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  1. If we can't get the ball, we can't work our system out. Long bombs into the forward line, or leads into the boundary. We still can't play when under pressure. They killed us with their pressure. They slipped too many tackles. Did not try and control the tempo. All straight line and red mist. Why can't we stop their ball movers. If English and Bruce learn to kick goals they will give it a shake. Disappointed, no confidence created to buy in. Panic, fumbles, very little 1 percenters, handball to pressure, turnovers from kicks. Too many passengers.
  2. Thought there was not much love out there for or from any of the players.
  3. Thought when he got the ball he could find space. As soon as he lifted his eyes he was pressured. A couple of turnovers and early shots on goal were bad.
  4. I'm not sure "ego" is the right word. Selflessness makes more sense. I want them to have big egos, to strut and display their "feathers", they are elite players of Aussie rules. Be proud of their skills. Don't take a back step and play without second guessing or anxiety. Pump them up Goody.
  5. The practice match of the WA derby was devastating. Too much pride on the line, silver tails versus the workers. They took it a bit seriously, playing above the 90% effort. West Coast wanting to show some dominance after the first practice match and Freo trying to chase down the score. Probably no more practice matches between them in the future. Adelaide and Port too big a difference in level, GWS and Sydney don't have the same dislike. Suns and Brissy, probably not the same mentality. Hope we are smart against the dogs. No repeat of son of Smith. Just a t
  6. Baker does have some pretty good evasive skills. His speed can also bring some pressure to the oppositions halfbacks. I don’t think it is such a bad thing to try. T. Mac is made for the wing with his endurance. Hope his field kicking has improved. Petty is the obvious back up for CHF. It will be interesting to see were they start and finish. Why would Goody be playing mind games with the dogs or the spectators?
  7. Add Lauren Pearce to one of our most important player. She is determined. Zanker has the yips infront of goal. A few on the board, will add confidence and fix her up. We need Cummins taking marks. At times this year we have played a stylish game, with reasonable efficiency. The first game of the season was an example. We have just gone a bit downhill with use of the ball since then. Hoping they can create elite efficiency, and finish the home and away well.
  8. We are playing top teams. Wins against them, may open up the ladder for us, give us confidence going into finals (hope we make it) and improve our standard of play. Adelaide at Casey, Freo in WA and Brisbane at Casey.
  9. Lily Mithen is an almost star. She is quick, her disposal are thoughtful. Why does she seem to run into the opposition? I'd like to see her move into space and not congestion when she wins the ball. She goes a bit straight line. Needs some lateral and backward movement or some tricks and baulks, shimmy's, tight turns. I wish she hated getting tackled and becomes untouchable. Needs also to push off, or off step her opponent. They regularly seem to be right on her tail. Love that she gets to the ball first and is tough.
  10. Final quarter 9. 12. 66 To 3. 4. 22 Start of the quarter was played in our forward half, the last 10 minutes the saints got a run on. We started to miss some easy goals. Zanker, L Pearce, Hore, Daisy, Hanks, Mcnamara, Colvin, Lampard, Heath, Sherriff, Parry, Scott, played well. Tarrant did enough. Mcgee, better than first game though faded and her kicking style needs work. A good win.
  11. 3rd quarter, the lights are on. 7. 6. 48 To 1. 3. 9 What a difference scoring goals, makes. Playing with confidence and controlling the game. The midfielders are working well as a pack. Running, tackling, using the ball. Much better efficiency than last week
  12. Second quarter: 4. 3. 27 To 1. 3. 9 Saints bit more in it this quarter. A few errors and poor decisions let them hold the ball in there half. Kicked a goal against the run of play, which helped. Backline held up with Colvin, Birch and Heath. We moved the ball well by hand a couple of times, going end to end. We're attempting to use possession football with some 20 meter kicks. Sometimes resulting in turnovers. Saints were kicking long. They won a few more clearances that quarter. Zanker and Hanks doing well, as is Lauren Pearce
  13. Good start by the women. Great that Daisy Pearce is playing in the forward line. Not converting enough given our domination of inside 50's. St. Kilda has no inside 50's First quarter 2. 2. 14 to 0. 0. 0 Playing well: Zanker, Gay, Pearce, Mcnamara, Hanks
  14. Would like to see us hammer some of the bottom teams by 15 or about goals. It would show we are working towards being ruthless. In the past, a 4 goal lead by Melbourne was not a guarantee for a win. They can sometimes give the opposition a look in. Hoping that changes and we have no more fade outs or switch offs.
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