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  1. The standards of betting ads did improve a little about ten years ago, but they have completely dropped again. They are flat-out predatory now and, once again, the line between match analysis and promotion of gambling is so blurred, it’s almost non-existent.
  2. Correct me if I’m wrong… but I thought once the National Draft is done, Father/Son counts for nothing and those players go into the general pool. He could then be picked by any club in the Rookie Draft and we can’t match the bid.
  3. We’re lucky to have the ABC Australia Channel here which cover some games, but I mainly use the ‘Watch AFL’ app which stream all games and events internationally.
  4. I’ll be watching from Hong Kong! (Truth be told, I don’t want to watch it at all; would much rather be sedated to 3 hours and enjoy the replay)
  5. My demonland handle suggests I like it! Was surprised that I can’t find any recording of it on YouTube though. This article suggests the club toyed with bringing it back in 2011 ( a very Schwab thing to do) but is very light in detail. https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/762884/the-second-verse-returns
  6. An absolute hero for our club and a worthy role model for every young supporter and player. It’s scary to think how close we came to losing him from football and what we would have all missed out on. A all time favourite.
  7. ‘Gastro’ is very broad description. There’s the gastro where you think you’re going to die and there’s the gastro where you just need to be very careful when you fart… sound like it may be the latter. Good thing there’s a bye!
  8. This could be the only thing that may see him slip through to us. Clubs are reluctant to take ruckmen early and the prospect of one that will take years of development could make some pause. Plenty can go wrong in player development and the idea of a 200cm beanpole who has really only started to show his potential recently is a risk for a first round pick. 🤞🤞🤞
  9. Thanks for posting! Does anyone have an edit of the Neitz interview with all the Dwayne cut out?
  10. Sliding doors decisions last trade week with Viney turning down Geelong to stay with the Dees and Isaac Smith turning down Melbourne to sign with the Cats.
  11. I think it's OK to be a hardcore, one-eyed, Demon fan and also be able to acknowledge that Bontempelli is a fantastic player who has had a very, very good year. Bont Wines Oliver - Daylight -
  12. Can’t stand hyperbole like this! So, by this logic, Fremantle wouldn’t accept Clayton Oliver for Cerra? How about Petracca? Maybe we could package Rivers and Kossie and throw in a first rounder?? Jon Ralph trying to fill his Twitter profile with definitive statements to make it appear that he is ‘in the know’. On reality, he sounds like a fool.
  13. TBH, I would have suggested dropping Smith for Hunt this week anyway. Smith has a lot of fans, but for mine, he is lacking in footy-smarts. I would be very disappointed in Bowey misses.
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