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  1. Your out are you, or taking your own advice and sitting down. He wasn't calling you a troll, I think he was referring to deefiant. Geeze, "literati", that's a laugh in itself. Mate, stop ostracising. Your closed group is not what you imagine. Anyone can join and your constant put downs cannot change that. You know me because you had the same run in with 007 and who. Could be about your superiority complex and the need to close the open door so you feel safe from opinions you don't agree with. There you go, telling people to leave "your" group alone aga
  2. There it is again. Hidden behind your humour is some truth you wish to impart. You don't what my kind on board. I've been told to "sit down", to be blocked, that I must be new (no right to express my view). Why are my views so unpalatable? Supported by another, @Left Foot Snap. I can understand boring, but not welcome! You poor, insular, delicates.
  3. If you feel that way, why did you support the statement, "Sit down"? That is someone saying your views aren't welcome.
  4. He is asking what type of person, not don't post. Also asking for something that is human nature of jumping on board disappointing results and wondering if deefiant can swim against the current. Gee stuck on an issue, and trying to embarrass someone with a different view to you. Faulty never expressed anything about freedom of speech anyway. That is my issue.
  5. Thought he was going a bit further than that, Kind of indicating that they shouldn't post that type of banter.
  6. What a lovely, insightful video. Thanks @Engorged Onion I like engaging in all manners of discussions. There are very few I don't get something from.
  7. I tried ignore once, their post still showed on the thread. I like your posts, except for the "sit down", statement. So easy to misinterpret statements, glad it wasn't an attack on my right to express myself. Wish deefiant would stand up for his own opinion, as those from the game thread could.
  8. I am an advocate for free speech, however there are consequences for your words and support for or against them. I support the those who make game statements, though the humiliation of those in order to make them sit down, I do not agree with. Make fun of them, sure, but not with the intention of shutting them up. If deefiant wants to change the posters, he could do it by posting logical assertions, not just the posting what he disagrees with. I felt that needed a response, let them have an opinion. I goes round and round. A conflicting opinion is not a measure
  9. So here I am advocating for freedom if speech and not slinging at demondlanders. I wasn't someone who exaggerated the poor performances of our players in the game thread. I wish those who posted what @Deefiant complained about, had the fortitude to stand up for their own opinions. Probably not in their personality set, easier to remain seated. You and @Pollyanna tell me to not voice my opinion. What a joke you are. If I you don't think like you, then I am a waste of your time. Narrowed minded, self righteous fools. Sit down means, shut up, remain unseen. You cannot con
  10. What is the issue with some having outlandish opinions of anger and frustration with the MFC. Much prefer honest expression than quietness. It can even be humouress. No statements made on anything can be absolutely correct. There are some who say, 1+1 does not equal 2 and they can prove it. Others, the only truth I know is, I know nothing. Then there are the stoics, existentialist and even nihilist. I believe everyone (though not the face value, but from the undertones), and usually enjoy interpreting the reason and meaning, which is based on their social,
  11. Doesn’t need to be hard censorship, shame and public humiliation can cause the same response. Those who posted, and had their views highlighted, may be intimated to post freely. Easy to find those anonymous by referring to the thread and posts.
  12. What, why, oh it is your way or no way! Do you always tell others what to do? Father superior!
  13. So you aren’t going to add anything further to the thread? You start a conversation but then nothing, Not even an emoji! Wow, you love your own voice. That's the sling. Shame you don't understand others. You started the censored slingging by taking cheap pot-shots at peoples statements and foibles.
  14. What mirror? Probably doesn't know any of them. It is up to me if I want to look at the mirror. Are you looking at your own reflection, or is it easier to avoid that and tell others what to change. I don’t think there is right or wrong, as it is sharing. I may not agree, but if I stretch, I can see the others point of view. Isn't that the point. Even exaggerations an be a viewing into the nature of us. Not censorship, please. Deefiant is not engaging in the conversation anyway.
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