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  1. I am looking forward to seeing exactly what happens with TMac this coming season. We might get some insight into what the plans are on where and how to play him from our track watchers in the pre-season. I will be looking for all the usual posters doing their much appreciated work to keep us all informed. Personally, I do not see Him changing his role very much. I do not see him moving back into the back half of the ground and taking up a defensive role. I just do not see him as nimble enough. Lose a few kgs, re-build the tank and get his feet/ankles right and I could see him adding
  2. Not heard anything to date re Jordan and OOC players or possible DFA's. I think we might let the dust settle on the trade period and see what the future might hold re list numbers. Personally, I would look at contracts for Jordan and possibly Bedford ( I am not sold on him) and OMac on to the Rookie list. Lockhart moved from Rookie list to main list, M Brown not offered a contract and no idea what to do re Chandler.
  3. The trade period this year was as much about positioning ourselves for next year's trade/draft periods as it was about looking to improve our list for next season. I think there is a strong belief internally at the club that we have the list to do well next year as long as we do not have injury problems and that we can get some incremental improvement into some of the players. I expect us to play finals next year and would not be surprised to give it a good nudge. Our trading and our attitude to players wanting to move on is a strong indicator to all in the competition that we are
  4. Personally I hope we retain Oscar in some way. He is very good cover in defence and I think would be better as cover than the other big mac.
  5. I have to agree that we did very well this trade period. I think we managed to do almost all that we wanted to do except for moving a couple of players on. I do not mind that we have still got TMac on the list. he cannot be a bad as he was last season and he can serve as back up forward and in the ruck. Expect us to upgrade Lockhart, take a DFA and Look to trade further up the draft. My big take away from this trade period is that clubs need to invest much more in list management and contract structures or face a Pies future. I like the way Josh did his work.
  6. My reaction as well. may be we are clearing the decks for next season.
  7. I think so. But I am hearing that it might just be a strange one from left field. Personally I have trouble thinking it might happen but I will put it out there for reaction. TMac paying 150K pa plus pick 18 for Phillips.
  8. I think there is one more player trade to be done in the next hour. 50/50 in my book.
  9. I think it will just be one or the other. Not both.
  10. I am confident that this will get done. As I understand it, just haggling over the price. I think it will be pick 31 or 33 that goes to Norf.
  11. Not a rumour, just a thought..... TMac and pick 43 to Carlton for pick 30?
  12. Still hearing that we have not given up hope on Tom Phillips. Less than 50/50 in my book.
  13. One further comment I heard was that MFC are in this as a long game. What they are doing this off season will be part of a much longer term strategy that is in place for the next few seasons. I note the positive, supporting comments made on the exits of both Preuss and Hannan as a marker to other players in the comp as to the respect the club has for the players. (This is my comment, not something that ha been passed on to me)
  14. I heard the Swans are nibbling again. Chances of it happening as far as I am concerned and in a basis of what I heard are around 1 in 4.
  15. Brown deal to be done tomorrow. I would not be surprised to see TMac move in a give away last minute deal. AvdB is a possibility to move and there is movement for a further pick swap to move into the first round. A couple of days to go and still a bit to play for. If we can make the move into the first round a well as the player trades we have made then I think we will have executed our strategies exactly as we wanted.
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