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  1. The Footy Media isnt handling the week off all that well.
  2. On the Gus and Gawn podcast they seemed very for medals for all that helped them get there
  3. I am sure the club will do something for the players that got the team there if we win next weekend. I believe Collingwood got watches made. Although there is an argument that if the Sub doesnt get subbed in should they get a medal over someone like a Hunt that played in the majority of our winning games.
  4. I will be absolutely disgusting to be around, Richmond supporters will have nothing on what I will be dishing up. (but also mostly just cry and then call my brother who I would normally be watching the game with if it wasnt for bloody Rona)
  5. Hard same. I think the time for Jonesy to play has sadly passed. If he didnt get injured and VFL was still running he probably would have been our perm sub. I do hope however, if we do make it to the GF and because it is in Perth Ron Barassi cant get over, that its Jonesy who presents the cup. (If we win)
  6. How has there still not been a comment from WCE about this? Unbelievable
  7. Weak positive, I guess lockdowns/no crowds will all rest on those close contact test results.
  8. Snap WA Covid Presser has just been called. Get back on the plane Dees! Update: Case in WA low viral load, not that big of a concern
  9. Its not like we played badly, we just couldn't convert
  10. I could be wrong but I am pretty sure we are considered 'low risk' in SA not 'no risk' which means that if you go to SA you need a test and Isolate for 14 days.
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