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  1. Our performance against St Kilda last year was every bit as bad as what we've delivered over the past two weeks. We are going to need to play significantly better to win this week. If we don't, we'll be playing for draft picks over the final three rounds. Sadly, other than Downie, there really isn't any talent to come back into the team.
  2. None of those teams are unbeatable. If we are serious about wanting to be a top team, we need to play against and beat the best in the competition. Meandering half heartedly through games against the likes of Gold Coast and Richmond does nothing for us. Time for our senior players to stand up and for Stinear to throw things around.
  3. I'd much rather take a punt on a tall than yet another dwarf-sized forward.
  4. I'm a bit confused by this. Can members get in for free or not? I don't recall receiving anything from the club about this. How would I find a code if I don't have the email?
  5. Stinear should have been moved on after the third year when we inexplicably missed finals again with the best list in the competition. He hasn't improved the playing group in his time and the game plan is still a dud. I was all for moving on O'Dea at the time, and probably Newman as well. The reality is that we hadn't turned over the list enough in the first four seasons, and had very little younger talent coming through. It is a real concern that we have not been able to attract established talent to the club (other than Birch, who we arguably overpaid for), but have lost decent p
  6. I feel for the kid, but the sad reality is that some players don't have the bodies to play football at the highest level. I get that we wanted to do the right thing by Aaron and give him another chance, but it was a poor decision at the time and in hindsight. At best we should have allowed him to be a train on player and have a look at him through the pre season. I wish Aaron all the best for his recovery and the next phase of his life.
  7. A truly woeful performance by a team that is completely bereft of skills and confidence. If we get a favourable draw from here, and other results go our way, we could slip into sixth spot, but what would be the point? We are miles off the top four sides and would get flogged in the finals. I said last week that we had too many players lacking confidence in their skills and seemingly unwilling to win possession. This week I thought that our senior players had lost confidence in their teammates, and were second guessing themselves, which allowed Collingwood to put us under huge pressure whe
  8. This club cannot afford to have a coach who does nothing to market the club. An underachieving football team, a small membership and a coach with the personality of a lettuce leaf is going to ensure we remain largely invisible for the foreseeable future.
  9. Probably because we have a $700K a season CHB who won't play on a man.
  10. I can't see a single benefit to the proposed structure in normal times, and even less so in the current climate. Expect to see an exodus of players to local comps after this season.
  11. The communication with members has been woeful in recent years. If that was his brief, then a change was long overdue.
  12. Another year gone and another year wasted by a board that is asleep at the wheel. Last year's lockdown has allowed them to cover up a multitude of issues, particularly in respect of a dwindling and disgruntled membership base, and declining non-football revenues. Having a training / members' facility in the MCG precinct is not going to happen, and I'm not convinced that is what our fan base wants either. We should be looking at areas within 5-10 kms of the arc from Cheltenham to Glen Waverley, which covers off the population centre of Melbourne and the majority of our fan base. I've said
  13. Very well deserved honour for two wonderful club men, and hopefully there are many more games and accolades to come for both.
  14. That plan would work if (a) Max could kick and (b) we had another ruckman on our list.
  15. Maybe they would sell more merchandise if they didn't plaster sponsor logos all over the polos and jackets. Football jumpers I understand, but that's it. I get that these companies pay us plenty of money, but who wants to walk around with Zurich and Jaguar logos on a polo?
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