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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. Agreed! Was a great day and the way they handled and engaged about one thousand excited kids was exceptional. Well done club and players.
  2. Surely they’d sack everyone from the president to the boot-studder before losing Bont..?
  3. Not matching the pick 5 bid on Mac Andrew allowed us to bring in JVR and Blake Howes; a solid win so far. K White is 100% nominating the Dees.
  4. I’ve always preferred Petty as a defender where, I believe, he had a very high ceiling. It’s also why Adelaide wanted him. At the moment, he’s not completely fit and, for the first time in his career, he’s very out of form. Whether it’s lacking touch or just isn’t quite trusting his body yet, this will soon pass. At the moment, with TMac playing out of his skin, he’s not needed down back. But my hopes were and still are that Petty and Disco are ready made replacements when McDonald and (heaven forbid) May call it a day. May’s retirement is more daunting to our list management than Gawn’s imho.
  5. Some people jumped the gun with their criticism of the kid. I thought for a debut against a-grade opposition on a night where very few teammates turned up, he showed plenty. Got some kicks, a shot on goal, laid some tackles and showed some endeavour. Have seen far worse debuts from players who went on to have great careers. He is a victim of his own marketability in that more eyes were on him since draft night than most other draftees at his level. Bank the experience and move on!
  6. Listed at 190cm and turns 18 tomorrow. I wonder if he’s gone one more growth spurt in him… 4 or 5 more cm would be perfect.
  7. High pressure environment to make a debut! Hopefully he thrives on the atmosphere and makes the most of it! Very keen to see what he can do.
  8. Genuinely shocked we even bothered; was never any chance of getting off. We can argue until we're blue in the face, but the very simple checklist of feet leaving the ground, contact to the head and it being 'avoidable' meant that he was always going to get at leat a week. I was just relieved that it was only the week after being rubbed out twice last year. Times have changed.
  9. Time to rename . . . the thread…
  10. Really?! I didn’t r realise that. That is much more informative and interesting than the OP!
  11. Bontempelli is the best player in the league by a long, long way. Favourite non-demon to watch.
  12. I would have thought he’s playing better this season than the second half of ‘22 through to the end of 23.
  13. A week was expected. Could be considered lucky to just be the one given his record. Needs to get this part of his game right; he’s too valuable to be missing games.
  14. You gotta wonder how a player of such undeniable talent can come so close to missing out on being drafted! Would love to know what the issues were with his game because he is playing with skill, poise and an IQ that puts him amongst the best young players in the league.
  15. Fair question! Slip of the finger - have amended now.
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