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  1. I can't see the wisdom in playing McAdam underdone and off a long plane flight. Why not give him another week at Casey and an MFC debut at the MCG next week? At this point the smart money would have him getting injured some time in the third quarter. Surely Brown has to play, but our ruck stocks remain critically thin. Bad luck if Gawn falls apart under the strain of carrying this team every week. Salem should be sent to Casey for a couple of weeks before being considered at AFL level. The risk of playing both he and McAdam lacking in match fitness would be off the charts.
  2. I was happy to have a reserved seat membership, then they doubled the price by forcing you to pay for the grand final guarantee as well. If this is the desired future, they need to let people build their own packages. Ultimately the club loses out, as evidenced by the sparsely populated reserved seat areas this season.
  3. Chandler clearly needs a rest, and I'd be tempted to play Woewodin forward to get him in the team. Otherwise maybe McAdam if he makes it through at least 80% game time today. Billings had a very good second half and was important to our improved ball movement in that period. He stays. I'd like to have another look at Turner against lesser opposition, but he simply has to find a way to get involved in the play. At the very least he needs to be providing a contest and bringing the ball to ground. I think we need the three tall forwards, so he probably stays unless Brown kicks a bag in the VFL.
  4. Certainly couldn't fault the effort after quarter time, but we lost for two reasons: 1. I'm okay with our forwards not taking marks, as long as they are making a contest and bringing the ball to ground. We were excellent in this respect against Geelong, but terrible last night. The ease with which Weitering and co took intercept marks in our forward 50 was astounding. 2. The inability of our onballers to nullify Walsh and Cripps in the first 3 quarters, and especially the first quarter. Viney and Oliver may well not have entered the centre square given how ineffective they were. Petracca was banished to the forward line at quarter time for this reason also. We looked much better when Sparrow and Neal-Bullen were heavily involved later. Ultimately those two reasons were why Carlton kicked the first six goals, and the game was effectively done at that point. Well done to our group for fighting on and preserving our percentage, but it was too little too late.
  5. We crapped the bed in the first quarter and Carlton crapped the bed in the last. Otherwise nothing between the two sides. The misses by Fritsch, Chandler and Pickett were hugely costly. And especially Petty.
  6. If Goodwin can't come up with a plan to negate the influence of Walsh and Cripps we have no chance.
  7. That passage sums our night in 10 seconds of play. Poor hit out, weak tackle attempt, no pressure at ground level, defenders out of position.
  8. Has Gawn touched the ball in the last half hour? He's not moving overly well.
  9. Any chance we can actually pin the ball in a tackle? Or hit a target inside 50?
  10. Carlton just moving the ball quickly into dangerous positions, whilst we stuff around before heading to the boundary or to 1 on 3 contests. Plus our tackling is abysmal.
  11. Our midfield is completely invisible. Are Petracca and Viney playing?
  12. Re Charlie Spargo, it seems to me that he was injured late in the pre season, and came to opening round with no match fitness. He was clearly underdone and probably carried an injury into OR. Did we make the situation worse by playing him? Certainly he contributed nothing to the team that evening. He was put on the injury list after that game, and was listed as 3 weeks in early April. A month later and he is still listed as 3 weeks. If all goes well from here maybe he gets one Casey game in before the bye, then it is probably July before he can push for senior selection. If I was a player in that situation, particularly given the depth in my position, I would be absolutely furious as to how the injury has been managed.
  13. I'm a Billings fan, but he has been disappointing in the past couple of weeks. His spot is definitely in jeopardy, although I would still prefer him to Hunter. Don't get carried away with Laurie's junk time goals against Richmond. He was terrible against Geelong and was dragged for the last ten minutes, despite being only brought into the game in the last quarter. He offers nothing against quality sides. Chandler is definitely struggling with his knee and is the most likely to need a rest. If Bowey is ready to go, he moves back into defence and Woewodin can take Chandler's role forward. Hunter as sub and Laurie out of the 23. Otherwise Woewodin to sub if Chandler is okay.
  14. This is a truly excellent decision, and one that is long overdue. SBMT is my local club where my son plays in the juniors, and I look forward to reporting on Kyah's progress this season.
  15. Fills a very significant need for us with Rivers and potentially McVee playing more midfield time, and Salem constantly injured. We should absolutely be looking at him if his body is in good nick.
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