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  1. Just noticed Adelaide hoping for a change of training facilities, $75 million. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-08-24/adelaide-crows-names-thebarton-oval-as-new-home-ground/101366038 Feeling jealous
  2. It also means we are an easy team to deal with. Can been seen two ways. If close to what is the going rate for what we want or give, then we sign, or a teams can play hard against us and we will fold. Hope it works as the former, where others don't see us as time and effort wasters, and we all exit happy, with win win. Many other teams, stuff up the dominoes falling well. Deal with the MFC and everyone's dreams can come true.
  3. I thought Zanker did a nice shepard in the last to make room for one of our players, perhaps Purcell, to kick a goal. I get what you mean though. If Taylor is her mentor, she might get there. Our talls are good, though Gillard had a bad day and must give the opposition headaches.
  4. I thought she played her role well. She also got a couple of goals and assisted with a few. Marks in the 50 arc are important. She has not been great in games this season, I thought it was a better one for her and hoping she can build on it. As for below her knees work, I thought even though fumbley, she kept the ball infront and moving.
  5. Good coaching move putting, Goldy and Heath in the centre to stop Freo's clearances in the last quarter. Generally good players across the board, West, Hore and Purcell when it was needed, Gay down back, Hanks and Mithen all match, Taylor and Zanker swapping roles with each other makes for difficult match ups. Some smart players on our team, a few that are developing, and some that are "nearly". Keep building Dees.
  6. Getting the ball into the forward line quickly helps with scoring opportunities. Some of our defence is a little loose. A few to many handballs to players under pressure.
  7. Our field kicking has been good, love that they take it on by running the ball through the corridors. Good coaching and application. Hanks, Paxman and Zanker doing well.
  8. A footy club is a microcosm of society, the same analogy used when footballers stray, can be pointed at the management. We often have a management style that is a reflection of the 1950s. When will these behemoths, dinosaur's step aside and let those who adjust to the modern norms of behaviour be the guides. Leaders need to reflect the best of us, and not fight to maintain a status quo that is amiable to the powers that be, ambivalent to the middle and downright obtuse to the lower. Get those types out of the management structure. We need people who change the institutions proactively and not those who have to be dragged to even accept the times are a changing. I don’t think it is about a woke society, or ethic/morality training, but more about having diversity and selecting people with merit and broad life experiences to have a voice, in decision and supportive roles. Very much a time to move on from the Old Boys club style of management. Passing psychological and personality assessments could be the way. Could use affirmative employment methods to get more, females, multicultural participants, and those from varying social status, to create appropriate voices and guidance in our institutions. Out with nepotism, group think, and born to rule, time for the glass ceiling to disappear completely.
  9. Berry was always going to get off, especially when next game is a final. Need something like, when he plays us next suspension. He will be our target along with Zorko and McCarthy. It will be a grudge match when we meet them again.
  10. Jackson wants to go, it looked like his game changed for the worse mid season when he decided to. He will be good for who ever gets him, so long as he is motivated. For us, we have talls, JVR, Turner, Tmac, Weids as back-up ruck and Tomlinson as general back-up. What we need is a big bodied, hit the packs hard forward. Saw today there is rumour of Kysiah looking to go back to SA. There goes some "X factor" (if) , difficult to replace. Though at his stage of development, he found it hard to stay in the game for the 4 quarters. (Not the only player at our club with that problem.) We have a few trying to be small forwards, but none are quite right. I'd be looking for a tall Langdon clone, someone who can out-mark his opponent, run two ways, is clean with the ball and makes good decisions. We need a back-up number one ruck if Max has some time off. Draft a 105+ kg forward. A 190+ cm mid/winger. A 200+ cm ruck A small who likes a goal and has the "X" factor. Out; M. Brown, Laurie, Rosman, Baker
  11. Our poor results have been about the second halves. We go into the rooms congratulating ourselves, the MCC members applauding and it must feel like we are rolling. They become self absorbed and forget that in an even league the other can at least pick up the pressure and take the game on with nothing to lose. We panic, kick to boundary and try to congest the area around the footy. That opens up big spaces on the G and the opposition can get one on one, or uncongested areas to play to, as they carry the ball well and hit their players. We also try to fill the area a kick behind and kick infront at stoppages, or when a free kick or mark. This give the oppo a good chance to clear into open space again and go into attack if they are effective with the disposals. We play a game with more freedom when we have a good lead, and if it doesn't work we get panicky, unconfident and make errors. Then we get exhausted chasing and playing that fast, get into the defensive, offensive transition positions, when the oppo start getting more ball. it starts with bathwater, and ends with exhaustion, as we get overrun.
  12. Let's see if they can "reset". No goals for 2 quarters. I thought getting big leads would free them up. Seems the opposite for MFC teams. The longer we go without scoring after getting the big lead, the more nervous we get.
  13. Wow, will the Saints get two disposals in a row? Great structure behind the ball. Good forward craft, creating separation and kicking straight Purcell playing great footy, along with West, the engine room.
  14. Oops, didn't see the tongue in cheek. Changes for 2023. Perhaps play all home games at Casey, we will get into most future final series, and then argue for home finals out there. (Tongue in cheek)
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