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  1. 3 of those blokes were more interested in slotting goals..
  2. What are we going to do then....?
  3. Seen some articles online suggesting Brisbane and Carlton are winners out of trade period.. Brisbane gave up a first rounder for Daniher and grabbed Cockatoo- no guarantee either will make it on the park.. Carlton treat new player contracts like the Judd Visy deal of the century. Still no inside mid at that joint to support Cripps properly.
  4. Can we keep it to rumours.. not Liam Bickering
  5. Where do I find the delistings thread?
  6. Don’t care about finals.. only care about a win today. My brother in law is a mad Bombers supporter and an absolute [censored].. c’mon Dees
  7. I actually cannot recall Sam being knocked out.. not being smart, assuming it was at AFL level.
  8. Field kicking is actually very good. Covers the ground well and can see he is learning from Langdon. I like him on the other wing.
  9. Smith was okay... out Jetta, Melksham, in Lockhart, Hannan
  10. Bakers disposal has been underrated by many
  11. Hard to get excited when you follow the world most irrelevant sporting organisation..
  12. Salem into the midfield.. bang!!
  13. Petracca, May, Gawn, Oliver, Salem, Langdon.... Cannot think of any one else...
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