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  1. Tough to get a vb in these parts. However I think a glass or two of a good red might go down well.
  2. Light drizzle here at the moment but it may not effect the game as I am in Northern Europe and it is 11am. hey, everyone else was giving weather reports.
  3. I was on both for a long time and, like others, moved here when the attempted takeover failed. I seem to recall that the guys that wanted to take over the site would not allow any negative remarks re the club/administration of the club/teams/players etc. Have been wandering around here ever since.
  4. TC, The swan down cushions will be reserved for the front seats that are upholstered in tiger pelts. As for Mr. Wells, I do not think it is HG. I believe I saw Mr.Wells brother in a movie many years ago', First name 'Oceans'.
  5. A question... Haas the contract been signed as yet or ha there been any official word that it is 100% certain?
  6. GoodW, just to be clear, I did not question your original post. I am sure that we have put an offer to Petracca. I was just asking if anyone had asked Judd's Granny, that guru of all information on Trading and Contract, if He had signed as yet.
  7. I would look to have as little disruption to the forward and back structure as possible. Petty for Tomlinson and with the support of the senior defenders, May, Lever, Hibberd and Salem, I think he will be very much a like for like replacement. Get him into the team and get him some experience. Forwards to line up the way they did last week. Tmac in the team gives us a lot of options and flexibility as the situation last week showed. Midfield I would slot Sparrow into Viney's position with one of Melksham, Baker or Jones being dropped and the other two in the 23 with one of them
  8. More than welcome. Just make sure you keep you seat right through until the end of the match. No jumping off half way through.
  9. Mr. Wells, What you say about the past is 100% accurate and factual. However, it is history. While there are many versions of history depending on who is telling it, the facts are the facts. Predictions are not set in stone and we all see the future differently. You said that we are missing Fritsch which was a prediction. He is now eligible to play against Sydney if he is fit and well. Jump up here beside me on the Bathwater Express, experience the comfort of the roo skin upholstered seats, relax and enjoy the ride while you can. I am sure that we will run into some bad traffic at s
  10. 7-0 7 Rounds played….. 7 wins….. 28 points in the premiership bank. (took me a bit to work out the points total as it is approaching higher maths for me) What a turn up….. Top of the ladder a game clear of second. A strange situation that I am sure not many of us have experienced for a lot of years. Nice feeling though…. I predicted a 10 goal win against the Roos and I was half right… we won by 5. To my mind it was a very disruptive game for us. The game was disrupted in the lead up over conjecture as to where it would be played. There was disruption when Viney was pulled f
  11. In bed after waking up at 5am via streaming.
  12. Any word from Judd's grandmother if Petracca has signed or not?
  13. Firstly, I would love to have been close to listen to the Roos/Jetta talk It looked as if Roos was giving him a few coaching tips. Secondly, I loved some of the play that I saw from the Melbourne listed players. Bowey and D. Smith in defence look as if they can both develop into good players. Bradke looked a hell of a lot better than I thought he would. A couple of years and a stack of Kilos and he might just make it. Sparrow was very good and I will call it now, In two years time he will be in the first 3 picked in the seniors for the midfield. Harmes was good enough coming o
  14. Do we have any idea when the Casey team will be announced as that will give a clear indication of senior selection.
  15. Funny, I knew it was not right when I was typing it but did not check. Changed it now. Thank you.
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