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  1. It's a big loss to the game. I liked watching him play, which is unprecedented for and Essendon player. The type of person able to endure the demands of professional football is becoming more and more homogenised. Hope he enjoys the next stage of his life!
  2. Taylor Walker would be the third greatest goal kicker we’ve ever had (will most likely be the second by the time he retires.) Would very happily take a young Walker, Darling or McDonald for the next 10 years. (not that we’d need them - we’ve got JVR!)
  3. I'd quite confidently back in little-fellas like Lloyd (192), Pavlich (192), Fevola (191), Jonathan Brown (195) and little Davie Neitz (191) to have a pretty solid impact on the game today. Zero concerns about JVR's height; it's all about how you use it.
  4. I remember in the final against Adelaide in '02 we came storming back and took the lead, I felt really sorry for some Adelaide supporters sitting in front of me... then the Crows came storming back to win it. I vowed that dark night to never feel any sympathy or pity for anyone until the siren had sounded!
  5. He was a whipping boy 2019-20 and was often criticised for not having any ‘weapons’. He’s proof that a good footy-brain trumps most other traits. A very important player.
  6. Definitely no rush. Looks a gem; let's fatten him up in the VFL and unleash him in a year or so when he's 100% ready.
  7. I think you can view it as a celebration of the art you like. Something that's often overlooked is the huge boon this is for indigenous artists to promote their work. I bought some artwork a few years back after seeing the artist Nth Melbourne Design - loved it.
  8. I’d never believe the rumours about the money being offered. That said, any decent player is offered ‘overs’ to leave their club. I trust our clubs discipline and list management and any players from our best 22 will be offered under their ‘market value’ to remain at a successful club. The real concern for list management in successful clubs is the peripheral and depth players leaving for opportunity.
  9. In fairness, he played second ruck. Mcdonald and Brown played KPF. Doesn’t change the fact that he took one mark, but he was thrown into Jackson’s role midweek.
  10. I’d say they’re waiting to see on Jackson, Pickett, Sparrow and ANB’s recovery. If they’re not ready, Weideman and Bedford stay in the 22. That could see Laurie get a ‘run’ as the sub. I think Weid might be a bit stiff to miss after the role he played last week.
  11. It comes down to the opinion of the 'judges' so the players' status, club, name recognition, playing style and media profile all feature in the decision being made. Bowey is a tough, yet skillful small defender who would sits behind a huge list of Melbourne players that the media would want to talk about before him. I'd think he'd pick up some 'safe' 1 and 2 votes and finish top 5. (Then win another flag)
  12. Maybe it’s been too long since a loss that we’ve forgotten how toxic this place can get when things are going bad. Much worse than anything you’d see in the football media. Even a Gameday thread will illustrate the violent swings of fortune for coaches and players.
  13. Bedford is an obvious inclusion given his role as sub for the the year. I think we may go small and wouldn’t be surprised to see Baker or Chandler get a run. Both played senior footy last year and Chandler was given a very good run in the preseason. My guess: OUT: Smith, Pickett, Jackson and Sparrow IN: Lever, Viney, Bedford and Chandler. Sub: Baker
  14. Thanks - so that means every time we hear "Entered Health and Safety Protocols' in the media and team selections, that basically means 'Tested Positive for Covid'?
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