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  1. Obviously the name has nothing to do with the losses. But I'll be pleased when this sort of utter tripe ends.
  2. You wouldn't drop him, but he's a shadow of his former self. Well, not quite a shadow. He's doing his best impersonation of Augustus Gloop.
  3. Had him in Fantasy last year. Needs to put on size, but very classy mover/left footer. Smooth.
  4. This isn't hyperbole, our midfield is one of the worst in the competition. What was once a strength is now a liability. Big time.
  5. Exceptionally limited preseason. Selected to play AFL on the back of zero VFL form and lack of preparation. Head-scratching selection decision. Will turn it around.
  6. Amusing. van Rooyen was drafted in 2021. His first year of football was playing VFL in 2022. His second year of footy was playing AFL in 2023, ie two years after he was drafted, yet it's counted in column ''1''. Larkey was drafted in 2016 and played just 2 games in 2017, while Allen was drafted in 2017 and played 2 games in 2018. Their only 2 games in their respective first years are correctly counted in column ''1'', ie one year after they were drafted, yet van Rooyen's zero games are not. van Rooyen's second year on a list are matched against Allen's and Larkey's first year on a list. If you can't see the discrepancy I'm not talented enough to educate you. Btw, I'm sure others in the stats provided are in the same boat as Allen and Larkey.
  7. Your reply has zero to do with my post.
  8. Your stats are misleading. You should have zero in van Rooyen's first year and 28 in his second. Larkey, Allen, and Naughton all played footy in their first year on a list, while van Rooyen didn't crack a game. Larkey and Allen played just 2 games, while Naughton played his entire first year as a key defender.
  9. Billings has always been a terrible kick for goal.
  10. Fitting and somewhat ironic. Viney's and Wines' first ever AFL games were against each other in round one 2013 at the 'G when Wines won the RS nomination and Melbourne were thrashed by 79 points.
  11. Maybe a little. I think it's easy to see little bits in lots of different players. For example, my Brother sees a bit of Gerard Healy in Windsor. I see a little bit of Bailey Smith in the way they move. But the one player that has never had anyone remotely resemble him is Flower. I've never seen anyone that reminds me of Flower. They used to say Dean Kemp, but I couldn't see it in him either. But each to their own.
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