffers. Otherwise I'd hope the club is talking to the AFL + Rich/Coll to see if this draw can be offset to have one home game out of the two blockbusters per year.
  9. If Checker Hughes was still around, he'd probably be trying to rename the Gin too.
  10. Hopefully BBB gets a big number and uses that as a minimum target for goals for him to kick in 2021.
  11. Thanks for this Pickett Trying to work out Bailey Laurie's number from pic 14 - definitely starts with a 1.... Anybody with better eyes than mine?
  12. He was much better from further out than he was from inside 25m. I always hoped he'd go back 35m a la BBB when he took a mark close to goal and kick it from 50.
  13. Watch Ben Brown kick 75 goals next year and carry us to a grannie with Choco taking the credit for improving our kicking. Chuffed with everybody else about this signing by the way. ...and not nearly enough love for the dire straits gag which is just about the best thing I’ve read on this site. Absolute gold.
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