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  1. May only polling 4 votes suggests a defender will never win this award
  2. I'm reminded of Trent Rivers in an interview post the 3 pt win vs Saints, where he said with 5 mins to go in the game "Maysie told me to give him my best 5 minutes and he'll give me his". I reckon Trac has adhered to this all season, and all players driving each other to elite standards like this only holds us in good stead going forward. This is good culture. Mind you, not sure where that was in the last qtr vs Essendon.
  3. Charlie Spargo up front and centre crumb goal from the top of the goal square vs pies. Only because it's the only crumbing goal I can remember and we need substantially more of these to have a decent crack at a flag.
  4. And that's just his kicking for goal
  5. Assuming we go back to playing in our home states, same day travel and 4 day breaks are really going to hurt the interstate clubs that travel every second week. Probably evens up the ledger from this year where they had the advantage on Vic teams.
  6. Look no further than to the dogs game where Gawn vs Dunkley in the ruck still had us losing clearances.
  7. The by and large commentary both on here and professional commentators alike is that we wouldn't fire a shot in the finals if we had made it, however we have a fully healthy list. This has to 100% be on Goodwin and his line coaches - and needs massive attention before preseason starts. We need to play with a defined system and roles - "brand" (and a bit of mongrel). How can we have an elite ruckman and midfielders and lose clearances consistently? Agree with a lot of the positives and negatives above, however it's largely fugazi.
  8. Hopefully in the interests of fairness the doggies are just getting on the plane now to fly up to Cairns
  9. I’ve just started watching “All or nothing” on Amazon Prime. It’s a fly on the wall doco following Tottenham Hotspur EPL club last season. Mourinho is hired as a new manager, and within 2 days concludes the team are a bunch of nice guys. He tells them this, and that for 90 minutes a week they Can’t be nice guys and need to be a pack of c***s, Effing Intelligent c***s, not stupid c***s, bastar*s in the sense that for 90 minutes you are there to win matches. That’s ruthless. I hope Goody has an Amazon prime subscription, our guys could learn this lesson.
  10. I thought this game mirrored our season really. Looked good in patches, looked flakey for extended periods in pretty much every game except vs Pies and Giants. Won the games we should have and were pretty much middle of the road as the ladder shows. Its a shame because we’ve got more talent than our ladder position suggests. Definite improvement on last year (obviously) but I don’t think the condensed season and more travel than just about everybody coupled with no bye did us any favours.
  11. Shout out to Nibbler for his goal in the second. well deserved for keeping his eyes on the ball as the defender was running towards him flat out. Would have been shirt fronted in the 80’s, but was really brave of him I thought.
  12. At least if they get up we’ll know what we have to do tomorrow - back in our hands somewhat
  13. Shades of 1987 in this - our captain/ex captain #2 in his last season (presuming this for Jones), who had carried the club on his shoulders through dark times. Needing other results to go our way. Don't write us off just yet.
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