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  1. Luke Jackson has better success in centre bounce clearances. Max has zero connection and often taps it to the most dangerous spot
  2. To the Demons supporter, nice old fella in the AFL members, level 2A who left at half time cause I was too loud, I’m sorry mate. Will buy you a beer next time I see you.
  3. I’ve been critical of Harmes, didn’t like the decision to bring him in, but I was wrong, if his disposal efficiency was down, it was because he was under pressure. Played well, kept us in it in the end.
  4. One thing on our side, we back our defensive 6 in so much, we keep a spare at the contest, not behind the ball. Helps us immensely. Fritta was putrid, the rest did what they needed. Jordan was good for a young fella. Go Dees. Suck eggs Feral South’s supporters, back to the wharfs for you on Monday.
  5. Tribunal should have give Fritta the week
  6. Haven’t seen the Tigs this shaky since they parked the bus at 9th..
  7. James Harmes does not make us a better side.. he is good for a few 50 meter penalties and slow chases.
  8. While I often think she makes up news and uses her hunch as “credible sources”, she has often been right about the MFC cause we have been a basket case.
  9. He will be a regular in the side after the bye. Will sign IMO.
  10. In: Petty, Chandler, Sparrow Out: Tomlinson, Baker, Jones
  11. Hawkins was looking the other way, Fritsch had eyes on the player, that’s the difference
  12. Most agreed it was a week.. he gets a week and.... meltdown elbowed a player to the head when fending off. It’s a suspension.
  13. Hey Dazzle. It wasn’t really in reference to the discussion above. But for years, we have stewed over the likes of Kelly and Wines. Sometimes it borders on obsession. I agree, some are way to quick to write players off. Some players need time, a new position or even better support from team mates playing their roles.
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