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  1. Bring him back to the MFC. Get Burgess to work with him physically and Gawn to motivate him. Set him up as an assistant coach if he can't crack it. He did get to observe Hinkley's methods.
  2. Great to hear them talk about wanting to make finals. Not just making up the numbers, but wanting and voicing, top of the ladder. I remember them saying in 2018, that they did not talk about finals. Goody said, "no fluffing around, accepting close". Heard no fu.k.ng around at first. Thought I heard Oliver say he wanted to thank him "self". He said he wanted to thank Soph. Both made me chuckle.
  3. I've attempted to contact the administrator via the "contact us", for them to help delete the mis-information I wrote. Thank you for the heads up Ethan. Much appreciated.
  4. A dunny with a view would be mint. Put a few in a row, rooms with a view. We could be MFCSS, Melbourne football club [censored] storm crew. Put some of them up on a pedestal, the top shelves, create a pooing (pecking) order and they can urinate on the club from upon high. Just joking, supporter bitterness comes and goes like the tide at the sewage works. We could be a river to the people.
  5. I want to see training facilities that are equivalent to the other clubs.
  6. On a walk in India, a women ahead stops on the path and drops the deuce. I was shocked and somewhat disgusted. In Paris they are finding semi discreet places (the walls near the Siene). The aroma fills the morning air. Similar to the lanes near Aussie hotels. In Australia it is an illegal act. The club could have a zero tolerance policy and set good examples to the community.
  7. MFC the destination club, you to can squat and use a tent to train out of.
  8. Quite often the other ovals are used by, soccer and rugby teams. Therefore no direct route.
  9. The start was about someone trying to embarrass an AFL person, with photo of public urination. I indicated that the urination is flowing down at Gosch's, on a regular basis and they should be embarrassed by our amateur facilities. I finished by indicating that we have a sideshow of training facilities and could go hubless. A truck and a tent, no wonder we underperform!
  10. Was thinking, they could take the training on the road, with the truck and tent system. Invite the juniors and seniors, and include workshops for the local coaches and administrators. Would not be much different to what they do in The Alice. Become a modern community club by showing off our drills and procedures to the grass root AFL (inner suburb, outer suburb and regional area). Give back to the many.
  11. They don't use it and it seems they aren't instructed to use it by either elders or the leaders. Probably 4 mins if they ran! Takes me the 10 mins.
  12. You are right, though, I have not seen them use either or return to Aami Park. It would mean a ten minute disruption to the group, They choose to hold it or let it out "bush" style. Need a porta loo on site. A proper change room, a secure place to keep their personal belonging and some sort of shelter for all staff and players during inclement weather, should be the minimum of facilities. There is no effective place for physio work. A place to sit down, talk and to review video immediately, I thought, would help. Then get out on the field and repeat. (Especiall
  13. It is, as a victim of drug (alcohol) fuelled exuberances it is revolting. Lived in a tourist/holiday town. Regularly people came near or in the front yard to urinate when they are [censored]. I'm sure the drug takers have done it without any discretion. Though, the issue is a zoom photo of the MFC player squatting or at the tree. We need facilities.
  14. In some states, you can pass on your own car.
  15. It embarrassing for the club, the players, the AFL, and myself, that our players are always urinating in public. I find myself having to look away and pretend I didn't notice. Sets a bad example. The law says you can't. With substandard, facilities we will be an irrelevant club!
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