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  1. I don't understand why this club doesn't make it as easy as possible for members at this point of the process. Some people don't sit at a computer all day waiting for an email from the club to drop so they know what is expected of them. The rules are changing each week, and what was applicable for the GWS game is not necessarily what is applicable for this week. I still haven't received the email for my son's account. The emails should have been sent yesterday evening at the latest.
  2. Next we'll be hearing that Austin Bradtke is a better ruckman than Max Gawn. I'm impressed that the OP didn't just postulate that Bedford was a better player than Spargo or Neal-Bullen, he skipped straight to Bedford being a better player than Viney. How many small forwards develop into quality AFL players after spending three years doing not much in the VFL? I would suggest very few, generally because they don't get given a fourth year.
  3. No change. This is the best we have in terms of structure and personnel, so we need to keep them together. Sparrow and Melksham have had their chances and been found wanting. Vandenberg is done, and Bowey is not ready. Jones is the only I would consider if he had a run of games at Casey.
  4. The way that some posters talk about Majak Daw it is incredible that he is not a top 10 goalscorer in the competition, let alone has played just 54 games in 10 years. An accurate kick, mighty presence and a fine mark? What adjectives does that leave for Tom Hawkins and players of that ilk?
  5. Shocking timeslot, but any games we get to go this year are a bonus. A 25K crowd would be a good result given where the two teams are at.
  6. If you are going to play three crumbing forwards, then you need some big contested marking types for them to crumb to. Crumbers become redundant when the talls are Fritsch, McDonald and Jackson, all of whom are leading forwards, and none of whom really crash packs or provide a strong aerial contest. With our current structure, we may as well play drop Spargo and Neal-Bullen and play Melksham and Vandenberg in their place. At least they are capable of providing a target inside forward 50.
  7. I don't believe we have a Jack Viney problem, but we certainly have a problem with overall team balance. Jack was okay against Essendon, less so against GWS, but will certainly improve with more match fitness. The issue we have is that Viney & Harmes didn't play in the same side between round 2 & round 14. Now we have both playing significant midfield minutes, and that is taking midfield time away from others. All the combinations that were working early in the year have been broken up, and the new combinations are yet to gel. Now we have pushed Petracca forward more, where he is capable but not at his most dangerous; Jordon on to a wing where he is having little impact and is also reducing Brayshaw's effectiveness; Sparrow is inexplicably getting midfield minutes when he is a complete liability in there, and we have to manage Oliver and Viney who can't play anywhere but the midfield. The answer is clearly to remove Sparrow from the equation, and perhaps Harmes needs to spend more time forward unless he has a defensive role to play. Our other key issue is that Jackson is critical to our overall structure, but is contributing nothing as a forward. He has been good in the ruck, but Gawn was conspicuously absent from the centre square for much of Saturday's game.That is certainly not ideal.
  8. Who knew that we lost on Saturday because of umpiring decisions? I had assumed it was because (a) we are incapable of putting the ball between the big posts, (b) most of the players looked completely disinterested for most of the game and (c) the opposition played better than us.
  9. https://womens.afl/news/72888/listen-dees-flag-push-plus-humorous-reaction-to-tayla-trade Interesting interview with Todd Patterson, the AFLW list manager. A fair amount of talk around the trades for Olivia Purcell and Tayla Harris, but also the overall list strategy. Despite the obvious improvement over the second half of the season, there was significant disappointment that they didn't win the premiership. This will be the goal in 2022, as it is every year.
  10. Our 6 specialist forwards contributed a grand total of 3 goals between them last week, and Goodwin thinks that all is well - the mind boggles. How many uncontested marks will Haynes & Davis take this week because we are looking for the marking option that doesn't exist? Forecast is for 60% chance of any rain, with possible rain of 0 - 1mm. Hardly a torrential downpour and certainly no reason to keep Brown out.
  11. We haven't had a home game in Melbourne for 7 weeks. The club can't just assume that everyone is across what the current rules are given that they are changing by the week, if not the day. The club website is typically useless - see below. https://www.melbournefc.com.au/member-ticketing/r16 Do we need to book tickets? Can we use our reserved seats? Does anyone know what is going on?
  12. Jones is still clearly ahead of Melksham and Sparrow in my eyes and, if we ever revert back to 2 tall forwards, there is a further spot available. Spargo's goals have dried up and it would be a big effort for Jordon to play every game. I'm sure Jones could step in for either if required. There are plenty of opportunities for Nathan if we can get some consistent VFL games into him.
  13. I can't believe people are complaining about the umpiring on Monday. We clearly had the better run of things, despite being second to the ball most of the day. Umpiring was about the 833rd biggest reason we lost.
  14. This was the most disappointing thing for me. We were putrid all day, but Collingwood's inaccuracy in front of goal kept us in the game. When we took the lead in third quarter (twice), all we needed was ten minutes of committed, team first football to break the game open. Instead, McDonald misses a sitter, our defensive pressure vanished again and we reverted to the selfish, half hearted football of the first half. Even in the last ten minutes of the game we had chances to put Collingwood under real pressure. Pickett's effort in the dying minutes where he burned Fritsch and dribbled the ball into the square was as bad as I've ever seen. He has generally been very good this year, but no doubt he has listening into hype about his Brisbane performance.
  15. I've never been a fan of Weideman, but I've also never judged him solely on goals, marks and disposals. His output against Brisbane & W.Bulldogs was poor, but he was at least getting to contests and getting his hands on the ball (before fumbling). His effort yesterday (or lack thereof) was putrid. He wasn't even in the screen in most of our 54 forward entries, including a number of occasions when his direct opponent took uncontested marks. If I saw a stat line of 0 scores, 0 marks, 0 kicks & 1 tackle, I would assume the bloke played the last 2 minutes as a medical sub, not a full game in perfect conditions. I said two years ago that his only chance of being a successful AFL footballer was as a defender, and it was just a matter of whether we made the move or his next club did. He is a nice looking footballer who thrives in a sub-standard VFL competition, but he simply doesn't have the competitiveness or workrate to be a quality forward at AFL level. There is no question that he must be dropped for the Essendon game and, if the VFL comp doesn't resurface soon, it is hard to see him playing another game for the club.
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