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  1. I recon Jake Bowey will be rocking red Bruce Doull locks by the end of his career. And what a sight it will be..
  2. It mentioned about tension from the clash late in the season, where things got personal. I seem to recall Hannan getting a late goal to seal it and he carried on like a pork chop which started some argy bargy. Not sure if it was the issue, but remembered thinking how pathetic the dogs looked. Anyway, we own them now..
  3. Yeah I was way too hard on Jack. Not sure if he altered his style, but appeared to try to do less, which had greater overall impact. Anyway, I’ve been wrong about other Melbourne players in the past, will probably be wrong about more in the future..
  4. Impressed with the young guys last night. All the known suspects, Jackson, Rivers etc. But boy was Tom Sparrow excellent. Might have a player. And of course Bowser!
  5. Not normally one to rub peoples nose in it, but Howe.. made many comments since he left, enjoy your rabble mate! We are just going to drink from the cup..
  6. Gee May is a liability, not flying for the ball, caught well behind, fumbling the ball.
  7. Hunt is the absolute obvious choice as sub. Some injury concerns on May, Hunt allows to reshuffle the backs. He can cover Spargo or a small forward and can play wing. Move dynamic and versatile player. I’d put Smith in this category, but I think Hunt is ahead of him.
  8. It would mean I can finally enjoy watching Demons games win lose or draw. Would move all the weight of expectation, would stop all the mindless fools talking about the premierships drought. It would mean a moment with my late dad, where I can enjoy it, but wish he was here to witness it..
  9. I know that 57 years comes with a weight of expectation, but enjoy it Demonlanders. It’s great to be in a position to win a premiership, great to be in the spotlight, great to be relevant. If we win, we deserve it. If we lose, it will be to a better side on the day. Either way, what a year, what a team.
  10. I think he or Smith if fit will be cover for May as the sub
  11. Yeah I did hear that as well. Only so many times you can roll that one out.
  12. Need to kick straight and get back on top in the middle and we have this
  13. May on Hawkins Petty on Cameron Lever on Ratagolea Smith on Rohan Bowey/Salem on Miers Rivers on Menegola
  14. From mid 1990s onwards we have had good sides, but poor defences. We are now more consistent across all lines. Probably not as much individual brilliance, but certainly a better team with better team players.
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