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  1. Top heavy, looking like his old man. (Viney) A big rock of a body.
  2. They haven't really broken into the lines as yet. When they go into various groups, it is usually talls and smalls, or a balanced mix. I've noticed that both Rivers and Bowey have been playing higher and doing connection work. Windor was working in the forward area, and Tholstrup mids,
  3. Summer training, time trials and all back into it. 45 players in the squad, including a strong looking Noah Yze (did not time trial). I think the only one missing was Chandler. Great to see Angus out there in the yellow cap. He participated in the non-contact program. Even the small bumps and body contact drills were avoided. He looked very sharp, 100% efficiency I reckon. Oliver has started on a full rehab program now. Running, kicking, gym work. He was not time trialled. Occasionally appeared a little frustrated with the running, but kept the head down, and did what was asked. Fritsch must be very close to full training. Some kicking drills really worked him over. Had a spill and clumsily hit the ground as he fumbled. He did not look like making any errors after that, doing the rest of his work with style. Has passion and commitment. Looking stronger and heavier through his hips. Petty did a little kicking, no running, plenty of gym. Was vocal when hanging around the structured sims. Helping out Jefferson, giving some pointers about body and arm work in the lead up to a contest. Melky on a similar program to Petty. Both in blue tops, while the rest had training jersey's on. Kossie did the time trial, but I think not up to standard, as he was placed on a running program alongside Fritsch doing 5 km and no participation in the simulations. Wasn't particularly happy by the end of it. Though, like Oliver completed it. At the end of training, Kossie and McAdam were walking together, and Goody places his arms around both and gives them the emotional, caring support. Maisie appears to be working hard as a leader. When he wasn't running, he was on the boundary, offering encouragement. He was very vocal about the skills he liked about McAdams. McAdams struggled a bit with the time trial, but excelled in the sims. Has the ability to find the footy on a lead and gets front and centre of the pack and is a ball magnet. Fullarton and Max were matched during the structured sims, and Farris-White was up against Verral. All four are doing well. Max appears unhindered, Farris-White getting more involved, Verral works well, especially below his knees. I think Fullerton (good agility and run) will be Max's back-up at this stage. Sparrow has the rig, and a few made him aware of it at the start of the time trial. He was in the fast pack, with Tomlinson, ANB, Langdon, McVee, Taj, maybe another one, but cannot recall, and could be wrong about the group. Spargo and Bowey were the hardest working players during the structured sims. After the action on the field, they got them sprinting 25 m around the boundary as another group entered. The simulations can be a full oval, with players having more choice of style and ball movement, or a set play kind of a structured sim. Today's structured sims, appeared to be about movement from the backline, and then a sim of getting the forwards well set when creating 50 re-entries. Emphasis was in making two fwds hold back and the other fwds pushing out. They finished with timed runs down the centre of the paddock. They had to do extra, as a few didn't get under the time, this disappointed a few, but the word got around to make sure you take your mates with you. The four new young one's did not do these run troughs. Viney looks to have put on more muscle. Thought Hunter was looking a bit slower. Tomlinson was looking big and strong. Howes, Adams, Turner, and Billing all going about it professionally. Windsor and K. Brown competed well in the sims. Sestan has great hands. Salem was flying under the radar, only noticed him when they first entered the field. There was an aerial clash of four players at one stage, with the coaches voice of that's what we expect. No-one was hurt. Last on the track were some smalls working on ground ball gets, Viney, Laurie, and two others, with Tracc and Kolt kicking goals. Tracc was very accurate, I think it helps his kicking, with someone else following him and having him as a mentor. It was a long session.
  4. Koltyn looks alot like Gary Hocking, and with a similar body shape, (was a champion for Geelong in the 1990's, a tough and skilled player). Hoping he can have a similar career, with us. I've attached a photo of Hocking
  5. https://www.melbournefc.com.au/teams/training-times When: Monday 4th December Where: Gosch's Paddock Time: 9:30am - 12:00pm
  6. Wandered down for a squizz at the bizz on Gosch's. Melksham rehabbing, not doing a running program yet. Oliver appears underdone. Working a running program, though not very advanced in exertion. Completely opposite to how he turned up last pre-season (fittest of the lot). Petty was having just strolling around. The field was dry and the ball handling for pre-season was good. Some stabb passes early in the session dropped in front of the leading players, at least they weren't bombing away. There was some emphasis on creating fwd 50 marks, plenty of short ball hit ups in the simulations. They started with runs and short kicks, then into station drills of low pick-ups, one on one positioning to high balls with push off, and side tackling after receiving high the ball. The atmosphere was great. Get a sense they have a point to make. Everyone was supportive of each other, the noise level was high, and they were looking like a great young squad. They took knees a few times, with group discussions and some frivolity. Plenty of instructions and guidance from the coaches during the process. Goal kicking practice was about snaps, based on the musical chairs game, but with the ball going around, with a couple of defenders and the manikins, making it tougher. McQualter (Mini) gets right in there with the mids, emphasising the spacing. Some drills were created to make the fwds hold position deep, and spread fast as a turnover happens when the opposition leaves our 50 area but loses the ball. Loved our run, we look fast. Standouts include Bowey, McVee, Tholstrup, Laurie. Laurie was baulking everyone, so much composure and looks to be a big improver. Tholstrup is a born leader, supporting team-mates, working hard, one of the last on the field, Also appears to have the will to get to the contest and has that explosiveness after getting the ball. AFL speed won't worry him, a good size and solidness about him. Bowey looking stronger and faster, impacts when he gets the ball. McVee has that composure, runs to the right places and looks explosive. McAdam was definitely struggling with the running program, though out in the sims he gets involved and has nice skills. Verral was getting plenty of 1%er's going, earning praise from the coaches. His is looking slim and moving well. Must have been working hard off season. Howes is looking to be all muscle, barely any fat on him, looks ready for some hard at it footy. Rivers was linking everything during sims. Max and Lever cannot keep away from the play, plenty of involvement. T'Mac was playing in the back line during sims, moving freely, though not winning the run throughs as he used to. Billings adds another dimension to us. Finds space and has a good finish. Kynan Brown has great vision, runs good angles, if he gets some consistency in skills, and a bit more bulk I believe he will make it. Windsor was low-key, I didn't notice him too often. I reckon JVR needs to have a full and hard working pre-season, looks a bit off, his usual aggression didn't seem there. Jefferson was dancing around well and wants to goal when he gets it. Working up and down the field, a few fumbles, and in and out of the play during Sims. Sestan has improved his fitness, no longer gasping after the exertion, and has plenty of composure. Adams has bulked up and playing well by sitting behind the ball. Turner was working up the field off the backline, providing carry of the ball. Farris-White, looks like his skills have improved, has a bit more bulk about him. AMW, seems more mature, getting to the right positions and kicking goals in the sims. Taj is going about it very professionally, straightens the ball movement up and continues to bring intelligence to the game. Hore has not missed a beat. Schache is working hard, getting on the end of plenty. BBB looking faster, and turning well. Still has his own running program. He and Tracc last on the paddock doing goal kicking practice. The new young ones, did not compete in Sims. There is going to be plenty of pressure for places. We will be batting deep. Go Dees
  7. The drills had a bit of evolution as the season progressed. Kicking is always a priority. Goal kicking, although less laissez-faire this season, seemed to fluctuate in style and type, definitely empathised. Plenty of Goaling before leaving the field. I didn't see the main training, more the recovery and review, training sessions.
  8. We were kicking well mid season, after Williams got on a roll with training drills. I wonder if he threw away effective drills as he searched for a bit variety. I remember set shots down the alley. There were also snap drills as stations, and his general kicking program. Find out what drills help, and repeat and repeat. I thought we were on the right path with Williams.
  9. They will have the neutrals. They are fast, play in small pockets and are desperate. Good backline, mids and forwards. Hinkley out coached. Playing the one trick pony (Woods) who haven't done that fast, bang, bang for a while. Also, have a dream to fulfill. That was an outstanding first half by the Giant.
  10. Because that's his personality flaw, Thug. Once a thug, always a thug.
  11. Those misses in the last, when they were going hurt Port the most.
  12. Carlton 8, if played on Saturday. Seems funny, GWS playing all over the place, only get the 6 days. Carl getting 8 even without travel interstate. Had to be 7 day break each, prior to preliminary. Did Collingwood decide that? If they beat the Wood, then at least they get 1 more day to prep for the Grand.
  13. I haven't been able to bring myself to read much of this thread. Shellshocked and I keep saying to myself and others, it is only footy, not a big world problem. Similarities to last year's finish, but different problems. 2022, bathwater and some arrogance in the lead up, compared to, being the better team and not being able to execute. We aren't a complete team, and we fail at adjusting to our inadequacies. What happened to our bang, bang, bang game style? We used to be able to develop overlap with handballs and short passes, our long kicking game does not create "quality" forward entries. Where was the on-field leadership? I thought we had focused on winning at the "G". Last quarter we looked tired. The emotional week got to them. Many if's and but's about the game, especially if we had a good lead already established, given our scoring opportunities. We are in good shape for 2024. Loved our H&A season, much easier going to the footy when we didn't have the pressure of having to win. Perhaps that's the problem, no necessity to win, our games were more about pecking order. Wish we took a leaf from the Women as they can find the way to win, playing with the will and the structure required.
  14. Early on, Elliot got free. Hibbo's natural reading of the game got him back in to the contests, as the game developed
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