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  1. Had no preseason remember. Give him a full one...
  2. Anyone heard anything about gus recently? I hope he's doing OK.
  3. No I meant liam ryan getting nothing blows my mind, sorry
  4. Did get a fine. So did Ryan which absolutely blows my mind
  5. https://www.facebook.com/share/v/LJZpoupAd34WFSp9/?mibextid=qi2Omg How many weeks for this? Rhetorical question. 0 is the answer
  6. And Maynard will get a week for elbowing ginny in the head. Well, he should... https://www.facebook.com/share/v/LJZpoupAd34WFSp9/?mibextid=qi2Omg
  7. Never play in geelong? Na thats too much like Collingwood
  8. But Jaded, kornes says we're gonna give up our 1st rounder just to get rid of him
  9. Genuine shock essendon didn't get about 5 dodgy free kicks in the last 2 minutes.
  10. Well yeah, kornes thinks we should send clarry and a first rounder just to get rid of him. Instead of the actual price for a 25yo 5x BnF which is really like 3x first rounders To us!
  11. No We need the MRO to have played 132 games for us And the tribunal chairman to be a dees fan
  12. Utterly gross. Anyone who watched last year's vfl finals knows how bad it is.
  13. Kane thinks we should chuck in a first rounder for someone to TAKE clarry off our hands. Literally the dumbest trade suggestion in history.
  14. Toby Bedford getting 3 weeks is an absolute travesty.
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