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  1. Ironically, Collingwood were very well coached today. Clogged us up and cut out our run, spread better and prevented the switch, lowered their eyes and cut through our defense, maintained possession and cut out the contested ball. Unlike the Adelaide match, where I think both teams played well, we were putrid today. Collingwood played well, they stuck to their plan and their skills pressure were excellent. We could have risen to match them, but we were too poor to do so. Need a bye and a return to Victoria.
  2. Apple hasn't fallen far from the tree.
  3. Pretty clear what the real research here is. Post a link to a survey with some simple, open questions relating to experiences of racism in Australian sport. THEN observe and quantify people losing their collective [censored] in the comments.
  4. Other than Neale Daniher in 07, I can't recall another time a coach announced they were leaving mid-year, then had another game. The notion that teams play better immediately after a coach is fired has been around for a long time, but not sure if there's any definitive proof to back it up.
  5. Following Teague and Bolton, I can't imagine them going with a rookie coach. Their problems are cultural and they'll need someone strong enough (and willing to) stand up to the warring voices and factions within the club. I'd say Yze is safe, from them anyway.
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong, but his two marks and goals on the weekend came when McDonald was off the ground after a marking contest collision.
  7. He's so solid, self assured and steady that I don't even think of him as a 'young' player anymore. He has all the attributes to make him a very, very good player for many years to come.
  8. Great player, who would complement our current midfielders perfectly. Would need to robe Peter to pay Paul to get him over though. Clubs will be falling over themselves for a player of his quality and we won’t have the draft currency to compete. We’d need to give a quality player to get him and free up the cap space.
  9. All the commentary I’ve heard suggests that fans are ‘furious’ at the AFL, not the MFC. There really isn’t a clash at all and most people can see that. No real problem with the headline. (There’s also a fun irony in that the title of this thread gives no information and could therefore also be seen as click bait)
  10. I think this game and round will be hugely unpredictable and won or lost in the head. With all the competing stress, anxiety, insecurity and disrupted preparation; this round could be turn conventional tipping on its head. Whichever team is able to block out all the COVID/lockdown noise and focus entirely on the game, will win - and win handsomely, if the other team has allowed the preceding 48 hours to affect them.
  11. I demand to see all his personal medical records!
  12. Until we can figure out a way to beat Richmond and Geelong at the MCG, then... oh, hang-on...
  13. Has been outstanding this year. He showed glimpses of this in 2018, but his skill level has increased significantly and now complements his well know endurance and 1%ers. He and Spargo are significant in our structure and pressure and are now using the ball very, very well.
  14. Looks fantastic! (good to see she's watermarked her work on instagram so Port Adelaide can't use it)
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