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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. That's holding the ball every time.
  2. sensible given op and then another 10 days until we play geelong
  3. my saints supporting mate told me last night about 5pm they were coming off a 5 day break and 3 games in 11 days. i immediately changed my tip to the doggies. what a joke that is.
  4. i would enjoy having maynard on the stand under oath and asking if he intended to hurt people during that game and if he did all he could to exercise his duty of care to other players
  5. lol we werent even allowed to call an *EXPERT* witness for kozzie last week, let alone 2 character witnesses. [censored] is rigged.
  6. Yeah, except the tribunal doesn't follow precedents.
  7. All of these rules can be summarised into "money is king"
  8. what an insult. langdon would never lie to jim stynes.
  9. honestly id back the goal umpires in. id do it like cricket. each team gets 1 and 1 ONLY (unless correct) to do a score review. anyone can call it. but youre not going to call it unless youre absolutely sure. get it wrong and waste it? you dont get any more.
  10. I mean just go look at the YouTube video of long smashing into simmonds and rekindle that hatred
  11. I believe Maynard's was intentional as he'd been interviewed the week before saying he was going to make a statement and hurt people, but that's by the by. I think kozzie deserves a week. I think it's not a good look for us to appeal. BUT I hope we use "soligo moved into kozzies way" "kozzie was protecting himself" "he was just trying to smother" "it was a football act"
  12. I've made significant dollars the last few finals series unfortunately
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