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  1. Is there any concrete proof we have been loading? Officially from the club? Or are we making up excuses for poor performance?
  2. The players control that and the gameplay around it. Teams are adapting how they do things mid season and we haven't. Tell me one thing that we have changed from last year to this. Bet you can't.
  3. Lack of creativity and adaptability from out coaching group. Here me out. I look at teams like Geelong and Sydney who have the knack of changing the narrative each week depending on the opponent. The Blicavs move onto Oliver/Petracca was a brilliant way of negating the best one-two punch in the league. Longmire always seems to shift they way they play every week depending on the need. We don't! We play the same way every week. Kick out to the same side every week. Refuse to widen the ground by switching every week. Kick down the line every week. Bomb it high into the forward line every week. When will we tag someone? Where is out creativity? Any chance we could bring in a taller option like VanRooyan just to shake it up? Even playing Petty at CHF to change up the game. Where has our switching it to Langdon on the wing gone? What about Pickett one out in the 50? We never seem to try anything different?
  4. As part of my podcast's (Lace Out) Season Previews for 2022,, I was pumped to chat to Peter Molan, from the awesome Deewatch Podcast about our admiration of the Demons, and if Melbourne can be back-to-back premiers? Who will stop the Dees? Listen to find out who... Check out the preview: https://lace-out.captivate.fm/listen It would be great to hear your feedback on the episode as it was about OUR CLUB so a bit of extra love was put into it!
  5. Gotta be concerned with the 2nd quarter. Outplayed by their mids and connection down forward was average at best.
  6. In the Hun today, MM rates the forward lines (we rated 1st for midfield). Can someone tell us where we ranked as I don't have access to the paper and his key reasons for our rating?
  7. Where did you get this completed as I need another three done? Also, if anyone has other framing locations recommendations please let me know.
  8. As a massive Dees fan this was an episode I thought I'd never be able to be part of and then we know what happened Saturday! Here is the show description and episode link, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did recording it. "Is Peps alive? Has he survived the Demons AFL Grand Final victory over the Bulldogs? How many times has he watched the replay? Peps and Jamie from Lace Out talk about the final game of the season and how the curse of Norm Smith has been broken after 57 years of heartbreak that Melbourne supporters have experienced since 1964. It is an episode you won't want to miss!" Link to episode: https://player.captivate.fm/show/3504ca8e-588f-42db-947f-452c207992fd/latest/
  9. Here is my season preview for the Melbourne Football Club and there is no-one more qualified than Pep's brother, Mark "The Love Machine" Pepper to chat about the club that keeps cardiologists in a job! Will 2021 break the Demons' premiership hoodoo or once again, they'll take their supporters to hell and back! ?Check it out on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and more: https://lace-out.captivate.fm/listen #AFL #LACEOUT #Demons
  10. I brought up this exact topic in my pocast earlier in the week. Once again not addressing the areas of the game that are slowing down the game. No idea what soever. https://player.captivate.fm/episode/71256848-d8be-4fad-9465-d8e0c74ff853
  11. Made by many; destroyed by back-ended contracts!
  12. [censored]!!!!!!! [censored]!!!!!!!!!!
  13. @Lord Nevyou can drop me a DM with your news anytime. I take everything you have written on good faith.
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