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  1. Id say in the next few years max will play a lot more at full forward. I mean he's huge and loves a contested mark. Set shots on the other hand...
  2. Why would they? Bombers once since 1993 Pies this millennium Tigers once this millennium Blues... theyve actually been there 6 times this millennium. Weve been there.... 18 times this millennium.
  3. Now now Don't be nasty Afl gippsland are extremely competent and excellent at what they provide for all the money they get
  4. West Coast in Perth Geelong in Geelong These things are surer than the sun rising
  5. Like, I'm pretty sure you're not hurting as much given that the only thing ive wanted most in my 40 years is to see a dees flag and then celebrate with my mates but nooo i get to watch it on tv and do a zoom call in my shed whilst staving off depression and you were nightclubbing in your full kit and now all it does is remind me of being locked down and depressed but hey whatever And then we finally get what weve always wanted in finals which is top 2 and playing interstate teams at the G and we go and pull that [censored] ffs. Sorry, still processing
  6. My expectations were a prelim. easy enough to have a bad day in a prelim and youre out. but to finish 2nd and bundled out? absolute failure.
  7. 2018 was objectively a better season. huge waste. like throwing a cooked roast straight in the bin.
  8. Theyve been redoing goshs paddock to be the size of the G remember
  9. Obviously which teams improve and fall away year to year cant be predicted with any sense of accuracy in November. Id do 17 games and then for the last 5 id have an FA Cup style pull the balls out of the hat to determine rounds 18-23. At least then people cant complain about it being fair or not... but also its a TV event id watch in November when theyre struggling to get some footy content.
  10. I say nothing Just leave em waiting and expecting But also, be humble
  11. I really like that macca. Picking the sides is great
  12. Id do it on the sunday of prelim final weekend (or the Saturday night if no night game) 14 teams available to pick from And id do it like country footy does interleague. Team rank 1 v rank 2 Rank 3 v rank 4 Etc Winner of each game goes up and loser down Eg Vic v sa - vic win Wa v nsw - wa win The next year is Vic v wa Sa v whoever wins from 5v6 Put some heat into it, the allies is garb
  13. Great reports, thanks guys. Re the music - crowds during games are loud and players have to communicate. Perhaps its an attempt to help them find ways of communicating when there is lots of extra noise? Just a thought
  14. 100% Every club should play their 11 home games where they choose. This includes geelong who should have 11 home games down there if they want them and so the likes of richmond, Collingwood and Essendon (who havent been there since 1993!!!!) Have to go down there too. Added to that, if its your home game you wear whatever the hell you want and the opposition has to not clash.... but thats another topic
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