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  1. It appears some are trying to get the central corridors into play with more aggressive kicks. The ones that were turned over came from players trying to "thread the needle" or were a bit slow in making the decision, allowing for the defender, sometimes defenders to pick of the pass. I noticed that at the same time our flankers gave them options. Great they are going for it, and hoping they learn when and how. The best plays of yesterday came about when the backs switched and overlaps were created. There were plenty of long kicks into the forward area. It appears they are trying to get the ball over the back of the defenders. Turn them and allow the lead towards the goal. The leads to the pockets were mainly when the forwards got separation and had a straight lead. The kick to packs happened a few times, but it was not necessarily into a pocket area. Come game time, I can still see them resorting to the pocket (hold the ball in there), unless we get a dominate tall forward, that they can rely on.
  2. He started doing a little ball work (a small group of 4 or 5 handballing), but is still mainly on a running and gym program.
  3. A bit of a hot day, very little wind, great time to get the conditioning up. They worked hard all session. Finishing with running the fartlek program. They were pushing hard. The training's have a pattern about them now. They start with some goal kicking before the 9.30 official start, some are still making their way down from AAMI. Today the emphasis was on snaps. 5 mannequins in an arc, that a player moves from one to the next for a repeat of 5 snaps on the move. Sestan and Bailey thrived, Chandler did alright as well. Sparrow's kicking them from the boundary as Langdon attempts to keep up. Into the warm-up, then some small movement handballs along the lines to a central coach, then below the knee pick-ups. Kicking drill of 8 groups and about 6 balls. White group drill with white, and blue drills with blue. Appears chaotic, highly skilled, and makes them pick out their own team. They then expand the area. The next one, is the 3× line, run throughs, 3 balls and a player rotating the central position. Plenty of switches, short and long passes, handballs, bounces, and communication. Some have a bib on and seem to be defensive and/or swinging. No tackling practice this time, they made up for that in the sims. The scoreboard remained nil all. It started scoring as they went into the handball games. A group playing with goals at each end of a rectangle (20×45 meters). The other a game with goals near the handball contest and a leading forward 50 meters away. Blue got a jump on white, but was quickly negated when the sims started, as white got off to a flyer, then blue came back at them. The result of the session went down to the wire. The timer was on and three scores in the last 4 minutes (blue once, white twice), left white one kick from taking the day. Liked the way Hunter plays, runs the rails and keeps wide, reliable, hands, kicks, and decisions. Sparrow's working hard and powerfully., Viney’s everywhere, Jefferson gets to the right places, Verrall showed a bit, has agility and able to stay in the contest when the ball hits the ground, Schache made some good leads, Fritch working hard on his defensive forward role, May is getting stronger and appeared to captain the whites, Kossie looks to be doing the midfield work, Sestan is a smart player, though I haven't seen his defensive game yet. A few players were burnt when the ball mover decided to go down the central corridor, instead of to a player near the boundary. We locked the ball in the forward area a few times, which had Goody and Yze calling out with support. Some of our quick ball movement was a thing of beauty. A good crowd down there to watch them (more than 100), plenty of the players signed autographs. NUDGE'S TRAINING REPORT
  4. According to the website, MFC, training is at Gosch’s on Wednesday https://www.melbournefc.com.au/teams/training-times AFL Training Sessions Date: Wednesday 25 January Time: 9:30am Location: Gosch's Paddock
  5. No, don't encourage this. Why put me outside the fence. Already the price of finals tickets are leaving holes in my budget. A training ticket, why? Elitist and their envy of each other. Why do you want this kind of world and the associated gaps amongst us? I am for equalising us, not dividing. I guess you like operating behind closed doors, so you feel closer to the inner circle, oh "you are the special one's". Help the growth of the middle class, don't use them to fund a lifestyle of those holding the assets. Footy clubs are about community and not a company. If we need funding then get it from the asset hoaders, tax evaders, the traders and financier's, companies both public and private. Stop living on the back of the workers. Make footy and all forms of entertainment more accessible, not less. If not accessible, then the public funding of our sports and arts program becomes welfare for those who have plenty already.
  6. Yes, cameras are attached to the new poles that hold up a net at each end of the paddock, and on a couple of light towers. The drone has not been used much this preseason but it is brought out occasionally. There were 4/5 assistant hovering around the computer screens under the awnings on Wednesday. The same ones that collect the gps tracking mechanisms attached to the players.
  7. Didn't notice him do much yesterday. Other times, when I had seen him he has been going well. His composure with ball in hand has been great. Has developed a good side step,schimmy and back peddle, and finds space when doing it. He is also looking stronger in body but not much bigger. I sense, his head is well in the game as he develops as a smart footballer and does the preparation with a professional attitude.
  8. At one stage in the handball game, Clarrie performed a tackle, and came off second best clutching his hand. I got the tingle, after he grimaced, held his hand and moved away from the area. it appeared to be just a middle or index finger issue. He got on with it pretty quickly. Bit nerve wracking, when the contest is eager, and they have been at each other this preseason.
  9. The coach may have been talking about the field structures and corridors. Tight on the "attacking side" would be sensible, as the defensive play would be unstructured if a turnover occurs, allowing for a quick counter attack. I imagine an attacking area/side would have space, one on ones, attacking type of players and opposition players chasing the leads.
  10. I'm not as critical about his session today as some. I thought Grundy did some good things, especially later in the sim when others were tiring. I was on the far side of the paddock, so maybe had a different view of the proceedings.
  11. In some of the starts, he was in the centre, playing a mid/follower type position. Also spent some time at half-back, doing the leadership type stuff of organising the position and zoned area.
  12. Train on player from Frankston Dolphins, 19 yrs of age.
  13. I felt the same early on in the sims. Late into the action he came into his own. He ran hard and got to more contest and covered the zone in the back-line area. He made good decisions with the ball and was the factor that brought the red tops back onto contention.
  14. Laurie, is always hunting that loose ball off the packs, but seems to be a bit away from the contest and is often blocked and others get to it first.. Did some nice tackles, finds it difficult to be involved. Woewodin, is running the lines very well. His endurance is building. He and Chandler both started the sims on the wing. Tackling well, creating overlaps and links. Looking strong. McVee, good involvement, bringing pressure, finding the ball and making good decisions.
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