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  1. Would take him in a heartbeat but also feel like Hawthorn would never let him go. He's a strong leader at the club who's still performing at a very high level.
  2. I've seen enough 'rebuilds' in my time to know we are long way off needing a rebuild. Our list has plenty of talent that is underperforming as a whole unit.
  3. Mind-boggling stupidity and lack of professionalism and respect. They’re at work. They've been explicitly told not to do it. They did it anyway. AFL doesn’t like it, sponsors don’t like it and members (as it was leading into the most important quarter of the year) don’t like it. Gives an insight into some players focus and mindset. If we’ve ever wondered how we don’t turn up to play in big matches or drop the easy ones...
  4. I think they're about one Round off with most of their predictions. (Except the Hogan one - that's completely off the mark)
  5. Harmes has value and any team lacking midfield grunt would happily snap him up. With that said, I wouldn’t trade him for Saad.
  6. It'd be a no from me, unless he came cheap; which he won't. He's either going completely off the rails or he is one of the dumber people playing AFL football... his ofield decision making is seriously awry.
  7. It's impossible to say what pick 22 will end up as, but I would have thought an early second round pick is close to spot-on for Saad. Would happily part with 22, but think throwing in TMac is overs unless something else comes our way. Would be reminiscent of the Melksham/Hibberd trades.
  8. Green’s already got one so it Rivers’ to lose for this round.
  9. I’m always one to look on the positive side when team sections are announced, but I’m really struggling to get excited by the selected team this week. Smith, ANB, Brown, Melksham, all very lucky. One thing I am happy to see is Hunt named at half back. Hopefully he actually plays there and it’s not all for show.
  10. I thought Ryan had hit his ceiling in 2018 - he just keeps getting better and better. Great player.
  11. Can't speak with any confidence about us winning both, but I think the Saints losing to both WCE and GWS is the most likely way through for us.
  12. By my count... Saints have Eagles and GWS. Bulldogs have Hawthorn and Fremantle. GWS have Melbourne and Saints. melbourne have GWS and Essendon. We win both and Saints lose both, we're in. We win both and Bulldogs lose one, we're in.
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