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  1. Burgess & fitness staff will have a plan in place to ensure hardness is there, we are having a tough hit out & dogs are not as need to recover so can work both ways....
  2. No changes team is settled just name a defender e.g. Hunt or Smith as medical sub to cover for May if he goes down.
  3. So dogs come from 5th to get a weeks rest before GF, so whats the advantage for finishing 1st & winning both finals?
  4. Hibbo experienced, cool head, tough competitor Hunt if fit has great speed & can break the lines Bowie just concerned in a big final with only a few games under his belt may get exposed Smith is too lose got exposed against Cameron
  5. Cats played well but beat an injured GWS plus coming of a tough game vs the Swans, lets not forget they made finals with 11.5 wins which was 4.5 games less than the Cats. Still think Hibbo strong body & cool head & if Hunt is fit for speed.
  6. Need to play Hibbered, Smith is too lose
  7. So there will be a bye after the prelim finals? why????? So if one of the semi final winners wins a prelim they get a week off... Were is the reward for the qualifying final winners???
  8. Prelim final requires wise head & experience..... hibbo big body and experience, Hunt if fit for speed and both have played well.... Unfortunately Bowey still raw & Smith
  9. Possibly the biggest flaw by the afl since making Lions play in a prelim in 04 at the MCG which they should have played at the Gabba....We finish first and are made to travel under strict quarantine rules etc and will need to travel again even if we win our first final.... The fair thing would have been to have Port travel to play on neutral grounds! Were is the benefit of finishing 1st???? But I forgot its the AFL.....
  10. Great result for the club but also for the development & culture implemented when you consider the train wreck Roos inherited back in 2014, lets hope the players are still hungry chasing the ultimate success !
  11. Very different though as the GF is locked in at the MCG contractually and clubs know what the roadmap is etc vs Covid mess, bottom line is if your good enough you will beat anyone anywhere, but still Port have got a better deal coming 2nd!
  12. My question is to the AFL & understand cover/quarantine etc but why does Port get to play in front of a home crowd/home ground and the Demons minor premiers have to travel, Were is the advantage finishing 1st??? Was there an option of having a bye to move all the finals to Perth and fit in with their quarantine, they also have Subiaco oval??? 7 other teams are plying on Neutral Grounds, how is this fair???
  13. Followed the MFC from grade 2 in 1972 and school photo wearing the old woollen jumper which I still have and experienced all the dark times of the 70s and highs of the late 80s inc lows of 87 prelim, 88 & 2000 GF and the lows after Daniher era, this win would have to be the best ever seen and to see Petracca emotional and saying we are doing this for our supporters! If the footy gods continue to shine that old woollen jumper will come out!
  14. Whats sad is Port have beaten 4 top 8 sides vs 8 by the Dees yet they could finish higher, afl fixture hey
  15. Rather play in Perth or Brisbane
  16. Until you play each other twice will never be fair e.g. how many top 8 sides has Port beaten 2 I believe vs Melb 7 & yet may finish higher than us. Option are either have 2 pools of 9 & play each other twice so 16 games then play the pool once so total of 24 games then a final 8 is finalised. The other option is you play each other once and then then the top 8 play each other again & the bottom 10 plan for the following season. You still get 24 game season and at least the top 8 positions are earns fairly.
  17. Because the AFL a hell bent in ensuring Finals are not played to empty stadiums, don't disagree with you & the integrity of finishing on top or higher placed finalist has eroded, reckon the AFL should shift all the finals to Perth inc GF as looking like no WA will make finals so no team is disadvantaged give the bye a week leading up so quarantine etc but WA premier want allow it
  18. No doubt the AFL has a very hard job to continue to run the comp inc running the finals & gf to meet the commercial agreements of so many plus provide integrity to the finalist...lets hope the integrity isn't thrown out the window to appease sponsors, tv so we can have 15-20k at a game and not reward the higher finishing teams. The fairest outcome would be to move the whole final series inc GF to Perth as no WA team will be playing in the Finals...but WA premiers is to [censored].
  19. Afl finds a way to shaft the MFC even if we finish on top!
  20. Will this be another Cairns disaster? Flying in on same day & how long to prep for the game at 3pm??? why not a night game to give the players a chance to assimilate with their environment as Cairns they landed at lunch time and had to play a game in 3hrs! The script of MFC shafting is coming
  21. Alarm bells need to be ringing & not due to last night loss to a top team as our record is great! Last 5 weeks can't kick enough goals bar vs Port Struggling against bottom teams & missed banking points is this mindset?? Cant maximise our Rucks 67-18, and got smashed on both stoppage clearances 28-39 & clearances 41-49 Cant understand Spargo in the backline??
  22. Watching other top 4 teams put away bottom sides vs us struggling go figure
  23. Older supporters like myself who have seen brief final appearances and seen them climb the mountain so far but fall off the cliff....This is essentially the same group that blew it last year in Cairns debacle cost them finals and yes absolutely secure a top 4 spot this year and will give them credit but even more so winning the flag!
  24. If this group of players fall over the last 5 rounds and miss a top 4 chance and bow out of the finals, it will reinforce that nothing has changed at this club and another kick in the guts for their supporters
  25. Don't need 2004 to remind them, just look back to 2020 Cairns 2 game debacle and last round 2017 vs Pies which both cost them playing finals!
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