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  1. If your mate has a valid GA barcode fron his membesship and he isn't going to use it then you can. He might have to 'get" his ticket by downloading it now in case GA sells out, but I assume all members GA tix have to be honoured. Although only into any GA area.
  2. It will as long as it has not been used
  3. Therapist: 'partner b, is it possible that rather than critically analysing things, the opposite is true and you are acting from emotion. Which might be resulting identifying symptoms of the problems, but not understanding the underlying cause an therefore finding it difficult to find effective solutions? Partner b: acting from emotion? Symptoms? Bugger off - we're out of here you peanut.
  4. Yep. By way of contrast, Port made the prelim last year and will not be in the finals. The dogs made a GF, and, with one round to go, are not a lock for the finals.
  5. Oh yes, so it is. My joke was a total bust from start to finish! Chicks for free? The 80s were certainly another time. Can't imagine a major record label would be putting out police's Don't stand so close to me in 2022.
  6. My apologies norm - i completely stuffed that up. We have the question written in a shared show DM and instead of actually listening to the question i was reading them. Well to be accurate, reading the wrong one! The answer are similar in that both strategies (kick to the pocket coming inside 50 and kick out to the same spot each time) are all about probability and percentages. In very simple terms, kicking to the pocket, whilst boring and predictable, over the journey will result in scoring more often and conceding less goals from transition. Risk versus reward I posted on this very topic (ie why i think we kick to the pocket) in another thread some time back and will find it later and paste in here. It is worth noting there was a very similar discussion on DL heading into the finals last season. Come the prelim and GF we def went a bit more central with our inside 50 kicks and so moved the risk reward dial towards risk a bit more. That is one of the advantages of predictability. When coming up against us, opposition teams make tweaks to their structures, systems and tactics to counter what we do. If we do the same things all the time they respond accordingly, meaning if we suddenly become unpredictable we can catch them out. As an example, in the GF we got a jump on the dogs, party because we did something a bit different with our inside 50 entries. The dogs suddenly had to organize their defensive structure a bit differently to counter that change. A more recent, and even better, example is how we set up and implemented the set play that resulted in Kozzie's match winning goal. The blues fully expected that we would go down the line with any attacking foray in those last 2 minutes, and set up accordingly. They also put offensive players in down the line spots on their side of centre. We obviously knew they would do so and designed a set up that looked to create an outnumber in the corridor. And so, when Lever didn't even hesitate to go around his body and kicked laterally inboard to the corridor, no doubt much to Voss's shock, we incredibly had a 3 to 1 out number (by the by that kick also highlights the risks involved in being more aggressive in terms of ball movement - we turn that ball over then and the game is over as if we have a 3 to one outnumber in the corridor they had two free players somewhere - one of which being may's opponent McKay). There was another element in that play where we used our predictability to our advantage. By being unpredictable. Normally Hunt would kick that ball into one of the pockets as per our normal, predictable method. Instead he kicked to a spot 20 metres out directly in front of goal, where it was all one on ones - something Voss would be furious about - as their extras were probably protecting the space near the boundary on the members side (players who would have been stationed there expecting Lever was going to kick it towards them). I heard Bartel say he has no doubt that kick by hunt and the preceding one by Lever was a set play drawn up during the week by the coaching staff, noting that it was too far out for the blues to hit through for a point. Those sort of tweaks and taking advantage of suddenly being unpredictable are best left for the finals where they can have maximum impact, not least because opposition coaches suddenly have tactically respond on the fly. The same is true for tactics we might employ to negate, and/or respond to, strategies teams have tried against us during the home and way season. That's to say there is an advantage when goody doesn't respond during the home and away season in that he gets a look at what the other coach might try and in a big final with out showing his hand. An example is the way Geelong looked to take advantage of our kick in to Maxy by having big bodied players like Blicavs front and center at those aerial contests. Goody got criticised for not responding, but if we play the cats in the finals we know Scott might employ that same strategy, and have months to plan and train a response, yet he is only guessing what that response might be. For example, we might suddenly occasional start going short to the pocket (we have been experimenting a bit with in some recent games), and then do what the lions look to do - go long from there so the aerial contest is up near the wing, with perhaps BB and Fritter pushing up ie go over the top of Gawn and the Cats players looking to win the grounds ball.
  7. Fitness would a play role - fatigue impacts all elements of any game plan. For example a factor in the difference might be poor conversion. We have many players with poor kicking technique and fatigue exacerbates poor technique. But given that specific comparison is comparing this year to last year, when fatigue would also have been a factor, then there are no doubt many other possible factors and causes. I haven't listened to the segment - did king give any explanation as to what he thinks are causing the numbers, because that is where my mind goes. Otherwise the analysis lacks nuance and the solutions therefore will lack nuance and will be too simplistic For example he might just simply say the dees need to fix their scores from clearances because they are down on last year. Jackson has been taking a much higher percentage of the ruck time in the back half of the season this year, with Maxy pushing forward to mitigate our lack of an effective second tall and perhaps also because he is carrying niggles. It feels like it has almost been 50 50 in the last six or seven matches (the data on this would interesting). Jackson is not in Maxy's league (yet) as a ruck, particularly at around the grounds stoppages where his relative lack of strength is an issue, an issue compounded by any fatigue he might be experiencing (his form dropped right off in the middle of last season and again this year). It seems logical that Maxy attending less stoppages would impact on how often we score from those stoppages as he is a far better ruck than Jackson. Another factor is we have had a much harder draw this season and so have played more games against teams with gun midfields than last season. There are probably any number of other possible factors too - eg opposition tactical strategies have been more effective this season.
  8. Sorry Kev, I was making a silly joke - a play on words from that stupid dire straits song combiing your comment you don't like something for nothing and radomly working in free kicks As in 'money for nothing and your kicks for free' Safe to say, quite a stretch. But I agree with you about free kicks btw.
  9. A big factor in the change to those inside 50 scoring ratio numbers is fatigue related to loading. Makes sense because our defensive sytem is completely reliant on all team defensive running. If that is off even a little bit our abilty to get back inside D 50 in numbers is compromised. But even more significantly, our abilty to put pressure on the final kick inside 50 is compromised and that makes it much easier for the opposition to kick to their forwards advantage. Fatigue wasn't an issue in the first half of the seaon, which is a factor in our better numbers in that period. Fatigue is not the only factor of course. For one thing, we have played some really good teams since Round 16. Other teams know tbey have no chance to beat us playing slow and therefore fast ball movement is critical. That is risk reward, and the reward is a higher inside 50 to score ratio. We also elected to play high tempo, aggressive footy against the dogs, never seemingly trying to slow the tempo. We did the same in the first half against the pies. That style risks giving up lots of uncharacteristic slingshot, rebound goals. And that is exacctly what happened against tbe dogs and the pies, particularly in the first half (at half time, the pies had 8 goals 2 from only 17 entries). That's two games from kings seven game sample where we elected to play a different, more aggressive, high tempo model than our normal method. Shoot outs. So a nearly a third of his sample size could be considered outliers, or at the very least factored into the analysis. That's exactly what annoys me so much about kings shallow analysis. He doesn't consider or give any context to the data he speaks to. Or try and understand what might be behind the numbers. The numbers are symptoms and indicators of a problem not the cause of the problem. Misunderstand the symptoms and you can't give a proper diagnosis, or more importantly land on an effective solution. And leaving aside ignoring loading as a factor, any dees fans watching our last seven games would concede the opposition have been running out games better. So at the very least king should be suggesting fitness levels and fatigue relative to our opposition are possible factors in the numbers. Which would be well worth pointing out, because relative fitness levels are obviously going to be a key determinant in who wins the flag and are if we are not as fit as our finals opponents we are in trouble.
  10. So, if understand you correctly EO - we are going to hammer the lions!
  11. Ta. I'll have a listen. But my guess would be that the round 20 game was when they were at their strongest, ie most powerful, not their peak readiness - which is finals time That would jag with the training program model Vipercrunch, Engorged Onion, Von and coach have discussed in the loading phase thread. The program nvolveds a combination of blocks of high intensity strength focused training and blocks of volume to increase aerobic capacity. The combination of the two, hopefully, results optimal readiness for a 4-5 week period, which for us would be working back from GF day (5 weeks is this Friday night).
  12. We've won our last 12 interstate games? I didn't realize that. That's a crazy amount of wins on the road. I wonder how much a role phycology plays in our success (paging @Engorged Onion)? I say that becuase i heard Melk being interviewed after the blues game and he was asked about the upcoming lions game. The first things he said is the boys love travelling interstate together, find it a positive bonding experience and they have a great record on the road. I was reflecting that i have heard so many dees players mention in interviews variations on that same theme since Goody has become coach. Of course winning helps, but i wonder if it is like a virtuous cycle where the repetition of such a positive narrative and framing makes winning more likely and winning reinforces the narrative. Whatever the case its worked on me - i'm even more confident we will win!
  13. Can you point me towards where he said that as i very much doubt he meant that the round 20 was our peak physical readiness for the whole season. That game was very low intensity and we were not put under any physical pressure for the whole game. We barely got out of second gear (i watched it again ahead of this season's second freo game). It was incomparable to the power and intensity we ran out the prelim and GF. 'Best physicals output' could mean any number of things (eg total distance covered as per the GPS monitors) - I'd have to listen, or read what he actually said, and the context it was said in, to give an informed response.
  14. Mmm predominantly - i feel like we have been here before. Words in mouth and all that. Looks like you are not going to hear me - so hell I'll make it easer for you: Our form is completely and utterly dependent on loading. Loading is so much the biggest factor that really, it is not even worth discussing others. I get it DWA (Demon With Attitude?), you are not part of the cult. That's ok. Just enjoy the win because we stack up well against the lions and be confident it has nothing to do with being incrementally fresher team than the one that took on Carlton in a bruising affair.
  15. He worked so hard all match. And took a clutch mark and kicked a clutch goals in the third Fans can be hard markers.
  16. Good call. The other key was BB not allowing an intercept mark or clearing punch.
  17. I thought she was suggesting the blues replace Voss as coach with Rutten.
  18. Indiscriminate kick by Lever Daisy Thomas reckons. Yeah, nah.
  19. We need a new recruiting push. Smashing the lions in the second half will help.
  20. I look forward to smiling wryly to myself as we swarm all game and power away from a tiring lions in the last 15 minutes of the game. Oh and i'm going to love the post match review of the game as the Fox 'analysts' fall over themselves to say the dees are back, and do their their level best to walk back their grim predictions of our demise. Might even get Andy to clip it up and play on next week's show.
  21. Jezus - how did the cats get that draw? Three games in tbe second half of the seaon against top 3 sides, at least one of which was at home (us). And they played North twice!
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