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  1. I get it! I already have a Melbourne number plate on my car But NOT a Melbourne Premiership Number plate. I am not in any way shape or form cashed up, but I may never get another chance to get Melbourne Premiership stuff! Though I am hoping for a 4peat! LOL
  2. OK, I have to stop buying stuff! I'm, $3500 deep into memorabilia (don't judge me)! WTF if/when we go 'back to back' or a 3peat or 4 peat!!!!
  3. I've gone ballz deep - been saving since I was born in 1964! - Framed signed premiership jumper, - GF style caps and numerous other style caps - HS posters - foil edition, limited number edition and several basic editions - beanies, scarves, stubbie holder, t shirts - car stickers - probably get the GF number plates too. Stuff it, I've earned it!
  4. Lordy was my U/15 football coach at East Malvern Football club back in the late 70's. An absolute gentleman. As a Melbourne mad person it was awesome having him as the coach. RIP John.
  5. Fritsch out (rested so hand fully recovers) - Ben Brown in. Let's get Bailey 100% right - after being at the game and watching the replay 4 times since, he is tentative with what he does with the broken hand (and rightfully so), so lets give him a rest and see how Benny goes.
  6. Blair coached me at East Malvern Under 13's back in the early 70's.
  7. Now Devon Smith might be going. Loving this!
  8. Another Goaless quarter - we're famous for them! Weak as [censored]!!!!
  9. Geez I'm loving the salty comments from my Filth supporting 'mates'. They are coming up with the flimsiest excuses left, right and centre for their flogging, including the classic 'it's not a real season'! LOL I particularly love when they have a crack about having injuries, only played out VFL team etc and I simply reply, "Why did you tip them to win them?" SILENCE!!! HAHahaaaaaa Enjoy the week Melbourne Legends - we've earned it!
  10. Thought the same thing - great to see some real emotion from Goody!
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