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  1. Irrelevant for Trac and Clayton. Their possies are under tremendous pressure. Clangers in the back line are the worst kind of problem. Think Frost....
  2. People forget that 2016 was the first year of the bye before the finals. The dogs were battered but got a rest while the teams in the top 2 were beaten from memory.
  3. None of our premiership players have retired or moved. Im told it hasnt happened before but find it hard to believe
  4. Someone told me Melbourne is the first side to go into the next season with every premiership player still available Anyone know if this is right?
  5. Yes I am sure they would rather win in rd 1 than their 3rd flag in history!
  6. The pressure on this kid from day 1 was immense. I have it on good authority that his social media feed was constantly full of girls throwing themselves at him (in the most graphic of ways), blokes doing the same, girls turning up at his house, unbelievable amounts of vitriol thrown at him etc. The lot. I don't know whether this caused an issue or whether it exacerbated a pre-existing issue but the pressure on young men generally at age 16-20 that are trying to pursue their dream of an AFL career is something that very few of us would comprehend. Clubs try to guide them but with the intense demands and regimen of AFL they are cut off from their former lives in so many ways that its such a critical medium for young people to connect. Easy to say "just turn it off" but its way harder than that. They can't go for a beer or a walk without some kind of attention. And the attention today is relentless. I wish him well
  7. Said with such authority, And so wrong
  8. Has already had quite a few midfield minutes. Has done well there, No question he is the best 22 He is 21yo built like a brick outhouse, kicks like a mule, has a good footy IQ (as evidenced by his kick to Fritsch in the 1st qtr, his one step goal on the 3rd and his sublime kick to Brown in the last) and is going to be a powerhouse for the Dees for many years..
  9. Also a great narrative for fringe players. Everyone can improve, clean slate every year, no grudges, hard work rewarded.. tmac and anb and are living proof
  10. Take Brayshaw for example. 332 votes from 25 games.averaging 13.28 votes a game from 4 coaches. Ie each coach on average gave him on average 3.32 votes out of a possible 10. Is that right. Sounds too low Oliver scored 6.7 votes on average from each coach..
  11. Anyone else failed to access the live stream? The app is pathetic
  12. And for Max his breakout game was at Kardinia Park when he took a swag of contested marks back in 2015??
  13. OK maybe he's not better. But I don't really rate Treloar. Had a good granny no doubt. But to my mind he is another accumulator that doesn't really damage teams. The Dogs are full of them. He turns the ball over a lot and thats one of the reasons the Pies were keen to jettison him. Salary cap being the other main reason of course. And addressing the original poster that talked about the depth of the Dogs midfield, I think we match them at worst but are probably better
  14. We don't have many picks thats for sure. I imagine that the harder it is to break into our team, the more trading of players we will see as players wanting more game time might seek transfers elsewhere..
  15. Bont = Petracca Oliver >Macrae Viney>Libba Langdon >Hunter Harmes > Treloar Brayshaw > Smith Gawn > Martin Jackson > English
  16. A bit loose with the truth there tiers. He was shopped around last year along with TMac. Thats how much he was appreciated. He has always had great endurance but has been very hot and cold as a player. This year he absolutely turned it on and was one of our best players. Won't surprise me to see him finish highly in the Bluey.
  17. Probably the Warwick Capper rule. He used to molest players on the way up and then take great grabs TBH I think we would all like that to stay in our game. It is absolutely unique
  18. I kinda get what you're saying but the inspiration is about the the mantra they have been repeating all year. Just be us, do it our way, don't listen to outsiders, be the best person and best teammate you can be. It's not about the lyrics per se, its the message attached to the song. There would have been a number of themes discussed during the year at various stages and at the end of the day it doesn't matter what the catalyst is, its the outcome of getting players to be their best, The days of Rocky music or eye of the tiger are gone,
  19. There were few dodgy frees in the middle to Libba including in the first 30 seconds. Viney gave two away that were not frees. Fritta was dragged to the ground in the goal square by EWood when he didn't have the ball, Plenty to get annoyed about And the JJ one on the goal line was not a free because he marked it. Had he not marked it it would have been a free, Happens all the time.
  20. This cannot be under-estimated, They have now seen what is required from a commitment level to achieve success, It's tangible as opposed to some far-off goal that seemed perpetually out of reach. It's a wonderfully exciting place to be
  21. How did that work out for him? So he is now persona non grata at two clubs. Well done Brock
  22. Burgo explained it on his podcast with Peter Brukner, Definitely worth a listen. We have lost a gun there...
  23. Been watching it again today and cant believe what a faux tough guy and pest Libba is Every opportunity to slam a guy in the back while waiting for a ball up etc is so pathetic.
  24. He's not living forever I suspect...
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