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  1. Very sad. Harley came back and played a few games with my local club, the Parkdale Vultures, a couple of years back, but even then he didn't seem to be enjoying his football greatly. It is so sad when young people with their whole lives in front of them can't find happiness in anything that they do.
  2. Shocking draw from almost every angle. Home games against Vic teams include Saturday twilight fixture and Mothers Day Sunday at 1pm. Don't bother with a kids membership, because they won't get to a game before June. We don't play a home game against a Victorian team from round 9 to round 20, and Collingwood is too late in the year to give us more than 50K at the game. Away to Geelong AGAIN, away to West Coast AGAIN and eight games outside Melbourne in total. How many for Collingwood and Richmond? Hard to see any opportunities for FTA coverage between round 9 and 17 as well, other than QB. Really hard to see the benefits for winning the premiership in that draw.
  3. You need to beat the best to be the best. The fixture is fine - we just can't afford to drop games against the bottom sides as we did last year. Disappointing however not to get home games against any of the big Victorian sides.
  4. The general consensus seems to be that it is not an overly strong draft at the top end, but that the quality holds up pretty well through the top 40. I'm happy with our first selection, and we should be able to get another quality player with our second selection. I would imagine there will be a fair amount of pick trading take place through the second round - I wonder if we will look to bundle our next two picks to move up the order if we have our eye on a particular player.
  5. Ticket sales should be halted until they get this fixed, this is just pathetic. Football club members should be given the highest priority, not the lowest. And the lack of official acknowledgment of a problem is even more disappointing.
  6. 37 year MFC member here who receives all sorts of marketing garbage from the club and is yet to receive any communication on this event. It has been eight weeks since the grand final - they have had plenty of time to get themselves organised. I don't see why I should have to call them to work out what is going on here.
  7. Seriously? Should this not be communicated to fans on rollover arrangements before money is deducted from accounts? If anything we should be receiving this for free given that we have been unable to use reserved seats for two years.
  8. As was the case both 12 and 24 months ago, Oskar needs to get much fitter so that he can stay in the game for longer. He is a decent player in bursts when he is able to keep up with the game.
  9. I find it extraordinary that we've locked in a bunch of C graders mid way through the trade period, which severely limits our ability to get involved if other teams are holding fire sales on picks and players. By all means sign them up after the trade period if that's we want to do, but you can't tell me that guys like Baker, Daw & Bedford are going to get other offers in the meantime.
  10. https://selectaustralia.com.au/products/2021-melbourne-premiers-set For anyone who likes trading cards.
  11. 3 years on the list for 2 senior games, averaging 5.5 disposals and 0 scores. 3 clangers from 4 disposals in his one game this year. I've seen zero evidence that he is an AFL calibre player, so I'm more than happy for him to leave and wish him well elsewhere.
  12. Can't wait to see guys like Williams, Martin & McGovern talking about selflessness and team first cultures as they pocket half of Carlton's salary cap between them. That said, there is enough talent on Carlton's list that they should be playing finals next year.
  13. Is this the same Buckenara that has rated Geelong's list as having 9 A graders and 16 B graders in today's paper?
  14. Happy with this one. There is not a lot of depth in our key forward positions behind Brown & McDonald, and I'm assuming he still comes reasonably cheap.
  15. Has anyone heard when this might be held? I thought they may have done something with the entire group together in Perth, given that indoor functions in Melbourne are unlikely to be possible for a while. Although maybe it is better to wait until the players are sober again before asking them to give speeches.
  16. Is that actually the case though? Bradtke was a category B rookie, so I don't think takes a spot on the list. Nietschke was also only a rookie. And given that Turner and Declase came in as injury replacements, I'm assuming that we had more players on our list than we would be allowed when Hore & Tomlinson come back off the LTI list. Plus we need to create room for Jordon to go back on the senior list. I wouldn't be surprised to see more delistings before the first list lodgement date.
  17. I read the book last week - fantastic read and I'm very much looking forward to reading the story of the 2021 flag.
  18. My son has a Demons Hippo with a number 1 on the back. We taped up his hamstring two weeks ago when May went down, and I finally took the tape off at half time after May had hobbled through the second quarter.. Sure the Dogs scored the first two goals of the third quarter, but our defence was looking much better and we were working back into the game at that point. I'm pretty sure that removing the hippo's tape was the true turning point.
  19. https://www.melbournestorm.com.au/news/2021/09/21/letter-to-storm-members/ If it is good enough for the best run sporting club in the country to be rewarding it's loyal members with free memberships, other clubs should be lifting their game also. I'm not saying that MFC memberships should be free, but the cost of reserved seats and other add ons that weren't used the last two years should definitely be waived for next season.
  20. He has kids at my son's primary school - I don't think he's that old.
  21. I was edgy after the semi finals, felt comfortable mid-week, and am now a complete mess. I have no idea how I will survive the next 12 hours, let alone the game itself. PS: GAGF NRL for putting the Storm on at the same time.
  22. My first game was around 1983/84, but I have no memory of those early games. I have vague memories of the semi final in 1987 that we won by 76 points. My first final was actually a Hawthorn - Carlton game the year before - my (Melbourne supporting) dad must have thought I would never make it to a final if we waited for Melbourne to get there. The qualifying final in 2000 was probably as good a win as I have seen live, although round 23 2021 is the most excited I have been at a Melbourne victory. We won the preliminary final so easily in 2000 that it almost felt like an anti climax - fingers crossed for a similar outcome tomorrow. No question that the loss to Essendon in 2013 is the worst I have ever been to. My son was two at the time, and it felt like the club would go under before he was able to attend and remember a game with me. It was just impossible to see a future for the club at that point. There have been many more painful losses than glorious wins, although I guess they make the successes more enjoyable.
  23. Does any other sport have awards where players get to vote for their mates? It just seems a completely ridiculous idea, in that (a) half the players would have absolutely no idea what the rest of the competition is up to and (b) most of them wouldn't take it seriously anyway.
  24. Where is the evidence of that? I'm pretty sure the club instigated the trade. Good luck for the future Dom, I always thought you gave us everything you had.
  25. While you are voting for Kozzie, jump across and vote for Clarry in the fan awards. https://www.afl.com.au/fan-awards
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