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  1. I completely agree. People may scoff at reserves form, but in periods 5-7 against Richmond Salem played as a pure mid and looked fantastic. He was moving better/quicker than I'd seen him for years, used it well and looked like a point of difference to a midfield that has probably become a little predictable. Yes, a tiny sample size, but I'd love to see him given a crack at a midfield spot. Historically I've been in Dazzle's corner, in that I prefer him behind the ball, but he's far more mature now and I reckon can make a fist of it in the middle, especially after seeing him in the match sim.
  2. He says Melbourne were ''shown up in the finals''. That is patent nonsense. They dominated Carlton in most of the general play, but didn't close the door and lost by 2 points. They won most metrics, i.e. clearances, contested possessions, etc. They had 69 inside 50s to Collingwood's 37. They had 8 more scoring shots and they also dominated contested possessions, contested marks, marks inside 50, clearances, etc., before managing to lose by 7 points. It's obviously infuriating to lose two games we should have won, but we certainly weren't ''shown up''. Not having either Petty or van Rooyen for both games also didn't help, but naturally that gets overlooked.
  3. The main issue today was poor kicking and handball. We're clearly trying to play faster and use the corridor, but you get torched on the rebound when you turn it over, as we did today. Last year we lacked some dare, but had a fantastic all ground defence, which is why teams found it hard to move the ball against us. Think of Collingwood only having 39 inside 50s in the final and their struggle to move the ball forward on KB. In general play we dominated Carlton, but didn't close the door. We didn't get our tweaked game-plan right today and lost momentum. Richmond kicked it far better. They'll learn a lot from the hitout. Oliver and Salem the big pluses from the second game. Kynan Brown surprised me. He looks very promising.
  4. There's zero chance of Oliver playing in the seconds. He may only play 2 or 3 quarters, but he's not playing seconds.
  5. Whether it be life in general or football, no-one is interested in your story unless you win. So win.
  6. It's hard to form much of a view about season 2024 until you see them perform against opposition, i.e. upcoming games against Richmond and Carlton. Even then, there's only so much to take out of practice matches. Obviously, the key forward stocks on the surface are concerning, but I'll wait for a bit more evidence before getting too forlorn. It's a very long season and plenty of our ''game'', as in backs, mids and overall talent, will be superior to most. Things don't have to be perfect from the get-go to succeed.
  7. Maybe it was time to recognise Petracca and have him as joint VC with Viney. Perhaps it could have encouraged his ascension and possible aspirations. But clearly I'm not qualified to have an educated opinion. EDIT: and I suspect Lever is the next cab off the rank anyway.
  8. At the appropriate time I'd appreciate any comments on the intensity and how it compares to the last few years.
  9. In fairness, the times that day were wind assisted. That said, he still came second out of plenty and wind assisted, or not, it's very fast. I like his prospects. Good size, skills and speed, and seems really coachable. I don't see a star, but I think he can become a good player.
  10. One thing Woewodin isn't is slow. He was second in the 20 metre sprint at the Draft Combine with a time under 2.9 seconds. 20m Sprint Result (seconds) Rank Result (seconds) Name 1 2.845 Harvey Harrison 2 2.898 Taj Woewodin
  11. Maybe we know that. It doesn't mean you have to be excited by selections. That said, two quality players inside 13 adds to a strong group of 23 and unders.
  12. I've never once in any game we've ever played Collingwood given prior thought to Josh Daicos being a major threat. I've thought of DeGoey, Pendlebury, Nick, Grundy, Sidebottom, but never Josh. Very good little player, but not someone I'm selecting at pick 7. You, of course, can please yourself.
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