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  1. If we get up on the weekend, I reckon we should change the words to the second verse It could start with “well the team got the job done in the year 21”
  2. Be respectful, humble......and bash the living suitcases out of anyone that starts anything resembling trouble.
  3. So out of this list, Jones retires; Weid possibly traded and question marks over Neita, Bradtke, M Brown, Baker, AVB and Chandler. That would be 8 changes in all. I don't think we've got the trade/draft currency for that many changes. Maybe 4-5 in all I'd reckon. Jones now retired, Jetta may retire as well. So I'd think that there may be three from the list above to leave the club. Maybe Neita, Bradtke and one of AVB or M Brown (assuming Weid stays). I think Baker and Chandler will have belting pre-seasons coming up, having experienced this finals series and wanting to be a part of the next one, I can't see we'd trade either.
  4. If we were playing the Giants, where there's a big big sound from the west of the town, then I'd call that an omen. If the doggies are anything like my dog, they ran scared.
  5. I'd have thought wearing black balaclavas would be fronwed upon in your line of work.
  6. Forecast maximums for Saturday night: Melbourne - 110 Doggies - 65
  7. Maybe you could float your idea that all GFG members get their photo taken with the cup (if we win of course). I thought this was a ripper of an idea.
  8. Since defenders are miserly, it could be the "give them nothing" award. Pretty much sums up the Brownlow.
  9. You could hang around Woolies carpark and try to make $15 from left over coins in the trolley bays.....
  10. 96 votes for the team out of a possible 132 votes is phenomenal. The 36 votes that went against us: Round (Votes) Opponent 3 1. T. Greene (GWS) 5 1. J.O’Meara (HAW) 7 3. B.Cunnington (NM) 8 1. C.Mills (SYD) 9 1. S.Walsh (CAR) 10 1. B.Keays (ADE) 12 1. Z.Bailey (BL) 13 3. S.Pendlebury (COL) 13 1. J.De Goey (COL) 15 2. Z.Merrett (ESS) 16 3. J.Kelly (GWS) 16 1. T.Taranto (GWS) 18 3. T.Mitchell (HAW) 19 3. M.Bontempelli (WB) 19 2. J.Macrae (WB) 21 2. E.Yeo (WC) 22 3. P.Seedsman (ADE) 22 2. B.Keays (ADE) 23 2. J.Selwood (GEE) I thought Ben Cunnington getting BOG in a 5 goal losing side was a surprise, but we didn't play great in the first half of that game and it was really the 3rd quarter that put that game away. Other results were fair enough with the exception of the Adelaide game at the MCG which was just bizarre - the best 2 players on the ground in a 7 goal losing side? Spare me. But 16 of 22 BOG performances to a dees player is terrific.
  11. There was a humorous post on bigfooty suggesting the starting 21 bulldogs team would be announced Thursday night.
  12. Hopefully Dan’s roadmap allows for 100k Dees supporters to meet for a picnic (outdoors) at Goschs paddock in a fortnight to meet our victorious team and our new cup.
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