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  1. What I have a problem understanding is that if the opposition can work out how to rove to max, why can't we work it out? To me, this really is a major weakness.
  2. We have three players in the AA squad; Gawn, Petracca and Oliver who would be the min three of the four at center bounces and at stoppages and yet we are ranked 15th for clearances. Ranked 12th at center bounces and 16th at stoppages. How can this be so when we have max in the center and we are ranked 3rd for hit outs? Whoever is in charge of Midfield coaching is either not doing his job, the players are not doing what they are coached to do or we are just too damn predictable. Each game this season I was so annoyed that we we not doing better with clearances. How do we fix it?
  3. Agree with that! Where are our goals going to come from?
  4. Hibberd in Jetta out.... Official Only change
  5. Not the UK.... in Europe so it is an hour better for me. Still Not a good time to knock the top off a bottle. Look around for a wine from Domaine Rouge Bleu. A red called Lunatique from the vineyard. Without a doubt it should be the MFC club drink for the name only at least. i still have a few bottles of the 2011 to drink during the Freo/Bulldogs game if we are still alive.
  6. I have to admit that I am having a bit of trouble getting enthusiastic about this match. Besides the fact that it starts at 6.10am my time we should just not be in the position we are. having to rely on other results after being in the position we were in is all a bit debilitating. In most games to date I have had a stab at the changes I wold like to see but when the team comes out i can just not fathom some of the decisions. There seems to be a number of games that we have lost at selection I just shake my head. I think last week we should not have had Jetta there and I do not want
  7. Fritsch just look like he is not getting any enjoyments out of his footy.
  8. Been away from home a long time now with just a few visits back home every now and then. Have grown to appreciate the old world wines with some favorite reds in Bordeaux and the Rhone Valley as well as the reds from Tuscany. Some very good drops around Europe. Love the whites from Sancerre.
  9. Hmmmm... sitting here in my abode in Europe with a raging hangover from last night. I thought it might be amusing to drink large quantities of grape juice from my latest vineyard find. a small place in the Rhône valley to the north of Avignon called Domaine Rouge Bleu. They produce a Grenache called Lunatique. Seriously, how could I not consume vast amounts?
  10. Good win should lead us next season I believe. We need the stability and I hope that he has learnt a lot from what we have been through this season and last. Personally, I had written off this season after the first 5/6 games as it was so very disrupted and it looked as if we were the team that got the rough end of the pineapple with every decision that was taken. I believe that Goodwin should be in the best position to become the best coach he can be in the next season after the experience he has had. I do want him to ditch the corporate football speak in his public mutterings and speak
  11. There is justification to drop a hell of a lot of that team after that performance. Put all the names in a hat and draw out 6 to drop. Start with a clean sheet of paper and a list of available players and start all over. Defence: May, Lever, Rivers and Hibberd (if fit) are the only 4 I would pencil in as certainties. Ruck: Max Mid Field: Pettracca, Oliver, Brayshaw, Viney, Langdon, Tomilinson and Harmes (Had his best game of the year) Forwards: Can think of no one I would have as certainties. FB: Lever - May - Jetta HBF: Rivers - Hibberd - Salem 😄 Lang
  12. What a dog's breakfast that was. We were all over the place and played with no structure, confidence or intelligence. Incredibly poor effort. I am sure that there will be the usual mutterings about taking 'learnings' from the game and the disappointment that we did not play our 'Brand' of footy but that is all just so much babble and BS. There needs to be clarity of thought and message from the coaching panel and there was no evidence of that at all this evening.
  13. Wooohooo!!! September football with the Demons
  14. Fair enough. I have a different opinion on Omac's worth. So much of what I see in the criticism of him on this site just looks like a knee jerk reaction that is not based on evidence. he generally positions himself well and has excellent disposal efficiency. Yep, I understand he will get beaten at times either on a one on one or a lead but so will lever and May at times.
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