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  1. Just watched the replay of the Hawthorn game Another great example of terrific leading, which has in turn improved the quality of delivery inside 50, and he marks more than he brings to ground. Happy overall he’s getting more shots at goal
  2. Rather he wins a Norm Smith than a Brownlow....
  3. Luke Jackson's work below his knees and speed of dishing out handballs - to advantage - is unparalleled in my opinion for an 18yo of his size.
  4. Someone needs to have a word with the Fox commentators to even up the chat around what's a free kick. Seemed very biased towards North in commentating on the dubious free kicks (despite the fact they were handsomely winning the free kick count). Even needed to pan to Byron shaking his head in the stands for the commentators to then point out that Kozzie was a bit unlucky. FFS.
  5. Petracca holding his feet and spinning out of trouble is a thing of beauty.
  6. It's a strange feeling, being comfortable that we're not going to fold in the last quarter. I could get used to it.
  7. And (rightly) Rance got 2 weeks for the hit on Watts, where Lynch gets a $500 fine. Same act, therefore the AFL must not be as worried as as they used to be with respect to protecting player's heads (esp. when they can't defend themselves).
  8. AF - brings back fond memories. I took the family across to Adelaide for the weekend to watch that game. We were right at the top of the main grandstand. As the ferals were getting progressively quiet as we picked up after half time, I yelled out "how good was that" for Clarry's goal. And then wondered if we'd get out unscathed. Gees it was a great night.
  9. My beef with all of this is that the AFL are now changing the rules mid season so one club gets a different and better outcome for exactly the same act than another team. Another layer of farce.
  10. Don't let the AFL umpires get anywhere near the server. We'll be screwed.
  11. The woo hoo guy is there tonight! nice goal melksham
  12. We need a forward line to win by that much Sku. Trac to kick 5 and we'll win by 5.
  13. All this talk of selfish and not playing for each other My view is that some/most players don't trust their teammates to execute - and so don't give them the ball, try to take on the tackler or do it all themselves until they get into trouble and cough it up or give the ball to a teammate in an even worse predicament who then turns it over. Sure, they all might be mates, however we're never going to win a flag without the team having inherent trust in the abilities of all 22 on the field. Even Barassi has said the Dees of the 50's/60's weren't a team of superstars.
  14. Have to agree with this. I've liked both his analysis and the difficult questions. Only feedback would be not to have player Q&A videos in the lobby of the team hotel with players wandering around in the background in a towel mucking around etc.
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