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  1. That game our defence was a shambles. They had no Buddy, we had no May, Petty went off injured about 4 times, even Mitch Brown ended up in defence. Hunt got caught goalside one on one with Papley a couple of times and was beaten - but not many would win those. He should never have been the last line - that was the problem. While he played some good lockdown roles teams try to isolate him (like they do Lever who also isn't great one on one). Our team defence was to blame in my view. It failed just as it did many times this year,
  2. Are you sure? That would have been a potential fire trap if gates were locked. Have never seen it before at the G
  3. "Everyone has a plan.....until they get punched in the face" Mike Tyson
  4. Players getting injected to pass fitness tests...
  5. I read someone here saying that the irony for us is that Geelong have become Melbourne (2021) and we have become Geelong (2021) Geelong 2021 was boring, stale, predictable and safe. So they recruited well, changed their game plan, became more bold and daring and voila Premiership favourites. Its exactly what we need to do and Grundy doesn't add to that at all.
  6. Goodwin is saying "we can fit him into our game plan" This is a disaster in the making. Would rather Weid/TMac as second ruck and find some good deliverers i50 to help Spargo AND a Key Fwd
  7. A lot of allegations here are presented as fact. Clearly horrendous if half true but knowing quite a lot of AFL footballers over the years and their journeys at football clubs I am struggling to understand how it could possibly happen. We'd all like to see the outcomes of a proper investigation before rushing to judgement but needless to say if the allegations have any truth at all to them heads and careers should roll big time.
  8. Fair enough. Sorry about being rude. But you did make a bold assertion that was untrue.
  9. You made a bold assertion that is simply not true. Go back to your Tarot cards and make up more stuff
  10. Max was injured for the second half of the year. Kinda debunks your theory.
  11. The club is sure that TMac will be right for next year. The Grundy deal is a given apparently
  12. He wasn't thinking of spending that much.....
  13. That as much as anything demonstrates what a useless award it is
  14. This is me. Will be passing the tix on
  15. Good summary, some great performances by the AFL listed guys. As for Munro, he had had more tackles than most players had possessions! Have to say Weid played well. I am not a fan but credit where credit is due, he took on a much bigger opponent and at least broke even. He could possibly do that at senior level
  16. Pretty sure they said on the broadcast after interviewing him that it wasn't that but a kick to the calf..
  17. Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere but I searched and couldn't find it. I read somewhere that TMac has re-injured his foot and won't play today? Anyone shed some light? This doesn't sound very good for Tom who has had a history of toe/foot related injuries.. Can't help thinking of Trengove, Mitch Clark etc.....
  18. So after much reflection, I have very little interest in this GF. If I was to think about what is the best thing for the MFC I would say Geelong winning is. This is a team we owned last year and they went away, licked their wounds recruited smartly and changed their game plan from the boring predictable, easy to set up against game plan they had last year. It got them close but they were found out. Sound familiar? We blooded 1 new young player this year for 1 game. I know that we had 9 players 22 or under to win last years GF but there was no renewal with personnel and no change whatsoever to our game plan. Boring predictable and taxing. 1. Any mystique about our much vaunted midfield was countered by many teams and is perhaps gone forever 2. Fast ball movement against us saw teams break through our impenetrable defence and avoid the intercept marking our game was built on 3. relentless pressure against us as the no 1 team saw us crumble in second halves 4. Our scoring from the back half dried up 5. Our fwd 'connection' was a disaster and nothing was done to fix it. Except moving a banged up Gawn to the fwd line which didn't work. 6. We learned nothing from our 8 defeats that were in essence identical. IN 7 of them we were ahead by at least 23 points. 7. Goodwin's mantra of not crushing teams but managing leads was a disaster once we became the worst 4th qtr team in the league bar NM and WCE. So. A Geelong win shows what can be done by making large changes to game plan, recruiting wisely and as importantly managing workloads (which we dismally failed to do against lower sides) And aside from that Sydney are so freaking smug, in players faces with 'toughness', pushing and shoving etc They deserve to be smacked down.
  19. You are having a lend. We finished second with the hardest draw in the comp and only played North and WCE once unlike Geelong. We just bottled it when it mattered.
  20. Good points. Brisbanes pressure in the second half was 214. Sydneys pressure in the second half was over 200. We crumbled under pressure. Our rock solid game style built for finals was a mirage. While that is a very high pressure number we should have been prepared for it and we weren't. Slow the game down,. Create repeat stoppages, narrow the ground, put the pressure back on them. We didn't do any of that. Red time goals are such killers. You toil for the quarter and bam give the other side a sniff. Infuriating
  21. Good year? Some people live in cloud cuckoo land. We lost 7 of our 8 losses after leading by 24+ points. There is something seriously wrong with our method that has been identified early on and failed to be rectified. Even in our 10 early wins our form was ordinary. The coaching staff wear this one. You don't get many gilt edged opportunities to make GFs and we bottled it losing 2 games on our home deck and defeated in the same circumstances with virtually a full list. Garbage about the draw and players banged up is just embarrassing.
  22. It's the boring and predictable game plan. "We don't know what Melbourne will do in any given game" said no coach ever. Poor teams can try to beat us but are not fit enough or skilled enough to go with us. Good teams have no trouble in grinding us down despite us leading by 24 points or more in 7 out of our 8 losses. Oh and kicking for goal has been an achilles heel for 5 years. Likely because of the way we bring the ball into our 50.
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