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  1. Yeah... nah... you’ve either: a) Never stepped foot inside there. b) Don't get out much. c) All of the above.
  2. You’re probably only ‘guilty’ of making a cubby house that girls didn’t join. If you think that’s a good way to run a football club, business or organisation, then I’d disagree.
  3. Stupid choice of a venue and completely idiotic of the club's leadership to accept the invitation. We have enough problems without our leaders making such easily avoided mistakes.
  4. Good luck to Kaine Baldwin but I’m not sure anyone is predicting a KPF, with two knee reconstructions, who was passed in both the National and Rookie Drafts, to be a gun.
  5. When people say 'low' and 'high' when referring to this list, I have no idea what they mean. Is it better to be low or high..?
  6. Mark Robinson’s 2021 pre-season top 50: 1. Dustin Martin (Richmond) 2. Patrick Dangerfield (Geelong) 3. Nat Fyfe (Fremantle) 4. Lachie Neale (Brisbane) 5. Marcus Bontempelli (Western Bulldogs) 6. Christian Petracca (Melbourne) 7. Patrick Cripps (Carlton) 8. Tom Hawkins (Geelong) 9. Nic Naitanui (West Coast) 10. Max Gawn (Melbourne) 11. Liam Ryan (West Coast) 12. Brodie Grundy (Collingwood) 13. Scott Pendlebury (Collingwood) 14. Jack Macrae (Western Bulldogs) 15. Harris Andrews (Brisbane) 16. Lachie Whitfield (Greater Western Sydney) 17. Jack Steele (St Kild
  7. Go Oscar! OMac to kick 5 and the Blues to lose by plenty 🤞
  8. Not necessarily what I believe is the best 22, but this is the team I believe will play Round 1 based on injuries, form and coach's preferences: JETTA. MAY. LEVER. SALEM. TOMLINSON. HUNT. BAKER. OLIVER. LANGDON. SPARGO. MCDONALD. MELKSHAM. JACKSON. FRITSCH. CHANDLER. GAWN. PETRACCA. BRAYSHAW. HARMES. RIVERS. SPARROW. JONES. Emergency: Petty, Jordon, Neal Bullen, Bowey. Injured / building fitness in the VFL: Pickett, Viney, VandenBerg, Hibb
  9. Generally positive news after a couple of weeks of bad news. Still quite a while til Round 1 and any player currently in the main group would have to be a very good chance to play Freo.
  10. Great clearance by Oliver, but the real hero in this passage is Harmes. Starts the clip with a block on Cotchin, then blocks the tagger pursuing on Oliver. 2 blocks in 4 seconds - clearance, goal. May be maturity and selflessness, may be the the influence of Yze as midfield coach, but this is the type of teamwork we need to see more of. OrganicBriefFlamingo.mp4
  11. He’s copped some criticism for his disposal, but I was very happy to see Harmes tagging Cotchin and Martin yesterday. His best football is when he is tagging and his best football is very, very good. Hopefully he’s persisted with and can regain some confidence and form.
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