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  1. I noticed that as well - its a good message for the boys. We are also are presuming that Weeds is doing everything asked of him in the VFL, there is a very real possibility that he isnt showing one aspect of his game that the Coaches have asked of him. It was interesting in the post match interview Goody was asked about Weeds and he said something along the lines of 'its a team sport and Weeds knows that'.
  2. Impressive interview. She sounds like a really interesting and focused person.
  3. Another proud day for the Collingwood football club
  4. Might be considered a low risk site. Who knows. 🤷‍♀️
  5. Yeah I think you are right. And WCE had chartered a flight over to Victoria before their case was discovered, right?
  6. I cant imagine it being treated differently than Brisbane when they had their cases earlier in the year.
  7. Surely they have kept some cash aside for Weeds...
  8. I like this quote from the article @dazzledavey36 posted 'Petracca was committed to staying on a long-term arrangement and did not want to eek out every last dollar from Melbourne to the detriment of his teammates.'
  9. Tom Morris just tweeted that the announcement of the contract extension could happen as early as Wednesday (which I presume he means tomorrow)
  10. Pretty sure Lever never hit someone who was on the ground in the back of the head.
  11. Oh man this game should come with a NSFW warning
  12. Even then just look at the fact that Saints Geelong have a Friday Night Game in a couple of weeks.
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