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  1. I think he could play HFF/HBF, also rotating through the middle at times. He was good in the Geelong game at HB from memory when we lost May
  2. Our tactic of small kick or handball play on over the top has stopped. We also stopped looking inboard. We have become predictable and slow. Our forwards get shallow entry to congested spots. Also our midfield is again fighting for the same ball, to close to the contest. Fix these issues and we will win our way to top 4
  3. Not sure I have ever seen Pickett touch it in the middle. Seems lost there
  4. I still think the 3rd midfielder is our greatest issue. We need to try something else, something different. I have been going on about Salem for years, now his form has slipped, I think it’s worth a go now. I would rotate he, River and ANB. When Salem is not in the midfield, rotate him on the wing or HFF. Could be a chance to move Hunt or Rivers to the Wing. Bowey to come in and play Back, Sparrow to play back. Jackson out, Jordan out. TMAC and BB to do the job as talls.
  5. Out Jackson- replaced by Melksham Jordan- replaced by Sparrow Spargo- Bedford ANB- Bowey Need to move Rivers to another spot perhaps to a HFF, Bowey to replace his spot
  6. Why was TMAC rucking so much in the forwardline if we have Jackson.. he seemed to be on the bench when Gawn was rucking. Would have though those guys swap duties.
  7. I think we have lost the fabric that made us a good side: 1. Selflessness 2. Few players competing for the same ball 3. Unpredictability going forward 4. Short efficient kicking going forward 5. Small mark/kicks forward keeping possession
  8. Still not sure Trac is an out and out midfielder. Maybe 30/70. He just cannot be defensive, let’s players out the back. We have some serious work to do.. cannot lose more than 1 game with the run home or we are on the outer. Given they were 2 down we should have won. Midfield is the greatest concern, then forward pressure is next. Then defensive stoppages, where we leak goals
  9. All getting sucked into the contest again. Like last week
  10. Can confirm, it is bucketing down here in Ballarat now, will be a huge slog feat.. high free kicks galore.
  11. Joe the Goose, getting ‘Joe the Gooses’.. Just switched on.. how is the greatest player to ever play, according to commentators- Rankin going?
  12. Haven’t been confident most of the year.. not about to start now.
  13. Hoping a big game from TMAC.. more so I can hear Hamish talk again about how he was shopped around end of last season and no one wanted him and look at him now.. and Luke Darcy to mention again about his all meat diet..
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